This is what Zhao Yanshu has to do with the standard. His willpower has always been strong and his memory is very good. With such a small matter, he estimated that he would never underestimate anyone again.

The emperor was about to discuss with Shao Xun about finding a companion for his son, but as soon as he lowered his head, he saw Zhao Yanshu looking down at the memorial spread out on the table.

Shao Xun also noticed. She rarely said in a severe and solemn voice: "Ashu, have I said that you are not allowed to touch things on your father's table?"

Zhao Yanshu raised his head and looked at the emperor. He was covering his mouth just as he was about to speak.

The emperor said nonchalantly: "Children, forgetfulness, it's normal to forget what you say and turn your head around."

He didn't say anything, and the addition of these words made Shao Xun suspicious: "…Ashu has always been obedient, Your Majesty, shouldn't you lead him to turn over the memorial?"

The emperor didn't blink his eyelids: "How come, I know your concerns."

Shao Xun was still a little skeptical, and couldn't help but said: "He is still a child, but he always has to know that he is in awe. If he develops a habit, wouldn't he make people feel improper if he is seen by others?"

The emperor nodded in agreement: "What you said makes sense."

Shao Xun was still waiting to say something, but someone over there called her: "Manny, the princess woke up over there and was crying for you."

Shao Xunbian gave Zhao Yanshu a warning one last time, and hurried to see his daughter.

The emperor then put his hand down.

Zhao Yanshu blinked his light brown eyes and looked at the emperor innocently, then he was gently pinched his ears.

"Don't be in front of your mother, remember?"

Zhao Yanshu thought for a while, and retorted very positively: "What you said at the time was that you are not allowed to be in front of outsiders, and your mother is not an outsider."

The emperor's speech was always blocked by others. This time he was blocked by his own son. He immediately felt funny and angry. His strength increased a little. He said: "Avoiding outsiders is one thing. Don't let your mother. I know that she is too cautious and understands."

Zhao Yanshu nodded, and the emperor knew that he had remembered, so he rubbed his ears and lifted him up: "Do you want to keep watching?"

"miss you–"

The emperor raised his head, and estimated that it would take a long time for Shao Xun to make his daughter happy, so he lowered his head and took Zhao Yanshu to open an edict.

This fight has been drafted by the cabinet, has been printed, and will be issued by a clear order. After opening, the strokes are neat and tidy on the front, there is no missing text, and the big red seal is stamped at the end.

The emperor took Zhao Yanshu to see it once before, but felt that he might not have any impression, so he pointed to the seal and said: "This copy is sent to Qiangui, and the one printed on it is…"

"——Emperor Xinbao (1)." Zhao Yanshu immediately took it up.

The emperor paused, gave him a slightly surprised look, and asked, "Does Ashu know its usefulness?"

Zhao Yanshu thought about it for a while, tilted his head and said: "Well… you told me,'The emperor believes in treasures, and his fate is for the destiny'."

The emperor's eyes lit up, and he listened to him doubtingly: "But what does'survey' mean?"

He knows the'respect for destiny', but he does not know what the'respect for destiny' represents.

The emperor thought for a moment, then took out another one, opened it and let Zhao Yanshu take a look: "Do you know what this is?"

Zhao Yanshu did not hesitate, and directly replied: "'The treasure of guilty', as you said, it is "to imperial officials."

"What is the meaning of the word'Chen Lao'?"

This Zhao Yanshu tried to guess: "Is the father's courtier?"

The emperor closed the edict and was silent for a while, then lowered his head and asked seriously: "Ashu, how do you know this?"

Zhao Yanshu was a little confused: "Didn't you tell me last time?"

However, it has been several months since the emperor taught him to recognize these Fang Baoyin on a whim, and he didn't teach him seriously at the time. He just mentioned a few words casually. Moreover, the handwriting engraved on the Baoyin is actually quite different from normal calligraphy. , If you haven't studied it, even adults may not be able to recognize it quickly.

Zhao Yanshu has just passed his third birthday. Generally, it is good for a child of this age to speak neatly. Although the emperor has deep expectations of him, he is not unrealistically eager to help him grow. He is forced to learn something at such a young age. I plan to wait for him to be officially enlightened when he is four years old.

Although the child seemed to mature earlier than the average person, no one really saw that he was abnormally smart before.

Zhao Yanshu actually said the first word when he was about one year old. This is not too early. Even if he learns a little faster and can clearly express his meaning in a short time, he can still be counted in general. Within the normal range.

But what he taught casually a few months ago can still be kept firmly in his mind now-he doesn't even read.

Is this still normal?

The emperor became cautious, and countless thoughts flashed through his mind, almost unable to sit still. In the end, he was forcibly suppressed and barely restored his composure.

He asked Zhao Yanshu: "Did your second sister read something to you a while ago?"

This is what he heard Shao Xun say casually. At that time, Zhao Ruotong was just idle and fine. He spent the time reading for his younger brother a few times. In fact, it is a nature to do prenatal education to the fetus in the stomach. She reads her and does not ask for it. What did Zhao Yanshu learn?

Zhao Yanshu nodded: "My sister said it was called "Thousand Characters"."

This is the most commonly used book for children's enlightenment.

"Do you… remember how she read it?"

Zhao Yanshu nodded naturally: "Of course I remember."

Then I found out the memory in my mind without thinking, repeating it again: "The heavens and the earth are mysterious and yellow, the universe is prehistoric, the sun and the moon are full…the fan, the fan are round and clean, the silver candle is shining…"

The emperor's gaze was solemn. He listened to his son's recollection and stumbled on the narrative. It took a lot of effort before he remembered the last sentence: "…Isolate and ignorant, ignorant…stupid… Almost."

