Of course, the emperor's original intention was not to give the Empress some brilliance, he came mainly to send his son, so he could not sit for long, so he sent Zhao Yanshu to Shao Xun's side and walked away.

After the emperors and the Empress celebrated their birthdays, the song and dance workshops offered singing and dancing. Only then did Shao Xun get in the mood. He looked at the place where the wife of life was underneath, and saw that Gong Sun was sitting a little further away, because even though he was a clan wife, But her husband's grade is not high, so she sits a bit backward, far less conspicuous than Zheng.

Gong Sun was also raising his head to look here, and caught Shao Xun's gaze unpreparedly.

Her expression froze for a while, and then pulled out a somewhat unnatural smile.

Shao Xun nodded slightly as a greeting, and listened to the people around him: "Is that your maiden family?"

It was Deng. She stayed behind after completing the task of the Empress Dowager and added a seat next to Shao Xun.

She was very kind to everyone, and the emperor respected this sister-in-law very much. Naturally, Shao Xun would not neglect her, so he turned his head and replied, "It's my maternal grandfather's aunt."

Deng suddenly said: "Yes, your mother comes from the Zheng family in Jiangyin, and I have heard of your uncle. A person who is quite capable, will he be promoted this year?"

Shao Xun did listen to the emperor saying that it was his uncle Zheng Yongming's term of office that had expired and had a good political record, and he was about to be transferred back to Beijing, but it was surprising that the Deng family was so simple to know this.

Although Shao Xun did not express such surprise, Fei Deng took the initiative to say: "Although I don't go out often, the family members of my father's old ministry still come to visit me from time to time, as well as my younger brother… I am afraid that I will be too bored. Tell me about these things, they still treat me like I was interested in these things."

She turned her head and explained: "My brother is Chengyanghou…"

Shao Xun said: "I know this. Jiangmen Huzi is also a young talent. Your Majesty often mentions it, and he has a lot of expectations for Lord Hou."

The Deng clan was also the hero of the founding of the country. Fei Deng's father was Deng Fan, who died in the emperor's mouth before the founding of the country. He was called "uncle" by the emperor. Deng's younger brother took the title.

Deng smiled: "Your Majesty only praised his father's face. Deng Li was still a yellow-mouthed child and assaulted the title of nobility. He had never been on the battlefield for a day, saying that he was too exalted after he held the door. As long as he has not been raised as a dude, he is worthy of his father's spirit in the sky."

As Deng said, he caught a glimpse of Gong Sun's posture that was a little restless since Shao Xun's glance, and couldn't help but smile: "Fortunately, you have entered the palace. Otherwise, such a family… cannot hold a golden Buddha. ."

Shao Xun was not too surprised by this. After all, many people knew about the fact that she and her cousin were almost married at the time. When she entered the palace and gave birth to Zhao Yanshu, it might be known to everyone who passed it in private.

It's not a scandal if there is no formal marriage, not to mention that Shao Qiong and Zheng Yun Qiao's marriage are far before she enters the palace. This is not to blame for Shao Xun, but many people have the habit of speculating about other people's private affairs, so there are still quite a few. It was privately speculated that Shao Xun was robbed of his fiance by his younger sister, or that Yingguo Gongfu intentionally sent his daughter to the palace, so the younger daughter was transferred to the Zheng family.

But there is no evidence for this. It's just a matter of trying to catch the wind. Everyone speculates in private. Even if it involves the noble concubine who is now dominating the harem, there is no daring to say it on the table.

Therefore, Shao Xun only glanced at Deng without saying much.

"I said it didn't mean anything else," she said in a somewhat general tone: "I just think that the number of people's fate is good or bad, and sure enough, there is a definite number, what kind of it should be, it will go in what direction…"

If the fate of people is really divided into three or six or nine grades, then Shao Xun's "dream" of himself and Deng are both inferior, especially Deng, who lost her mother when she was young, and her father when she was a little older. He and his half-brother, who was still in his infancy, depended on each other for life, and finally married well. When he was young, he lost his husband and children within a day, and lost the position of Empress who was only one step away. He was lonely and sickly. I have survived to my current age.

Shao Xun didn't know how to comfort such a tragedy, so he could only reluctantly persuade: "You might as well go out and relax, and your body will naturally get better. Your majesty and the empress dowager are not stodgy people, only happy. Reason, will never stop."

Deng shook her head: "This person… actually took a breath of life. When he has this breath, no matter how badly he is injured, he can be saved. If this breath is gone… it will be difficult for the gods to stay."

Shao Xun was startled and thought of the self in the "dream"-isn't she just the one who "dispelled".

Life is not so difficult, and the mistress is always looking for things, but if you want to be honest, she can't make it through. She is very pampered, and she has never been treated materially, even for Qi. Shi, she is not completely incapable of counterattack. The tricks in the back house are those that are intriguing. It is actually not that difficult to deal with a woman who is already crazy and barren.

