Princess Kejing was rarely reprimanded by the Empress Dowager. Even though the Empress Dowager felt that her words were very tactful, she was still a little sluggish. She only stayed in the palace for a short time, and then went home amidst the Empress Dowager's voice.

The Empress Dowager also knew that she was uncomfortable in her heart, but this was also impossible. If she was really allowed to continue walking that crooked road, it would be better to curse a few more words to let her know how powerful it is.

Until Shao Xun arrived at Ningshou Palace, the Empress Dowager was not in a good mood.

Shao Xun walked into the hall surrounded by a group of palace people who were a hundred times more careful than her, took off his coat, revealing a prominent abdomen, and greeted him: "How do you feel today?"

The Empress Dowager cheered up and waved her hand to let Wu Shi personally help her over: "What can I have, it is naturally good, but you, you should be careful when walking on the road."

Shao Xun sat down cautiously, and said: "It was the doctor Zhang ordered that I must walk a certain distance every day, not to be bored in the house, or it will be difficult to live by then… Now he listens to whatever he says, Your Majesty. I was forced to go out every day. I was born and worried. I must take these many people with me. I was afraid that I would lose my teeth when I was hit by someone… I thought, it would be better to visit you every day. Walking around in the palace made others see the joke."

She said that although she didn't say anything when she saw the Empress Dowager, she couldn't hide her gloom, she wondered: "What's the matter, who upset our old lady?"

The Empress Dowager couldn't help showing a smile, and then sighed again: "It's nothing, it's just that when people are old, they can easily remember the past, good and bad…"

Shao Xun listened with his ears sideways, and the Empress Dowager said: "I think of the emperor's appearance when he was a child, think of his father and his brother, and sometimes also think of Zhen'er when she was in her infancy…"

Shao Xun curiously asked, "Is it because the princess is very similar to your majesty when he was a child?"

"No, it's not like," the Empress Dowager shook her head: "She is not even like anyone in the Zhao family… She is like a Empress."

"The appearance of the princess and the empress do have similarities."

"It's not about looks," the Empress Dowager lowered her eyes: "——it is temperament. The longer she grows and the bigger she is, the more indescribable she will be like the Empress."

In view of the fact that the Empress Dowager and the Empress were not getting along well, Shao Xun couldn't tell whether she was complimenting or…

But when she thought of the Empress Dowager's preference for Princess Kejing, she felt that she was thinking too much.

The Empress Dowager looked at her no longer small belly, cheered up, reached out and touched it: "Don't talk about it, the girl just went into the palace to have a temper with me, and then I remembered it again… Say something happy and let my dear grandson listen to it."

Shao Xun smiled and said, "How can I be happy… But there will be something at the end of this month."

The Empress Dowager thought for a while and said, "March 20th, isn't your birthday?"

Shao Xun was taken aback: "Did you know?"

The Empress Dowager laughed and said nothing, until she was coquettishly and coquettishly by Shao Xun for a long time, then she let go: "The emperor said several times that he wanted to take you out, but by coincidence, it's not convenient for you to have a big belly. But it's regrettable."

Shao Xun was a little embarrassed immediately, "This is not a whole birthday…"

"But it is also the first time you enter the palace to celebrate your birthday. On that day, according to the rule, a woman enters the palace to celebrate her birthday. The emperor specially asked me to shorten the process for fear that you will be tired… He doesn't like to pay attention to these things on weekdays. It's not easy to think of this for you."

Shao Xun listened quietly, and then whispered: "Your Majesty's good, I know… and I will never fail."

If ordinary people say this, they must bring emotions such as embarrassment, surprise or hesitation, but when Shao Xun said it was ten percent firm, a single sentence weighed like a giant stone, which made you listen. Everyone can feel the weight.

This is not just casual talk.

The Empress Dowager looked at this girl who was two years younger than Ke Jing, and sighed heavily after a long while.

Shao Xun was taken aback for a moment, and said, "Why is the mother sighing? Did I say something wrong?"

"It's just…it's a bit of a sigh. It's really rare for you to be so young, but knowing the righteousness and the cold and hot," the Empress Dowager shook her head: "I don't know how your parents taught you…"

This was quite an excessive compliment, and Shao Xun did not know how to answer for a while: "This…"

The Empress Dowager laughed instead, and she waved her hand: "Look at you, but I blushed after being praised for these two sentences. What is this? You have all the benefits. I'm going to talk about it one by one. Don't you want to hold your head up? Come."

Seeing Shao Xun covering her face, she really seemed to be unable to lift her head. The Empress Dowager couldn't help but gently patted her shoulders and back: "…Is this thoughtful and considerate and knowing how to be innate, you Sister, I also seem to have some impressions, and her words and deeds are not outstanding, or are you the eldest daughter, and your parents taught you to be extra caring?"

Shao Xun gradually forgot about Yan Ran. She slowly put her hands down, thought for a while, and replied: "My sister is a young girl. My parents will inevitably be more spoiled. As for our different temperaments, we can't tell whether we are born like this or not. Caused by the doting of family members."

"Smudged, spoiled," the Empress Dowager thoughtfully repeated these two words, and then laughed at herself: "When I was young, I knew that it was not a good thing to spoil a child. I have forgotten everything… nothing but myself, no one can blame it."

Her old man had only spoiled a child, and Shao Xun thought that she had just said that she had a dispute with Princess Kejing, and guessed that it might be because of this feeling.

But other Shao Xun can help her solve it. The only thing about the princess is that she has no relationship. She really can't intervene. She can only pull the topic into other things, so that the Empress Dowager will not go down.

As the Empress Dowager said, it was not long before Shao Xun's seventeenth birthday.

