The atmosphere was quiet for a few breaths, but Zheng was the first to react. She smiled and waved to Shao Xun: "Good child, come here soon."

Shao Xun's expression on his face could not see any change, so she stepped forward, respectfully blessing:

"The daughter greets the father and mother."

Yingguo Duke nodded: "Your brother has just entered the door, go and meet him."

Shao Xun turned his head and walked in front of Shao Kui, and bowed his knees slightly and saluted: "Big Brother, it's been a long time since I saw you, is this a good way?"

Shao Kui is very upright, but when he saw his sister who hadn't seen him for half a year, his expression softened slightly: "Everything is fine…Ah Xun, you have grown a lot taller."

"You have been away for almost a year." Shao Xun's change is not only in her height. The flesh on her cheeks has been reduced a bit, she has become thinner and more beautiful, and her smiling eyes have a thin light. Like the autumn waters of two bays, the beauty is so beautiful that people don't dare to look directly at it.

Shao Kui was very pleased.

At this time, the girl in Zheng's arms jumped off and slid to Shao Kui's side dissatisfiedly: "Big brother also look at me, hasn't he grown taller?"

She opened his arms like a show and turned in a circle.

Before Shao Kui could speak, the young man sitting next to him laughed: "Ah Qiong, you are too slow to grow up, and I have been shooed by me."

Shao Qiong took the kerchief to shake him, and said, "Shao Ying, don't be big or small, you want to call my sister!"

These two are twin sisters and brothers, only less than two years younger than Shao Xun.

Shao Kui quickly pulled them away, touched Shao Qiong and Shao Ying's heads separately, and said in a warm voice, "You two have grown up too. Don't mess around anymore."

Shao Xun looked at them with a smile. Zheng saw him and beckoned her to sit next to him.

"Your eldest brother actually arrived in the suburbs of Beijing yesterday, but unfortunately it was too late, and the city gate was already closed by a curfew. This morning, he hurried home as soon as the city gate was opened. Your father and I waited for him to enter the middle gate before we got the news. He hurriedly prepared to pick him up, and this caused Ah Qiong to make trouble, and Ah Ying's yard was close again…"

This is to explain why their family of five reunited without notifying Shao Xun.

Shao Xun nodded: "I said how come back so early, I thought maybe I would get noon."

While talking here, Shao Kui picked up the box that was placed on the high side next to him again: "Ah Xun, I bought this outside. Come and see if it fits your mind."

Of course Shao Xun was happy. She walked over and opened it. It turned out to be a pair of jade bracelets. It was not too rare, but the carvings were good and the styles were fresh. It was a pattern of magpie climbing branches carved out of sapphire material and hollowed out. It is very delicate and quite wild.

Shao Xun originally liked delicate and delicate objects, and her brother gave them to her, so she couldn't put it down, so she immediately put it on his wrist.

Shao Qiong walked over and took a look, stretched out her wrist and said, "Sister, look, who is good-looking?"

Shao Xun saw that she was wearing a bracelet of the same style on her wrist, but it was made of white jade. She knew that it was also given by Shao Kui, and she smiled: "The styles are exactly the same, they are all good."

In fact, the value of self-made white jade is higher than that of sapphire, but Shao Xun is not short of cost, and the abundance on hand is not worse than Shao Kui. He did not take the difference between the two types of jade into his heart, compared to the bracelet. Value, she prefers her brother's careful selection of gifts.

The brothers and sisters finished the old ones, and Shao Zhenyu began to talk business.

"A few days later, it will be the birthday of Shu fei Niangniang, Ah Kui came back today, and he just happened to be able to catch up." He said to Shao Kui: "Niangniang said that she hadn't seen you for some time, so she will have a good rest today, and let her go to the palace together. Good for a look."

Shu fei Niangniang in the palace was born in Yingguo Gongfu. She was Shao Zhenyu's cousin and the aunts of Shao Xun's brothers and sisters. She entered the palace early and gave birth to third prince for the present-day saint. After more than ten years, she reached a first grade imperial concubine position. The position of the imperial concubine can be regarded as one of the most respectable among the concubines.

Shao Zhenyu told Shao Xun again: "Niangniang loves you on weekdays, and she calls you into the palace a lot of times, and I am familiar with it. You and your mother will take good care of your sister. Give me a little bit more. She has an offensive temper. Don't make a mistake."

Shao Xun solemnly agreed.

Shao Qiong was upset. She was next to Shao Zhenyu and said dissatisfied: "I have also been in the palace, so why can I easily make mistakes?"

Shao Zhenyu is a strict father. Even if he loves his little daughter, he will not put it on his face. He can only say with a straight face: "Your sister often enters the palace and is more familiar with the rules of the palace. You only see Shu fei two or three times a year. , Can't touch any tune, how can this be the same… Also, be polite when you meet the third prince, don't be as casual as you are to your brothers and sisters, people are not used to you."

This was actually a deep concern, but Shao Qiong was a little depressed and scared. When Zheng saw it, he hugged and comforted him: "Stupid boy, your father is worried about you, but don't be afraid. The third prince is very gentle and doesn't believe it. You ask your sister."

