On the birthday of the high-ranking concubine, according to the system, there will be some familiar family members who go to the palace to worship birthdays. Just like the situation at the time of Shu fei, most of the time it is also in the Yichun Pavilion to listen to the drama, and the fun is over.

Shao Xun was specially instructed by the emperor because he was pregnant. The banquet that originally started at noon was moved to the afternoon, which shortened several hours.

Shao Xun had a few familiar friends when she was not married, but unfortunately they don't marry many people now. Unlike Shu fei, she still borrows her birthday to win over allies who are inclined to her son. Except for the female family members of the royal family, there are not many people who mainly invite them, and most of them are elders.

Among them, the stepmother Zheng and Mrs. Zheng belong to the category that must be invited, and the two have separately sent messages to ask for the girl who wants to bring home.

This is generally Shao Xun and Zheng Yunling.

Shao Xun had never seen Zheng Yunling since entering the palace. He missed this little cousin a little bit, so he was all right. Zheng was around, watching Shao Qiong, and she wouldn't be ashamed of saying anything that shouldn't be said.

In the afternoon, Mrs. Zheng, who is in-laws, and the Zheng family were the first to arrive. They came directly to Ganludian to visit Shao Xun.

At that time, Shao Xun and the emperor had just woke up from a nap, and Shao Xun would be dressed up.

The emperor carefully checked Shao Xun, who had turned to him, with admiration: "Yes, everything is fine."

Shao Xun lowered his arm and said, "That's good, I won't see you when I go out to meet people?"

"Really don't need me to accompany you?" The emperor took her hand.

"No need," Shao Xun hurriedly shook his head: "You have had a lot of things these days. This time, it is all female family members and concubines in the harem. If you don't go, you may have to fight, you have to mix it up again. That's not more chaotic."

The emperor smiled helplessly and shook his head: "Forget it, you go, you should take no less people, at the banquet…"

"The food and drink at the banquet are also forbidden to eat…I will memorize it." Shao Xungu continued, shaking his head and shaking his head.

The emperor said amused: "This is too long for me."

Shao Xun leaned over and kissed his lips affectionately: "It's counted as a plea, Your Majesty."

After being touched by the emperor, he turned and left.

Because the emperor was still in the bedroom, the palace people took several guests to the study room on the east side.

As soon as Shao Xun entered, Mrs. Zheng and others had to salute.

That's it for the Zheng family. The old lady was getting older and she was a real grandmother. Shao Xun personally helped her to get rid of the etiquette.

Mrs. Zheng refused, Shao Xun then smiled and said, "It is inconvenient for me. Grandma don't ask me to work hard."

Mrs. Zheng looked at Shao Xun's swollen belly that could not be concealed, and now she did not dare to force it.

Shao Xun took her all the way to the upper seat and sat down, and said to the others: "Mother and two younger sisters also sit down, they are both from their own family, and there is no need to put these polites."

Shao Xun gave a faceless face to face when Zheng entered the palace last time. After that, the other party handed over the sign repeatedly under the sign of Yingguo Duke, but was rejected by Shao Xun on the grounds of physical discomfort.

Later, when she heard the news that she was pregnant, the whole family was very excited, but Shao Xun still did not say that Zheng was still not allowed to visit the palace. This is completely different from the attitude that Shu fei was eager to contact the Guogong. You can use coldness. To describe it.

Many people in the tribe didn't say anything, secretly they said that the imperial concubine could not not want her maternal family. The discussion must be that the Zheng had treated the imperial concubine harshly before, so that they are now dissatisfied.

But no matter how diligent Shu fei is, it is just a side effect. No matter how indifferent Shao Xun is, she is also the daughter of the father-in-law of the family. From the day she enters the palace, unless Shao Zhenyu personally discusses with her, then they are far and near It's impossible for his relatives to cling to Shu fei again.

Shao Xunming secretly rejected Zheng's requests to see him so many times. When he met again, it was still as if nothing happened. The words were as friendly as at home, which also made Zheng's mood very complicated.

In fact, Shao Xun didn't think so much. She didn't seem to see Zheng's revenge. She just didn't bother to deal with her. She was not as malicious as Zheng imagined. She simply felt that seeing her was a waste of time if it was not necessary. It's easy to add a blockage to yourself, then you won't see it, it's not a big deal anyway.

And now it's "necessary" time. I have seen each other, and there is no deep hatred. It is still necessary to be polite to each other.