To the end, it was actually a bit difficult, Zhao Yanshu had to close his eyes to recall, even sweat oozing out on his forehead.

But this is already very, very rare. After all, he has not been taught seriously, and he has no idea what every sentence means. By remembering it, he can make the content of nearly a thousand words only heard a few times. Recite it…

This child is a child prodigy.

The emperor was sure of this. He looked at the tired boy sitting on his lap and resting in his arms, his emotions were almost on his face.

He touched Zhao Yanshu's head, and whispered in his somewhat ignorant eyes: "Good boy, really make me and your mother stand up…"

Shao Xun finally coaxed his daughter who had been acting like a baby to prevent her from leaving. When he returned to the study, he saw that the emperor was looking at Zhao Yanshu with an extremely serious expression.

"What is this?" Shao Xun asked curiously: "Did he say something strange?"

The emperor looked at Shao Xun said: "Girl, you have given birth to a very smart child."

Shao Xun was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled somewhat puzzledly: "Isn't he always smart?"

The emperor shook his head slightly and stretched out his hand to Shao Xun.

Although Shao Xun didn't know his intention, he could feel his mood a little more ups and downs, and he became worried involuntarily, so he obediently came to him, handed it over, kneeled and squatted against his leg. Look up at him.

"Your Majesty?"

The emperor looked at Shao Xun's eyes and looked at his son who was sitting on his lap. Although he didn't say anything, he said in his heart.

Sure enough…destined.

At noon the next day was the Empress's Qianqiu Banquet. Although, as the emperor said, it was relatively simple, but Shao Xun would not omit the respect that should be given. They meticulously asked Qin and Lizhu to help her put on big makeup according to her grade. Put on the formal dress of the imperial concubine, wear all the hairpins that should be worn, and that's the end.

Shao Xun took a picture in the dressing mirror waiting for him, and was relieved after carefully observing that there was nothing wrong.

"Where is Ashu?" Shao Xun asked in confusion, "Where did you go to play? Bring him back quickly. I'm going to Linde Hall."

Qin said, "Your Majesty took the small hall down to the front…"

"What?" Shao Xun was a little anxious: "Why this time? Time is running out, you ask someone to find the child back."

If the Empress's birthday is late, and is bigger than the protagonist's pomp, then it may not be said outside.

Liu Xin reminded her: "My Majesty, your Majesty wants you to go ahead. When he finishes his work, he will go with your Majesty."

There are many things that make Shao Xun puzzled in this sentence.

First of all, the emperor had to call the cabinet for discussion in the two mornings. There were so many ministers, and it was not compliant to bring a child in the way. Secondly, he said a few days ago that he would not attend this banquet and asked her to take it with her. The concubines and concubines wished the Empress a birthday, even if it was over, but now they said they wanted to go.

It wasn't that Shao Xun was jealous. There was really no jealousy on the Empress's side to make her sour. It was what the emperor generally decided to do, and there was absolutely no reason to change the order. This was another anomaly.

And even if the Empress is no longer favored, she is also the mother of a country who has sacrificed to her ancestors, and is also the aunt of the princes and princesses. Her birthday, the emperor or even the imperial concubine, will say otherwise, even if she is absent, it will be the same. But if you are not there as a child, it is a violation of filial piety, and it will definitely attract criticism.

Therefore, not only Zhao Yanshu, but also Wang Wang and others who have already left the palace, and Zhao Ruotang, all have to attend.

Shao Xun looked at the sky and was a little anxious, and asked Qin to say: "I will take the five princesses first. You will go to the Liangyi Hall to remind you in a while. Don't worry about your majesty, but you must let the prince go."

When the Qin family responded, Shao Xun went out uneasy.

It was not too late for her to arrive, at least if the Empress herself did not arrive, she was qualified to be the last one.

During the dinner, Shao Xun hurriedly took a look, and saw the Zheng family and Yingguo son's wife Shen next to her-not many people came to the palace to celebrate their birthday this time, but no matter how simple it is, it will not reduce Yingguo Gongfu's head. Therefore, the Zheng family will be there anyway, but I don't know if Mrs. Zheng or the Gong Sun family have come. If they do, don't bring Shao Qiong.

De fei's position was next to her. Seeing that she had a person sitting, and the nurse behind her only hugged Zhao Ruotang, she asked, "Where is the Seventh Prince?"

Shao Xun didn't know how to answer for a while, so De fei reminded: "Although it's meaningless, I don't want my son to worship that woman…the Empress, but it's not good to be absent for this kind of thing? Don't be scolded by Yushi again. "

Shao Xun had no choice but to say: "Your Majesty doesn't know what's going on. He took Ashu away in advance. I'm also in a hurry."

When De fei concubine heard this, her mouth fell: "Then what are you doing like this? If your majesty is willing to take us with us, I can pass those ten thousand-year-old banquets, even if it's worth participating in a whole year. Up."

But filial piety is not a good reputation, Shao Xun reluctantly explained: "Your Majesty said it will be there in a while."

De fei's eyebrows condensed, and her expression was obviously displeased: "Why, what is worthy of your majesty?"

Although it is reasonable for the emperor to attend the Empress's birthday, since he hadn't paid attention to it for so long, he said he was coming, which made De fei very unhappy.

"How many years has he ignored the Qianqiu Banquet, that is, when Ning Xi was 18 years old, there was a rumor that he would come, but in the end it was just false news, and the Empress was so shameless."

De fei felt very relieved when she mentioned this incident, but then she thought that the emperor actually attended to celebrate the woman's birthday today, and felt that her anger reached the Tianling Gai, and she was extremely responsive.

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