Shao Xun nodded: "Your Royal Highness treats others politely and does not easily get angry. People in the palace know this, so my sister don't have to worry."

In fact, Shao Qiong had seen this royal cousin before, but the two were not familiar with each other and hadn't said a few words. After listening to Shao Xun's assurance, he relaxed again.

Zheng touched Shao Qiong's cheek: "Your sister often gets along with the Third Highness, she naturally knows it best."

Shao Zhenyu nodded, but on the other side he suddenly moved, and subconsciously glanced at Shao Xun with the left side.

Zheng continued: "By the way, there is also the second young master, let him come back too, and then take a leave and join us."

He was talking about Shao Zhenyu's second son, Shao Hui. This second young master was born in the same age as Shao Xun. He is now studying at the Imperial College, where he has board and lodging, and he does not often go home.

Shao Zhenyu returned to his senses, he thought for a moment, and then said: "Qiu Wei is still more than two months away. It is the time to prepare with peace of mind. There is no need to call him too much."

No one objected to this, but Shao Xun clearly saw the face of Concubine Chen who was standing on the side dimmed suddenly. From full of expectation to disappointment, it was just a blink of an eye.

Shao Zhenyu had high expectations for the eldest son, and he could not help but exhorted a few words carefully before letting them leave.

Shao Qiong was spoiled by the Zheng family since she was a child, and now she still lives in the west wing of the main courtyard, and Shao Ying's courtyard is next to the main courtyard, not on the same road with Shao Xun brothers and sisters.

Shao Xun and his brother walked back together. Although their siblings were born by the same mother, they were four or five years old different in age, and the difference between men and women was not so close. They both wanted to open their mouths to break the silence, but I don't know where to start.

Shao Xun hesitated for a moment, and was plucking up the courage to speak, when Shao Qiong's voice suddenly came from behind:

"Big brother, big brother! Wait for me!"

Then she ran over with her skirt panting: "You, you are walking too fast!"

Shao Kui frowned slightly, and patted her back to help her smoothly: "You have always been in poor health, why are you running in such a hurry?"

Although Shao Qiong is not in time, she already has the appearance of a big girl, only a little shorter than Shao Xun, and a little fuller in stature, with thin eyebrows and apricot eyes, small cherry mouth, standing there pretty. Very cute.

"My mother asked me to tell you that my cousin Zheng's family would come to see you when he heard that you came back."

Hearing the words Cousin, Shao Xun lowered his head slightly, somewhat uncomfortable, and Shao Kui also glanced at her, with a faint smile in his eyes, only to stop seeing her ashamed.

"That's it?" Shao Kui said, "Send someone to tell me, why do you need to take a trip."

Shao Qiong took his arm and acted like a baby: "I'm not thinking about my brother, I want to say a few more words to you."

I said something as if I remembered something: "By the way, I haven't thank you for the gadgets you brought me…"

Shao Kui was taken aback, and he was about to stop immediately, but unfortunately it was too late, so the words had already been said:

"That set of makeup, the small comb and the mirror inside are so beautiful, I also like the carved doll!"

Shao Xun's lips were pursed, and when Shao Qiong turned his head and said to herself in a crisp voice: "Sister, you didn't see it, don't mention it more fresh, I will bring it to you when I look back.

Shao Xun exhaled and said softly, "Well, I will go to your room to see it another day."

Shao Kui glanced at her, said a few words to Shao Qiong, and coaxed her back.

The two brothers and sisters were still walking side by side. Shao Kui thought for a moment and explained: "They are all gadgets bought at random on the street. They are not worth any money… The objects in the makeup are all Made of ordinary wood."

Seeing Shao Xun nodded calmly, without saying anything, he said gently: "Ah Qiong is younger than you, and weaker since childhood. We should be more siblings, and we should not be too careless about small things. Compete and compete with younger brothers and sisters."

Today, who followed Shao Xun was that Lizhu and Liucui were very happy to have received the award, but after entering the main courtyard, this morning, the original happiness flew out of the clouds without knowing it, and followed with a full stomach and dissatisfaction. Later, but now they have to listened to the good teachings of Shizi Ye to their girl.

Liucui had a more aggressive temperament, and she couldn't help but say something when she was dragged back by the corner of her clothes.

Shao Xun was not angry. A breeze blew the hair from her temples to her cheeks. She stretched out her hand and gently brushed it away. Then she said, "Big brother thinks too much, do I want anything? How can I covet something from my sister."

Shao Kui took a look at her, and saw that she was indeed calm and didn't seem to be angry, so he relaxed, and then thanked her with satisfaction:

"Sure enough, I have grown up. I remember that I had gotten more good things for Ah Qiong Ah Ying than you. I would get angry and lose my temper, which made my mother hard to do, and I was very arrogant. Now I am more sensible."

"How long ago was that?" Shao Xun mentioned the corner of his mouth: "It's hard for the eldest brother to remember…"

"It's really been a long time. I remember that grandmother was still alive, and her old man always loved you."


… Shao Xun's grandmother, Yingguo Duke's mother, has been dead for eight years.

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