Lin Bo is a weak child. After being bullied, his tears fell one by one, but his cries were like kittens, and they didn't spread far.

Following his nanny hurriedly to coax, but after all, they are all subordinates, absolutely not daring to take the things in the hands of the emperor and grandson.

The palace man over Zhao Yu was also very embarrassed, but looked at each other and no one spoke.

The nurse hurriedly picked up a small wooden sword to coax Lin Bo: "Little master, don't cry…Shall we play this?"

Lin Bo shook his head vigorously, pointing at Zhao Yu, who was sticking his tongue out, crying.

Princess Kejing was distressed to death, and at the same time was furious, and immediately went in to teach the little boy.

At this moment, Zhao Yanshu, who had bowed his head and was alone in the jigsaw puzzle, suddenly raised his head. He looked at Lin Bo, who was crying softly and out of breath, and tilted his little head. Taking advantage of Zhao Yu's unpreparedness, he went directly to him. He pulled out Jiu Lianhuan in his hand.

Lin Bo hiccuped, and forgot to cry all of a sudden, Zhao Yu was taken aback for a while, and then angrily rushed over: "Give it back to me!"

Zhao Yanshu lowered his head and pulled the jade-like Jiulianhuan, without even lifting his eyelids. Sure enough, Zhao Yu was stopped by the palace man before he even touched his finger.

Zhao Ruotong suppressed the posture of getting up and sat back again, his eyes swept over the palace maid who was blocking the emperor's grandson, making her movements firmer.

——Actually, the imperial concubine ordered that the seventh prince had a dispute when he was with his companions. If it weren't for a severe fight, it would not be allowed to mix, but the second princess had a different attitude. Like, if this child is allowed to be bullied in front of her, then they won't have any fruit to eat.

Zhao Yu waved his arms vigorously, but held a few palace men firmly in front of him and did not move. He was annoyed: "This is mine!"

Zhao Yanshu raised his head and glanced at him, "It's mine when I get it."

Whoever grabs it is clearly Zhao Yu's theory. At this time, it was used by others to deal with him, and he rolled his eyes with anger, turned his head and said loudly to the person on his side: "Go and grab it for me! "

His nanny smiled bitterly. This is not in Prince Wu's mansion. She didn't dare to offend the beloved son of the emperor and the imperial concubine with her ten courage: "Your Royal Highness, shall we play other things?"

This means it's not helpful anymore.

Zhao Yu is only a four-year-old child. When confronted with Zhao Yanshu, who completely does not eat him, he is really at a disadvantage in all aspects. He is very troubled with his face. He flattened his mouth and couldn't help crying. stand up.

Unlike Lin Bo, he was so angry that he almost fell out of the roof.

Zhao Yanshu's head hurt due to the noise of his crying, and he covered his ears and said, "Shut up! Don't cry!"

He is not a kid who likes to speak loudly. He usually orders to go down quietly. There are countless people doing things for him. It is very labor-saving. But in this situation, his voice was even suppressed by Zhao Yu's cry as soon as he came out of his throat. Up.

He was so quarreled that he couldn't bear it, and directly told Zhao Yu's nanny: "Tell him not to cry, or go out."

The grandmother was helpless and couldn't provoke these little ancestors, so she could only hug Zhao Yu to coax him not to cry.

The cry was not close to his ears, Zhao Yanshu put down his hands and looked at Lin Bo, who had stopped tears but still couldn't help but sniffed his nose, and said vigilantly: "You must not cry anymore!"

Lin Bo trembled and couldn't help but swallowed, then saw Zhao Yanshu handing the nine-linked ring to his eyes: "You take it."

Lin Bo's eyes lit up, his breathing became more stable, and he hesitated, stretching out his hand while whispering, "Thank you, brother."

Zhao Yanshu couldn't help frowning his small eyebrows: "I have said it, I am uncle!"

Lin Bo was a little confused-he only knew that the boy in front of him was younger than himself: "Uncle brother?"

Zhao Yanshu twisted his eyebrows and repeated: "I am uncle."

Lin Bo parrot learned tongue: "I am uncle."

