De fei was uncomfortable, and she was choking after taking a few sips of water. Qi Shi was far away, but Shao Xun gave her the veil.

Just when the De fei's palace staff was rushing to wipe the clothes for the master, the Empress had already arrived.

The Empress took the eldest princess to the seat, and at first glance she saw a dark water stain in front of De fei, which made her extremely embarrassed.

The Empress's eyes turned lightly, and she didn't say anything. The princess looked like she couldn't tolerate sand, and immediately opened her mouth: "Is the De fei concubine dissatisfied with the mother? Those who are disheveled come to visit the Empress? "

De fei was not afraid at all. Her rush to clean her clothes stopped, and she took the kerchief and flicked the front of her breasts slowly: "Oh, please forgive the empress, the concubine has not seen you for a long time. When I walked out, my hands shook when I saw Fengyan. You should go outside often. You have a bad memory of concubine. If the door of Xianning Palace is closed like this, I want to forget the way you look."

With this, Princess Kejing immediately raised her eyebrows: "What did you say…"

The Empress pressed her daughter's hand in time to stop her from talking. Although Zhao Ruozhen was not reconciled, he still snorted and stopped angrily.

The Empress seemed to be more patient than Zhao Ruozhen, and was able to swallow this breath even in the face of De fei's obvious provocation.

You know, this is the mother of the palace.

But this also reflects her lack of confidence.

Not to mention the Empress, if someone dared to talk to Shao Xun like this, he would have slapped his mouth a long time ago, and she didn't need to spend any more words.

But the reason why the Empress didn't do this was not because she had a good temper, but because she knew that she was really entangled with De fei, and if she won, she wouldn't get any benefit. After all, as a Empress, arguing with her concubine was a matter of surrendering her status. ; If you lose, it will be even more embarrassing-this way, there is no way to subdue a concubine, and it will only make the Empress's prestige even worse.

De fei also knew how to measure. Seeing that the Empress didn't reason with her, she curled her lips and didn't continue to provoke her.

The host was already there, and after the Empress indicated that she could start, the concubine and the concubine, headed by concubine, got up from their seats, congratulated the Empress together, and then sent congratulatory gifts one after another.

Shao Xun presented a pair of jade kang screens carved with Guilin landscape and a pair of jade ruyi inlaid with eight treasures. The emerald color is fresh and emerald, and it is a superior material. The jade ruyi is exquisite and exquisite, and she is considered to be her identity. Fairly satisfactory, no work done.

De fei concubine was a little shivering intentionally, and a pair of Mei Ping who had just seen it passed the Empress away.

This is a bit embarrassing. Shao Xun is okay, but De fei is also a first-class concubine. As usual, other people can't pass the high position as gifts, so the concubines who have been inquiring about it a long time ago are very embarrassed. If it is second, it would be too ugly. Therefore, this year's gifts to the Empress, everyone chose those very novel and rare gifts that are very rare, but the price alone is not high.

In the past few years, De feissert was perfunctory, but it was generally acceptable, but last year's Qianqiu Banquet was not held at all. By this year, her disdain was so obvious that she couldn't pretend to be invisible.

The Empress's eyes were dark, but there was a slight smile on her face: "This year you all looked at it with a little thoughtlessness."

The concubines looked at each other. They didn't know what to answer to the empress's incomprehensible anger. After a while, the oldest concubine Hui hesitated and replied: "It is the blessing of concubines to be able to fit the mind of the empress."

The Empress nodded, her expression making no difference.

De fei's eyes had a thin coldness.

Shao Xun is regarded as a bystander in this small storm. It is very strange that she should have sympathized with the Empress. After all, she has reached such a point that she will be bullied by the side room and forced to receive these at her own thousand-year-old banquet. An insulting gift.

As a wife and a Empress, this is actually worthy of sympathy, and many other wives who watched by the side should have a lot of sympathy for this.

But Shao Xun was strangely unable to feel his pity and sympathy for her.

