This court turmoil caused by Neiwei's private affairs finally came to an end. Except for the dealer himself, no one was a winner.

In the historians, Lu Da committed suicide, and the rest were demoted and dismissed. The nobles did not get a good deal. Wei Guo was surrendered, and Wen Yuan was abolished. Even the "supposedly" Yingguo duke was wronged. All became the descendants of Xijue.

The only difference is that the first few were forced to be punished, while Yingguo Duke did indeed enter the palace with his military power to ask the emperor to punish him.

There are very few real fools in the court. They withdrew the right of Yingguo Duke to be replaced from the emperor, but they noticed a lot of news about the retention of his military power.

The title can be promoted again after being lowered, and it can only affect the emperor's imperial decree, but the trust of the emperor is something to be met but not to be sought. It represents that the holy family is still there.

To let Master Wei Guo…No, it is now Bo Wei Yuan to choose. He is willing to exchange ten titles in exchange for military power and Sacred Heart, but it is just a foolish dream.

Tai Chi Palace, Ganlu Palace.

Shao Xun stood beside the railing with Zhao Yanshu in his arms, watching his son want to grab the white jade railing but couldn't hold it, frowning and repeating the action over and over again.

She was a little lost, and didn't stop the child from this meaningless attempt, until her shoulders warmed, and the warm fox fur was covered on her body.

The emperor put a hand on her shoulder: "What are you thinking so fascinated?"

Shao Xun regained his senses, and asked with some anxiety, "…Why do you claim this to be my credit?"

The emperor understood that she was talking about the conversation between him and Shao Zhenyu. He hugged Zhao Yanshu from behind her, ignored the boy's struggle, and handed it to the nanny on the side: "I just let your father take your affection. ."

"I didn't give him any favors, and I didn't expect him to understand anything," Shao Xun turned his head and looked at the emperor's eyes, and hesitated, "Do you need me to repair the relationship with my father?"

If it's his needs, then…

The emperor was slightly surprised: "How come?"

He took Shao Xun's shoulders: "You don't need to do anything, no matter what your attitude, he will definitely go all out to help you."

Shao Xun wanted to say something but stopped: "After all…Ashu is still too young, and the nature and talents are not yet known…"

The emperor had understood her unfinished words, but did not point out.

Because Yingguo Lord is the most basic guarantee for the emperor to stand beside Shao Xun, just in case, but this "in case" will definitely provoke Shao Xun to get angry, so he has never spoken bluntly in front of her. of.

As for going deeper, everything now is just preliminary preparations, and the most important conditions have not yet been fulfilled-as Shao Xun said, the son is too young, and it must be a few years to see the qualifications, otherwise once he is out. Mistakes, if he doesn't have the talent in that aspect at all, he will be self-defeating instead.

At that time, he must look forward to the next one, or pick a relatively decent prince from the first few inappropriate candidates.

Shao Xun's expression was calm and worried. She was the closest person to the emperor, and she also had her own responsibilities. She always reminded her lord that he must be responsible for this country for his every move.

She is not just the mother of a child.

At this moment, the emperor suddenly laughed, and Shao Xun looked at him with a little surprise, but was twisted slightly and then circled in his arms.

The emperor looked at the little boy who was being held in his arms by the nurse not far away, but still struggling to look towards his parents, his eyes were so bright and smart.

——This is the child of him and Shao Xun. How could it be inappropriate? He must and must be the most suitable person.

Just wait, be patient, etc…

The emperor's hand gently patted Shao Xun's back, but his sight shifted slightly, as if he was looking at a quiet palace across the space.


Su's clutching her chest awoke, and the princess Ke Jing who was next to her was startled: "Empress?!"

The afternoon sun was so bright that it was so dazzling that the Empress's heart seemed to be stabbed fiercely by something, and she was terribly terrified. After stroking her chest for a long time, her breathing calmed down.

Princess Kejing brought the tea to her mother's eyes: "Why can you wake up even after taking a nap… Are you okay?"

