Shao Xun took off the new undergarment she had worn this morning and replaced it with something else, and the jade pot came in with the tea set.

"Sister Yuhu, why don't you sleep a little longer."

She watched the night last night, so she shouldn't be on duty today.

Yuhu hesitated for a moment, and said, "I'm not sleepy, I just miss the girl in my heart and want to come and see."

In fact, after Shao Xun returned to the house, she sent Luzhi and Liucao away, and she was alone in the house, and Yuhu was not at ease.

When she saw that the two girls were in a bad mood, she asked, even if Lizhu had to be more stable this time, she couldn't help feeling that her anger was rushing towards the sky, let alone Liucui.

The two of you told me everything.

"Make the girl look like an outsider…"

"We are sapphire, and others are white jade. Since even the styles are the same, why don't we have a flat bowl of water, who is the son of the world sending?"

"But she's a little over a year younger than our girl, and she's weak… She ran fast and alive…"

"Teach people about the girl's five or six years old…"

Yuhu knew what was going on after hearing the beginning, she sighed secretly, and after a few words of persuasion, she came to the main room.

"Why did the girl change her clothes?"

Shao Xun pointed to the skirt and said, "Isn't this a mistake? It was so heavy rain last night, muddy water accumulated on the road, and the skirt corners were dirty."

Yuhu let out an "Ah", and went forward to check it carefully, and finally had to feel distressed: "This is a fine blue dyed fine brocade. You may not get a horse for a hundred and ten taels of silver, and it is so delicate that it cannot be touched. Water, it's a shame to wear this new skirt only once when it's done."

Shao Xun's biological mother was born in a large family, and Yingguo Gongfu would not covet the dowry left by the original wife. These countless gold and silver wealth were under the control of the old lady before the farm shop. Before she died, she took them roughly the same. Divided into two, they were given to Shao Kui and Shao Xun.

Shao Kui is a military attache, not so concerned about money. His share is only to maintain his expenses, but Shao Xun's share is that she is serious about operating. In terms of the inheritance left by her mother, she is richer than her brother.

Although Shao Kui has subsidies from Yingguo Gongfu and his own salary, which is not comparable to Shao Xun's, but he is better than her can make the decision on his own, and she does not have to support the public if she wants to buy anything, so she usually doesn't do much. Publicity, but there are a lot of good things.

But even so, this fine brocade yarn is also a rare thing, no wonder the jade pot is so distressed. Yuhu hesitated to speak but stopped: "Shizi Ye today…"

Speaking of this, but didn't know what to say, instead, Shao Xun took off a pair of bracelets from his wrists and showed her generously: "Here, that's it."

Yuhu took it over and rubbed the not-expensive gift carefully: "Girl, Shizi Ye just thinks that the second girl should be taken care of because she's young…"

"I know, so I'm not angry, I'm not angry."

Shao Xun turned his head back and met Yuhu's gaze. The two looked at each other for a long while.


She breathed out abruptly and sat on the bedside: "Well, I admit that I was a little angry."

Yuhu sat quietly beside her, watching her cheeks bulge slightly, showing a little bit of anger in childhood.

Shao Xun stretched out his hand and gestured: "Only a little bit… after all, he and I were born from the same mother, but he is not as affectionate to me as he is to Ah Qiong. If I don't mind at all, it must be a lie."

Yuhu wanted to say something, but was stopped by Shao Xun. She continued: "But no one can do anything about the relationship between people and people, and I may be naturally unpleasant, and I can't force others to get close to me."

"It's too low for a girl to say this," Yuhu said, "It's not that you are unpleasant, but that the second girl was born prematurely. She was always sick in three disasters when she was a child. A man, a man, is poor in nature. What's more, we grew up under the knees of the old lady. It's no better than when she and the third young master grew up in the main house. They often get along with the sons of the world. There are still three points of love when they meet. The sons can't save face and are partial to you, but you are dear. Brother and sister, he must be closer to you in his heart."

