Shao Zhenyu raised his eyes, and the father and daughter looked at each other. Shao Xun nodded slightly at him, then looked away, passing by her father with many attendants.

Shao Zhenyu stayed in place for a long time, but the palace people beside him did not squint, and no one came forward to urge him.

After a while, Shao Zhenyu had already pressed the full of thoughts back to the bottom of his heart, and no longer let the untimely feelings occupy his mind.

He is again the wise and profitable Yingguo Duke.

When he reached the door of the Hall of Liangyi, Shao Zhenyu took a deep breath and stepped into the threshold.

The emperor was still sitting after the royal case reviewing the memorials like any other day before, but Shao Zhenyu was different this time.

He walked in and bowed directly, then fell to the ground without getting up.

"The minister is guilty, please punish your majesty."

The emperor raised his head slightly, without the slightest emotion of surprise: "Why is Aiqing guilty?"

"The ministers are not strict in governing the house, and there is a loss of virtue."

The emperor chuckled slightly: "How to govern the family laxly, what virtue is at a disadvantage?"

Shao Zhenyu's heart trembled, and he tried his best to calm down and confessed: "The minister… was indulged in female S*x, and then failed to deal with it properly, so that it triggered this storm and caused the court's court Neiwei has been arguing about private matters and lost… lost your majesty's face."

The emperor looked at him for a long while, and said: "You come here."

He has been quite calm since Shao Zhenyu entered the door, but the calmer he is, the more nervous Shao Zhenyu feels. He dared not get up and walked directly to the imperial case and listened to the emperor's words: "What do you have to do with you? How can those things that are not on the stage shame me?"

Shao Zhenyu was speechless and did not dare to reply again.

The inconspicuous smile on the emperor's face suddenly disappeared.

He picked up a memorial in his hand and threw it in front of Shao Zhenyu with a "pop", and finally there was a suppressed anger in his deep voice: "What you lost is not my face, it's the face of the concubine, it's the prince's. face!"

The satin leaf turned upside down, revealing the text inside—this is a memorial to impeach Shao's impeachment by relying on his imperial concubine and prince to bully others. Shao Zhenyu was shocked, closed his eyes and bowed his head and said: "The minister is guilty."

The emperor could hardly contain his anger, and warned: "I can promote anyone, and of course I can denounce anyone. Now I am willing to continue to promote you. I want to make the De feipend on it, not to let you get overwhelmed, but to let her suffer from you. This Isn't it putting the cart before the horse?"

This sentence was a bit heavy, and Shao Zhenyu couldn't help but argued: "The minister never forgets to be cautious in words and deeds in the past, it is this time…"

His words were blocked by the emperor's cold eyes.

"I don't have much time to deal with the affairs of your family, but if you want to commit a crime, you just fold it in your sleeve. Everyone who can actually promote it is known to all – do you think I and the imperial concubine's faces are too glorious?"

Shao Zhenyu was completely smashed by his wife and daughter, and he could only plead guilty.

He closed his glasses tightly, and after opening them, he finally made up his mind. He took out the seal belonging to the army in charge of him and the golden book of the super-class national prince, and held them high above his head: "The minister knows that his talents are not enough. Commanding an army, I would like to return the soldier talisman, and ask your Majesty to remove the rank of minister. This, this is the feat of the minister's father, the minister is weak and incompetent… unworthy, unworthy to defile the legacy of the elders…"

This may be the weakness of Shao Zhenyu. When he mentioned the dead Yingguo Duke, his tears could hardly be restrained, but he was worried that the emperor thought he was hypocritical and swallowed abruptly.

The emperor had the heart to teach him a lesson, so he asked people to take back what he was holding.

When Jin Ce left his hand, even though Shao Zhenyu was ready, he still couldn't help but clenched his hand.

Ling Fu and Jin Book received the emperor's hand. He took it in his hand and glanced at it twice. He lowered his head to see that Yingguo male's eyes were red and he was about to vomit blood. He finally snorted and sent it back to him as it was.

Shao Zhenyu was stunned.

The emperor said: "Why, don't you want it?"

