Zhao Yanshu was a very well-behaved child. In fact, the emperor and Shao Xun weren't very honest when they were young, so the emperor won't say anything. Shao Xun looks dignified now, but when he was a child, he did the thing of rolling around in order to grab things, but later It's just learning to be obedient.

But their sons are really not naughty at all. They shouldn't be said to be quiet, they should be called steady and more appropriate.

He hasn't been crying since he was born. After he can see things clearly, he will stare at what he wants. He is also served by clever people, who will serve him with both hands in a short while, and no one else can understand him. He moaned twice when he was intent.

He recognizes people but is not clingy. When he was a few months old, he could accurately distinguish his mother's voice in a very noisy environment. He immediately turned his head to look at her, but he was not picky when he was accompanied by others. Even if he was hungry and breast-feeding at night Crying quietly for a while, you can fall asleep immediately after being fed.

In short, everyone who has met Zhao Yanshu admits that this child is very easy to take, and the most worry-free, plus the special good-looking birth, it is really unforgettable when people see it, and it is particularly flattering.

At this time, the child had just reached a hundred days and was now nearly four months old. The nurse took advantage of the sunny day and took him to the yard to bask in the sun. A group of palace people gathered around: "Look how good your Royal Highness gave birth,"

"I have never seen such a beautiful child…"

Shao Xun lowered his head and buttoned his little clothes tighter. The child grumbled and rolled his eyes. He recognized his mother among a group of people. He stretched out his hands and screamed "Ah" and "Ah" and wanted to hug him. .

Shao Xun smiled and lifted him out of the shaker: "Ashu, do you want to come out?"

Zhao Yanshu was very honest in Shao Xunhuai, he didn't use any force when he kicked his calf, lowered his head and pulled the golden silk pattern on his mother's chest vigorously.

He was not sinking either. Shao Xun hugged him around in the yard, his attention fell on the pine tree at the door, and he pointed his finger to take a look.

At this time, there was a rumor from the palace that Mrs. Zheng had already arrived.

Shao Xun hugged the child and sat in a chair, "Invite her to come in."

A few days ago, Zheng Yunqiao and Shao Qiong got married because they were too close to Zhao Yanshu for a hundred days. As the man's elder, Mrs. Zheng couldn't make any move, so she didn't enter the palace.

On the contrary, Zheng was forced by Shao Zhenyu, and no matter how busy he was, he had to bite the bullet into the palace to contact Shao Xun.

When Shao Qiong got married over there, Mrs. Zheng freed her hands to take a look at her great-grandson.

When Mrs. Zheng came in, she saluted first. After being lifted up by Shao Xun's messenger, she couldn't wait to see Zhao Yanshu sitting upright in her mother's arms.

"Yeah, our little prince is more beautiful than it was at the full moon. Look at how this little face looks."

Shao Xun smiled and asked her to sit down: "He was black when he was born. I didn't expect that he would look a lot better when he was long."

Mrs. Zheng sat next to Shao Xun and stretched out her hand to tease Zhao Yanshu: "Your Royal Highness, do you recognize me?"

Zhao Yanshu gave Madam Zheng a fixed look, then raised his head to look at Shao Xun. Shao Xun smiled and picked up his little hand to touch Madam Zheng's hand: "This is the great-grandmother, Ashu asked her to hug you. OK?"

The last time Mrs. Zheng entered the palace, it was the child's full moon.

Seeing him tilted her head, Mrs. Zheng seemed to be thinking, she couldn't help but laughed: "This kid is more interesting than you when you were a kid. A little older person seems to be sensible. Can he understand? "

"80% are incomprehensible, it's too young."

After watching his son for a while, he finally stretched out his hand to Mrs. Zheng to hug him slowly, and Shao Xun handed the child over: "Ah Qiong and cousin are all okay?"

Mrs. Zheng was originally very rare to hold the baby egg in her arms, her face instantly fell off when she heard this.

Shao Xun raised his eyebrows: "Isn't she just married for half a month? Can she provoke you?"

Mrs. Zheng endured it for a long time, but still couldn't help but complained: "You sister, you can't see anything when you are a girl. Once you marry someone…what can you really do? Isn't your mother very shrewd? 'S daughter is really unexpected."

