A cool breeze hits at night.

Yingguo Gongfu, Langgan Xiaozhu.

The door of the room was rustling by the wind. Because it was summer, the windows in the room were deliberately opened by the maids to dissipate the air, but they didn't want the weather to change suddenly. There was a strong wind in the middle of the night, accompanied by a faint transmission. Lightning thunder, it is exactly the appearance of a heavy rain.

The wind blew the bed tent through the window, and the cold breath instantly seeped into the bed curtains, but the girl who was sleeping curled up on the bed was sweaty, her eyelids trembling, her teeth clenched. Tightly, after a long time, he sat up and finally opened his eyes, free from the nightmare.

The big maid Yuhu, who was vigil on the second couch, was awakened by the sound of wind and thunder. She hurriedly got up in her clothes, lit the candlestick and walked to the bed to see if her host was frightened. Just a few steps away, she keenly heard the bed coming up. Depressed and heavy gasps.

Yuhu was taken aback at once, and quickly opened the bed sheet, but saw that the girl had already sat up, panting for her chest, her forehead was still oozing sweat, which was particularly obvious under the dim candlelight.

"Girl! But was frightened by thunder?"

Yuhu quickly wrapped the girl in a thin quilt, hugged her and comforted: "Good girl, don't be afraid."

Looking at the fifteen or sixteen year-old girl on the bed, she was the eldest lady of the original wife of this mansion, named Shao Xun.

She was shuddering and shrank in Yuhu's arms, her fingers tightly grasping the hem of her clothes, and she was speechless for a long time.

Seeing Yuhu, he patted her on the back to comfort her, and said: "It's all big girls, why are you still so scared by thunder?"

Shao Xun's emotions gradually calmed down, and he shook his head while lying on Yuhu's lap: "It wasn't that I was scared by thunder, I, I seemed to have a nightmare…"

Yuhu said: "What did you dream about?"

Shao Xun twisted her eyebrows and thought about it carefully, but she only remembered a few fragmentary pictures. She rubbed her forehead vigorously: "I have always dreamed these few days, but I can't remember what I dreamed of. A woman is about to hit me…"

The specific appearance of the woman in her mind was very vague, but the hideous impression was deeply impressed in Shao Xun's mind, which made her feel terrified when she thought of the picture.

The wind was getting stronger and stronger, and after the lightning passed, a thunderstorm passed by, and Shao Xun couldn't help but tremble.

Yuhu touched her face and softly persuaded, "Who in this world dares to do something to you? Dreams are all fake, so don't be afraid."

As she said, gently moved her head back to the jade pillow: "Go to bed quickly, the son will be back to Beijing tomorrow morning. Wouldn't it be okay to go to see your brother with enough energy after sleeping?"

Shao Xun had almost calmed down, and smiled lightly when he heard these words: "When he comes back, he must first greet Daren and Furen, and it doesn't matter to me."

Yuhu said, "Nevertheless, it's a real brother, he must miss you very much in his heart. If you go to see him earlier, wouldn't it make him happy?"

"What kind of relationship?" Shao Xun half-closed his eyes: "The brothers and sisters in this mansion are all relatives. Who wasn't born by one father?"

Yingguo Gongfu was the top honor of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and the predecessor of the country was also the grandfather of the dynasty who fought in the south and the north, and laid down these thousands of miles of beautiful rivers and mountains. He is a true founding father of the country, and he is cautious in his words and deeds. , Never arrogant, extravagant and prostitious, and had a life with Taizuye, the emperor and his ministers, and the portrait is still in the palace.

The current Yingguo Duke Shao Zhenyu is the father of Shao Xun. He has five children. The eldest son and the eldest daughter are from the original wife, and the second son is from the concubine. After the death of the original partner, he married the successor, and the successor gave birth to a younger son and daughter.

Of these five children, there are three different biological mothers.

Yuhu opened his mouth, but couldn't say anything else.

Shao Xun just said that if outsiders heard it, they would think it was talking about the disharmony of family members. The half-brothers and sisters are not separated from each other, but Yuhu is a family-born person in the mansion, and she stays with the young lady all the time. What is there? Everything is clear in your heart, how can you not know the implication of what your girl said?

She is just a girl, even more decent than others, but she still can't say or dare to say some things. She can only silently guard her girl and accompany her through this thunderstorm night.

After a while, Yuhu saw that Shao Xun seemed to be asleep, so he stood up lightly, thinking of resting on the couch, and not wanting to be caught by Shao Xun's wrist as soon as he stood up.


Shao Xun's eyes did not open, and there was no panic when he was awakened by a nightmare, but his voice was still soft: "Sister Yuhu, come up and sleep with me."

Yuhu thought for a while. She was afraid that she would be caught by Nightmare again, so she nodded and agreed. She closed the window tightly, and lay down beside Shao Xun without putting out the candle.

After a while, just as Yuhu was about to fall asleep, I heard Shao Xun suddenly speak dullly: "Sister, get up early tomorrow morning and call me."

Yuhu was stunned, sighed quietly, and then said softly: "Don't worry."


