Shao Xun was still awake when he gave birth to the baby, but he was tossed and cooked for a while. After cleaning up, he became drowsy. He really took a nap. When he woke up again, the emperor was already guarding by the bed. Finished.

Shao Xun's eyes blinked slightly: "Your Majesty…"

The emperor touched her face, and then touched her hand: "The Empress Dowager has gone back to the palace after seeing you, what do you think?"

"Tired…" Shao Xun muttered, "It's so tiring to have a baby."

She didn't talk about pain but tiredness, but still made the emperor feel bad.

At this time, Zhao Ruotong walked up with a small swaddle in his arms: "Xun… Niang, have you seen the child, he is so cute."

"Really?" Shao Xun actually took a look before fainting. He only felt that it was very unsightly. Now he is still a little worried. At this time, when Zhao Ruotong said sincerely, he wondered if he was so dizzy. wrong.

As a result, when Zhao Ruotong carried the child to Shao Xun and the emperor, Shao Xun was shocked: "Why, why is this ugly?!"

Although the child has been washed and clean, but the skin is still wrinkled, dark red skin, eyes closed, brows are still wrinkled together, the top of the head is a bit pointed, like an old man.

The only newborn that Shao Xun has seen recently is the eldest grandson Zhao Yu. The child was raised in a womb that was stronger and fatter. It looked less white than this and not as wrinkled as this child. Shao Xun was immediately ugly by the child he had given birth to. .

Zhao Ruotong grotesquely said: "How can it be ugly, how beautiful, look at these eyes, they look so much like you."

The emperor also lowered his head, looked at his new-born little son seriously, and then agreed: "It is indeed a good birth, and the eyes are the most like you."

Shao Xun looked at the father and daughter in disbelief, saying you and me praised the child's good-looking appearance, and firmly believed that the child's eyes were "born exactly like his mother."

She couldn't help wondering if the eyes she had just gave birth to were broken.

Zhao Ruotong and her younger brother seem to be very close to each other, and can't read enough. The child waved her little arm in her arms and slapped her little mouth, which could arouse her amazement. Finally, Shao Xun watched every part of the child with her. The movement is really not so ugly.

Zhao Ruotong stayed for a while, of course he wanted to continue, but the emperor had stared at him calmly for only a quarter of an hour. For fear that he would stay and change his sieve, he could only say goodbye to Shao Xun. He reluctantly returned the child.

The newly-born Seventh Prince was finally passed to Shao Xun's arms. Her movements were much stranger than those of the emperor. Her arms were very stiff. After being taught by the Qin clan for a long time, she still twisted a lot.

Qin smiled and said: "Fortunately, our little prince was born stable. He only cried twice when he was patted on his butt by the wife. Otherwise, your posture would have caused the child to cry."

The newborn's body is very soft, and it is as if he has no bones in his arms. Shao Xun is very careful, for fear of crushing his son who was finally born with force.

The blood-connected baby was held in his arms, and Shao Xun looked at his tight forehead fist and fleshy cheeks, and he started to think that this child had his cuteness.

Shao Xun smiled unconsciously: "Although he doesn't look pretty, but… it's really cute."

The emperor sat next to her, looked at the mother and son with soft eyes, and said softly: "The children who have just landed are like this. It's not that I am greedy. Our son is indeed born beautiful. I don't believe it. Wait a few days. You look again."

Although Shao Xun was dubious, looking at his son in his arms, he still couldn't help feeling tenderly: "Regardless of whether he looks good or not, I will treat him well and let him grow up happily."

She raised her head and looked at the emperor: "Do you remember what we promised to each other before-to learn how to be the best parents together, I will work hard, Your Majesty, please don't break your promise."

The little baby boy was born with jet black fetus hair. The emperor looked at this child born by the connection and extension of the blood line between him and Shao Xun. He only felt that the soft and warm heart was rolling in his body, and he stretched out his hand with great care. I touched my son's hair: "I won't break my promise, this is our child, born with everything…"

In the palace, mothers were not allowed to feed their children. The Seventh Prince Guangniang selected four of them, all of whom were primiparas, and were healthy and had plenty of milk.

But Shao Xun was still very curious. Two days after the baby was born, he felt a little bit of milk. He wanted to try to feed the baby himself more and more, so he asked the emperor to soften the foam, hoping to try it himself.

But the emperor was unmoved: "No, breastfeeding is very hard. You can have a good night's sleep after giving birth. If you want to feed a child, you will not sleep at midnight… Besides, the milk ladies eat greasy milk. And it lacks salt, less flavor, and many bans. Can you bear it?"

Shao Xun flinched a little, but still wanted to fight for it: "I, I will feed it for a few days."

The emperor shook his head: "Did you not look at Kejing? She was just curious to feed her for a few days, but then the child didn't recognize the milk of the nurse at all. Now he has to take care of his mother personally during the day and night. If you can't get out of your body, your energy will be absorbed by the child. Do you want to do this too?"

But it is not common for children like Lin Bo to be clingy, Shao Xun thought for a while, and finally said: "But…I feel uncomfortable…"

She looked around quietly, and saw that the palace people had consciously avoided it, and she held the emperor's hand and placed it somewhere: "Look, it's really up."

The emperor's pupils squeezed violently, and his palms became stiff in an instant, and it took a long time for him to pull his hands out with difficulty.

His throat moved slightly, his eyes moved away, and he said very slowly: "No, if you don't use it, you will recover slowly…"

Shao Xun was thinking about the child at this time, and he didn't notice any weird pictures in the emperor's mind.

