Just when Mrs. Zheng was stunned, the emperor clapped his hands at the youngest son in Shao Xun's arms, which smoothly attracted his attention: "Ashu, come here to the emperor."

Zhao Yanshu has been keeping in the Ganlu Hall. If the emperor was not busy, he would come back after meeting the foreign ministers almost at noon. The memorials were all moved to the Ganlu Hall study for approval. I can see this kid every day and hold him every day. The time on hand is not much worse than Shao Xun's mother, so the feelings are naturally unusual.

More importantly, this is the hard work of the beloved, born in October, how can he not love it or not? Sure enough, Zhao Yanshu didn't hesitate at all, so he kicked his legs into the emperor's arms.

Shao Xun had no choice but to hold his son to the emperor, and did not forget to pat his little ass: "This little white-eyed wolf."

Shao Xun's energy was limited, and he was tired after holding the child for a while. He didn't make Zhao Yanshu happy. On the contrary, the emperor held him to play. He could hold it until the child was tired by himself. Naturally, he was more pleased with the child.

The emperor picked up his son and stumbled profusely: "This kid is getting heavier day by day, I'm afraid you will be tired."

Shao Xun stepped forward to take off his cloak, leaned over and kissed his son's head by the way, but was suddenly caught by the collar by Zhao Yanshu.

Shao Xun was afraid of hurting the child, so he gently opened his hand. At this moment, the emperor lowered his head, and quickly kissed Shao Xun's head as if she had just done it just now.

Shao Xun felt it right away. She straightened up and looked towards Mrs. Zheng, and saw that she was still bowing her head respectfully, and the angle from which she should not have seen the scene just now, she breathed a sigh of relief. .

Shao Xun raised his face and gave the emperor angrily.

The emperor couldn't help but lowered his head and smiled.

The emperor followed Shao Xun and brought Mrs. Zheng into the hall. The three of them sat down and said to Mrs. Zheng: "The old lady is very old, but she can still come into the palace to visit the imperial concubine. It is really hard. "

Mrs. Zheng has returned to normal from the panic of her sudden face, at least she is neither humble nor overbearing, and she can't see any gaffes anymore.

However, her heart kept saying she did not dare to relax, and while she said she did not dare, she quickly considered what the emperor meant in her heart.

Is it annoying that she was too hardworking to enter the palace, or did she feel that she didn't care enough about the concubine, or did her son mess up some errands in Shandong?

Her mind turned to smoke, but in fact, the emperor just thought that Shao Xun had few maidens who could speak, so he was extraordinarily polite to her.

"The old lady will stay in the Ganlu Temple for lunch."

When the emperor spoke, it was not an inquiry but an order, and Mrs. Zheng had to say: "It is an honor for the minister."

Shao Xun could still see her grandmother's restraint, so he joked: "Your Majesty, just now, my grandmother is worried that she will stay, so that I can't concentrate on serving you."

The emperor said amused: "Who is taking care of whom, don't let the old lady laugh."

Mrs. Zheng talked and laughed when she saw the two get along, she felt relieved and she was no longer so nervous.

When lunch was set up, Shao Xun reached out and touched Zhao Yanshu's belly: "Are you hungry?"

The child might not understand it, so he grabbed his mother's finger with his hand and looked at her innocently with his eyes wide open.

Shao Xun then called the nurse: "Go and take him to breastfeed."

Seeing the nanny holding the prince down, Mrs. Zheng said: "I wonder if the seventh prince can pick someone. The nanny was the most picky when she was a child, and she was only willing to eat the milk of one of the nanny."

The emperor glanced at Shao Xun and said, "This can be seen, but Ashu doesn't care about this. He is not the same temperament as the imperial concubine."

Shao Xun couldn't help lowering his head at this time, and he had no time to blame the emperor for being picky eaters.

Just for this, there is really something embarrassing for her.