The emperor had an early dynasty on this day, and he got up early to go to dynasty when the sky was still bright.

In the past few days, Mobei's changes have already been suppressed. The courts are discussing these matters. In order to share the merits of the generals, the emperor will inevitably get tired.

After the dynasty, as usual, the publicity officials in the Liangyi Hall visited the meeting. When it was about to end, the emperor looked at the hour. It was almost noon, and he asked, "Who else is outside?"

He Jinrong replied: "My Majesty, it was Yingguo Duke who finally handed the slip."

This is not a coincidence. He is thinking about his daughter, and the father is in front of him.

No matter what the others, even if he rushed back to eat this meal with Shao Xun, it would not be easy to delay the political affairs, but since he was Shao Xun's father, it would be easy to handle.

So when Shao Zhenyu entered the hall and prepared to salute respectfully, he was interrupted by the emperor before he could even say: "Shao Qing is here just right," the emperor stood up from the throne and said as he walked, "Today is the noble concubine's. On my birthday, I held a small banquet at the Fufang Pavilion. If you want to come, I haven't seen her for a few days. Just take this opportunity to get together. I already have a charter for what you played. Let's talk about it on the road."

Although the emperor was very methodical, he moved quickly. Before Shao Zhenyu could react, he was picked up and followed behind the emperor, together with a pile of eunuchs, female officials, and guards, and went to the Fufang Pavilion by the Taiye Pool. Go.

On the way, Shao Zhenyu already understood what was going on. Looking at the emperor's attitude, he couldn't help thinking about it. Thanks to his ability, he was able to think wildly while answering in front of the emperor by instinct. , Anyhow, did not lose the ugliness.

The emperor did have a confession about the military payment he played. The two said as they walked, it didn't take long to get to the Fufang Pavilion.

Before Shao Xun arrived, the two of them did not enter the pavilion, and they stood talking by the water beside the rockery.

After the political talks are over, the emperor will inevitably have to chat with his ministers about household affairs, not to mention that Shao Xun is involved. If you have a full stomach, there is nothing to worry about: "I have sent someone to invite the noble concubine, but she is now heavy and her feet are slower. It may take more time."

Shao Zhenyu wondered why the emperor had been waiting here for a long time, and Shao Xun could still "slow his feet". Shouldn't this be flying over in a sedan chair, lest Shengjia waited for a long time?

But he was very shrewd, thinking like this in his heart, and said: "This is your majesty who loves the noble concubine. If you can wait, how can the minister be anxious?"

It should be said that there are not many opportunities for former officials to enter the court. The daughter's birthday is one of them. However, this year Shao Xun never mentioned this matter. Although Zheng was still invited to the palace banquet in the afternoon, Shao Zhen In the end, Yu still wanted to take a look in person.

After all, seeing is believing.

The emperor knew that Shao Xun and the father and daughter of Yingguo Duke and daughter were not very close, but just as he would not elaborate on the shortcomings of the Empress Dowager in front of Shao Xun, Shao Xun did not often mention family matters.

He had listened to Shao Xun about Yingguo Duke's preference for young girls. Therefore, in private, he felt that he had no eyesight, blind and blind. He had no knowledge of gold and jade, so he subconsciously wanted him to know about Shao Xun. benefit.

The emperor told Shao Zhenyu that he was talking about the family. In fact, eight of the ten sentences were praised by Shao Xun, and the remaining two sentences were Shao Zhenyu's nerdy echoes. In short, two sentences of Shao Xun's praise can be drawn anywhere.

In short, his imperial concubine is good here and there. It is almost perfect from the hair to the heel. The exaggeration of the words is far better than that of the Empress Dowager. Shao Zhenyu, who listened to him, gradually turned from his joy at the beginning to doubt and began to doubt. The emperor was talking about his daughter who had no sense of presence at home.

Shao Xun was so thin-skinned at certain times that he couldn't stand the praises, and no one confided the emperor's full stomach.

That is, Shao Zhenyu, who happened to be both Shao Xun's father and his subordinates, and the emperor clearly said these things to him. He could not have any opinions except to agree and listen. This was enough to say in one go.

The emperor stopped and said with a smile: "It's the imperial concubine here."

Shao Xun walked over there to Ningshou Palace, and when he came out, he saw the eunuch Kang Li waiting outside, saying that the emperor called her to have a meal at Fufang Pavilion.

Shao Xun didn't think too much, and immediately took someone there.

It was indeed a coincidence that when she arrived, the emperor happened to be standing not far from the rockery, and Shao Zhenyu was behind him, his figure completely covered.

When Shao Xun saw the emperor carry his hands on his back and turn his head over, he was telling something.

He might have heard the movement and looked up and saw Shao Xun, his eyes were immediately full of smiles.

Although the emperor changed into lighter clothes, he was still wearing a bright yellow dragon robe. The dazzling golden dragon and the golden crown inlaid on his head were shining brightly in the midday sun, making his whole person incomparable. He was tall and handsome, with a soft and sincere friendship in his eyes that was better than that of ordinary people, which was really moving.

Shao Xun's heartbeat couldn't help but speed up for several beats, and he couldn't help speeding up his pace. In three or two steps, he left behind the people who were supporting her. When he arrived in front of the emperor, he didn't even have time to look at him. Glancing sideways, he threw himself into his arms and hugged him hard: "Your Majesty…"

The emperor was stunned for a moment, did not push her away, but held her waist in this position to lend her strength.

He was also urging, and Ren Shaoxun, who was no one beside him, spent a long time in his arms before he smiled casually: "Good girl, don't see who else is here…"

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