Shao Xun was startled, and subconsciously turned his head to look at the emperor's side.

——As a result, I saw Shao Zhenyu standing aside, with a dull expression and a trace of embarrassment in his mouth.



The father and daughter were relatively speechless, but Shao Xun woke up and found that his father was in front of him, and he was still tired of the emperor's arms.

There was no more embarrassing scene than this. The expression on Shao Xun's face suddenly flattened out, and the tenderness and sweetness that had just disappeared instantly, and he immediately wanted to take a step back.

But the emperor didn't know what embarrassment was, and the hand that held her was loose but did not completely let go. He gave a light push with this strength and took her to the pavilion with him. During the period, he passed by Shao Zhenyu. Superfluous representation.

He just chuckled as he walked: "It's the first time you are so careless in front of others."

Shao Xun thought to himself, how could she be so ugly if she didn't stop here in your fancy dress and make her feel dizzy and forget everything.

Also, even if it was an accident at the beginning, the emperor had only spoken out a reminder after such a long time, it was definitely deliberate.

As if feeling Shao Xun's resentment, the emperor endured a smile and patted her hand, lowered his voice and said, "What are you afraid of? He didn't dare to say anything."

Shao Xun coughed slightly and glanced behind him quietly. Sure enough, he saw that Shao Zhenyu's expression had returned to normal. Although he was still a little stiff, he still maintained the usual expressions of "respect" and "fear".

Ordinary fathers saw their daughter hugging her son-in-law in a large court, and behaved intimately. He had to reprimand her for being impolite and improper, but when he came to the royal family, Shao Zhenyu could only treat him as blind and deaf. , See nothing, hear nothing.

Shao Xun even felt that if the emperor asked him what he felt at this time, he could even say "Your Majesty and the Empress get along well" and the stone bench in the pavilion had already been replaced by a large rosewood chair. Thick cushions were laid on the chair surface and the back of the chair. The emperor helped Shao Xun sit on it, and he did not forget to invite Yingguo grandfather to join him.

Shao Zhenyu's mood is very complicated now, a little surprise mixed with panic and confusion, has been looking at Shao Xun's belly with unobtrusive eyes, but he can only be flattered when he hears the invitation, and hastily declined. : "Weichen, as a foreign minister, dare not be listed with your majesty and empress."

When the emperor heard this, he only smiled, without reluctance, and then ordered the palace clerk to have a banquet.

A series of exquisite dishes are filled with stone tables. Although they are not as diverse as the main banquet, they are more exquisite. They are delivered here from the imperial dining room, and when opened, they are still steaming and very fresh.

Although her own father stood by to serve the meal, Shao Xunben was a little alienated from him and got close to him. Secondly, when the emperor was by her side, it was difficult for her to pay attention to others, so she felt awkward in a while. It's almost gone.

Since it was a small banquet, it was also for the birthday celebration, so naturally there is no such thing as a banquet.

Shao Xun swallowed a mouthful of spring rolls and asked, "How did you think of putting a table here?"

"I think you have not eaten well these few days, and thinking that the weather is also warm, I will take you out for a meal, that is to say something fresh."

Indeed, it is now mid-to-late March, and the weather is getting warmer. When I sit here next to the lake, I feel the air is cool but not cold, which is very refreshing.

The emperor had advised her to go out often, but for the sake of safety, even if she only took a walk from Ganlu Hall to Ningshou Palace or Liangyi Hall, she would be bored with the scenery on the road.

The emperor bowed his head and touched her belly: "If you don't have this, I will take you out of the palace and feel bored."

Shao Xun said: "I have lived outside the palace for more than ten years. On the contrary, I haven't finished shopping in the palace. I don't need to stay close and seek further. When you are free, you can take me around in the palace. Why bother to move people around."

The emperor knew that she was in the palace for a short time, and everything was still fresh. After waiting for a year or two, he would definitely not think so.

No matter how big the palace is, it is surrounded by walls, and it will definitely feel depressed for a few years.

"Speaking of which, did your eldest brother get married a few days ago?"

Shao Xun raised his eyebrows: "I have to ask my father about this."

Yingguo Duke hurriedly said: "Your Majesty's statement is true. The minister's eldest son was married a few months ago."

"Which one did you get married?"

"Your Majesty Bing is the daughter of Shen Tongbai, Yushi Yushi of the Left Capital."

The emperor pondered for a moment: "His family's style is righteous, and your in-laws are not bad."

Shao Zhenyu quietly breathed a sigh of relief, and replied cautiously: "I would like to thank your Majesty for your appreciation on behalf of the Shen family."

The emperor nodded, and then asked nonchalantly: "I remember the second son in your family who passed the rural examination last year, but why didn't he participate in Chunwei?"

Only then did Shao Zhenyu take a solid surprise-that's all about Shao Kui. He was the son of Yingguo Duke and the elder brother of the imperial concubine. It was common for the emperor to pay attention, but Shaohui's name was not well known, and he was a concubine. , Far less weighty than the eldest son, how could the emperor even know his affairs so clearly? "

He didn't care too much about this son. He paused for a while and then replied respectfully: "This kid is younger. The gentlemen in the college read his articles and felt that The hope in Zhong is slim. Even if he is lucky, he will fall into the top three. It is better to wait another three years to be safe. He also knows that he is not good at learning skills, so he obeyed the gentlemen's words."

The emperor told Shao Xun said: "I just said, your brother is not old, but he is very stable. He should be the most energetic at this time. He hopes to soar to the sky. It is difficult to listen to persuasion. But at such an age. Such patience is sometimes more rare than talented literary talent."

Shao Xun clamped a chopsticks fish into the emperor's bowl, and said amusedly: "You just met, and you know so much. Are there still few people who have been delayed for three or six years for stability?"