Although the emperor rejected Shao Xun's request to breastfeed his child personally, Shao Xun still couldn't hold back. He wanted to try to feed his son personally. He chose a time when the emperor was absent, under the pretext of staying alone with his son for a while. The palace people all went out, secretly untied the belt, and fed Zhao Yanshu once.

I don't know if all mothers in the world are like this. When the child was born from the belly, he always felt that the child had been separated from him. Although he was still loving, he could understand that he was an independent individual.

But when the breast milk conceived in her body was fed into the child's mouth, the blood was connected and the feeling of mother and child was back again. It seemed that she was back to the pregnancy period when she could feel connected with the child by the umbilical cord.

Shao Xun was originally curious and wanted to give it a try, but seeing her son lying on her chest and swallowing, the very sweet appearance made her instinctively want to pay more, so she hid everyone from everyone and fed it a few times.

But to tell the truth, her body and the prince's appetite are one of the most important things in the nectar hall. Everyone knows the changes. They just think that her addiction will stop after a few days, so they are all frightened to help. Keep it from the emperor.

It turned out to be so unfortunate. Before she took the initiative to stop, she was accidentally hit by the emperor.

At that time, Shao Xun was hiding on the bed in the inner room, his clothes half-washed holding the child, and when he heard the movement behind him, he turned around reflexively and saw the emperor standing behind him with heavy eyes.

The embarrassment of the scene made Shao Xun guess that he would never forget it in his life.

Shao Xun originally thought that the emperor would be furious, and even prepared to pretend to be dead and undergo training, but who knew he… used another way to punish her.

Afterwards, Shao Xun admitted his mistake. After a few hard times, he regretted his intestines. He vowed never to feed again. No one would feed anymore. He even shed a lot of tears before letting the emperor let it go. , Finally came to an end.

Now that the topic of breastfeeding is mentioned, Shao Xun's mind will involuntarily come up with a series of… unsightly pictures, and he can't lift his head in shame.

But the instigator didn't feel ashamed at all. It was quite open to mention this matter, and he didn't seem to think of the…strange things that the two of them secretly did behind their backs.

When the dishes were ready, Mrs. Zheng saw the emperor move the chopsticks before she was willing to do it.

Then she found that the emperor and the imperial concubine ate privately differently from what she imagined.

Although the dishes are richer, but the quantity is very small, each is three or four bites, mainly vegetarian dishes, slightly less meat dishes, more stewed dishes than stir-fried dishes, and there are fewer fried and roasted dishes. There is no other people want to think about it. It's all greasy fish and meat.

Although they don't talk much when they eat, they are not completely in accordance with the rule of not eating and sleeping, and occasionally they will say two sentences. You must know that even if they are in Zheng's mansion, if a family eats together, they are all You have to pay attention to being silent to appear rules, but when it comes to the emperor, it appears to be no different from ordinary people.

Furthermore, Mrs. Zheng finally understood what the phrase "I don't know who serves whom" means.

After a meal, Shao Xun not only did not stand to prepare the dishes, he did not even take the initiative to pick the dishes twice for the emperor. On the contrary, the emperor had to stuff her bowl with loofah a few times-this old lady knew that Shao Xun was the least. One of the dishes I like to eat. When I was young, I would jump out of the bowl and throw it away.

Shao Xun likes to eat salty and sweet things, and especially fond of deep-fried things. When she was not out of the cabinet, no one was in charge of her in Yingguo Gongfu. When she arrived at the Zheng's house, the old lady spoiled her and gave her what she wanted, so she could eat whatever she wanted. Have.

After entering the palace at this time, Mrs. Zheng discovered that someone could finally cure her.

There are three deep-fried dishes in total, one deep-fried spring roll, one deep-fried eggplant and one soft-fried meat with deep-fried sauce. Of course, Shao Xun prefers the last one. Unfortunately, there are only a few slices in total. Stopped.

Shao Xun couldn't help but curl his lips and said, "There are only two bites in total. It's better not to eat if you can't enjoy it."