Seeing that the emperor was unwilling to let go, she rolled her eyes and decided to wait for him to leave. She tried quietly behind her back, and no one would find out.

At this time, the emperor also rarely noticed Shao Xunyang's careful thoughts of violation of Yin. He couldn't control his eyes now, always looking where he shouldn't be, and couldn't help spurning himself as a beast in his heart.

This child has just given birth not long, what is in his mind…

The emperor was uneasy, so he changed the topic to divert his attention: "I have chosen the child's name, you see if it suits your mind."

In fact, he had already drafted a lot of characters in Shao Xun's pregnancy. The names of boys and girls amounted to no less than a dozen. Shao Xun only removed the words that he didn't like and gave them back to the emperor.

Until today, it was solemnly settled in every possible way.

The emperor took out a folded piece of red paper from his sleeve and handed it to Shao Xun. After Shao Xun unfolded it, he saw the handwriting dragon flying and phoenix dancing on the back of the paper.

It is a "pivot" character.

She was taken aback for a moment, and listened to the emperor's solemn voice: "Yanshu, the talker, the gentleman's cardinal…"

Shao Xun tilted his head and said, "…Cardinal, Lord of Honor and Disgrace."

She nodded and said, "That's not bad, I thought you would define the word'Tang'."

The emperor explained: "'Tangdi Zhihua' always has to be used together. This child is the eldest son of you and me. Always be special. Leave the last two to his brother."

Shao Xun smiled and said, "This one is about to land. Do you even start preparing for the rest?"

The emperor also said with a smile: "It all depends on what you mean."

"Obviously it depends on what you mean," Shao Xun tweeted, but turned around and said again: "The character'Tang' is actually quite suitable for girls, and I want to have another daughter."

In fact, many of the characters beside the wooden characters do not distinguish between men and women, and can be used by sons and daughters.

The emperor rubbed her temples: "What about me, have you forgotten all the pain of childbirth?"

"The pain was at the time," Shao Xun looked at the little prince who was lying on the bed. "Don't tell me, he is really a little more beautiful, his skin is not so wrinkled, so cute, our name is Ashu right?"

The little boy named Zhao Yanshu seemed to be able to hear his mother's praise. He slapped his mouth and turned his head slightly, and moved his eyelids in the direction of Shao Xun. His brows wrinkled and his closed eyes opened. Sew.

Shao Xun quickly called the emperor: "Your Majesty, Your Majesty! Come and see, his eyes opened!"

The emperor also leaned in, and the two of them stared at a small baby with four eyes.

Some children were raised well in the fetus, and they could even open their eyes when they were born, but the emperor worried that if the fetus was too large, Shao Xun would suffer during childbirth, so she tried to control her diet as much as possible. I don't know if this is the reason. Zhao Yanshu The eyes were tightly closed when he was born.

When the child's eyes were fully opened, Shao Xun was pleasantly surprised: "Oh, his eyes look like you!"

It turns out that Zhao Yanshu's eyeballs are different from ordinary people. They are a slightly lighter tea-brown, which is exactly the same as the emperor's.

The emperor was a little disappointed: "His eyes are shaped like yours. I thought he would have black eyes too."

Shao Xun couldn't understand how the child and the second princess saw the shape when the child closed his eyes before, but this does not prevent her from thinking completely opposite to him. Seeing the eyes like the emperor, she immediately became interested. He held his son in his arms and kissed his delicate cheek: "Ashu, come and see my mother, mother is here."

Although Zhao Yanshu can't see things clearly, his hearing is very keen. His big eyes turned to the place where his mother's voice was. They looked like they were looking at Shao Xun. She was surprised and raised his head to the emperor with a smile: "Your Majesty, this kid is looking at me."

The emperor couldn't help but sat forward, letting Shao Xun's back rest on his chest, and he lowered his head to look at the baby in Shao Xun's arms.

Strangely speaking, the emperor did not make any movement, but Zhao Yanshu still rolled his eyes upwards, those light brown eyes were facing the emperor, the father and the son looked at each other, the emperor's heart suddenly softened.

This… is the child Shao Xun gave to him…

their child.

Less than a day after the birth of the seventh prince, he was given a name by the emperor to announce to the world, indicating that this is indeed the prince who is extremely favored.

The child was treated with much attention since he was born. Everyone's eyes were fixed on the Temple of Nectar. It seemed that the child's temperament and aptitude could be seen from a distance, or he would grow up against the wind and would be able to stand in a few days. As if participating in politics in the court.

But the fact is that Zhao Yanshu is still a baby who is learning to breastfeed. He is protected by his father in the palace, sleeping peacefully in his mother's arms. He doesn't like crying, and doesn't make much trouble. He has no idea that the outside world is because of him. How many dark waves caused by his birth.

The emperor was right. The newborn baby looked like each other day by day, and Zhao Yanshu, who was rejected by his mother and looked ugly, did not live up to his handsome father and mother of peerless beauty.

He looks better every day, his skin is getting whiter and smoother and more delicate, and the top of his head that was a bit pointed is also full, with a straight small nose, thin cherry-colored lips, and round eyes. The light-colored eyes inside are as clear as colored glaze, which can melt people's hearts when staring at them.

As he gradually opens up, anyone with a discerning eye can see that the child looks a little more like Shao Xun on the whole, and is more delicate than ordinary boys, but the mouth and bridge of the nose are shaped like the emperor, not pretty. Like a little girl, in short, a little boy who combines the advantages of her parents.

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