Mrs. Zheng didn't know the reason for the two of them. She came here purely to see her granddaughter. At this time, she took Shao Xun's hand and looked at it for a while, and finally said, "It's not that the palace is a treasure of geomantic omen. Yes, it's better than looking at it at home."

Shao Xun subconsciously touched his face: "Really?"

Mrs. Zheng nodded, and then went to look at her belly and said, "It has been a few months now, how hard is it to be pregnant?"

Shao Xun replied: "It's been almost six months, but it's okay to work hard. It's all the troubles that happen during pregnancy, but I don't notice anything else. This child is very good."

Mrs. Zheng narrowed her eyes with a smile: "It is said that boys are honest in their stomachs, and this 80% is a prince."

"I have heard no less than ten such folk remedies for guessing whether it is a male or a female. Each is different." Shao Xun rubbed his stomach: "In fact, both sons and daughters are good, and it doesn't make a difference to me."

She raised her head and watched Shao Qiong and Zheng Yunling sitting at the bottom. Shao Qiong looked unhappy with her mouth open. Zheng Yunling looked this way expectantly, but after facing Shao Xun, she moved away a little bit shyly. Sight.

Shao Xun couldn't help laughing, she stretched out her hand: "Yun Ling come over and let me have a look."

Zheng Yunling was taken aback for a moment, and then moved to Shao Xun's side with joy and panic: "Cousin…No, the concubine…"

"What's wrong with Yun Ling? Why is he still embarrassed, and why is he polite to me?"

Zheng Yunling is not polite, she just didn't get used to the change of her cousin for a while.

She is only two years younger than Shao Xun, and the two families are close together. She is a sister who grew up with Shao Xun. For some reason, she is closer than her sister Shao Xun.

However, Zheng Yunling entered the palace with the mentality of coming to see her married sister. At first, he was shocked by the majesty and solemnity of the palace. Later, he was taken to the magnificent nectar hall with golden carvings and jade, which deepened this feeling.

So when I saw Shao Xun, that kind of awe and fear seemed to have reached its peak.

In fact, Shao Xun's time to enter the palace is not long, but in this short six months, she has experienced the biggest change in her life.

——Her black hair has been rolled up, from a young girl married to a woman; from a courtier to a concubine; from an occasional guest who enters the palace, she has become one of the masters of the Ganlu Temple and even the entire Taiji Palace; moreover…has become one The child's mother.

Because he wanted to entertain foreign guests, Shao Xun's dark, thick crow-feather-like hair was turned into a delicate and complex bun, with brilliant golden hairpins and round and gentle pearls interspersed with his hair, and he wore a more formal lake blue and gold point. The palace dress, with a ruby ​​collar buckle the size of a pigeon egg between the neck, the pearl pendant on the forehead is the same standard, and the next pair of smiling and flowery eyes are shining brightly.

As soon as she sits here, she is in a beautiful setting against this beautifully decorated palace. When you see her, you know that she is the master here, and no one can shake her status.

Although it is also dignified and decent, it is very different from the silent and implicit in Yingguo Gongfu.

Therefore, Zheng Yunling was afraid to recognize each other for a while.

But Shao Xun herself didn't notice, and took Zheng Yunling's hand and pulled her to her side. His voice was as soft as ever: "Why is Yun Ling shy? He didn't say anything when he saw his cousin."

Her gentleness and demeanor soothed Zheng Yunling's somewhat shocked mind, and calmed her down. She couldn't help but said, "My cousin has become more beautiful, so I can't even recognize it…"

Shao Xun smiled and pulled her to sit down on the other side of him: "Oh, we Yun Ling can say boastful things, I take it seriously."

Zheng Yunling was more than half relaxed by the familiar tone. After calming down, he glanced at Shao Xun's stomach with some fear and curiosity: "Cousin, is the baby moving in your stomach?"

Shao Xun shook his head: "He doesn't like to move most of the time, but you try to say hello to him," he said while holding Zheng Yunling's hand and sliding it on his belly. The child inside seemed to have noticed the movement, which was very shameful. Zheng Yunling moved his small fist hard, and Zheng Yunling immediately felt: "Ah! He is really moving."

Shao Xun and Mrs. Zheng both laughed.

Shao Xun leaned back, allowing Zheng Yunling to caress his belly with novelty and cautiously. He looked at his own sister and said: "There is also Ah Qiong, why don't you speak, I came here today and saw two mouths. Your gourd?"

