Since the emperor had said that everything was left to him, Shao Xun had nothing to worry about. He turned around and put the matter down, no longer thinking about it.

I don't know if she was unreasonably worried at the time, and after a long time there was no news of the situation.

It wasn't until almost half a month had passed before anyone started to act.

That morning, when the emperor went to court, Zhao Ruotong came to Ganludian to be with Shao Xun. She hugged Zhao Yanshu for a while, and the two brothers and sisters babbled happily, as if they could understand each other's words. Similar.

Shao Xun's purse is all embroidered, and Zhao Ruotong hasn't done it yet.

Shao Xun snapped the thread off and couldn't help but laughed: "Look at you, are you here to see the child or do the needlework?"

Zhao Ruotong gently squeezed Zhao Yanshu's face: "Our Ashu is so cute, I can't see enough, you don't care about him."

"How can I hurt me?" Shao Xun said with a smile: "I have retreated from your place."

Zhao Ruotong laughed and lifted Zhao Yanshu up, causing him to scream so hard that he no longer followed when he put it down.

Shao Xun looked at her love for Zhao Yanshu, thoughtfully, and after a while, while continuing to thread the needle, he said: "Ah Tong, you are actually old. If you like children so much, we can Make arrangements for you early."

Today is different. In the past, Zhao Ruotong did not rely in the palace and waited until he was nearly 20 to get married, but now this disadvantage obviously does not exist. Even Concubine Gong is encouraging her daughter to flatter her concubine, so she can find a good husband as soon as possible. .

"I don't like all children…" Zhao Ruotong paused, then smiled. There was a small dimple on the left cheek if Ruowu appeared, "Why, isn't it good for me to accompany you in the palace? "

"Naturally is better, but I don't want to delay you…"

"Why isn't it a delay?" Zhao Ruotong picked up a cloth tiger and teased Zhao Yanshu: "Do you marry a man who doesn't know whether it is good or bad? I always feel that I am out of luck. The chance that this man is a good man is not high. "

This made Shao Xun ponder, and after a while, he said: "What you said seems to make sense. People get married for a better life, not because they have to get married. You are your majesty's daughter. We will support you when we go out, so what can we do even if we don't marry? As long as you feel happy, it's not impossible."

Zhao Ruotong was happy, so he joked: "I think you have been soaked for a long time by your majesty's tenderness and affection, and if you are full of water, you think that married women will be happy and complete."

"Bah," Shao Xun was a little embarrassed by her teasing, but he changed his mind and was confident: "That's because your Majesty is the best man in the world, no one can compare, but not everyone is like this."

Zhao Ruotong sighed, and was sore by Shao Xun's praise. He put his arms around Zhao Yanshu and pressed his face to his face: "Ashu, look at your mother, except for your majesty, we can't see anyone else in our eyes. We are so pitiful. ."

Zhao Yanshu didn't know if he understood, he hugged his sister's neck, and followed her "Yah" and "Yah" in his mouth.

Just as the two were joking with each other, Duan Peng, the chief eunuch of Ganlu Temple, entered the hall with a sullen face.

Shao Xun laughed: "How?"

"Return to Niangniang, at the meeting today, Yu Shitai Lu Da and others jointly impeached Yingguo public for misconduct, which is against ethics."

Shao Xun understood that this was the beginning, and she sat upright: "How do you say it specifically?"

Duan Peng was a little embarrassed, but seeing that Shao Xun's expression was calm, he was not angry or panicked because his father was impeached, so he also breathed a sigh of relief: "Participate in Yingguo Duke-in-law… the father has an adulterous concubine, and he is pregnant."

Shao Xun had expected it a long time ago, but these words still sound a bit harsh.

When she heard Mrs. Zheng mentioned that the matter had been revealed by Shao Qiong, she knew that it would happen sooner or later. She has now given birth to a prince, and Yingguo Gongfu is also known for its momentum. It is the fire cooking oil that is the most eye-catching. when.

