Shao Xun didn't wear a fake bun on this day, and all the buns were made with real hair.

Her hair is thick and long. She usually needs to use osmanthus oil to fix this kind of bun, but Shao Xun is pregnant now and doesn't like to smell the strong scent. Therefore, Lizhu can only reduce the oil on the head and use it more first. I took a few long hairpins to fix the large strands of hair, and then pinched the broken hair with small gemstone hairpins, so that all the hair was held, and finally the hair ornaments for large and small decorations.

The emperor didn't know the truth. He only saw Shao Xun's headache. Goodbye, she tightened her scalp in order to fix her hair. He tried to remove some of the tightest hairpins to relax her, but it happened to be pulled out. With the hairpins used for coiling hair, the remaining hairpins and other things naturally couldn't hang, and they fell on the pillows and the ground one after another.

Shao Xun didn't pay attention to his hair and scattered all over the place, looking at the emperor's hand dumbfounded, and waiting for him to explain what was going on, he couldn't help laughing: "Your Majesty, is this helping me dressing up?"

The emperor was a little embarrassed about his clumsiness, but when he raised his eyes, he was slightly startled.

Shao Xun was really beautiful and shocked at this time. Her hair was so long and scattered on the pillow like dark clouds, and then slipped from the pillow to the ground along the edge of the couch. The shining gems and soft pearls stayed little by little. Some are on top of the black hair, with a small ruby ​​falling on the forehead on a thin gold chain. The complicated palace outfits and scattered jewels make her face whiter, as if she was born out of rich and rich colors in the world. The bright and clean goddess.

The beautiful dress with beautiful black hair leaned on the pillow and looked at you with a smile. Who could think of other things.

The emperor couldn't help but approached her, and casually brushed the accessories on the pillow and between the hair to the ground. The embarrassed expression on his face disappeared, and he stared at her, "Can't it?"

Shao Xun felt that his breathing was entangled with him so close, he couldn't help but want to turn his head, but he was gently clasping his chin with his hand, and he had to look into his eyes and said: "…you take mine. The hair is loose."

The emperor chuckled slightly: "But it's still beautiful…"

He lowered her head slightly and kissed her red lips lightly: "This is an apologize."

Shao Xun had just used this trick in the afternoon, and was flirted with it in the evening, his face turned red involuntarily, "Is that enough?"

The emperor's eyebrows lightly raised, and he understood without blinking an eye. He said, "Then a little more?"

Shao Xun was clasped with his chin and couldn't even swing his head. After looking at the emperor who was close at hand for a long while, he said "um".

There was a slight smile in the emperor's eyes, he loosened her chin, and instead grabbed her hand that was squeezing the corner of his clothes. While applying a little force, he clasped her five fingers tightly on her abdomen and turned his face sideways. Go and kiss again.

Shao Xun held his breath, accepted the lingering kiss, and responded.

The atmosphere was strong, and the two of them gradually became emotional. The emperor couldn't help but get closer. He pinched Shao Xun's neck tightly with the other hand, and turned her head slightly to the side, and his kiss also went to the side. Move down.

At this moment, the two clasped hands felt that their abdomen was kicked hard. The force was unprecedented, which made Shao Xun wake up in an instant, pressing his stomach and screaming: "Oh!"

The emperor's movements also stopped, and he subconsciously looked at his lower abdomen. Hearing Shao Xun's voice, he hurriedly asked, "How is it, is it painful?"

Shao Xun's cheeks still remain flushed, and the tails of his eyes are full of charming pink. At this time, he is fully awake. With the strength of the emperor's arms, he lifted up his body and stroked his abdomen to comfort the fetus in it, and said helplessly: "I was taken aback."

The emperor's brows jumped unconsciously: "This kid has never made such a big movement, right?"

Shao Xun watched his chest rise and fall a little embarrassingly, and nodded without a smile.

The emperor couldn't laugh or cry, so he had to try his best to calm her breath, stretched out her hand and scraped her belly: "This little hair doesn't seem to be as good as we thought."

"Go," Shao Xun pretended to be dissatisfied: "It's obviously a coincidence."

The emperor was not a man of desire, and he missed the child in Shao Xun's stomach. He calmed down for a while and then passed.

"How do you feel about today's birthday banquet?"

Shao Xun didn't even lift his head: "Don't you know everything?"

The emperor laughed: "I heard that the imperial concubine and empress were so powerful that they couldn't lift their heads."

Shao Xun glanced at him: "It's not your old love. Just sit together and quarrel. The quarrel makes my brain hurt."

The emperor's smile froze slightly, and then he clenched his fist to his lips and coughed, "I was young and frivolous…"

"Okay, okay." Shao Xun went to cover his mouth: "Stop it, I don't want to listen."

The emperor held her hand: "At that time I was young and frivolous. I didn't know what true love was. There was no old love, only you."

When he said this, Shao Xun couldn't care too much about it, and he looked extraordinarily small, so he relaxed and said, "…In fact, it's nothing, people can't live without the past."

The emperor shook his head, and didn't explain what to confess.

"But today, De feifei took the initiative to take the initiative. I didn't expect it." Shao Xun said: "She looks like the kind of person who can't admit mistakes in any way."

