Shao Xun said that he was just taking a rest with his son, and immediately went to deal with the palace affairs, but fell asleep with his head tilted, and woke up in a daze in the evening.

The siblings in front of them slept a little heavier than her. There was no movement, but there was something warm behind them.

Shao Xun was taken aback, and turned his head somewhat laboriously, and saw the emperor lying behind her, his chest pressed against Shao Xun's back, one arm was pillowed by her under her neck, and the other was loosely surrounding her.

The emperor is a bit busy these days, and seems to be a little tired. He breathed smoothly, and his eyelashes quietly covered his eyes with his eyelids, casting a faint shadow under his eyes.

The emperor is not young anymore. A few days ago, Shao Xun met his eldest son, King Wu. The young man in his early twenties had an early beard and was already older than her "dream" appearance.

However, the emperor, the father, seemed to be treated preferentially without any trace of time. At least, Shao Xun recalled that the two of them first met in Fenglinxuan four years ago. She knelt on the ground, and expressed anxiously to the master of Great Zhou. When I saw it, his appearance was the same as now.

Shao Xun herself is undergoing a little bit of transformation. Her immaturity has disappeared unconsciously, and she has completed her growth from a girl to a woman, but the emperor has maintained such a mature and non-aging state and has never changed.

Looking at the pair of sons and daughters who were sleeping soundly, Shao Xun thought for a while, but couldn't bear to say sorry in his heart, then took out the hand that was holding them, and quietly turned over, facing the emperor who was pillowing him. The shoulder socket was close to him.

The emperor seemed to be a little aware, and his arm subconsciously bound her tightly.

Shao Xun was already full, but she was surrounded by three people. She didn't know why she didn't want to move. She just closed her eyes lightly and slumbered.

She didn't fall asleep, and naturally could feel the effort for a while, and the emperor seemed to be awake.

He stroked Shao Xun's face with his thumb, and then touched her neck.

Shao Xun felt the palm stay on the side of her neck for a while, then gently pressed the back of her head, and then the warm and even breath gradually approached.

At this moment, she couldn't help but open her eyes, and at the moment when the emperor was slightly surprised, she took the initiative to kiss his already close lips.

The emperor immediately reacted and said with a smile: "Pretending to be asleep?"

Shao Xun did not answer, but blinked with a slight smile.

The emperor knew it and lowered his head again.

After a while, the room calmed down, and only the deepening intertwined breathing was clearly audible.

At this time, Zhao Ruotang rubbed her eyes and suddenly woke up. Her eyes rolled. After a while, she realized that no one was taking care of herself. Then she waited for her calf to cry: "Um…wow!"

Zhao Yanshu was awakened immediately, he sat up in a daze, stretched out his hand to shake his sister's hand to coax her, and called out, "Mother…"

Hearing the sound, Shao Xun struggled to wake up, and it took a lot of effort to separate from the emperor, and forcefully covered his mouth. "Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Ah Tang is awake…"

The emperor's forehead touched against Shao Xun, he closed his eyes lightly, and after a few breaths, he let her go and sat up to see his daughter.

Shao Xun lay down, gasping heavily for a few times, then healed, turning over and looking to the side.

The emperor had already very skillfully picked Zhao Ruotang up, reached out and touched her under her body. Seeing that it was not bedwetting, he patted her body gently: "Look at who is here? Don't cry."

Zhao Ruotang was nothing more than thunder and no rain. He was happy when he saw someone coming to coax him. He opened his eyes and watched the emperor's screaming, his hands kept grabbing his collar.

Zhao Yanshu rubbed his eyes and said, "Father…"

The emperor looked at his son and his daughter, and he felt deeply helpless while gratifying.

He and Shao Xun looked at each other, and the two of them laughed involuntarily.

"I can't complain that people often say that children are all debts," the emperor lowered his head and nodded Zhao Ruotang's little nose: "I didn't believe it in the past. I didn't know how powerful it was until I had these two little debt collectors."

Shao Xun sat up, straightened the hair scattered on his chest, and leaned against the emperor's arm: "That is also the little debt collector you must have."

Her soft and slender body was pressed closely, and her long black hair was draped behind her like satin. The emperor took a look and then looked away.

Zhao Ruotang's eyes were turning very flexibly, watching his parents and elder brother are there, and he chose his mother's softest embrace like a soldier, and stretched out his hand to hold Shao Xun.

Shao Xun took her over, and Zhao Yanshu looked a little eager: "Can I hug my sister?"

Shao Xun cut his head and kissed his forehead gently: "No way, Ashu is too young, waiting for you to grow up."

Zhao Yanshu was a little disappointed, but he nodded his head to express his understanding: "It's okay, my sister said I grow up fast… But how can I grow up?"

"Grow up when your sixth brother is that old."

Zhao Yanshu had the final say in his heart, feeling as if it would not be long before, and immediately became happy again.

The sun was already under the mountain. It was not early. Shao Xun asked the nurse to hold Zhao Ruotang to breastfeed. The remaining family of three had dinner. The emperor and Shao Xun had their own business affairs to do, so they went to the study together.

The account book of the inner palace was held in his hand, and the account had been calculated, but Shao Xun saw that the number was too far from the number in his mind, so he got the correct pen, and he was dizzy all night. In the end, I had to admit that although they were somewhat hydrated, most of them were right. The money was definitely spent on their own, and they couldn't help sighing at the time.

The emperor's desk was not far from her. He raised his head when he heard the movement and saw Shao Xun's brows furrowed tightly. He said, "What's the matter?"

