On the day of the emperor's trip, no one was allowed to see her off, especially Shao Xun. Not only did she strictly not allow her to come, and worried that the crowd would be rushed by someone else, but also specifically instructed the palace staff not to wake her up. So when Shao Xun naturally woke up, he opened his eyes and asked, he was afraid that he was out of the capital.

Shao Xun was lying on the bed, feeling that the child in his abdomen was constantly pushing his small arms and legs: "This child doesn't know what's going on. Is it because he knows that his father has gone out of Beijing, why didn't he stop early in the morning? "

All the changes in her body can't be ignored, so the doctor Zhang dragged her aging body and was almost hugged and hurried over.

After taking the pulse carefully, Dr. Zhang was relieved: "The child is fine, maybe he wants to move, so my mother doesn't need to worry."

Shao Xun actually feels that if the child is in her stomach, is it healthy or something is wrong? She actually has a subtle feeling, but this kind of thing can't be based on feelings. Being cautious is the safest thing. practice.

After thanking the doctor Zhang and sending him out, Shao Xun was helped to get up, and after washing, he sat on the couch and used a pair of delicate silver scissors to trim the flower branches.

Yuhu asked, "Don't you go for a walk today?"

Shao Xun shook his head: "The Jinfang Institute is going to move, and your Majesty is not there. Let's stay in the Temple of Ganlu honestly, so as not to branch out."

Lizhu tilted her head aside: "Are you worried? In this situation, who would dare to come to us?"

Shao Xun cut off the flowers and leaves beside the bottle, and casually said: "It is in this situation now that you should be more careful."

Lizhu was startled, and Shao Xun turned around and smiled: "Let's see if the flowers I cut look good?"

Lizhu was a bit lively and sloppy by nature, immediately forgot the topic just now, and turned around to boast: "It looks good!"

Shao Xun stayed in the Ganlu Temple for a whole day. During the period, a concubine came to see him, but she was rejected by her for excuses. Only Zhao Ruotong came to visit and let her in. The two played chess together to relieve their boredom and spent a while. effort.

After Zhao Ruotong left reluctantly, Shao Xun closed her eyes and rested for a while. She didn't know if it was the reason for the emperor's absence. She didn't feel right about anything, and was easily flustered from time to time. It was okay when Zhao Ruotong was with them. Talking about the sky can divert my attention somewhat, but once I calm down, I feel uncomfortable again.

After a while, the Qin family came in from outside: "Niangniang."

Shao Xun supported his waist and wanted to straighten up. The Qin family hurried to help. After seeing that the sky had darkened, Shao Xun asked, "How is it outside?"

Qin said: "The wind is calm and the waves are calm, and nothing can be seen."

Shao Xun pressed his hand slightly and pressed his chest: "Where is Jinfangsuo, are they all gone?"

Qin shook his head: "The maids outside the palace have to go back before the key is released, but the people in the palace haven't separated yet."

"…Surely your Majesty is absent, there is a lot of looseness everywhere."

She exhaled a long breath: "Fine, I really don't have the energy to care about other things."

She held her belly and said: "This child is honest enough, but I still can't bear it these days, and I don't know how the women who have reacted too much have survived."

Qin said: "Once seven months have passed, it will be harder and harder. If the mother bears it and gives birth to the prince safely, everything will be fine."

Shao Xun nodded, and then closed his eyes: "Go to Jinfang's office and remind them to get away as soon as possible and return to the palace as soon as possible. They are not allowed to run around… Your Majesty is not in the palace. I always feel unreliable. There are children on the side, it's always okay to be careful."

In normal times, Shao Xun would not worry about these things at all, but once the emperor was away, he felt completely different.

The Qin family should have retired afterwards, and returned after a while, saying that everyone had gone back to the house, except for a little bit of quarrel, everything went well.

Only then did Shao Xun hear dinner.