"That's not the case, your brother, how can you be like everyone else."

Shao Zhenyu's hand pouring wine to the emperor was steady, but his heart was not stable at all. He endured it for a long time and still couldn't hold it back. He tentatively asked, "Your Majesty has ever seen Shaohui?"

Before the emperor spoke, Shao Xun squeezed it under the table. He paused, pinched his head and said, "But I have encountered it once, and Shao Qing doesn't have to worry. He is quite decent in answering, and he has not been rude."

Shao Zhenyu let out a light breath: "The minister was terrified, the child never even mentioned it."

Shao Xun looked at his father and blinked at the emperor.

If you ignore the fact that Yingguo Duke accompanies the emperor and daughter to eat this meal, the backache and legs are numb, and the heart is still restless. Outsiders, the scene seems to be very harmonious.

At least in the eyes of Shu fei, the harmony was dazzling.

She looked at Fufang Pavilion from behind the railing across the lake. She hadn't spoken for a long time. A few palace servants stood cautiously behind her, not daring to say a word. In the end, Pearl stepped forward and said bitterly, "Manny, Lake. The wind is strong, let's go back to the palace."

"The wind is strong?" Shu fei snorted coldly, her words were so harsh that they were both gentle and decent in front of others: "There is a big belly, scratching her head and posing, I'm not afraid of the wind, what am I afraid of."

Pearl "hissed" and took a breath, and quickly sent the others away: "Manny! You let others hear what you said…"

Shu fei pursed her lips: "What if I hear it? I have the same grade as her, so what can the girl take me?!"

Pearl is very embarrassed. In fact, both people know that the words are not afraid to pass to the Temple of Ganlu, mainly because they are afraid to pass into the Hall of Liangyi. When the time comes, the emperor will not care about your grade.

Shu fei was silent for a while, watching from a distance Yingguo Grand Prince stood beside the emperor, and whispered: "What did you say from the hospital?"

Pearl said: "On weekdays, the imperial concubine's pulse is diagnosed by the envoy Zhang. He always does not buy the account except for Your Majesty. The slave and maidservant did not touch the nail, so he went to find a king who occasionally took the pulse for the imperial concubine. The doctor…he said he couldn't make sure…"

Shu fei sneered and said, "They didn't have a word of truth in their mouth… What about afterwards?"

Pearl said: "The slave girl sealed him up to five hundred taels. Although he is totally uncertain about his talents, from the point of view of the pulse diagnosis, it is most likely that he is a…the prince…"

Five hundred taels bought an ambiguous sentence, but this was not the reason that made Shu fei suddenly gloomy.

Pearl calmly said: "What is the urgency of the empress? The child is still in the belly of the noble concubine. Even if it is a boy, he is seventeen or eighteen years old from our third highness."

Shu fei's eyes grew darker and darker: "I have comforted myself in this way before, but…why did everything go wrong this year? I didn't accomplish anything I wanted to do. There was the emperor's eldest grandson in the front, the concubine, and even my son I can't do anything about my marriage, so I'm so confused and settled down…"

Pearl said: "Your Majesty has always been like this. Qi-shi's background is not a good one. Wouldn't the second princes and concubines be like us?"

It's okay not to mention this. When it comes to Shu fei, he is almost furious. He lowered his voice and said angrily: "Why is it half a catty?! My son is half a catty with a lowly maid? He really thought he was the Empress's belly? !"

After that, she calmed down her breath: "I think the kid born to Qi-shi is very blue-eyed, and he takes it more seriously than ordinary princes. He even gave the name personally before he reached his first birthday. Many of the shortcomings of the eldest prince can be benefited by the eldest grandson. Cover up. Who knows if your majesty will reuse his son just because he values ​​his grandson… and…"

Shu fei looked faintly across the lake: "That's also a scourge…"

To say that Shu fei was originally a very calm person, because she thinks that the prince in the palace is really the best of the third prince, whether it is looks, temperament, maternal status, or personality and age. There was nothing to choose, so even though he didn't hold back moving his hand once, he ended up sensibly after the failure.

Who knows that this hasn't been over for a year, things have changed so much, the birth of the eldest grandson, the imperial concubine is pregnant, and the birth of the third prince and concubines can't make it to the stage, so she can't do anything. Convince yourself that the emperor is most likely to set up third prince as the reserve.

Is it really just waiting to die?

Shu fei closed her eyes, then opened them again: "Go back to the palace, let me think about it."

The emperor over there had this meal with Shao Xun, and after that he did not give Shao Zhenyu a chance to speak with his daughter alone. After a few words of warm encouragement, he sent him away.

Shao Xun took the emperor's arm and walked back and said, "It really scared me just now. You don't want to remind me, let outsiders see what it looks like, and think I'm too clingy."

A few moments later, without hearing the emperor's answer, Shao Xun raised his eyes incomprehensibly. The emperor closed his mouth tightly, as if forbearing not to laugh: "What's wrong with me?"

The emperor swallowed his smile and coughed, "Yes, you are really, um…not clingy at all."

Shao Xun thought that she was dignified and decent and never acted like a baby, but the emperor's words were very meaningful, and she could not help but feel embarrassed and a little guilty when she heard what she said. She knew that the debate on this might be undoubtedly lost, so she quickly turned around. Topic: "How do you think of calling my father to accompany you today? Don't say it's a coincidence."

"Happening is also part of it," the emperor did not entangle, and followed her words: "It is also good for him to see you."

"What's the benefit?"

The emperor didn't answer, and looked down at her lower abdomen, as if he could see the formed fetus inside through the skin.

After a long time, he slowly said: "Don't worry, from now on… you will naturally be aware of it."

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