The shocking reversal made the ruling and the wild go silent.

The concubine who was accused of being forced by his father-in-law was not only not pregnant, but also a complete body. Is there anything more ridiculous than this?

Lu Da was about to collapse on the spot. It was not that he was not calm, but that once this matter was done, not only would all the criticisms received by Yingguo Duke be returned to him, but he would also add to the crime.

Before going to the court, many ministers were arguing about this matter, and they were almost arguing about it. Now telling them all this is a joke?

This directly played the Manchu civil and military as a joke, and even more frightening was that the Emperor Baoqi would think it was playing him.

This is looking for death.

Lu Da is certainly not the mastermind in this matter, but he has to die as a pawn.

Everyone has the desire to survive, Lu Da resolutely refused to admit it when he was dying, and personally invited countless private doctors to see Sun's doctor, even the imperial doctors were invited, and the results were the same-Sun's I have never been pregnant, and I have had enough blood in the past, which lasts for a few months, and has not been pregnant for up to six months.

There are also experienced women who have undergone health checks. Not only did Sun never become pregnant, he was still a virgin.

In desperation, Lu Da called this woman an impostor, not Sun herself. It must have been a Yingguo male who found someone to pretend to surrender after killing her.

At this level of trouble, the emperor seemed to have some interest, and told people to pass on the woman who ordered her to tell her.

This time is even more exciting. The daughter of the Sun family retorted the confession in court, acknowledging that Yushi Luda had been taken away and hidden on the day of impeaching Yingguo Duke, and threatened with his parents to frame Yingguo Duke.

Since Lu Da took the initiative to hold him hostage, it is impossible to be transferred from beginning to end.

Lu Da was so angry that he almost yelled, "A mean maid squirts blood. If that's the case, why doesn't the officer even know you are not pregnant?"

Sun's daughter said that she was pregnant and asked the doctor to see her pulse. Thanks to her agility, she knew that if she was not pregnant, there would be no way to survive, so she begged the doctor and gave it a golden hairpin. This is the only way to hide the truth.

Hearing this, the eyes of the officials flew wildly, and the cleverness was able to determine that Lu Da was being punished. If he had really hired a doctor, he must have been his confidant. How could he turn his head on a few golds? , Must have been bought long ago.

Then Sun gave a little bit of confession to the whole story, from how she didn't take her away that night, where she was hidden, and who the guardian was, it was almost impossible to deny it.

Everyone nodded their heads and couldn't help but admire Yingguo public—yes, the woman I was looking for was not afraid of being articulate, she didn't say everything, her acting skills were also quite good, and she looked soft and weak, but every word was fine. It is with a sharp edge.

But Yingguo Duke himself was half-opened and his eyes were dumb, just like the stupid man he had always despised.

Lu Da couldn't argue, and when Fan Ke proposed to interrogate the people in the Lu mansion who Sun's claim was involved in the kidnapping, he was completely out of ideas—most of the Sun's words were the truth, he did kidnap people, and he did intimidate her to frame the United Kingdom. Gong, these can't stand the verification at all!

Lu Da's feet were soft, and he knelt down in front of the imperial court. When the man who was with him to impeach Yingguo Duke-in-law saw something wrong, he knelt down and pleaded guilty, claiming that he had no knowledge.

The emperor gently stroked his palm, seeming to be laughing: "Okay, it really is my minister of the humerus…"

It would be an idiot if he really took his words as praise, everyone was sweating, hula la knelt down.

"The censors supervise hundreds of officials, if you really find that your colleagues should be impeached because of their selfishness, I even gave you the right to hear and speak, why is it not enough?"

Not only the counselors, but all the officials and staff of the court sweated and said they dare not.

"You have the right to impeach a hundred officials without checking, but you directly forge the evidence…" The emperor chuckled lightly: "I am indeed unheard of."

Lu Da closed his eyes, knowing that he was over.

Several veterans who entered the pavilion usually have their own inclinations, but at this time they are quite in agreement. They looked at each other and asked the emperor to punish the matter.

The emperor was not angry, and shook his head when he heard the words: "The banditry in the southwest has not been resolved. Seeing that the New Year is coming, there will be snow disasters in the north. I will not spend time on such things for the time being today."

