Shao Xun was taken aback and looked to the emperor's side, but he didn't look to her side to make his expression flat.

She calmed down quietly.

But now De fei couldn't sit still, and blurted out: "Cheng Jingming?"

The emperor glanced at her, didn't care about her rudeness, just nodded: "It's him."

The Empress was silent for a moment. Seeing De fei concubine biting her lip but not speaking any more, she slowly said, "If the concubine remembers correctly, the Seventh Majesty will only be three years old, right? The previous princes were all five or six years old. Enlightening…"

In fact, age is not the point. The point is that Cheng Jingming, as an important minister of the previous dynasty, came from a famous family, wrote poetry at the age of five, and wrote a letter at the age of seven. He was a young and famous child prodigy. The member champion was admitted as the last three yuan and ranking of the previous dynasty. He was also good at lecturing and reading texts, and brought out a number of disciples. It can be said that there are peaches and plums all over the world, and he is a real celebrity, and his position in the court is also very important.

It is a pity that the last emperor of the previous dynasty got close to the villain and degraded a lot of virtuous officials, including Cheng Jingming. A few years after he left, the previous dynasty was crumbling by morbidity, and then he was replaced by the Great Zhou dynasty.

Later, the first emperor visited the sages of the former dynasty, and the first one was to invite him to return to Beijing to take up a post, but unfortunately, he was closed.

This person is like this. The harder it is to get, the more precious it is. Not to mention that Cheng Jingming is indeed very capable. Not to mention the extraordinary insights on major affairs of the government. He also knows everything about astronomy, geography, poetry and poetry. The first emperor talked a little with others. An hour later, he was kindly asked to leave, but after that, he missed it, not enough monthly visits, and still communicated with each other day by day, in an attempt to impress this former famous person.

Cheng Jingming was originally annoyed by being disturbed. After two years of insisting on it, he felt a little uncomfortable. He wanted to move to seek cleanliness. However, at this moment, the letter of the first emperor suddenly stopped for a few days. He had a premonition that was wrong, so he immediately went out to inquire. Only then knew that Emperor Xian had been unable to get out of bed for several days because of the lingering wind and cold.

When he fell ill, he did not forget to write to Cheng Jingming, and he had to stop until he fell into a coma.

Cheng Jingming was truly moved. He hurried into the palace to visit the first emperor. The emperor who had just woke up in a coma held his hands and said a lot of heartfelt words. He was so touched that he immediately agreed to stay to assist the emperor and prince.

To say that he didn't know if it was bad luck. He worked seriously in the previous dynasty and met the last emperor like that. In the Great Zhou Dynasty, he only delayed for two years, and finally got in touch with the first emperor, and felt that he had found his own. Mingzhu, the first emperor died suddenly, and he had just packed up his sorrowful mood and prepared to assist the prince, but the prince died in just a few hours.

Until today, Cheng Jingming dared not get close to him for a long time, for fear of some mildew on his body. The emperor saw one die, and if Zhao Huan was killed again, the Great Week would be over.

Later, it took a long time to let go of the knot, but still refused to serve in the sixth department. It was just a job in the imperial court. The emperor was stuffed into the cabinet and became one of the cabinet elders. He usually participated in government affairs as a consultant. There is no actual job. After so many years, colleagues have changed one after another, and only he has survived for nearly a few years.

Although he has no actual job, his network and prestige are comparable to those of any Shangshu. He is a famous minister and minister who has experienced two dynasties. Aside from these, he is unmatched as a teacher in terms of academic knowledge.

Such a person, so easily agreed… and asked to be the teacher of the Seventh Prince?

Everyone was taken aback.

The emperor said nonchalantly: "Old Cheng has this thought, and I can't refute it. Can I still say that I feel sorry for the prince's young age, so let him teach it in two years?"

The Empress couldn't say it. King Wu and King Wei were silent and did not dare to speak. On the contrary, King Chu had no hesitation at this time, so he said directly: "When I was young, my son and my brothers wanted to ask Mr. Cheng to be a teacher. , Was rejected by him. Not only was the seventh brother this time because of what impressed his old man? "Indeed, since Wang Wang was a child, the emperor had the idea of ​​letting Cheng Jingming be the teacher of the prince, mainly because he was a teacher known to the world. It's good, but it's all rejected.

It is true that a courtier like others is not good at using the emperor's power to coerce, so he just mentions it every time and just gives up.

The emperor didn't answer, he calmly said: "This is about to ask himself."

Zhao Yanshu raised his eyes and looked at King Chu. After thinking for a while, he answered seriously: "The teacher just asked me a few questions and asked me to answer according to my own understanding, and didn't say much."

King Chu opened his mouth, wanting to ask what the problem was, but if he insisted on asking at this time, he seemed a little unreasonable to lose. He considered it for a moment, and he didn't ask any more.

He didn't ask, and the other two were even more embarrassed. De feie was a little anxious to wink at King Wu. He bowed his eyes and pretended not to see, and did not dare to express any opinion to the emperor.

Shao Xun saw that this topic had begun to be difficult, and he took the initiative to say: "This matter is up to your majesty and Mr. Cheng. The concubines and concubines have been living in the palace for a long time and dare not say anything to delay the prince… It's just that today is the Empress's wife. It's not easy to delay the birthday banquet of the empress, let Ashu celebrate her birthday with the mother and the empress."

The emperor seemed to remember that he came to "visit the Empress", so he patted Zhao Yanshu on the shoulder.

Zhao Yanshu jumped down very neatly. He still had an impression of the Empress's appearance, so he walked straight to her, saluted in a standard manner, and said Shao Xun's longevity congratulations: "Erchen I wish Niangniang a blessing like the East China Sea and a longevity than Nanshan."