Shao Xun knew that it was not the case. She was not as lovable as her younger sister. This can be seen by anyone with a discerning eye. Aside from his stepmother, Furen, the father, brothers and sisters in the family are more partial to her sister. Sometimes she sees them in Together, they are like a family. She doesn't fit in when they come together. The fate is like this, and it doesn't change who is closer to whose blood.

It's not that you don't care, but it's useless to care about it. If you don't get the love you want, you will insist on forcing it, it will only be humiliating and make people feel despised.

When people grow up, you have to admit that there are things you can't get no matter how hard you work.

Yuhu was the girl who followed the old lady since she was a child. She was a few years older than Shao Xun. She stayed with her since she was still in her infancy, and was later directly given to Shao Xun. From then on, she was filled with her own girl. Naturally, I feel that no one in the world dislikes her, and Shao Xun no longer argues, just said:

"Okay, put the bracelet away. Brother gave it to you. Be careful and don't break it."

Yuhu originally wanted to persuade her to wear it on her body, so as to show her love to the world, but thinking about the pile of things that the second girl had overcharged, she couldn't help but feel the response to this bracelet, and finally put it into the box according to the instructions.


On the second day, Shao Xun was trying on the clothes at the Shu fei's birthday banquet under the service of the maids, and he saw the maids who needed to be used in the courtyard to pass on:

"The girl, go and take a look at Rong'an tang. The young master and the girl over there are here, talking to the lady!"

Before Shao Xun could react, Liucui laughed out loud with a "pounce": "Girl, hurry up and dress nicely."

Several girls covered their mouths and laughed.

It's no wonder that the so-called big Zhang master Zheng Yunqiao is the cousin of Shao Xun's family. His father Zheng Yongming is the elder brother of Shao Xun's biological mother Zheng Yongqing. The two brothers and sisters had a good relationship in the past. Zheng Yunqiao was born first. After Zheng Yongqing became pregnant, the two jokingly mentioned that if the child in the womb is a girl, in the future they will be betrothed to his cousin as a daughter-in-law.

It is a pity that Zheng Yongqing died of dystocia when she was born in Shao Xun. This incident has not passed the Ming Road, but there is some tacit understanding in the two government centers. It is estimated that the next generation will be able to have another in-laws. Therefore, when Zheng Yunqiao is mentioned, she must first think of Missy. Shao Xun.

Shao Xun patted Liucui lightly and couldn't help but smile.

Zheng Yunqiao is gentle and unrestrained, and his demeanor is reasonable. In recent years, he has also been particularly gentle with Shao Xun. He is different from others. In addition, whether he is an elder or his elder brother, he always hints at this marriage intentionally or unintentionally. Shao Xun does not face him. It may really be completely heart-stopping.

This cousin is good-looking, good-born, and temperamental. What is rare is that he is not the arrogant air of ordinary officials. Shao Xun's eyes are not in the sky, and it is normal for her to have a faint feeling in her heart.

But this time, unfortunately, when I arrived at Rong'an Hall, I saw my aunt Gong Sun talking with Zheng, and there was only 14-year-old cousin Yun Ling next to her.

Seeing Shao Xun coming in, Zheng smiled and said, "You are too late. The son, Yun Qiao and An Ying are out riding horses. Come and talk to your sister Yun Ling."

Shao Xun was taken aback, because she came as soon as she got the news and didn't delay too much. How could she be too late?

But this thought just passed by in a flash, and she didn't think much about it, so she stepped forward to meet the Gong Sun family first.

Gong Sun nodded with a faint smile, turned her head and said to Zheng: "Sister, you're getting better at training people. Look at these two daughters who have been out for many weeks, unlike our Linger, who are still a hairy girl. ."

It is naturally not a coincidence that the current Yingguao father-in-law is also surnamed Zheng.