When she was at home, the senses of this sister were quite complicated, but since entering the palace, what she wanted, the love she received was several times as much as before, and she was soaked in tenderness and affection with her whole body, and then recalled the time before she left the pavilion. Feeling resentful and dissatisfied is like passing smoke, and sometimes I am even wondering why I was envied or even jealous for such a worthless and worthless thing.

So when I met Shao Qiong, my attitude was a little more patient than before.

Shao Qiong glanced at the Zheng, and Zheng waved her hand helplessly. She sniffed and said grievously: "…Mother said, let me shut up. Without her consent, I'm not allowed to say a word… "

"What?" After Shao Xun reacted, he couldn't help being laughed a little bit, and his body shuddered with his mouth covered and laughed, and it took a long time to stop.

"Mother said so, I should take care of you." She turned to Zheng and said, "But didn't my mother always reluctant to bring Ah Qiong into the palace? Why did she change her mind this time?"

They had clearly been in danger before, but if Shao Xun had nothing to do, the two of them would still get along as before. Even if Zheng felt embarrassed at the time, he could only follow her intentions.

Zheng glanced at the slightly frowning Mrs. Zheng, and whispered: "Ah Qiong's marriage is not far away. The family is afraid that she may not pass through many occasions, so the grandpa ordered her to be brought out to meet the world."

In fact, it was a whim before Yingguo Duke felt that the eldest daughter was so arrogant, and thinking that maybe the younger daughter is also a manufacturable, and married to the Zheng family, she can also win her own breath, so he asked her to come and compare.

This is not something that Zheng had prepared for a little joke, memorizing a few ancient poems, showing filial piety and acting like a baby to fool the past. Once Shao Zhenyu doesn't treat Shao Qiong as a child, he will pull her away. Coming over to make the same request as the eldest daughter, she needs her to take care of the housework, and the host Zhong Kui has to greet her and send her away without making any mistakes, so the food is broken.

I can't say nothing and don't understand anything, it should be a little understanding of everything, but only a partial understanding, it is better not to know everything.

Shao Zhenyu was greatly disappointed, and even the Zheng clan was reprimanded by a freshman.

Zheng was also wronged in his heart. She is a mother-in-law, can she hope that her own will be better than her reared one? But Shao Qiong was really not that piece of material. When she was a child, she was so spoiled that she couldn't bear hardships. She was like all mothers in the world, thinking that her daughter was talented, but she didn't know how to work hard.

But after waiting and waiting until she was sensible, she had to be cruel to force her to learn once, and then I had to admit that this is not not hard work, this is not knowing, she usually gets along with her parents and brothers innocent and lovely. It's a kind of talent, but she doesn't know anything about doing housework and interacting with people appropriately. It's so clumsy that people can't wait to use a hammer to knock out her cleverness at home.

Otherwise, why did the Zheng favor Zheng Yunqiao. His family is Shao Qiong's foreign family. He can tolerate the shortcomings of his granddaughter. He has a gentle temperament and does not care about things. There is also a man who likes to control family affairs and dislikes others. Intervening mother-in-law.

Isn't this a hit?

But Yingguo Duke didn't think so. He only felt ashamed. He ordered the Zheng to make the meeting before Shao Qiong married. Even if it is not a popular thing, at least he would not be rude to go out and talk to others, let others laugh, and lose the country's father. Fuhe… the face of the imperial concubine empress.

Zheng's really worried hair turned white, and he hated Shao Zhenyu's backfire, and didn't look at who said "Ah Qiong has her strengths" and "Ah Qiong has a good temperament" all day. It turned out to be empty.

It turned out that my father was holding this kind of illusion. When my daughter was young, she would be soft, innocent and innocent. When she was old, she had to instantly become a lady of everyone, and she must not delay for a moment, she must immediately mature.

Just like he thought that Shao Xun was not squeamish enough when he was a child, and he didn't know how to act like a baby to please his father, but now he has come to dislike Shao Qiong's childishness and can't do anything.

Zheng felt resentful in his heart, but on the face he could only obey. He had to think of Shao Xun's birthday.

I have to say that her mother is also very painstaking, and she is really thoughtful.

Although Shao Xun may be dissatisfied with her family, she is her own sister. In front of outsiders, even if Shao Qiong does something unsuitable, she will probably help her reconcile her. If you change to an outsider, you will not be treated. The joke is not over.

At this time, the Zheng family was fortunate to have such a thoughtful daughter in the family.

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