At this moment, even Princess Ke Jing outside the door couldn't help laughing.

Everyone in the room looked out, and Princess Kejing walked in, scared Zhao Yu and Lin Bo's nanny shivering, the princess was very difficult to deal with.

Sure enough, Princess Kejing entered the door and scratched the whole body of several people with a knife-like gaze. Then she squatted down to wipe away the tears on her son's face: "Abo does not cry…Is there anything? pain?"

Lin Bo shook his head and showed his mother the Jiu Lianhuan: "Brother gave it."

Princess Kejing reluctantly corrected: "The Seventh Prince is your younger uncle."

However, children of this age are actually not very sensitive to seniority, not to mention the uncommon people in Lin Bo, who understand their peers as brothers and brothers, or sisters and sisters, so they are still at a loss.

At this time, Zhao Ruotong walked over, stood beside Zhao Yanshu, and said in a slightly blessed manner: "Big sister."

Zhao Yanshu followed her, and the little round ball also handed over like a little: "Big sister."

He just helped Lin Bo, and Princess Kejing couldn't help putting on a cold face, and she couldn't help but relax her expression: "Are you also following Abo?"

In the past two years, Princess Kejing has been busy taking care of her sick and weak son. In fact, the number of visits to the palace has been greatly reduced, and Shao Xun deliberately avoided it. Therefore, she did not get along with this seventh brother who was a few months younger than her son. , The last time I saw it was a few months ago, the child was forgetful of S*x, maybe I didn't remember it long ago.

But unexpectedly, Zhao Yanshu glanced at her and explained seriously: "You are the daughter of the father, the eldest sister of the elder sister, and naturally also my elder sister."

Princess Kejing was stunned, his voice was immature, but it was extremely organized, not at all the muddle-headedness of a child of this age.

She couldn't help asking: "Do you remember me?"

Zhao Yanshu nodded: "On my birthday, my eldest sister gave Jiulianhuan–" He pointed to the toy in Lin Bo's hand: "Pretty better than this, thank you."

Princess Kejing herself had forgotten what gift she gave Zhao Yanshu two months ago, she lowered her head to meet her son's beautiful but ignorant eyes, and then slowly exhaled, unconsciously making a sound similar to a sigh.

At this time, Zhao Yu was tired from crying, and seeing that no one except the nanny cared about him, he gradually stopped the howling, struggling to get to the ground, thinking about it, and took the Trojan horse that he was holding back in his hand. At the side of Zhao Yanshu, he seemed to have forgotten the argument just now, and pointed at Lin Bo and said, "Ashu, I want that too."

Zhao Huan, the youngest son of Prince Wu's Mansion, also staggered over and sat down on the edge of Zhao Yanshu's lap. He cried out in a milky voice, "Brother."

Zhao Yanshu looked at a nephew and two nephews in front of him, frowning as if he had encountered the most difficult problem in the world.

"Did he really say that?"

Shao Xun and Zhao Ruotong took their sons and daughters back to Ganludian, and only then did they hear her talk about it.

"Of course it is true." Zhao Ruotong smiled and stroked his brother's forehead: "You don't know, he was confused by the words of those silly children at the time, not to mention it's fun."

Shao Xunbian asked, "Ashu, what's next?"

Zhao Yanshu thought for a while: "I asked A Yu to exchange his horse for Abo's Nine Links, and the two of them were reconciled again, as if they had never quarreled."

As he spoke, he showed a puzzled look, as if he was at a loss for the behavior of the two children.

Shao Xun laughed for a long time before asking Zhao Ruotong: "Princess Kejing didn't say anything?" "What can she say," Zhao Ruotong raised her eyebrows: "Ashu helped her son get ahead. She can't Don't appreciate it."

"I'm afraid she is eager to love her son," Shao Xun said, shaking his head: "It will inevitably be embarrassing for adults to mix things with children."

"Lin Bo and A Yu will be so good that they are alone in a while," Zhao Ruotong's eyebrows and the corners of her eyes have a little complacency: "Big sister is being shaken by our Ashu and can't recover."