The emperor embraced her and leaned back: "I also find it novel. The Xing family has a strong temperament. When he was young, he even dared to talk back to me in person. Afterwards, even if he was afraid of regrets, he would only seek help in private, and never in front of so many people. when."

"Huh?" Shao Xunqi said, "Why does it sound like Princess Wu?"

The emperor smiled and said: "What you said is not bad. I chose Qi-shi specifically for the temper of De fei, in order to treat the frivolous and impetuous temperament of Zhizhi Yanyi. If you change to a docile one, he will be lawless if you don't keep it. "

Shao Xun was a little surprised-although the emperor didn't seem to be very good to his children, from the perspective of the eldest prince's marriage, he was not completely let go of the shopkeeper, and he even knew about the big things.

This made her curious: "Among these children, who do you value most?"

The emperor was stunned: "Now, it is treated equally, there is no preference."

"Now?" Shao Xun said sharply.

The emperor paused for a while, then let out a soft breath: "Before, it was Kejing…"

"Ah…" Shao Xun made a voice unconsciously.

She believed that the character of the emperor, since it was loved at the beginning, would never leave it alone for no reason, but looking at the current situation, it is not the case at all.

Shao Xun didn't know what was going on, so he didn't dare to go into it deeply, but said unequivocally: "Yes, is it…"

Seeing her cautiously, the emperor smiled instead:

"What are you afraid of? There is nothing hard to say. I was only a teenager at the time, and I was unavoidably looking forward to the child in my mother's womb. I valued the Empress's son more. Naturally, I felt a little guilty about Yan Yi's mother and son."

Shao Xun tilted his head and looked at him, and the emperor scraped the tip of her nose:

"At that time, the Empress had just gotten pregnant, and she shouldn't have allowed the side rooms to be pregnant right away, but… at that time, she was so magnanimous for some reason and secretly lifted the ban on the side rooms.

Immediately, De feissert also had a child, but at this time the Empress was extremely anxious, temperamental and irritable, so I thought she was afraid that De feissert would snatch her eldest son.

To be honest, I am also a layman, and I also hope that the eldest son will be a direct son, otherwise it is more likely to have troubles, so I more comforted the Empress, and deliberately alienated the German concubine, fearing that if she really gave birth to a child, and the Empress gave birth to a daughter, there would be something wrong with it. Thinking about it now, it really treats her badly. "

Shao Xun couldn't help asking: "Then what?"

"Then…" The emperor lowered his eyes: "It's what it is now, De fei gave birth to Yanyi, and the Empress gave birth to Kejing."

The emperor took a brief look at what he had experienced during this period. Shao Xun looked at him for a while, but did not follow up on him, but said next to him: "There are too many children behind, so I can't feel distressed?"

The emperor paused and chuckled: "Yes, I don't have the same thoughts as before…"

Before he finished his words, he saw Shao Xun looking at himself with raised eyebrows, and continued without changing his face: "Until we have our children again…"

Shao Xun hammered his shoulder slightly: "Whoever wants to listen to your old things, just look forward to everything."

The emperor chuckled in a low voice: "You are right, these old things are meaningless."

Shao Xun took a closer look at his expression, somewhat relieved.

The emperor saw that she was full of concern, and her mood was not as bad as he had imagined. On the contrary, she was faintly happy. It seemed that the girl's concern could offset all negative emotions.

He went to kiss Shao Xun's smooth cheek again, took out a purse from his sleeve and handed it over.

Shao Xun blinked: "What is it?"

"Birthday gift…It can be regarded as apologizing to you in advance."

Shao Xun said: "How do you say this?"

The emperor explained: "The war in Mobei is about to come to an end. If you travel a hundred miles, it is half and ninety. It is the last step. I can't let it fall short. Therefore, these days may be busier. I'm afraid I can't come to accompany you often during the day. Now, at night… if it ends early, I will still come to rest with you."

Shao Xun breathed a sigh of relief: "What else should I take? This is a business. I am very healthy and the children are wonderful. Even if you don't do this, I have to persuade you not to abandon your business for your own sake."

After hearing this, the emperor was pleased with her general knowledge, but was also a little faintly lost.

It seems that he is not so dependent on the child so tightly that he is not used to it.

In the final analysis, from this perspective, who is the one who is dependent on between the two?

Shao Xun didn't think so much, she pulled off the belt and poured the contents of her purse on her hand.

"Huh?" Shao Xun stunned, and looked at the emperor's waist subconsciously. He saw that the white jade pendant he had given before was still fastened there, but…

The jade pendant on her hand is almost exactly the same as the white jade left by her mother, the shape and size are the same, even the carving lines are the same, except that the vermilion knot on it is not as cumbersome as the one made by herself, and looks simpler.

Her white jade is almost white and flawless, with almost no flaws. It is already a rare treasure. Even if there is a better one in the imperial house, it is very difficult to find exactly the same.

The emperor took it and clasped it on Shao Xun's waist: "A few days ago, I paid tribute to a few pieces of white jade from the west. It's similar to each other, so I cut it off ahead of time, and found the jade carving craftsman to imitate the carving to make it exactly the same. Now it's yours."

Shao Xun looked at the jade pendant that the emperor never left his body, and then at his own one, and he touched the simplistic knots on it lovingly, and said slowly, "Thank you, your Majesty… for bothering.

The emperor smiled softly: "It's fine if you know."

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