The harem was frightened by the death of the previous Shu fei, and I am afraid that nothing will happen in a short time. However, the struggle of the previous dynasty has only just begun. The ministers who supported King Wu, King Wei, and even the King of Chu are not strong, and they are watching in secret, hoping to gain the benefit of a fisherman. This is the 80% of Shao Zhenyu's political opponents. The highlight of the storm.

Shao Zhenyu has been in a high position for a long time, and naturally there are many enemies. He was not affectionate to the son of Shu fei, and the contradiction was still under the water. But when Shao Xun entered the palace, he also gave birth to the prince, unless Shao Zhenyu publicly severed the relationship with Shao Xun. In the eyes of everyone, he is a supporter of the Seven Princes.

If the Seventh Prince is established as the prince, then Yingguo Gongfu will surely rise. This is something his political opponents absolutely do not want to see.

There are always two sides to the matter. With the support of Yingguo Gongfu, he must share his enemies.

Usually impeccable, I have to pour a pot of dirty water on you, not to mention that this time there is really a flaw.

Shao Xun knew that the family style in the mansion was actually quite rigorous. Generally, such things would never go out. But Shao Qiong was like a colander if he couldn't stand it, and he dared to leak everything out.

She guessed that Zheng must have told her daughter not to talk about it.

But… how to put it, Shao Qiong's mind is sometimes different from that of ordinary people. When she heard this, she would never think that this was a scandal at home. The first to be affected was her father, and she would make a roundabout. child.

Father, son, woman, plus a child who is about to be born, others will forget it, Shao Qiong will definitely think of Shao Xun.

To say that she wants to make nothing bad, because she doesn't have the brain to do bad things at all, so it's normal to say something insinuating something to the people around her intentionally or unconsciously.

She may be a little measured, knowing that this matter involves her father and brother, she probably only mentioned mouth addiction to the maids who are close relatives.

But she is not the Zheng family, and her mother-in-law is far inferior to her mother's control over the people around her. After talking about it, her family will know everything.

These are all pieced together by Shao Xun from Zheng's population. Although it may not be very accurate, it should not be bad.

Shao Xun didn't care about her. As soon as the incident happened, Yingguo Duke and the Zheng family taught their daughters. It's just that the Guogong Mansion was her maiden family, and others used it to impeach Yingguo Duke. , In order to insinuate the depravity of the family style of the Seventh Prince and his mother, and want to call Zhao Yanshu's Jinliang.

As for what Shao Qiong thought about, there shouldn't be much trouble. At first, Shu fei only said a few specious words to imply that she wanted to mate Shao Xun to the third prince, not to mention the formal marriage contract, even verbally. I didn't say it clearly, so it would be a bit far-fetched to force the two to be involved in this way.

Secondly, the protagonist of this incident is the emperor. If you really want to use this to attack Shao Xunli's body, you will want to impeach Shao Zhenyu and publicly criticize the emperor… his father and his wife.

This… Manchu civilization should not be able to find such a brave and stupid person.

Finally, the emperor did not directly recruit Shao Xun to enter the palace, but spent a lot of time and effort to invite the Empress Dowager to come forward. In the end, it worked.

Shao Xun didn't know if he was muttering a few words in private at most, but if it didn't reach his ears, Shao Xun did not know.

Now it's how Yingguo Gongfu can keep its reputation, and it won't affect the prince.

"What did your majesty say?"

Duan Peng said: "Your Majesty asked Yingguo public to defend himself, and Lu Da asked the servant girl to detain the witness to prevent Yingguo public from killing others."

"I thought it was thoughtful," Shao Xun smiled, "Your Majesty is right?"


Shao Xun nodded and let Duan Peng go down. Duan Peng hesitated and said, "Aren't we asking Yingguo Duke what to do?"

Shao Xun shook his head: "He knows what to do, you can withdraw."

As soon as Duan Peng left, Zhao Ruotong frowned and said, "What's the matter? Will it hurt you?"

Shao Xun calmly said: "Don't worry, let them go and smash yourself in the foot sooner or later."

Zhao Ruotong tilted his head, tasting Shao Xun's understatement, and couldn't tell for a moment whether he was talking about the royal historians or Yingguo Dukes.

The emperor and Shao Xun had a tacit understanding on this matter, and they would not say more about wasting time. Even if the emperor returned to the Ganlu Temple, the two of them would do what they should do.