At night, in the dead of night, Yuhu helped Shao Xun rub her legs for a while, trying to help her put down the bed tent, but Shao Xun stopped it: "It's a little boring tonight, let's open the tent first."

After extinguishing the candle, Shao Xun waited for a long time with his eyes open. When everything was calm, he gradually became drowsy and slowly closed his eyes.

I don't know how long it took, Shao Xuncong was awakened by a spirit in his Qingqian sleep, and then found that his legs and feet were cramping again, and he wanted to call the jade pot that was vigilant.

But at the moment she opened her mouth, her nose quivered unconsciously.

Shao Xun's eyebrows were suddenly twisted, and while carefully smelling the unusual smell in the air, he immediately raised his voice: "Jade pot!"

Yuhu straightened up immediately, but as she walked toward the bed, there was already a noise interrupting the silence of the night.


"Come on–"

"Hurry up and bring water!"

Shao Xundid took a breath, shook her head in Yuhu's somewhat panicked eyes, and stretched out her hand to let her lift herself up. She habitually covered her belly with her hands: "Don't panic, you help me out first. ."

Shao Xun's calmness was infected with Yuhu, she nodded vigorously, quickly put clothes on Shao Xun, and helped her out. But Shao Xun stopped after walking two steps, her eyes condensed, and she turned around and took something from under the pillow before walking out again.

At this time, other people had already reacted quickly, and as soon as Shao Xun walked to the door, they all gathered.

Qin's rare untidy clothes and hair buns are scattered, and the outer shirt hasn't had time to wear, but her tone is calm: "The empress is calm and restless, it's the east side hall that has gone through the water."

Shao Xun put on his coat, and saw that there was already a fire not far from the main hall, and many people were rushing to extinguish the fire.

Liu Ye hurriedly said: "This fire is a bit too fast…"

Shao Xun raised his hand to signal that she didn't need to say any more–of course it's not normal. Tai Chi Palace is mostly wood, and water is not uncommon, but the problem is that there are night watchers in each hall, even if the people in the east side hall are negligent. It must take time for the fire to rise to this way all by nature. It hasn't reached the height of summer yet, but no one can detect it.

"Let's go out first."

The fire is a bit big, even if it won't burn outside for a while, the burning smell in the air has spread. Pouring down this bucket of water, who knows when it will go out.

"The people who are fighting the fire continue to carry water, and the others follow me out."

After leaving the palace gate, some of the eunuchs who needed to use turned around to look at the fire behind them, and said, "Manny, let's stay and help put out the fire together. It seems that there is not enough manpower."

This is someone specially sent by the emperor.

Shao Xun squinted his eyes and did not immediately agree, but thought for a while and said: "No need for you…"

She called the leader: "Duan Peng, you go to nearby people to help."

Duan Peng understood it as soon as he thought about it. After taking the order, he turned around and was about to leave, and was stopped by Shao Xun, and listened to her solemnly: "Pay attention to see if there is any difference…"

This Duan Peng naturally knew, and immediately nodded without hesitation.

As soon as he left, Shao Xun settled down—the number of people in her palace was already the most in the harem, but there were a lot of people needed to put out the fire, and there were a lot of people left. If you fill it in, there are not enough people around her. Anyway, she didn't expect the fire to be extinguished how quickly.

Water and fire are ruthless, such a fire is not good enough to retain any evidence, but no one can rush in to destroy any evidence. As long as there is a manager staying here, it doesn't matter which palace people come to extinguish the fire.

Noisy noises can easily disturb the mind, not to mention that the fire is burning not far away, and the burning smell is constantly burrowing into the nose, and there is also smoke flying in front of them. The younger palace people don't even wear their clothes, and it is cold at night. She trembled, and she inevitably panicked, and her face was panicked.

Lizhu was young and had never gone through this battle. Standing next to Yuhu did not dare to speak. Yuhu herself was very flustered, but she still remembered to follow Shao Xun closely to protect her.