His language is clear and his every move is well organized. Facing so many people is very natural. He is not afraid of cowardice like ordinary children, and there are no extra moves in his hands and feet.

If you only look at the performance at this time, it would look like a teenage boy instead of a child who should be ignorant and ignorant.

The Empress lowered her eyes and said warmly: "Good boy, get up soon."

Before Shao Xun signaled to offer the birthday gift for the seventh prince, the emperor moved his finger.

When Kang Li saw it, he immediately clapped his hands, and a crowd of palace men with trays in their hands entered, and the leading eunuchs read the gift list one by one.

This is all right, there is finally a lot more on the birthday gift of a Empress of a country that can be on the table.

If the emperor didn't add a sentence at the end, "The last six Xiling yarns should be regarded as Ashu's filial piety.", the Empress might be really happy or not sure.

Qin looked at Shao Xun, and Shao Xun shook his head calmly, indicating that they should not take out what they had originally prepared.

The Empress received a bunch of rewards, but her smile was so stiff that she could hardly hold on. Zhao Ruozhen beside her was also in a complicated mood. At this moment, Zhao Yanshu also saw Lin Bo who was held in her arms by the nanny, and greeted her first: "Greetings to big sister."

The corners of Zhao Ruozhen's lips moved slightly: "Well… Seventh brother, don't be polite."

Zhao Yanshu then went to greet his friend: "Abo."

Lin Bo was also very happy to see him, struggling to get down to the ground, but was tightly held in her arms by the nurse, she could only look down at Zhao Yanshu and said, "Ashu, I have a new nine-linked chain, which is made by my father. Yes, I will show you next time."

Zhao Yanshu had given up correcting his name, and nodded when he heard that, and then asked, "Does your throat still hurt?"

He cried for so long yesterday with a small throat, and felt a little uncomfortable after he stopped.

Lin Bo cried and said, "It hurts, and the medicine is also bitter."

When Mr. Zhao Yan was so old, he only took medicine once, and he felt a little sympathetic: "Then you don't need to cry in the future, you don't need to take medicine."

Lin Bo Wenyan nodded his head quite obediently: "Okay."

Zhao Ruozhen watched his son and Zhao Yanshu you come and talk with you, a childish language, and a little adult who is constantly comforting. They get along very well, and they find it difficult to distinguish the feeling in his heart. On the one hand, he feels sorry for his mother and Empress. On the other hand, she had to admit that her heart settled gently, as if she was relieved.

"There is still something in front of me," the emperor stood up and looked around at the crowd: "I hope you all have fun."

The enlightened ladies were still thinking about the implications of the Seventh Prince's worship of Cheng Jingming as his teacher. At this time, they all woke up and stood up and thanked the emperor together.

The protagonist in this scene is the Empress, but Zhao Yanshu is actually Zhao Yanshu. In order to prepare for the next thing, the emperor must play down Shao Xun's role in it. Therefore, unlike the previous attention on the bright side, he is trying his best Restrained and didn't communicate with Shao Xun during the whole process.

The emperor stood up and was about to leave, and the reward from Ningshou Palace over there arrived.

It was sent by the pitying princess and Deng personally.

When Deng walked in, she realized that the emperor was also there. She was a little surprised, but she still respectfully and non-rigidly performed a homely manner: "I have seen your majesty."

The emperor looked up with a very polite tone: "Sister-in-law, don't be polite."

Deng straightened up, turned her head and smiled at the Empress and said: "Brother sister, the Empress Dowager has specially prepared a reward for you. I take the initiative to ask Ying to send it. Don't dislike it."

The Empress hurriedly said: "No, how could it be, I'm really grateful if you take this trip."

The tone is more polite than the emperor.

Fei Deng put aside her things one by one, and then looked at Zhao Ruozhen with a smile: "I haven't seen Abo in a few days. Is he better now?"

Zhao Ruozhen said: "Mother Lau is concerned, he is much better, and being able to run and jump these days is a lot more naughty."

Deng Fei said: "This is a good thing. I can raise this child so well, thanks to your hard work as a mother."

Raising a son with a congenital deficiency to this day is the most fulfilling thing Zhao Ruozhen has done in his life. A smile appeared on his face, and the corners of his eyebrows and eyes were full of happiness.

When Deng saw it, her eyebrows were even deeper. She kept looking at Zhao Ruozhen until Zhao Yanshu took the initiative to pull the corners of her skirt: "Hello, auntie."

Deng's eyes lit up, and she bent down and picked up the child with force: "Oh, look at who is so heavy, my aunt can't hold it anymore."

Zhao Yanshu said earnestly: "It's not that Ashu is heavy, but my aunt is weak."

Amused Deng laughed, Shao Xun was startled when she saw this: "Ashu, don't come down quickly, the lady is not in good health, you…"

"It doesn't get in the way," Fei Deng and Zhao Yanshu are very close at ordinary times. At this time, they hugged and said, "He is only twofold, isn't it, Ashu."

Half of Zhao Yanshu's growth was in Ganlu Palace and half of Ningshou Palace. Deng lived next to the East Palace. Strictly speaking, it was in the category of Taiji Palace. When she was close, she often came to the palace to visit her mother-in-law. He came and went with Zhao Yanshu. Naturally very familiar.

Finally, Zhao Yanshu took the initiative to come down. He tilted his head, his tone was still childish and concerned: "I am sinking, auntie wants to rest."

Fei Deng paused, and then touched Zhao Yanshu's head: "…Okay, thank you, Ashu, for being so considerate."

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