She is Zheng Yongqing's concubine sister, in terms of blood relationship, or Shao Kui and Shao Xun's aunt.

When Zheng Yongqing passed away in a difficult childbirth, her son was okay, he was almost five years old, and he was brought up by the old Yingguo Duke himself. The problem was not too big. But the daughter is still in her infancy and cannot be left unattended. The Zheng family is not at ease as a maternal grandfather. Therefore, the two families together, simply marry the concubine in and take care of the daughter for the older sister. This aunt is definitely better than the outside woman. Care about nephew.

It stands to reason that even if the concubine girl is a continuation, it is not easy to be the wife of the Guogongfu, but Shao Zhenyu experienced the pain of bereavement at that time, and he pitied his newborn daughter even more, thinking that his wife's sister was indeed It's even more reassuring, and it must be more sincere to take care of her daughter, and this is where I agree.

Therefore, after Shao Zhenyu kept his wife's filial piety for a year, Zheng entered the door and became Shao Xun's stepmother and began to take care of her daily life.

Unexpectedly, Zheng was pregnant as soon as he entered the door. If she was too tired, Shao Xun was temporarily put under his grandmother's lap. Later, Zheng gave birth and gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix fetuses. Taking care of it was extremely troublesome. Shao Zhenyu also She no longer asked her to raise her stepdaughter. Shao Xun lived in her grandmother's house until the age of eight. She moved to Langgan Xiaozhuzhong to live alone until the old woman's death.

Gong Sun is not only Zheng Yongqing's sister-in-law, but also Zheng's sister-in-law, so the two have a lot to say, which is different from the awkward relationship between the original wife's maternal family and the follow-up family.

The two elders were greeting each other, and Zheng Yunling took Shao Xun to chat with her.

She was young, at the age of lively and active, and she was full of chattering to her cousin.

"Big brother and cousin, too, just ride a horse, what about bringing our sisters? It's so boring to have to leave me behind."

Shao Xun squeezed her face lightly and said, "I'm afraid it's not because you are holding back, right?"

"I don't care. My mother cares about me so tightly, she didn't know how to ride a horse." Zheng Yunling was a little envious as she said: "Cousin, I envy you so much, my aunt is not so strict with you, you I don't scold you when I'm free to learn these things…I'm so comfortable."

Shao Xun didn't answer the conversation, but just smiled and said, "It will be the birthday banquet of Shu fei, will you enter the palace with your aunt then?"

"I can't go!" Zheng Yunling looked unwilling: "My mother said that I am not young anymore, let me learn more rules at home, lest I always go out ashamed… She always despises me."

"My aunt only loves you, so why would I despise you… Could it be that you have caused some misfortune to prevent you from going out, right?"

"No." After Zheng Yunling denied it, she hesitated, and whispered in Shao Xun's ear: "Cousin, don't tell others… I'll listen to you."

Her face turned a little red: "My mother… want to show me people."

Shao Xun suddenly realized, but he was a little confused: "Is it so early? You are only fourteen this year, right?"

The children of Great Zhou got married relatively late, mostly between the ages of sixteen and twenty. More unruly men were unwilling to be bound after they got married, and there were a lot of people who were not married after the crown.

Shao Xun knew that some people like to look good and get married a few years later, but he didn't expect Zheng Yunling to do the same.

Zheng Yunling is rarely shy: "Well, but my mother said that everyone started thinking about this at this age, and we must plan early, the sooner the better, otherwise the good will be picked."

Shao Xun listened, but did not speak for a while.

Seeing her look startled, Zheng Yunling thought of something, and couldn't help regretting that he was quick to speak, and said hurriedly: "Cousin, you don't have to worry about yourself, this is not my brother…"

Shao Xun reacted and quickly covered her mouth: "Shut up…what are you talking about?"

Zheng Yunling held Shao Xun's hand and jokingly said: "I told you not to worry, you are much more convenient than us, this ready-made person is right in front of you…haha."

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