The Empress shook her head: "It seems to have had a nightmare, I can't remember it, it won't get in the way…"

She pulled her daughter to the side and sat down: "Where's Abo? Why don't I bring it into the palace and let me see?"

"He is on the side of the imperial grandmother." Princess Ke Jing said: "That kid is too shy, I'm always afraid to scare him."

The Empress was a little worried: "You shouldn't be used to him all the time, you are about to be a four-year-old child…"

Princess Kejing said: "He has been in trouble since he was a little boy, and my husband and I have been so careful to raise him a little stronger, so how can he be willing to discipline him."

"… Then let go," the Empress said: "You should give him another brother."

When mentioning this, Princess Kejing felt a little uncomfortable, but she still smiled strongly: "This… wait for him to be older…"

"What are you waiting for?" The Empress's thin cheeks rarely showed an irritable look: "The princess of Yanhang hasn't had any news until now-even the fifth princess is about to be one year old."

In the past, Princess Kejing might have been dissatisfied with this sibling who had been unable to give birth, but now she also feels the pressure of her children and understands that it is not easy to be a woman, but she can understand the difficulties of others better than before. So he said with comfort: "There will always be something. Don't be too anxious. Maybe the fate hasn't arrived yet?"

The Empress paused, then softened her voice and looked at Princess Ke Jing and said: "What I am anxious for others, Zhen'er, I only care about you."

Princess Kejing showed a smile: "Everything is okay with my daughter, and Abo gradually grows up. The horseman is also obedient to his daughter. What's the point?"

The Empress pursed her lips, and finally said: "You are right…"

Princess Kejing looked at the sky and said: "It's not early, mother, I have to go to see the emperor grandmother, you have a good rest today, and you have enough energy. Tomorrow the Thousand Autumn Festival, you will go out and show them your spirits. Don't be like last year."

In the past few years, the emperor's attitude towards the Empress has become more and more demanding. Except for a few special festivals, she could go out to show up whenever there is something important, but now it is really worse than every year.

Last year, when the Empress Dowager was born, she felt a little unwell, but the emperor hired an emperor to take a look, and the emperor directly cancelled the Qianqiu Banquet. If it hadn't coincided with the Empress Dowager's birthday, she wouldn't remember what it was like outside the palace. .

That's why the princess urged her to be more careful this time, otherwise Zhong Gong would be dead in name if she couldn't show up for so long.

The Empress nodded and took her hand when the princess turned to leave.


The Empress let out a sigh of relief and asked: "Your father… is it still the same these days?"

Princess Kejing thought that she was concerned about the emperor's body, so she said relaxedly: "My father is all well, and I haven't been affected by the wind cold once, so you can rest assured."

The Empress opened her mouth, and finally swallowed the words in her daughter's puzzled eyes: "It's nothing more…you go."

Princess Kejing missed her son, and left without much thought.

There were not many people around the Empress, and the entire Xianning Palace was lifeless, and when Princess Kejing left, she seemed to have taken away the only life left.

Seeing her sitting on the couch, Shen, the Empress's nurse, couldn't help but feel distressed and said: "What is the mother, why don't you mention it? Let our princess say a few words before the Empress Dowager or her majesty, you will also go out for a lot of walks, otherwise this day Day after day, good people will get bored."

The Empress shook her head slowly: "She is old now, mothers must always consider their children, unlike before…can be unscrupulous."

The Shen family can't blame the princess for being indifferent-she is already a filial daughter, but in front of the emperor, who dares to say more? "

Princess Kejing went all the way back to Ningshou Palace. When she entered, there was a burst of laughter. She glanced at it, and sure enough, many people were there.

Several named imperial concubines, the emperor's younger sister and Princess Chang, and third princeses were all there, and I don't know if they happened to collide with each other, making Ningshou Palace very lively.

Over the past few years, the number of children of the royal family has gradually increased. The two concubines in the Wu Palace outside the palace gave birth to a male and a female respectively, and Princess Chu also gave birth to an emperor's grandson.