"All the princes are flat," the emperor said: "It is my fault to delay business for such a ridiculous thing."

Most of the courtiers, including Yingguo Duke, got up. Duke Wei Guo and others hesitated, but they did not know the emperor's opinion of them, so they bit their heads. Only Lu Da's "leading pioneers" of the parties knew themselves. , Still long kneeling down.

They were right. The emperor saw them still lying trembling on the spot, but he didn't tell them to flatten, but said indifferently: "Kneel and go."

The few people knelt to the side with gray faces, listening to the emperor's behavior that if nothing had happened, he would start to call people, and they would be troubled. Sure enough, they didn't pay any attention to them until the next dynasty.

There is no way to deal with it for the time being, but the indifference from the emperor is extraordinary. He does not have this courtier in his eyes, and other people will naturally not have such colleagues. However, after a few days, they are like sitting on pins and needles. Lu Da felt unprecedented pressure. It's just the enemy, but also from the allies.

Finally, on the third night of the Sun's confession, after Lu Da settled down with his family, he took off his official uniform and only wore plain clothes, and hanged himself in the study, leaving a confession of his guilt.

The emperor sighed after receiving the news, and seemed to be moved. He did not shelve the matter, and decreed to dismiss the people who were more involved in the matter, and demote the rest.

As for the concealed Duke Weiguo and others, they did not kill them for the sake of the military merits of their ancestors, but the Duke Weiguo was lowered to second class, called Wei Yuanbo. As for the original text Yuanbo directly cut the title, his father set it down. The credit for which could have been used for generations to come, but now it is completely written off.

The original positions of the two men in the army naturally could not be fully preserved, so they were ordered to return the soldier talisman letter and the like that ruled the first army to the Ministry of War. As for the future positions, it would have to wait for the emperor.

Everyone expected the former to deal with the Yushi, but the latter did not cause death, but left a lot of room for it, but I don't know why, it always makes people feel…horrific.

Regardless of whether he was involved in this matter, whether it was a supporter of Duke Weiguo or the Duke of England, there was no sound at all.

Hearing the contents of the imperial decree at home, Yingguo grandfather took a breath. At this time, even if he was a pig, he should be a pig that understood.

He did not delay for a moment. While changing the court clothes, he quickly recruited the eldest son: "I want to enter the palace, don't panic if there is a decree. No matter what the decree is, it's a good thing. By the way, comfort your mother and tell her to shut her mouth. Okay, if something goes wrong again, we and the whole family will die together, do you understand?"

Shao Kui felt trembling all over for some reason. It took a lot of effort to calm down. He said, "Father, don't worry."

Shao Zhenyu arranged his clothes and official hat in front of the mirror, took a deep breath and went out. Before leaving, he remembered one thing, and then asked: "If your sister comes, you can hold her in the house. Here, she is not allowed to move."

Shao Qu froze for a moment, then nodded.

Yingguo public asked for a face-to-face. As he expected, he handed the folds on the front foot and was called on the back foot.

This shows that he came at the right time.

He kept under his feet, almost rushing to the gate of the Liangyi Hall, but before he could walk in, his footsteps suddenly stopped.

In front of him, Kang Li, the chief executive of Ouchi, was very diligent in raising a heavy felt curtain for a person. This person is a girl with extraordinary appearance in a Great Zhou dress and a silver fox fur cloak… Maybe it should be called a woman, holding a child, in A group of palace people came out from the gate of the hall surrounded by people. When they saw Shao Zhenyu, they seemed a little surprised. They waved their hands to the people around him and walked towards him.

This is the second time Yingguo Duke saw the eldest daughter since Shao Xun entered the palace. The last time the child in her arms was still in the mother's womb.

Shao Zhenyu was stunned for a moment.

The last time he saw his daughter was in front of the emperor. At that time, she was affectionate in her eyes and looked like a beloved girl. She was full of trust and relied on the emperor. After seeing him, she could hardly see other people, including her. father.

That side brought a lot of shock to Shao Zhenyu. While he was surprised at the emperor's love for Shao Xun, he was actually even more surprised to see a daughter who was completely different from before entering the palace.