Shao Xun pressed his forehead with his hand: "In the second half of the year, the expenses in the palace have skyrocketed. First is Ashu's birthday, De fei's birthday, and the Empress Dowager's birthday. Tomorrow will be the Qianqiu Festival. This is just a small head. Last month, your Longevity and Mid-Autumn Festival were the big heads, and you'll have to turn it over a few times after you spend it."

When she was in charge of her own property at home, she never felt so troublesome. When she entered the palace and began to manage the palace affairs, she realized that people's heart palpitations can be seen only by the running water of the inner palace, trivial and trivial. .

The emperor beckoned Shao Xun to come over and sit down next to him. He took a look at the ledger and laughed, "Is this because I think I spend too much money?"

"Isn't it?" Shao Xun joked: "You spent all your money from the household department and private treasury in the previous dynasty. These are not counted. Only the inner palace's account is five times the budget for tomorrow."

"That's because the Empress's birthday banquet has been reduced. Except for the year you entered the palace, the other year is simpler than the other year. If it is according to the standard, this is the only item," the emperor said, pointing to the account book. One line of "It's about to double, but it's not the cold…simple look you see."

Since Shao Xun's account, the Empress has actually fallen out of favor. Her birthday has always been a little perfunctory. Therefore, Shao Xun didn't know that the original decent Empress Qianqiu was so expensive, and it was only a little worse than the Longevity Day.

Shao Xun was frightened by this number. The emperor turned his head to look at her face, thought for a moment, and added: "This is all money that is not easy to save. Foreign guests and ministers are all staring at it. If one year is not as good as the above A year, maybe every few days, it will spread all over the world."

The emperor's daily life is actually quite simple. Those of the emperor of the former dynasty who like to build palaces and travel around the rivers and other parts of the country have no problems. He prefers vegetarian dishes. He doesn't eat much of the delicacies of the mountains and the sea. His daily clothes are also made by Shao Xun. I am very happy. I don't have the habit of picking beauty contestants every year, but I actually saved a lot of money.

But things such as Wanshou involve too much. In fact, it is not his birthday alone. It is like the Empress who has fallen out of favor and has no power. Once her career is perfunctory, almost all officials and their families in the dynasty will know this. What it means, the majesty and dignity of the mother of the country is also greatly reduced.

The emperor's fingers slid down, seeming to accidentally point to the total cost of tomorrow's Qianqiu Festival. What he thought in his mind was, I wonder if this item can be increased several times next year.

Shao Xun didn't think much about it, and didn't know what the emperor was thinking about. After speaking, he returned to his seat and continued to look at her account book.

At this time, Zhao Yanshu probed the probe from outside the study and saw his parents lowered their heads to write. After thinking for a while, he quietly walked in and stood beside the imperial case.

The emperor and Shao Xun actually heard the child's footsteps, but the two of them coincidentally made no sound, just waiting to see what the child was going to do.

As a result, Zhao Yanshu stood by the legs of the table, tilted his head and stopped for a while, then grabbed the emperor's dragon robe to climb up. As a result, he couldn't get up after climbing for a long time, and instead dragged his father's clothes into a mess.

The emperor couldn't help but laugh, and lifted Zhao Yanshu to his lap by the collar: "Is you climbing me as a tree today?"

Zhao Yanshu was pretty regular before. It wasn't that he was afraid of fear or something, but that he was more adaptable and preferred a stable and quiet atmosphere in his understanding.

Today is indeed a little different.

The little boy lay in the emperor's arms and said with some doubts: "Ayu said he can grab his elder brother's leg and climb on top of his head. Abo said he can also, why can't I climb?"

The emperor hadn't said anything, and Shao Xunxian's stomach hurt when he laughed: "You child, too, is too faithful…"

Zhao Yanyi was the same as the emperor when he was young. He was a strict father who tried to maintain Your Majesty in front of his son. He always admonished Zhao Yu more. When Zhao Yu naughty meets his father and king, he is afraid that he will be honest, and Lin Qun He spoils the child, but Lin Bo's small body has to pant for two steps, and he doesn't have any strength in his hands. He still crawls on top of his head?

This sounded like two children bragging, Zhao Yanshu actually took it seriously and came back to take the emperor to try.

"Usually like a little adult, he is still stupid…"

Shao Xun kept laughing, Zhao Yanshu was a little stunned at first, and then he was shocked: "Is it fake?"

He grew up in the palace, and a few of his peers were not in the palace, and didn't get along very often. He had been tricked by Shao Xun several times since he was a child, and he has never been deceived by others.

The emperor rubbed his son's forehead and said to Shao Xun: "What are you doing at him? It's obviously that other children are too naughty and dare to say anything."

Shao Xun said with a smile: "I think I should always invite those children into the palace to talk to Ashu. Little children, they should always be livelier… and it's not a bad thing to be deceived a few times as a child. If you have more, you will know the true and the false."

Although it sounds unreasonable at first, it is a bit interesting after thinking about it carefully. Isn't it also out of this consideration that the palace chooses companions for the princes to read.

It's just that Zhao Yanshu wants to be wise earlier. He has his own thoughts and opinions early on, and he can get reason from the little things in daily life. If he waits until he enters school at the age of six to get along with his peers, it would be a bit of a delay.

The emperor thought it was a bit interesting, but who should be chosen to be his son's company shouldn't be as hasty as Shao Xun said, and he had to think carefully.

When Shao Xun was talking to the emperor, Zhao Yanshu had already recovered quickly from the multiple blows he was deceived for the first time. He made up his mind to be careful when seeing two "juniors" next time, and not look at them stupid. Careless if you are not smart.

Who knew that stupid people would say panic?

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