This is not even out of her jealousy that the Empress is the emperor's true wife.

Shao Xun is very sure that she knows her lover. The emperor is a nostalgic person. Even if there is no favor in the harem now, or the concubine who has never been favored, he has never treated him wrongly. As long as he is more responsible, his attitude towards them is actually very gentle. Speaking of hard things lightly, the benefits that should be given have never been deducted, and the rewards every year are very generous, giving the maximum freedom within the scope of the palace regulations.

In addition to not being able to balance the rain and dew and dividing his love to everyone, he has given him all the respect and treatment he can give.

This is just a concubine, and the courtiers who followed him back then are even more so. He still remembers the Lord Yasukuni who had passed away a few years ago, and he cared about his son. When Shao Xun's grandfather passed away, he was still full of nostalgia. The same was true for Shao Xun's father.

Had it not been for Shao Zhenyu himself to be a little erratic because of the birth of the prince, and the emperor deliberately beat Shao Xun for Shao Xun, it would not be so easy to cut Shao Kui's title.

The Empress is not only the original match, but also the affection that she had when she was young. Even if she doesn't love, she will never be harsh to her, let alone the two have the eldest daughter together.

Even if the intention to murder the emperor's heir was a great sin, so many years of indifference and confinement still cannot relieve him?

This is not like a wife who is saddened by co-existence, but like an enemy who is indifferent to how to ignore it.

Maybe people's minds are biased. Shao Xun shouldn't have thought about a person badly without confirmation, but the fact is that not only is she now not sympathetic, but also almost certain that the Empress made a mistake that the emperor could never tolerate. , Will be treated like this.

Even this mistake, once deeply hurt the emperor, made him a lot of taboos not to mention it even when facing Shao Xun.

She unconditionally believes in the emperor's character, and subconsciously thinks about what the Empress has done, which will arouse his disgust. However, thinking of the emperor's refusal and slightly gloomy attitude will suppress her thoughts-if He didn't say it himself, he must be unwilling to let Shao Xun know, then she insisted on exploring, but it was of no benefit to the emperor and embarrassed him.

Just when Shao Xun was in a trance, the princes had already started to bring their family members to celebrate the birthday of the aunt.

The king of Wu Zhao Yanyi was the one who dragged the family the most. He brought Qi-shi and two sons and a daughter to the front. The prosperous man made Princess Wei very jealous.

The Empress looked at this grown-up concubine, and she felt a little bit emotional in her heart. The fetus that was conceived because of the difference in her thoughts was already the father of three children…

She didn't embarrass King Wu because of De fei's impropriety. She accepted the gift and let him go with a few words of encouragement.

When Wang Wei, who was supposed to be closer to the Empress, clearly expressed her dissatisfaction-in a few words, she talked at least twice about the child-related topics. Although it was addressed to Wang Wei, it was actually Was beating the princess Wei.

The Xiao family had a grievance of 120,000 points and couldn't help but look at King Wei when he went down.

Zhao Yanhang looked plain, did not show embarrassment and dissatisfaction with his wife's delay in giving birth, but he did not say anything to comfort him.

Then there is Zhao Yanbin, who is already the King of Chu.

Since Shu fei was given to death, he has been silent. He is no longer forced to make friends with ministers as before, and there is no one who voluntarily joins in. He simply puts aside and recruits a group of cleansers according to his own wishes. Indulge in painting and calligraphy and poems, there are still a few poems circulating.

Shao Xun has seen it a few times, and some of them are rare and excellent, and it shouldn't be difficult to pass on from generation to generation.

There are purely descriptions of fun and banquets, and some express sorrow through the scenery. On this, he does not shy away from the memory and sadness of his mother, and he is not afraid of being seen by the emperor.

The emperor had never read it, and indeed he never reprimanded him for remembering Shu fei.

Chu Wangfei Miao gave birth to a young emperor grandson, but he was too young to embrace him in the palace.

