The emperor has been busy for more than half a month, and reports from the front line continue to be heard. Although it is going to be outside and military orders are not allowed, a large part of the deployment actually comes from the central government.

For this reason, several cabinet ministers could only accompany the emperor to sleep and eat, which is really pitiful.

It is not convenient for Shao Xun to bother at this time, but at noon, he always saves two dishes to the Liangyi Hall when he eats. In fact, the imperial dining room does not lack these, mainly to remind the emperor not to forget to enter because of official business. meal.

At night, if it was earlier, the emperor would go back to the Ganlu Temple to rest, but if it was too late, and worried about waking Shao Xun, he would sleep in the Hall of Liangyi. In fact, before Shao Xun entered the palace, that was where the decent emperor Yan's bed was. Land, now it is mostly idle.

Shao Xun's belly is as big as a day, his legs and feet are prone to swelling, and the number of times he goes to the toilet is also increasing, and he gradually gets hard.

At night, she could not sleep peacefully, turn over, and she had to get help. After two or three nights, she worried that the emperor had to work hard during the day and had to take care of her, a pregnant woman, so she went to bed early on purpose, using these few days as an excuse. The emperor sleeps in the Liangyi Hall for a few days because he sleeps lightly at night and is easy to wake up. The emperor is so busy that he is not suspected of having him. He really came to see Shao Xun in the evening to accompany her for a meal, and stay in Liangyi at night. Yidian.

This afternoon, the emperor came to Ganlu Temple to accompany Shao Xun to dinner, ate two meals in a hurry, and said, "You have something to tell the ward–I will be going to Beijing in a few days, and I may come back the next day. "

"What?" Shao Xun threw his chopsticks aside, his voice a little tight: "Where are you going? Is it the front line…"

The emperor held her to appease and said, "No, you don't think too much. One of the commanders of the Northern Expedition is Xue Chengyi, the son of Prince Yasukuni. He is out of war, and he has made great contributions. Now Yasukuni is seriously ill, the day after tomorrow. It's his eightieth birthday, I have to take a look at it anyway, and give me a comforting one or two."

"Duke Jing Guo…" Shao Xun thought for a while: "It seems to be a colleague of my grandfather?"

The emperor nodded and said: "He is the founding father of the country just like your grandfather, but your grandfather is a lot older. A few years ago, your grandfather was still healthy, but now he has reached his age… He just happened to be out on the expedition."

Shao Xun seemed to feel something-if it was an ordinary veteran, the emperor would probably visit if he was in the capital. But listening to this, it seems that the Lord Yasukuni is not in the capital, so if the emperor can work, he will have to meet a courtier when he is out of Beijing. , It must be different.

Sure enough, the emperor was silent for a moment, and said: "Among the uncles who followed the emperor back then, the few people headed by your grandfather followed the emperor all the year round, while Lord Jingguo, Chengyanghou and others followed me…In fact, it should be the other way around. It is more appropriate to say that when I joined the army, I followed the first emperor, and then divided the troops due to the situation of the war. Then I followed them to learn how to lead the army and how to be the head coach until I could be alone."

It turns out that this kind of love, no wonder the emperor cares about the old love.

The emperor sighed a little: "The old officials at the founding of the country are almost gone. The emperor died almost 20 years ago, and your grandfather has passed away 10 years or so; the man who brought me to war in those days, Uncle Deng died in battle before the founding of the country. It's Uncle Xue's turn, it's really… time is not forgiving."

Before he finished sighing, he felt that Shao Xun was grasping his hand hard, and the expression on his face became uneasy. The emperor put away his melancholy and gently squeezed Shao Xun's face: "It's me, it's not us. Let's not talk about it…"

Shao Xun shook his head, swallowed the words that had advised him not to leave Beijing easily, and asked, "Where does Duke Yasuo live now?"

"Don't worry," the emperor said: "His ancestral home is Pingxi County. If he is riding a horse, he is only half a day away from the capital. Besides, I am not a micro-service. I carry a whole battalion of guards and guards of the brigade. dangerous."

Shao Xun looked at him: "Then you shouldn't stay there any longer, and don't be greedy to walk at night to bring more people."

The emperor responded one by one, and immediately said in a warm voice: "I can catch my breath in the past few days. How about moving back to accompany you tonight?"

Shao Xun was very moved, and almost couldn't help agreeing, but he touched his swollen legs, thinking of getting up several times a night and having to help others to turn over, and he was about to rush the day after tomorrow, so he refused with difficulty. A: "Wait, wait for you to come back…"

Although there was no change on the emperor's face, in fact, he was a little bit disappointed in his heart. He took Shao Xun's hand and kissed it: "It's only a few days before I'm disgusted."

Shao Xun smiled and touched his face: "Will your Majesty act like a baby?"

The emperor was taken aback, then retorted: "How can I act like a baby…"

Shao Xun couldn't help laughing deeper. Her delicate eyebrows were bent into a beautiful arc, and she held the man's face in both hands and kissed his forehead: "Okay, I'm acting like a baby."

The emperor shook his head helplessly, with a smile in his eyes.

The emperor had to travel, even if it was not a very formal patrol, it still took a lot of effort. The emperor's ceremonial ceremony was too complicated and was not conducive to the journey, so it was simplified to the maximum extent, but in order to protect the imperial driving, the Imperial Guard had to have one. When the line is long, it is easy to delay the trip, so the military attache in charge must rack his brains to pick out the best guards who are the best at riding and shooting, and must not drag the emperor back.