Things are progressing. Shao Zhenyu was originally very angry about the incident. After all, it was the private affairs of the family that got the comment from the incumbent of the court. Naturally, he was very embarrassed, but there was not much panic.

After all, only a few people knew about Zheng's original plan. The maid Sun's was not really given to Shao Kui. In the final analysis, she was the maid in the wife's room. It was just right to serve the male host. At most, let the family say a few words. Female color.

But when he was drafting the memorial for self-defense, he discovered that Sun, who had been confined in the backyard, had disappeared along with her parents and family.

Only then did Shao Zhenyu realize the seriousness of the matter-Lu Da said on the front foot that he was afraid that he would kill and kill so many people on the back foot. This let people know, what would he think?

To say that the death of the powerful son Caosuga has been there since ancient times and has been repeatedly banned, but this is a private activity. The law on the surface still expressly stipulates the death of the murderer, not to mention the case of the imperial court, once he is arrested for murder. The accusation, that matter can be a big deal.

Once this person disappeared, either he had died or was bought by someone, and he would never be able to stand by Yingguo Gongfu again when he reappeared.

Now it's okay. No one mentions whether the father's concubine forced his son or not. I quarreled several times in the hall, all trying to distinguish whether Yingguo Dukes were contemptuous of the saints and whether they had such courage to stay in the imperial court. Those who passed the name and surname shut their mouths.

This charge is not small. Even if the emperor spoils his concubine, he will not be able to tolerate such a fault. Yingguo Dukes will have to peel off if they die.

After arguing back and forth for several rounds of court meetings, witnesses could not be found alive and dead. Even people like Shao Zhenyu could not sit still. The longer this was delayed, the smaller the chance of proving innocence, and the emperor never said a word. , Did not show obvious bias.

This is not a good thing for Yingguo Gongfu, because if the emperor had been biased, he should have expressed it a long time ago.

But until now, Shao Zhenyu did not expect the emperor to take care of the concubine's face and treat himself lightly. What he is most worried about now is to inflict his daughter and prince on this personal matter!

That's right, in the eyes of Shao Zhenyu now, Shao's grandson is entrusted with the hope and future of Shao's family. The prince's reputation and the sacred favorite are naturally more important than Shao Zhenyu himself.

If the emperor's dissatisfaction with him implicates the Seven Princes, so that their mother and son are not there, then that is the real big thing, much more serious than that Sh*t father and concubine and murder.

When Yingguo Duke thought of this, he really regretted that his intestines were blue.

Just when things developed to the most anxious time, all the people who should have ended up were off the court, and the ministers headed by Weiguo Gongfu finally threw out their trump cards.

The handmaid Sun was finally discovered, and she wrote a confession after she was sent to the Ministry of Justice, identifying that Yingguo grandfather had accepted the concubine, and afterwards attempted to kill the concubine, and was found to be wrong and sent someone to chase after they fled and so on, etc. , In short, all the charges were deducted on Shao Zhenyu's head.

When Sun came back, her family must still be held in the hands of others.

The most feared thing finally happened. On the contrary, Shao Zhenyu felt that his boots had fallen to the ground. When he was thinking about whether he could lose a little bit if he survived by docking his tail, things reversed.

The admiral and eunuch Fan Ke went to the prison in person to interrogate the prisoner. He didn't do anything, and he saw the details that were ignored by others at a glance. He turned his head, with a soft tone, and followed him nicely. Yu Shi Lu Da next to him: "Master Lu, this slender waist of a four- to five-month-old pregnant woman is really different."

Lu Da was taken aback for a moment, then glanced at Sun's abdomen, then his complexion changed dramatically-he naturally sent someone to check his pulse when he held Sun's, the doctor vowed to say that the woman was indeed pregnant, and later attacked the United Kingdom. The focus of the public is no longer on the private affairs of the house, so most people forget that the maid is pregnant, and even Lu Da has not reconfirmed.

Lu Da's face turned pale under the dim firelight in the prison-broken, the old man of Yingguo Duke was so cunning that he followed his way!

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