The Empress's attitude towards them was no different from that of Wang Wu, and after a few greetings with a smile, she screamed.

Then there is the ten-year-old sixth prince Zhao Yanjie. He has not yet been crowned king, but he already has the appearance of a big child. After losing weight, he is quite similar to the emperor as Shao Xun said. On the whole, he should be It was the one who looked the most like his father among the brothers, and made the Empress look lost for a moment.

It was the seventh prince's turn again. Shao Xun's heart tightened and looked out. As expected, he hadn't seen the shadow of the emperor or his son until now.

No one spoke for a while, and the Empress's eyes fell firmly on Shao Xun for the first time today.

"Noble concubine?"

Shao Xun has been preparing since just now, thinking about how to explain his absence if his son can't come back so that everyone will not be treated as a show off.

Then I found out that nothing works.

Even if he made a mistake, being taken by the emperor to the Hall of Two Instruments to reprimand would cause a jealous look-after all, not everyone who made a mistake can take the time to blame the emperor himself.

The Empress smiled softly in her eyes: "Where is the Seventh Prince? The palace hasn't seen him for a long time, so I missed him a little…Where is it that I feel uncomfortable, so I didn't bring it?"

In the last sentence, she didn't look at Shao Xun, but looked at her daughter next to her as if asking questions.

But I didn't want to watch Zhao Ruozhen's mouth move slightly, and after holding it for a long time, he suffocated a sentence: "Who knows, I should ask the imperial concubine…"

The Empress paused, and she went to see Shao Xun as expected.

On the surface, Shao Xun would not show panic. She replied softly: "If you go back to Niangniang, that child this morning…"

At this moment, there was a loud announcement of your Majesty's arrival from outside.

Unexpectedly, everyone got up in a hurry to salute and greet the holy driver, and there was no joy on the Empress's face. Instead, she took Zhao Ruozhen and bowed her knees to salute with more solemnity.

Sure enough, the emperor did not come alone. He was holding a three or four-year-old child in his hand. He was dragged down by that child very slowly, but he was not impatient at all. So he took the child's hand and followed him. The short leg stepped out slowly to the main seat.

The Empress took a deep breath-she hadn't been out for half a year, and a child of this age grew fast and changed every day, but even if she couldn't remember her looks, she could guess the little boy almost without thinking. who is it.

Except for the seven princes from the imperial concubine, there is really no one else.

The emperor sat down to make people flat.

Because I didn't know the emperor would be there in advance, there was only a wider single bed on the main seat. It was not that I couldn't squeeze two people, but the Empress thought she didn't have the dignity to sit with the emperor.

So someone in the palace moved the chair and pressed it between the emperor and the imperial concubine, and moved the seat of the princess back.

Zhao Yanshu snuggled his father's leg under everyone's attention, and looked up at him blankly.

The child saw Shao Xun and wanted to find his mother.

But the emperor didn't let anyone go. With a strong arm, he lifted his son onto the couch and told him to sit next to him.

Everyone showed a look of admiration. If Shao Xun passed the empress and sat there, maybe someone would say that she arrogantly despised the central palace, but a seventh prince and a child would only attract envy, but it would be indescribable. What comes.

Even De fei felt a little jealous.

The Empress took a seat and said calmly: "Your Majesty is busy with government affairs. How come you have time to come here? It really scares the concubines."

The emperor's tone was calm and unhurried: "I remember that today is the Empress's birthday, so I came here to take a look."

…Hehe, isn't she, she doesn't believe it.

The empress was so skinny that there was a smile on her bone-like cheeks, and she still respectfully said: "The concubines are grateful."

She turned to look at Zhao Yanshu, who was sitting obediently next to the emperor: "This is Your Royal Highness, right? Just now, the concubine only mentioned to the concubine that she didn't see him, which is a bit regrettable."

The emperor touched Zhao Yanshu's head: "Today, this child was caught by Cheng Lao. He must be his apprentice. It only took a few quarters of an hour."

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