At this time, Shao Xun received a post from Qi's family. She glanced at it and saw that their housewarming banquet turned out to be a heavy trip with the emperor. Fortunately, it was in the evening without any delay.

At this time, Shao Xun saw that Qi-shi could be completely separated from the hysterical woman in the previous life, and he smiled with a post: "Your husband and wife are interesting, your majesty walks on the front foot, and your hind foot is forbidden. Why, want to take advantage of his absence. Have fun?"

Qi's smile replied: "Look at what you said, we are now the monkeys of the king… In fact, we have to find someone to count, saying that that day is the most suitable day, and the time next to the party is for the children. not good."

"Does this count?" Shao Xun asked in surprise.

"That's not it. I would rather believe it if it is untrustworthy than nothing," Qi said and lowered his voice: "At the beginning, the concubine body had not been pregnant, but I was looking for someone to figure out which of the gods was the god of good luck. Soon after the offering, I really got pregnant. It's also during delivery. It's said that it's rare that the first child is so smooth. It can be seen that it's an effective test…Would you like me…"

"I don't want it," Shao Xun touched his stomach and shook his head quickly: "Just let it go, don't tell your majesty what you said."

Qi's shook his head and said: "Don't talk about me, even our princes don't have the courage to do this day. You dare to tell your Majesty that there are none, otherwise you will be reprimanded. That would be great."

…In fact, it was Shao Xun who was worried that the emperor knew about this, and if he became ill and went to the doctor again, he really believed in these gods and ghosts, he wouldn't make people laugh out of his teeth.

Qi watched her caressing her swollen abdomen, sitting there gracefully, every minute she looked at her eyes were tender and graceful, not knowing what he thought of, couldn't help but say sourly: "The concubine body is a Junior, I can't be more gentle and virtuous than my empress. I can speak well before your majesty, and my temper is not good. My concubine has mentioned it several times. If it hadn't been for the birth of A Yu, I'm afraid that he would be scolded as a jealous woman."

This is indeed the wife of De fei, Shao Xun is not angry, but a little funny: "Where is this? Your Majesty still praised you for being straight but not clumsy a few days ago. He is a good match for King Wu and can control him. The perfect choice for the princess."

Qi-shi had never heard of such words. She was secretly said to be rude and jealous, and she was numb. In private, she was still afraid that one day the eldest prince would still be able to bear it. She was reprimanded by the emperor for not keeping women and leaving the palace. She even had this kind of nightmare. After waking up, Xianhui spent two days. Later, she couldn't help but quarreled fiercely with the eldest prince. Then she broke the jar and started to do her own way.

It's a surprise to hear that the emperor not only didn't hate her, but praised it. Qi's family was shocked and couldn't believe it: "Mother, you don't dare to talk nonsense about this. You have to coax your concubine again, and you must take it seriously."

Shao Xun couldn't laugh or cry: "Whoever has the time to coax you, ask your majesty if you don't believe me."

Of course, Qi-shi did not dare to ask the emperor, but he had vaguely believed it in his heart, because Shao Xun looked like the kind of person who never tells a lie.

She couldn't help but smoked her nose, her eyes flushed after a while: "Concubine, concubine body…"

Shao Xun was shocked. You know, this was a woman who fought with Zhao Yanyi and scratched her husband's face like a cat. It was too easy to cry…

"What tears are you crying? If you go back and be seen by King Wu, you think you've been bullied by me."

"Bah!" Qi-shi didn't take it anymore, crying and cursing: "He doesn't care about me being bullied or not, I'm afraid it's just the thought of…"

She glanced at Shao Xun, and after a pause, she cried harder: "I can't care about anything…"

She was crying like a tear, and Shao Xun couldn't help closing his eyes, and greeted people with a new veil. After a while, Qi Shi stopped twitching.

She was a little embarrassed when she calmed down: "Concubine, concubine body is really uncomfortable, I was rude just now, don't be surprised…"

Shao Xunxiao was not annoyed or not. At the end, he could only calm down and let someone fetch water to serve her cleansing her face. After that, she changed the subject and said: "You also know that I am inconvenient, so I won't go to the banquet… Also, don't just move around, take good care of your emperor and grandson."

Qi sniffed, and within a short period of time, she returned to her usual appearance. Although her eyes were red, but she couldn't see her expression, she cried bitterly: "What the empress said, it's just that Ayu's body has always been good. He has never been sick until now. Those who are beaten and beaten are no more expensive than the children of Princess Kejing's family."

There was a sense of pride in her words and contempt for the son of the princess. Shao Xun knew that the princess, Empress and De fei, were in the same line as old grudges. She did not blend in, neither persuaded nor agreed, and was right when she did not listen. come out…

Shao Xun thought of the empress dowager's worries over the past few days, and frowned, "Recently, Mr. Lin's condition is not very good. He has repeatedly had fever several times. The emperor went to see it and couldn't find the cause. I was afraid it was caused by the changing weather. Don't take it lightly."

Qi-shi responded: "Don't worry, the concubine is on the embankment."

Shao Xun nodded. She can't do it very well now, and her back will be sore in a while. So after a few chats, she served tea to the guests.

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