Shao Xun said: "…Don't you have an aunt? And you don't need Ah Qiong to get started."

"I'm not looking down on Gong Sun's idea, I want my grandson to learn earlier, who knows…" Mrs. Zheng's forehead faintly beats: "Ah Xun, this is your sister. Don't blame your grandmother. It's ugly—it's really a piece of mud that can't support the wall."

Yes! She knew that Shao Qiong was not good at doing housework early in the morning, but she always wanted to marry in and train for a few days. She also complained that Zheng doted her daughter and didn't teach well, but she knew that she had met such a stupid student. Confucius really wanted to catch blind.

Shao Xun coughed and said softly, "Be more patient, anyway, the days are long, so you won't be in a hurry…"

"Have you taught her before?"

Shao Xun was taken aback, and said the truth: "Teached…"

"What did she learn?"

Shao Xun did not speak, and Mrs. Zheng said, "You are already a very patient child at my age. You can't even teach you. How can I expect…

Hey, if it weren't for your mother's own daughter, I would have thought that my aunt had treated her harshly, so that she could not forget it for so many years, and deliberately raised her daughter so inconspicuously, and then sharpened it. Head married back to her maternal family to deliberately torture my old lady. "

Shao Xun was a little embarrassed. Although everyone knows how bad the relationship between her and Shao Qiong is, they are after all a sister who went out of the house.

Mrs. Zheng may not mean it, but it really sounds like their family marries out a worthless girl to harm other people's homes.

Although this is strictly true.

Seeing that no one paid any attention to him, Zhao Yanshu held his fingers and played with him for a while. He was a little impatient, and he didn't know what he was talking about. He opened his arms to Shao Xun and asked her to hug him.

Only then did the old lady react, and she hugged her great-grandson with distress, and said while shaking: "Forget it, let's not mention the bad things, let's talk about you, how is your life in the palace? How is your majesty? ?"

When it comes to this, Shao Xun's eyes are filled with a smile involuntarily, but his mouth is modestly said: "That's okay, nothing special."

In fact, the old lady saw that she looked good, she knew that she was doing well, and she was not at all the way everyone was talking about before entering the palace, saying that once she entered the palace, it was as deep as the sea, and she might have to endure a lifetime of loneliness.

But when I look at it now, I've been a hundred times more comfortable than those chewing women outside.

Seeing that the left and right are not close, the old lady couldn't help but get close to Shao Xun, and asked: "I only heard that your majesty pets you outside the palace, so does he have other pets?"


The old lady said anxiously: "It's when it's inconvenient for you…"

Shao Xun understood, and shook his head dumbfounded: "No! No! Grandma, Your Majesty is not a person who values ​​desires, he, he…"

He lowered his voice and said, "He didn't know from which scripture he heard it. He said that Fang wanted to hurt his body, and he has always been restrained in this."

It's just that he has the final say in this restraint. When he can't help it, it's mostly – I won't talk to the old lady about this.

"Really?" The old lady looked serious, and outsiders seemed to think they were talking about something important in the country: "You can't take it lightly… Men are the same no matter how old they are."

Shao Xun keenly sensed that there was something in the old lady's words, and couldn't help asking: "Why do you have such feelings?"

The old lady had a meal, and then thought that Shao Xundu was already married, and it didn't matter if she heard this, she whispered: "What's new in your house, isn't Shen pregnant? That one picked one from the bottom. The good-looking girl was put in the room and prepared for your brother in a few days, but before she could say it, the girl was used by others…"

If the wife is pregnant in the big family, it is true that there are elders who are going to send a maid there for fear of mistreatment of the son. Shao Kui is not without a concubine room, this is not very new, it is just a stranger…

"Ah Ying?"

Isn't it fresh enough to have a son and a mother and a maidservant?

Mrs. Zheng shook her head, covered Zhao Yanshu's ears in her arms, and said in a voice that couldn't be lower, "It's your father."

Shao Xun's eyes widened.