The emperor lowered his eyes and said calmly: "Okay, then I tell them not to serve this dish anymore."

"Don't, don't…" Shao Xun hurriedly said: "Less is less…"

There was an unobvious smile in the emperor's eyes.

Shao Xun could only lower his head to eat the loofah that was left in a clean bowl.

The emperor then put the last piece of sauced meat into Shao Xun's bowl.

Shao Xun couldn't help muttering "Slap a sweet date", but he ate the sauce without delay.

With that aggrieved little appearance, even Mrs. Zheng couldn't help but laugh at it.

After eating this meal, Mrs. Zheng did not seem to be nervous at all, and she took the initiative to resign to the emperor and concubine.

The emperor wanted to take Shao Xun to digest, and then took a nap together. At this time, he was very satisfied with Mrs. Zheng's wit, and asked for a polite sentence in front of Shao Xun: "Why don't Madam stay for a while?"

Mrs. Zheng didn't hear any sincere meaning from this brief stay, and she quickly declined to say: "The minister's wife still has something to take care of at home, so I won't bother my mother."

The emperor nodded, raised his hand and called for someone to come: "Good students send the old lady out of the palace."

Mrs. Zheng originally wanted to tell Shao Xun something, but she couldn't say anything in front of the emperor.

However, judging from the situation just now, it seems that there is no need to say anything.

Seeing Mrs. Zheng leave, Shao Xun remembered what she had said about the family, and frowned involuntarily.

The emperor saw it at a glance and asked, "Why, what did the old lady say that embarrassed you?"

Shao Xun ate and drank enough to "ah" "ah" calling Zhao Yanshu, who was to be hugged by his mother, to take it from the nurse. He was taken aback when he heard the words, and then slowly shook his head: "…It's not a big deal."

"Then it still seems something is wrong?"

The emperor took her hand and touched his son's little head: "Let's listen."

Although the scandal at home was a bit hard to tell, there seemed to be nothing to say to the emperor, so he told the emperor about the maidservant's affairs: "This was originally a private matter, based on the nature of my parents. It was supposed to be banned at home, but it was accidentally told… People who are not strict, even grandmothers know it. It can be seen that Zheng's house probably has been spread all over, and the grandfather and his wife are afraid that they will pay it back. I do not know."

As expected, the emperor didn't treat it as a trivial matter. He half-squinted his eyes: "Is that what happened in the past two days?"

"No, Ashu was out a hundred days ago, but the maid was diagnosed with pregnancy in the past two days, and then it was passed. Your Majesty, it's not a big deal, but…"

The emperor understood what she meant. He immediately waved his hand and looked down at his unsatisfied son in his mother's arms. He slowly said, "I understand, this matter is not a trivial matter. I have to take care of it as soon as possible."

Shao Xun frowned, "Do you still need to deal with them? In my opinion, my father is afraid that it was because Ashu was born, and he was fainted, and a little fluttering. If you help, he would be even more proud. ."

She meant that regardless of this matter, letting the other side suffer, or tapping the one or two hot heads, but listening to the emperor's meaning, it seemed that she was going to help press it down.

If there were no Shao Xun and Zhao Yanshu, the emperor would indeed use this matter to show his power once, and by the way beat all the nobles and honours tightly to their skins.

But this matter was a bit subtle. People would criticize Sang Huai and talk about it. If you didn't pay attention, it was easy to implicate Shao Xun's mother and son and let them be criticized. This was something the emperor couldn't bear even thinking about it.

"You don't have to worry about this." The emperor took his son's hand and shook it gently, watching him tilt his head and smile at himself, then smiled, and then slowly said: "Even if I help, there is a way to get him. Watch out…"

Whatever you do at home is good.

How could he hurt his girl…

The emperor continued to tease his son nonchalantly, with a gentle and quiet smile, no one could guess what he was thinking.

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