The most important thing is that in November last year, the imperial concubine gave birth to the emperor's five princesses. Although she is a girl, she is more expensive than the first three children.

Now the little girl named Zhao Ruotang is ten months old and is sitting in the arms of the Empress Dowager waving her little hand.

"Our little five is full of energy." The Empress Dowager smiled so that her eyes were crooked: "Much more active than her brother back then."

Shao Xun shook his head on the side: "You'd better let her play. She is very sinking now, I can't hold her, and always like to shake my hands. It hurts to be beaten accidentally."

The nurse wanted to bring Zhao Ruotang back, but was avoided by the Empress Dowager. She helped her granddaughter to make her kick her legs on the couch and play with her. While smiling at the De feifei and the others, she joked: "Look at the concubine. Squeamish, even a little older child is too heavy, and a child's slap is only double."

Several concubines laughed, and De fei even said: "That was the seventh prince too easy to take, so I spoiled the concubine, and replaced him with our family Ayu. She would know that the world is suffering, and she will not dislike it anymore. Five princesses."

Qi-shi also joked: "If the concubine is willing, there is no need to change, I will send Ayu to you to relieve your boredom, and see if you can bear the monkey for a few days."

Everyone couldn't help laughing. Princess Hechang also had a few children, jokingly and squeezing: "Wu Wangfei, hurry up to send it, let the concubine and empress also taste our taste."

Shao Xun was repeatedly told by you, saying, "It's nothing, I can't make a mistake? This little girl is too expensive, and I don't dare to dislike it anymore."

Speaking of taking her daughter over from the Empress Dowager, she shook her in her arms: "Atang, don't you think?"

The fifth princess could not speak yet, babbling words of unknown meaning in her mouth, went to the mother's neck in the building with her arms open, and pressed her tender little face to Shao Xun's face and kissed her hard.

When Shao Xun was kissed this time, his heart was really melted, and he didn't even care that his daughter left a bit of saliva on his face.

Zhao Ruotang's eyes are very big, her eyes are very energetic like black grapes, her long eyelashes flicker and flicker, her pink mouth, a small nose, and her facial features are exquisite everywhere, sticking to her mother, it's just one size smaller. Shao Xun, being pretty and cute can make all parents in the world jealous.

De fei has a son, and even grandchildren are not lacking now, but she still couldn't help but said sorely: "Isn't the concubine disgusted? Just send it to my palace and let me eat the hardship of raising a daughter."

Zhao Ruotang smashed his mouth, hugged Shao Xun's neck and held on, Shao Xun immediately changed his words: "I am not, we Atang is so cute that I won't give it away."

Princess Kejing looked at the atmosphere inside, and her feelings were difficult to discern. She turned her head and went to the other side of the partition. Sure enough, she saw a few boys sitting on the carpet. Toys scattered around the floor. A group of palace men carefully guarded them. , Lest the little master get hurt.

Inside are Zhao Yanshu, born of the imperial concubine, Zhao Yu of Qi-shi, and Princess Kejing's own son Lin Bo, and the youngest is the concubine of King Wu, who will now be two years old and will be inconspicuous beside others.

And the second princess Zhao Ruotong was here, her eyes were not divided among others, she stared at the seventh prince unblinkingly.

Princess Kejing frowned. Just about to go in and take her son away, Zhao Yu suddenly threw the Trojan horse in her hand and quickly snatched the Jiu Lianhuan that Lin Bo was holding and playing.

Lin Bo is less than a month younger than Zhao Yu, and more than half a year older than Zhao Yanshu. He is the shortest of the three children. His face is a little lacking in blood, and he looks thin and small. There are many toys that Zhao Yu played with. He can't even hold it.

Lin Bo was sitting on the blanket obediently and didn't provoke anyone. He was robbed of what was in his hand. After a moment of stunned reaction, he blinked and started crying aggrievedly.

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