"He, he is not always…"

Shao Xun couldn't believe it. Since Shao Qiong and Shao Ying, no children have even been born in the mansion. Why are they so old? Instead…

Mrs. Zheng couldn't help laughing: "My dear Ah Xun, you are a young lady at home. How can you know what's going on in the elder's room? Those women have everything, but they are not allowed to give birth."

She curled her lips when she said, and said with disdain: "But this time it's a bit ridiculous. He said it was because he drank alcohol, bah, and your mother is gone. I don't have to take care of these things for the daughters of others, we Acu. There is no shortage of these one or two girls."

No wonder Zheng's face was always ugly at Zhao Yanshu's hundred-year-old banquet a while ago. She thought it was anxious for her daughter's wedding. It turned out that there was something like this.

"What about after that?"

Shao Zhenyu was not at all because he was arguing with his concubine and his wife. Asking him to dominate his wife and destroy his concubine is probably harder than going to heaven.

"Your father didn't care at all, so he said that your mother would deal with it. As a result, you still don't know her, and the most important thing is to face her. If your father is guarding her, she might find a way to send the person away, but in this way, she I can only put people down in a good manner, in order to earn a good reputation, and the result is good, within two months, they are pregnant."

Before feelings are appetizers, this is the highlight.

Shao Xun knew that his father was quite indifferent to the concubine. The second brother Shao Hui was as transparent at home, and later was not allowed to have children in his concubine room. It can be seen that the arrival of this child is probably not an attitude of rejoicing.

"To say that I look down on your mother, I really feel a little sympathetic this time." Mrs. Zheng shook her head and said, "Your father is still complaining that she didn't take care of things…"

Shao Xun was speechless, because this was indeed something Shao Zhenyu could do. He was born to believe that the inner house should be handled by the mistress. If he supported him, the other party would have to deal with it in every detail. Chu means don't bother him.

It seems that this unexpected child really makes him dislike it.

"How did you learn about this, did your mother complain to you?"

"How is it possible that she still has a face… I just mentioned a few words to her daughter, so that she can know her heart, but the person Ah Qiong… Hey, there is no door on his lips, and it will not be out for a few days. It spread to my ears."

Shao Xun originally thought it was funny, but when he heard this, his eyes condensed.

Mrs. Zheng was still making Zhao Yanshu laugh, but Shao Xun's thoughts began to drift away.

When the child babbled and wanted to attract the attention of her mother, she recovered and quickly took it from the old lady.

Seeing her look different, the old lady couldn't help but said, "Say those are nothing more than small talk, and you can't mess around with you, so don't worry about outside affairs."

She nodded the little bridge of her great-grandson's straight nose: "Just take care of this."

Shao Xun touched his son's face, blinked after a long time, and laughed: "It's nothing, you said very much, outside matters…don't care about me."

At this time, there was news from outside that the emperor had finished discussing the matter and was heading here.

Mrs. Zheng was taken aback: "Well, how good is this? It's not noon. Why is your Majesty here? I'd better go out of the palace."

Shao Xun hurriedly held her down: "Your Majesty is going to have lunch too. It's about time now. You don't need to rush to leave. Just stay and have a light meal."

Mrs. Zheng was even more frightened: "How can this be done? Your majesty will come here. You have to live and wait for you. What a thing I am here…"

Shao Xun laughed and said: "It's just a simple meal. Your Majesty will have to eat three meals a day. If I serve you tremblingly as you said every time, I won't be sentenced."

She looked outside: "Besides, it's too late, and there are no two steps away. You are now going out for safekeeping and hitting him head on."

As soon as the voice fell, the emperor's feet had already stepped into the courtyard gate of the Ganlu Temple.

Mrs. Zheng was agitated and curtseyed immediately.

The emperor knew that Shao Xun's family came today, and was not surprised when he saw it. When he walked to the side, he helped the old lady up easily: "It's all from his own family, and the old lady doesn't need to be polite."

Mrs. Zheng smiled reluctantly, but did not dare to speak more.

But the emperor looked at Shao Xun: "Are you happy to have a chat? Did I bother you?"

Shao Xun said: "We were talking about lunch, but you did not come here by coincidence."

Mrs. Zheng swallowed and listened to the emperor's extremely relaxed smile: "What a coincidence? Isn't this just a coincidence."

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