Shao Zhenyu naturally thought it hard, but he didn't dare: "The minister is really returning…"

"Not so much." The emperor said indifferently: "You have made a mistake, but it is not enough to write off your past achievements. The order is temporarily stored. As for the title, the privilege of Yingguo duke's hereditary insignificance will be exempted, and the inheritance of the descendant will be replaced. I just hope you remember this time."

His eyes fell on Shao Zhenyu: "This is a lesson."

Shao Zhenyu's heart finally fell heavily in his stomach. The relief at that moment was beyond words. He took the things in his hands and kowtowed hardly: "The minister will die."

The emperor did not drag on, and in front of Shao Zhenyu, he ordered people to inform the cabinet of the plan.

Then he said indifferently, "Retreat."

Shao Zhenyu was supposed to retire, but he hesitated slightly and said in a low voice: "There is one more thing…this time the minister's fault, thank you for your thoroughness."

The emperor said: "This time, the imperial concubine heard that something in your home has been spread out. I guessed that there must be a storm. I begged me to help cover up. I can't bear her worrying, but… if it really is so easy. If this matter is eliminated, I don't know what ridiculous things you will have in the future waiting for the noble concubine to come and beg me to be considerate…"

That's why I didn't tell him, I just beat him specially.

Shao Zhenyu had long guessed that this was the case, and it was no exception at all, but he did not expect that Shao Xun begged the emperor from behind, because the eldest daughter's expression on his face was nothing like the one who had risked falling out of favor in politics. The way the risk begged to your majesty.

The emperor's tone slowly eased: "The imperial concubine is a hot temper on the outside, and she doesn't want to take credit for others, but she said she dare not forget the kindness of her parents. Shao Qing, you should appreciate the love of your daughter. It's embarrassing for her to be embarrassed by such a thing."

Shao Zhenyu thought that he had just passed by Shao Xun, but the other party didn't mention it at all. On the contrary, he behaved very alienated and had mixed feelings in his heart.

At this point, Shao Zhenyu promised to be strict with himself and restrain his family members, saying that he respectfully said: "The ministers please take the Hadith of your majesty."

"Actually, you don't know what to do in your heart," the emperor shook his head: "It's just that in the future, you must be cautious in your words and deeds, and take care of your concubine in everything, and take her first."

Shao Zhenyu's eyelids twitched as soon as the words came to his ears, and he could hardly help but want to look up at the emperor's expression, but in the end he held back.

How did Ling Fu and Jin Book go into the palace, and how to bring them back intact, although they lost the important "hereditary indeterminate", Shao Zhenyu knew that this was already the best result.

Originally, Wei Guogong and Wen Yuanbo were taken advantage of by the emperor to cut their military power. He knew the emperor's mind. He was afraid that he could not bear the power of the nobles and nobles. If he wanted to press down, he would not be able to escape sooner or later.

Only then was he wise to entrust the most important military powers and titles to the emperor's disposal, and he was already ready to die to survive—their family also had imperial concubines and princes, which was completely different from other families, the worst. The consequence of this is that the emperor really took all of it, and it would not end up being exhausted. The emperor would definitely have compensation for his knowledge in the future.

But in fact, the situation was much better than the worst step he thought. I don't know if it was because of the face of the imperial concubine. The military power was not cut, and the title was largely preserved. For some reason, the inheritance left by his father was not squandered.

He was not in a hurry to go home. He went to the five-army capital governor's house to finish his official duties, and then went back home slowly.

The imperial decree had already come down, and Shao Zhenyu returned home, and Shao Qiong returned to her maternal home, hiding behind the Zheng family in fear and dare not to speak.

From the moment Zheng received the order, he held his daughter's hand and shook vigorously.

Shao Kui was still calm and not panicked. He just said: "Father's expectation is good. Your decree is in the name of your initiative and courtesy. Others also know that our holy family is still there-this is indeed a good thing. ."

Shao Zhenyu sighed heavily and patted Shao Kui's shoulder: "This time… it's my father's fault. It hurts you."

When Shao Kui inherited this mansion, he could only use the name of Marquis.

It is impossible to say that Shao Kui is not distressed, but this is already very good, and then he glanced at Zheng embarrassedly: "Ah Qiong… indeed came back."

Shao Zhenyu turned around without any expression and walked towards Shao Qiong.