But why she leads her life like that is actually like what Deng Fei said. In the final analysis, the "breath" she used to settle her body is gone. She has lost the basis for her to stand up, so she can't get enough energy for anything? One day passes in a muddle-headed manner. Although she has never used any means such as suicide, who can say that she wants to live?

Shao Xun looked in a daze for a moment, then turned his gaze to Deng, but listened to her chuckle: "But you don't have to worry about me. I still keep that breath…"

The time for this Qianqiu banquet was not long. Shao Xun spent most of her time talking with Fei Deng. Once she had communicated in depth, she discovered that she was a very extraordinary woman.

She was Deng Fan's only child for a long time. She lost her mother. She was raised by her grandparents since she was a child. She was well versed in everything that girls should learn. Later, because of the war, her grandfather and grandmother died, and she was taken by her father again. Most of the girl's time was spent in the military camp, so there was even a good martial arts rare in women before. Unlike Shao Xun who only prefers riding and shooting, Fei Deng not only has good riding and shooting, but also dances well. Marksmanship, even when he was young, he even went into battle and killed several enemies by accident. It can be said that he is a literary and military genius.

The two women are more than twenty years apart in age, but they are surprisingly able to talk. They are not deep-bowed girls who can't get out of the door. They like horseback riding and archery, and they have read a lot of books, no matter what they talk about. The other party answered.

This is quite new to both Deng Shi and Shao Xun.

When the Qianqiu banquet was over, Shao Xun took the two children and said goodbye to Zhao Ruotong, and then left with Fei Deng.

With Shao Xun's consent, Deng hugged Zhao Ruotang from the nurse and coaxed her with love.

Zhao Ruotang also didn't recognize birth. As long as his eyes could see Shao Xun, anyone holding him would be stupidly happy. The two walked along, and Shao Xun said: "I think you are quite strong in holding the child. It seems that the illness is about to heal."

Deng Fei smiled softly and said, "I brought Deng Li when I was a child, so I still remember how to hold the child. You are both pretty cute."

Her expression dimmed a little: "When I had a child, I decided early in the morning how to take him in the future, and even thought about what the first word I wanted to write to him…"

Shao Xun opened her mouth, but she didn't know how to comfort her. Now that she has both children, it seems that every comfort she uttered from her mouth can be turned into a sharp sword to pierce Deng's heart.

Fortunately, Fei Deng did not continue this topic, but talked about something else: "Speaking of which, don't believe me. When I first met you, I had a hunch that we might be a family."

Shao Xun was a little surprised. When talking to Deng, he always had an unexpected feeling: "What do you say?"

Deng thought of the way the emperor looked at this amazingly beautiful little girl silently with a hazy feeling, and she couldn't help but smile: "It's a premonition, and it turned out to be good. Let's not just do it." Are you married?"

Shao Xun was stunned for a moment-there was only one serious concubine of Deng, and that was the emperor's wife, the Empress of the palace. Even if Shao Xun was the head of the concubines, he could not bear the term.


Deng seemed to know what she was going to say, she shook her head to stop it, and then said: "There are no outsiders here. What are you afraid of? I have to say that if I think so in my heart. No one else is worthy."

Shao Xun's mind seemed to flash something quickly—the meaning of Fei Deng's words was not only to express his favor with her, but more importantly, the disdain and coldness towards the Empress in these words were also cryptic and indifferent. In place.

It has never been before.

Deng was very kind when facing the Empress Dowager, the eldest princess, and even the Empress herself. She did not show any dissatisfaction, but in front of Shao Xun, she was…

Both the emperor and Deng had a deep aversion to the Empress who is now guarding herself. Why?

Fei Deng saw the doubts and thoughts on Shao Xun's face, but she never waited for her to ask questions. An accident flashed in her eyes, and she felt that the child was more interesting.

She slowly said: "Sometimes, I envy you very much."

Shao Xun didn't ask her what she envied her, because she thought to herself that if she were the Deng clan, she would feel that she had too many things.

Deng looked at Zhao Yanshu, who was holding her mother's hand and walking obediently without saying a word, and whispered softly: "Your Majesty is a firm person. When you get along with him, you must feel safe and don't worry about anything."

"I don't envy anything else, but this is enough to make people jealous."

From her words, Shao Xun could hear that Deng seemed to know the emperor very well, and she couldn't help but get her spirits in advance, "Do you know what happened to your Majesty? Can you tell me about it?"

At other times, she looks very dignified and decent, likes and dislikes are not obvious, and when she talks to others, she mainly listens. She listens carefully and is not perfunctory. She can see that she is thinking, but when she really expresses her opinion. There are not many, every word is said very carefully, this is hardly like a grand lady who has been doted by her since she was a child.

The two had spoken for such a long time. This was the first time Deng Fei had seen what she was interested in, and her eyes couldn't hide the yearning.

That kind of gentle and bright.

The usual hidden emotions, thoughts and…love, just like this opened the amazing tip of the iceberg.

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