Maybe he is really not a qualified father, because this child is too sensible and doesn't have to worry about others at all, so he pays far less attention to her than the little daughter.

Just like his wife, beautiful, supple but without any opinion, dignified like any other lady in the world. Of course he loves her, loves the relationship with her, loves her beauty and gentleness, but this kind of love is as regular as her people, neither long nor deep, and gradually disappeared after her death.

Shao Zhenyu was in his early twenties and was a passionate young man. He felt a deep compassion for his newborn daughter. She was so weak and innocent, crying hoarsely in her arms, it seemed that she could be aware of her biological mother at birth. Death.

His instinct as a father drove him to think about his children, so he did not hesitate to agree to the proposal of marrying his wife and sister, perhaps to continue the relationship between the two families, but there is a big reason. It is to make the newborn daughter have a better life.

But so many things happened after that, and there are so many things that are more important than a baby.

The heir's upbringing, the newly married wife who has cultivated affection, and the twin daughters who are born with a twin but are congenital insufficiency.

The most important thing is the death of his father. It really feels like the sky has collapsed. The backbone supporting Shao and even the Zhou dynasty has broken. He doesn't know what the emperor's feeling was when he lost his father, but Shao Zhenyu himself did not. A bit of the joy of inheriting the title and being the master of the house, but feeling that the heavy burden of the day has been accidentally smashed on his shoulders, full of panic and fear.

Does he have this ability? Inherit the invincible Yingguo name from his father to drive out the southern captives and Megatron Mobei for the Great Zhou?

He didn't.

Therefore, the burden of the family and the court almost made him breathless. The glory of his father was no longer pride, but pressure. He changed from a soft-hearted youth to an interest-first Yingguo Duke at the fastest speed. , I put my full attention on the continuation of the family, strategizing troops and establishing a foothold in the court.

More than a decade later, he has become an abominable general and politician, but the baby girl who was still a baby now thinks of a wife and a mother. At this moment, like he was holding his daughter back then, holding her own child, walking towards him step by step.

She is not like the silence and dignity at home, nor does she want to be soft and affectionate in front of the emperor. She is beautiful and awe-inspiring, her eyes are like a blade wrapped in soft silk, and her gentleness has a shuddering meaning.

It is completely different from her mother, and even has no resemblance to Shao Zhenyu himself. If an analogy should be found, it is like the emperor himself, approaching him with a breath and condescending momentum that is completely unattainable by ordinary people.

This made Shao Zhenyu soberly aware that the woman in front of him was not his own daughter, she was the emperor's half-length, and to a certain extent represented the authority of the emperor.

Shao Zhenyu took a deep breath, respectfully and solemnly bowed and saluted: "Chen, pay homage to the imperial concubine."

Shao Xun raised his hand slightly and motioned for him to straighten up. After he straightened up, he greeted him calmly, "Father is well."

Neither father nor daughter spoke first, and Shao Zhenyu's gaze was involuntarily fixed on the Seventh Prince in Shao Xun's arms.

This is Shao Zhenyu's first grandchild and the first time he has seen his grandson raised in a deep palace.

Zhao Yanshu didn't cry, he looked at his grandfather in front of him with some intent and curiosity.

Shao Zhenyu is also watching him.

This child has the same eyesight as the emperor, but the shape and outline of the eyes belong to Shao Xun…or Shao's.

Perhaps it was really close by blood, and Shao Zhenyu even found something similar to himself on the child's face.

He subconsciously held his breath-this is the prince born from the fusion of the blood of Zhao and Shao, and a grandson who is close to him by blood. Strictly speaking, the blood relationship between him and this child is comparable to that of the first emperor.

Shao Zhenyu raised his head to look at Shao Xun, but Shao Xun did not speak, but let him look at the son in his arms. When he raised his head, he nodded gently: "If you want to face the saint, please come in. ."

Shao Zhenyu had disappeared strangely because of his uncertain future. He thought, in any case, he had found a foothold for the family.

"Ah Xun," he looked at the eldest daughter and called her name: "Is there anything you want to tell the father?"

Shao Xun's expression was the same as before. She hardly hesitated, and her voice was slow and stable: "Please be diligent in the affairs of the king, everything… your majesty is the most important thing."

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