At this time, Zhao Yanshu raised his head: "Sister, I want to see my sister."

Zhao Ruotong put him down: "Don't pinch Atang's face."

Zhao Yanshu nodded, and then eagerly went to the side room to see his beautiful sister.

Shao Xun looked at his son's back, "The princess has become more and more calm in temper in recent years. If it changes before…"

"A single Lin Bo can cut off her arrogance," Zhao Ruotong sighed: "Being a mother seems to be a different person. I never thought that my big sister could have this day before. "

Shao Xun was a little curious: "Ah Tong, am I different from before?"

She is now twenty years old, and she is always a little bit different from a few years ago.

Zhao Ruotong has never been perfunctory to Shao Xun. He really looked at her seriously for a long time, and then thought for a while and said, "Does it count as prettier?"

"…No!" Shao Xun couldn't help smiling, "I'm talking about character."

"Then it hasn't changed much," Zhao Ruotong said: "It's still the same gentle, the same kind, the same…"

"Okay, okay!" Shao Xun covered his cheek, "I, what am I asking you."

Zhao Ruotong consciously told the truth that couldn't be more true. Seeing that she was ashamed, he said confidently: "If you don't believe it, go and ask your Majesty to see if I'm telling the truth."

Shao Xun put down his hand and immediately refused: "I won't ask."

When Zhao Ruotong left, Shao Xun walked to the side room and saw that his son was still lying on the side of his daughter's shaker, and he didn't reach out his hand. He just babbled and didn't know what he was talking about.

This child has such a personality. He doesn't like to talk in front of people, but he can speak to his sister who doesn't understand him.

When Shao Xun watched and walked in, he heard Zhao Yanshu say very solemnly: "Sister, you must be smart in the future."

Shao Xun found it very interesting. He squatted down and watched his daughter's beautiful sleeping face with him: "Why do you need my sister to be smart?"

Zhao Yanshu turned his head back, with a distressed look on his face: "I am with Abo today. They can't understand me. My sister can't do this. I have to teach her."

"Then how do you know that they are not smart, not you?"

Zhao Yanshu thought for a while: "I don't know, but I know they are all a little stupid."

Shao Xun smiled and touched the child's head: "They are not stupid, they are too young, and many things have not had time to learn."

Zhao Yanshu thought about it seriously, and retorted with his fingers, "Ashu is three years old, and Abo and Ayu are four."

In fact, the two children are still a few months away from their birthdays, but now they all say they are four years old.

Shao Xun said: "Some children are smarter earlier, and some children are smarter later. Ashu is more patient. It won't take long for them to learn. On the contrary, some children are smarter early, but they blindly think that others are stupid. Become stupid."

Zhao Yanshu thought that he might become like Lin Bo, his younger brothers, uncles, and uncles couldn't tell the difference. He was shocked, and put his arms around Shao Xun's neck and said in horror, "I don't want it!"

Shao Xun smiled and comforted him: "So wait for your friend, don't despise others for being stupid, OK?"

Zhao Yanshu nodded solemnly.

Shao Xun played with the child for a while, watching him feel a little sleepy, "You go to bed, can I let my sister accompany you?"

Zhao Yanshu opened his arms and asked Shao Xun to hug him. When he was picked up, he whispered, "I want my mother to sleep with my sister."

It is not common for him to act like a baby. Shao Xun has gradually begun to take over most of the palace affairs in the past few years. He is no longer as leisurely as before, but when he is begged by his son, he can't stand it.

Shao Xun wanted to wait for the child to fall asleep, and then leave quietly, so he followed Zhao Yanshu's will and carried his son and daughter to the bed, and the two children were placed side by side. Zhao Yanshu slept very honestly, not like his sister. He likes to move around, but Zhao Ruotang sleeps eccentrically, with his legs on his elder brother, and he likes to chew his fingers in his mouth.

Shao Xun took his daughter's thumb out of her mouth and lay on the side and hugged them together. The mother and the child hugged together, and even Shao Xun himself fell asleep.

That day, the emperor personally went to the barracks to exercise his troops. When he returned, it was already evening. When he entered the room, he saw this scene.

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