Zheng's words did not resonate with Shao Xun.

After hearing this, she said indifferently: "Ah Qiong should go out for a walk. It's just that you can't rush for this kind of thing. Don't interrupt and see how others do it. After a long time, what else can't you learn? Will do."

Zheng was urged by Shao Zhenyu to complain for a long time, and he couldn't sleep well in anxious sleep. I didn't expect that the first person who said "Don't rush for a while" was actually Shao Xun. Even if it was just a perfunctory sentence, it was something that I would never think of again. .

But to be honest, Zheng himself could not give any hope.

It would be too optimistic if I expected to see more to bring back the inherent weaknesses.

When Shao Xun said this, he consciously had done his duty, and there was nothing else to say. After all, an individual has his own destiny, and no one can live for anyone.

She then said a few thoughtful words to Mrs. Zheng, greeted the new sister-in-law who was suspected of being pregnant, and got up with them and went to Yichun Pavilion.

This is the place before. The last time I came here was the birthday of Shu fei. What happened that day is vivid to Shao Xun, especially after she hid in Fenglinxuan in a panic.

That was the first time that Shao Xun was so close to the emperor, so close that he could clearly see every point of his expression, every inch of movement, every word, but at the time the two people were afraid that no one would have thought that they could have such a fate for each other.

Shao Xun was holding his cheeks in a quiet ecstasy. When others saw it, they thought they were intently watching the play, so they didn't dare to disturb, or the play was over. Zhao Ruotong reminded: "The empress looks like this'Lotus Crossing' is like I really like it."

Shao Xun came back to his senses, looked at Zhao Ruotong, and followed these words: "It's good, and the singing is particularly tactful. The ears of those who listen to it are crisp, and the person who comes-rewards."

So someone from the palace gave some golden beans to these actors, and they were pleasantly surprised and knelt down to thank them.

Then came the opening of another play. This time Shao Xun didn't think much about other things, and started chatting with Mrs. Zheng beside him.

Today, several high-ranking concubines all arrived, and Shu fei deliberately talked to Zheng and found out that although the attitude of the other party was still respectful, it was far less close than before.

Shu fei said a few words and then stopped, and she noticed that Zheng had relaxed.

She curled the corners of her lips and gave a slight chuckle.

Qi-shi followed behind De fei, and even the emperor's grandson also brought him. He specially hugged Shao Xun to show her two glances. Then he said: "Manny, our palace has been repaired, and I want to congratulate him in a few days. I was supposed to invite you to the house, but I am afraid that you will be heavier and inconvenient to work. Please forgive me."

I have to say that although Qi's temper is bad and a little unacceptable, the wife chosen by the emperor for the eldest son has her own strengths, and the openness of this remark makes people feel comfortable.

De fei concubine drank a cup of tea slowly. Shao Qiong kept his head down while glancing at the bottom, with her fingers tangled together in a bored look, then raised her eyebrows and said, "Concubine, is this your sister?"

Shao Xun followed her gaze: "It's my little girl."

De fei's eyes were sharp different from those of ordinary women, scraping Shao Qiong like a knife, and she couldn't help but tremble.

Seeing this, De fei snorted softly: "Your sister, she doesn't look like you at all."

Not only looks, but also the styles and styles are different. There is nothing else to do. Shao Qiong just sits there, and De fei can weigh her two.

De fei Shao Xun was much older, and she could almost be her mother's age. Except for occasionally a sour sentence or two, she never did anything to her. Shao Xun didn't care about giving her face, and replied: "If everyone is long. Same, what's the fun in this world?"

When Shao Xun said this, some light eyes were fixed on De fei—her patience was limited to just such a sentence. If De fei Concubine said anything, then she would not bear it.

In Shao Xun's gaze, De feifei glanced at Shao Qiong, and said nothing. Instead, Shu fei smiled and said: "My sister asked what this did. Isn't it unusual for the concubine to be much better than her sister? If not, , If this child is more handsome, wouldn't there be someone else sitting on top of us at this moment?"

Water mist appeared in Shao Qiong's eyes and her face collapsed. Zheng grabbed her hand and gave her a warning look.

Shao Xun didn't have the patience for the De feisire for this "cousin", and he squinted his eyes slightly, and said immediately: "According to this, I think you are also in a high position, but you are not as good as the servant below. Is it necessary? Give up the throne and let the talents be better?"

Shu fei was said to be so violent, her chest couldn't stand the violent ups and downs, but she calmed down again. She paused and said, "Why the concubine should be angry? I just followed De fei's words to make a joke. …"

Without Shao Xun speaking this time, De fei first sneered: "Look at this again, but I just asked casually, how can it be compared to my sister's exit to instigate a divorce."

Shu fei wanted to go back, and Shao Xun said directly: "Okay! What should I say and what should not be said is still unclear?"

Her voice slowly lowered, and the tone of her speech to Shu fei was twelve minutes of impatience: "Two empresses, this is my birthday, you can say a few words, I am really grateful."

Saying "infinitely grateful", but everyone can hear the impatience in her words, Shu fei and De feie stopped quarreling invariably.