In the morning of the second day, Yuhu really awakened Shao Xun early and called other sisters into the house to serve.

The several maids were accustomed to attending to Shao Xun. It didn't take long for him to enter the door. The bed was made and the water was flowed. There were only regulars, and there were many people in the room, but they were not messy.

Shao Xun washed her face and sat at the table. The maid Lizhu combed her hair and joked with a smile: "The girl got up early today. I'm afraid I heard the news yesterday. I can't wait to see my brother."

After hearing this, Yuhu hurriedly winked at Lizhu, telling her not to open which pot or lift which one, but did not want Lizhu's eyes to be staring at the silver mirror on the dressing table to give Shao Xun a haircut, and did not notice Yuhu prompt.

Unexpectedly, Shao Xun did not behave strangely. She followed Lizhu's words and said: "Big brother has been out of Beijing for more than half a year, not to mention me, even my father and mother will miss it."

Last night, it was only because of deep thoughts at night and nightmares that disturbed the mind. This magnified the emotions hidden in the weekdays by several times, and a half-sentence came out of the mouth. Now the blue sky is white, the reason has been restored, Shao Xun's nature can be considered cheerful, so naturally she will no longer be confined and resentful.

Shao Xun stopped combing children's hair styles last year and she wore a jewellery plate with a more complicated bun than before. She pointed to a bead hairpin and motioned to the glass bead to help put it on, listening to Liucui who was on the bed curtain smiling. : "Shizi Ye has always been loose on hand, so he may decide what good things to bring to the girl."

The eldest son in their mouth was the brother from the same mother as Shao Xun, Shao Kui, who was also the eldest son of Yingguo Gongfu, and the heir to a certainty. Naturally, no one could be dismissing him.

Shao Xun looked relaxed: "If I get a good thing today, I won't be able to lose money to you fans. When the time comes, one person will be rewarded with one month's money, which will be paid out of the account in my room."

Lizhu was younger than Shao Xun at two years, and was immediately delighted. Yuhu was naturally happy to see that Shao Xun was in a good mood, but he did not forget to say something strange: "The girl has to give these two small rewards for three days and two ends. The hoof is spoiled."

Shao Xun smiled at himself in the mirror: "It's okay, it's not a bad thing for girls to be more spoiled."

Lizhu looked at Shao Xun who was smiling slightly in the mirror, and she was a little silly unconsciously:

"Girls, girls are so pretty…"

This is not Lizhu's deliberate flattery. Shao Xun is indeed very beautiful. A few years ago, when she was still young, she could see her extraordinary appearance. In recent days, she has gradually grown up, and her original immature appearance has gradually become allure. Come.

The facial features seem to be carefully carved by the gods, all of them are exquisite and delicate. The eyebrows are like distant mountains, the eyes are like bright stars, and the nose is like the corner of a snow mountain. It is small and straight without losing its beauty. The lips are well-defined with vermilion. The color and lustre, and a slight smile, can make a person desperate. Her skin was flawless and crystal clear like white jade, she was cheating on Saixue, and the daily dressing maids would not even give her powder, lest she stain her good color.

Such a face is not an exaggeration to say that a beauty is stunning.

However, because of the nightmare, Shao Xun couldn't sleep well for several days. A faint blue shadow appeared inevitably now, and she looked less complex than before, so Lizhu applied a layer of powder to cover her.

Putting on a newly made blue-purple embroidered white magnolia-breasted Confucian dress, Shao Xun ate two snacks perfunctorily to fill his stomach, and then took someone to the main courtyard Rong'an Hall to greet Yingguo couple.

Although I got up early today, Shao Xun actually didn't feel that I would see my brother if I went early. After all, there is still some distance from the city gate to Yingguo Gongfu, plus the drag of seven or eighty-eight, maybe he can only get in at noon. It.

When I arrived at the main courtyard, I heard the crisp laughter from the room before entering the door.

Shao Xun was puzzled—this is the voice of her younger sister Shao Qiong. She is not healthy, and she sleeps a little longer than others every day. In addition, she arrived earlier today. It stands to reason that she should have not gotten up yet. Why? …

The girl with the curtain at the door was taken aback when she saw Shao Xun, and then hurriedly opened the curtain to wait for her to enter the room: "Why the girl came so early today…"

Without thinking about it, Shao Xun walked in and walked around the screen. He looked up and saw that the whole family was there.

Father Shao Zhenyu, the Yingguo Duke, and Mrs. Zheng, sitting side by side on the Luohan's bed above him. Zheng returned a 14-five-year-old girl in her arms. The girl was lying on Zheng's shoulder and said something coquettishly. It caused Zheng to twist her little nose affectionately.

On the other hand, two people sitting on the chair of the Yingguo main room were also talking. One was a young man, and he was a teenager at first glance, and the other was a young man in his early twenties, born with long eyebrows and stars, very handsome and facial features. Zhong seems to be somewhat similar to Shao Xun, and it is Shao Kui, the son of Yingguo Duke.

The people in the room had a good time and got along just right, but they didn't expect to see Shao Xun come in, but their voices stopped for a while.

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