Among them, the Qin family has rich experience and is the most calm one. She reminded: "Manny, your body must not be overworked, and you must not guard it here, but this Ganlu Temple may not be able to hold people for a while."

Not to mention how long it will take for the fire to be completely extinguished, even if it is extinguished, the smoky person dare not let Shao Xun stay for a long time, but besides the strangeness of the fire, who knows what else is in the temple.

Hundreds of secrets are also unavoidable. There is indeed no one around Shao Xun who can intervene, but it is impossible for the outermost periphery to be so tight. Like this time, the slightly more side hall is definitely a problem.

A palace lady suggested: "Why don't the empress find a free palace nearby and stop for a while?"

Someone immediately objected: "No! Those palaces have not been investigated, who knows if there are any unclean things!"

Qin also hesitated-now that Shao Xun is seven months pregnant, it is the easiest time to give birth prematurely, and once a premature birth this month, the chance of a child's survival is less than one in ten, and he really can't stand a bit of twists and turns. It was a blessing that the fire did not frighten her, and she must not bet on anything else.

At this time someone said: "By the way, Ningshou Palace! Let's go to Ningshou Palace. The Empress Dowager must be safe there."

Everyone's eyes brightened as soon as this was said-yes, the Empress dowager's sleeping quarters is one of the safest places in the palace, and her old man loves the concubine so much, even if disturbed, it's only distressed, absolutely impossible to be angry. of.

Even the Qin clan was a little moved. The only worry was that Ningshou Palace was some way away from here. During the period, he had to pass through the imperial garden and walk along the Taiye Pond. It was dark at night, and even with lanterns, it was far less clear than during the day. , If there is an accident on the road…

But there is really no better way. Not to mention the place where the second princess lives, it is too remote and unsuitable. If it is borrowed from other imperial concubines, it will be the most horrible thing in the world. Idea.

And find a palace nearby and check the dirty stuff. I'm afraid that it won't take a long time. The fire is already messy. Not to mention that Shao Xunshou is not immune to this fatigue. If someone does not settle down and do something, then it is regretful. Beyond reach.

In short, the top priority now is never to put out the fire, but to settle the concubine!

She glanced around, there were so many people left, and the noble concubine was guarded layer by layer on the road, and she firmly supported her to walk. There is really little possibility of a problem.

The Qin clan looked calm, but it was about the imperial concubine and the emperor heir. She was a mortal, and she couldn't be panicked at all. After thinking about it in a hurry, she opened her mouth and said, "Manny, let's go…"

"No," Shao Xun hesitated for a moment. At this time, he shook his head and whispered softly, "Go to the Hall of Two Instruments…"

As soon as these words came out, everyone calmed down, and then looked at each other at a loss, wondering why the imperial concubine had such an idea. Although the Liangyi Hall is the safest place in the world, but…

"Your Majesty is not in the palace. According to the system, the Palace of Two Instruments is to be sealed."

The Qin clan was also a little shocked: "Manny, now the Hall of Two Instruments has been sealed, we can't get in."

The residence of the emperor is located at the junction of the outer dynasty and the inner palace. It is of great significance. In order to prevent internal and external connections and private entrainment, the most important thing is to ensure that this special palace is completely clean to ensure the safety of the emperor. It is stipulated that once the emperor leaves the palace, the palace gates will be locked immediately, and Tega will send guards from different battalions to guard the Liangyi Hall in shifts. Never leave the palace without permission while on duty.

People inside were not allowed to leave until the emperor returned to the palace, and people outside were naturally not allowed to enter.

Therefore, although it is the closest place to the Ganlu Temple, no one has suggested going there.

Because at this time, let alone the concubine of the harem, even if the emperor's mother-in-law, the Empress Dowager personally ordered to open the door, it was 80% unmovable.

"I know," Shao Xun nodded faintly, and she squeezed her cuff tightly: "Lead the way ahead."

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