Don't look at Shu fei's screaming "girls" in private, and occasionally she couldn't help but to tease a few words, but once Shao Xun was really angry, she was not fearless.

Libi and Feng Zhaoyi still had their feet locked in their palace after so long. Among them, Feng Zhaoyi was still the biological mother of the four princesses. She should have been a little more decent than ordinary people, but they didn't even last a round when they ran into the imperial concubine. It was so quiet. The sound fell silent in the palace.

The four princesses now had to honestly congratulate the concubine on her birthday, and she didn't even dare to cry for her mother.

In the final analysis, the two of them didn't make a big mistake, they just ran into the noble concubine. Originally, the ban was a perfect punishment, but the terrible thing was the indefinite ban. This posture is like the Empress of Guan, who wants to lock them to death. of.

The Empress can come out two days a year anyway, they may be treated this way, and the concubines in the harem are a bit embarrassed to think of this.

De fei and Shu fei have become accustomed to the conflict. Every time it's not a yin and yang, or a quarrel with each other for a few rounds, it is not finished. This time, she was already ready for another quarrel, but she also I definitely didn't want to anger Shao Xun for a sour remark, and couldn't help but hate Shu fei for picking things up in my heart.

To be honest, even if she is not convinced, she does not know the character of the noble concubine. In short, she is hundreds of times stronger than Shu fei. The daughter-in-law and grandson have been taken care of by her twice in Ningshou Palace, and nothing else. Even if she could be given this name by the emperor, she couldn't help but appreciate it.

It's just that the imperial concubine is really too young, too young to make her calm, so she always feels sour when she speaks, and her teeth are broken when she hears it, so she was caught by Shu fei. .

She was silent for a while, and rarely took the initiative to subdue softly: "It's mine. You said the wrong thing. Don't take the concubine seriously…"

She didn't say this in private, in the presence of such a concubine and a concubine…

Not to mention Shu fei and the like, even the daughter-in-law Qi's eyes widened-this, is this still his mother-in-law? Shao Xun was also silent for a moment, and finally nodded and accepted the apology: "This is the truth, everyone will get along for decades, and be in harmony. Wouldn't it be bad if you respect me and I respect you."

Her gaze swept toward all the imperial concubines present, and everyone who was facing her sight bowed their heads in order to show respect, and did not dare to look at them.

Shao Xun's gaze finally fell on Shu fei lightly: "If it's normal sisters arguing, it's fine, but if anyone is provoking trouble to provoke the world for fear of chaos, then not to mention this palace, even your majesty and the empress dowager will never Will be gentle-understand?"

Shao Xun doesn't like to use his own name when he speaks, except when he is unfamiliar at the beginning, he generally does not call himself a concubine to the emperor and Empress Dowager, nor does he call himself his own concubine to the people below. Once he takes it this time, he will let everyone know this. Seriously.

The second princess got up first, and then everyone woke up, stood up and squatted down to salute: "—— Niangniang Xie admonishes."

Shu fei sat on the seat, her face was blue and purple. She started the matter with De fei's words. Once De fei apologized, it would be like putting her on fire, and she couldn't get off the stage at all.

Shao Xun's words also meant something. It seemed to imply that De fei was an "ordinary sister quarrel" and that Shu fei herself was "provoking trouble". There are no fools in this room, can anyone not understand?

Shao Xun let out a "um" and slightly raised his hand to signal that everyone was flat. Then his voice was slowed down: "Okay, it's a good day, so don't be distracted by some inexplicable things. Let's continue listening to the drama. "

All of a sudden, the platform was full of diligent echoes.

Mrs. Zheng watched her granddaughter Liwei from the side, showing no timidity in front of women far older and more experienced. She was really relieved and proud of her.

If it weren't for the emboldened, he couldn't say such a thing.

Unlike her pure happiness, Zheng's mood is much more complicated. Looking at her own daughter, who is bursting with tears, crying or not crying, she feels that her head is about to explode.

This is even better? How does this compare?

Shao Xun was inconvenient. After the banquet, he did not leave many people at home. After a few words, he let them go back.

Shao Qiong was really stared at by Zheng on this day, and there was no chance to say a word.

To some extent, this is still progress.

After returning to the Ganlu Temple, Shao Xun didn't even remove his makeup. He leaned on the Luohan bed half-recumbent, and asked Qin to rub his head on his behalf.

Shao Xun closed his eyes. After a while, he felt that the pressure on his temples seemed to be heavier, and he couldn't help but "hiss", and when Qin subconsciously relaxed his strength, he stopped again: "Let's do harder, I didn't feel that it was enough. ."

The hands paused, moved to the top of her head, and directly pulled out the two or three long hairpins she used for coiling. The hair buns fell apart at once, and the fragments of jewels on them were not hanging, and the pearls and gems clinked. When it fell to the ground.

Only then did Shao Xun realize that something was wrong, his eyes opened suddenly, and he looked up.

The emperor was sitting on the small stool where Qin was sitting before, still holding the hairpins in his hand. He froze in place at a loss, seeing Shao Xun's surprised gaze, and smiled dainly: " I…I just want to loosen up your hair accessories, I didn't expect it to be so easy…"

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