Shao Qiong looked at his father's expressionless face. Shao Zhenyu seldom faced him with such an expression. She couldn't help but hide behind Zheng and dare not come out.

Shao Zhenyu ignored his vigilant wife, and directly said to Shao Qiong: "You have done a good job, how dare you come back!"

Shao Qiong couldn't help crying: "I, I didn't know it would be like this, I just said a few words in private…"

"Privately? Do you know what kind of disaster you are almost sitting down in this private statement? If it hurts the imperial concubine and the prince, what will you pay for it?!"

Shao Qiong was frightened and at the same time a vague resentment, she cried and said: "It's sister again, what's the matter with sister… I didn't mention her a word. Since she is a noble concubine, she is naturally hated by others, I am afraid not My words hurt her, and it is clear that she even…"


Before Shao Qiong's words were finished, a loud slap fell on her face, and she was directly swept to the ground amidst the exclamation of everyone. The corners of her mouth cracked and blood came out, and her cheeks quickly swelled up.

This is a slap from Shao Zhenyu.

Also, he still remembers to stay strong when he is angry, otherwise he will faint Shao Qiong with his full strength, fearing that he will be able to faint.

Zheng screamed, rushed to protect her daughter, and looked at Shao Zhenyu in anger and fear: "What are you doing! Your daughter is wrong, you teach…"

Shao Zhenyu's expressionless but exceptionally terrifying complexion made her silent for a while, and she dared not speak with her arms around her daughter.

Shao Zhenyu has killed a lot of enemies in his life and has never beaten a woman. This is an exception. He said coldly: "From now on, I will say something about the imperial concubine, the prince, and even the prince. Any discussion about the Guogong Mansion–for better or worse, I don't have your daughter anymore. You will serve the old lady honestly, and you will not be allowed to step out of the mansion. Otherwise, the Zheng family will not teach you. I will personally go to the door to sever your kindness, and you will do whatever you want to say at that time!"

Shao Qiong had never been touched with a finger since she was a child, and she would mourn for a long time after her finger was pierced with a needle. At this time, she was beaten so her cheeks were high and swollen, but she did not dare to say a word, shivering and shrank in Zheng's words without moving. Dare to move, for fear that her father will drag her out again.

At this moment, Zheng Yunqiao got the news and hurried to the Yue family. He was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him: "Father, father!"

Shao Zhenyu glanced at him and thought that the news was spread in their homes. He couldn't help but want to fight with his son-in-law. But when he saw Shao Qiong, he thought that his daughter was taught to marry the Zheng family in this way. , I still want to be other people's clan wife, and I will also raise my children in the future.

Shao Zhenyu couldn't help but feel a little guilty, and the qi was involuntarily disappeared.

He couldn't help slowing down his angry expression. Although he was cold, he did not hold the Zheng Mansion responsible for this matter. He just said with a cold face: "You are here at the right time, and you and your wife are a good family!"

Zheng Yunqiao already knew the whole story, and couldn't help but say with shame: "It's my fault…"

Shao Zhenyu refused to listen to that, and directly asked him to transfer all the physical bonds of the people around him to Yingguo Gongfu, and even the people who were serving Shao Qiong, did not leave one, and directly exchanged a new batch of them.

The Zheng family knew that it was wrong, except that Gong Sun made a little remark, but Mrs. Zheng did not say much.

Shao Qiong was slapped in the face of Yingguo Gongfu. Zheng did not even say a word. Even so, she did not leave her behind. He severely reprimanded her for not saying anything and was locked in the main courtyard. The ban in the foot, I don't know when the ban will be lifted, and the right of stewardship is directly transferred to the hands of the son's wife Shen.

This was originally something Shen couldn't ask for, but she is about to give birth now with a big belly, and it is very hard to pick up the ledger. In addition, the duchess who will be nailed down in the future will be the marquise, and her son will even be an earl in the future, and she can't help but regret and pain. I was totally unhappy when I got the right of a housekeeper.

Shao Zhenyu just looked at him coldly. He usually doesn't think the theory is just too troublesome and doesn't want to bother with that brain. Once he really doesn't understand anything, he won't be able to get it right when he goes up to the Zheng clan and down to the Shen clan.

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