Unknowingly, Shao Xun's face was even redder than Zheng Yunling's, and she was still faintly hot. She interrupted: "You still say!"

After Zheng Yunling finally stopped laughing, Shao Xun said: "You little girl knows what is ready-made, so you can't say this in the future."

"I'm not young, cousin, believe it or not I know more about this than you, haha!"

When Shao Xun heard this, she instinctively felt that there was something in the words, and hurriedly asked. Zheng Yunling laughed with her for a long time before chuckling and saying to her: "I heard my mother talk to the mother in the room the other day about my brother's age. It's time to discuss marriage, and the mother said…just like, 'Aren't there any ready-made ones in Yingguo Gongfu?' You say, who does she mean?"

Shao Xun was indeed a little shy in his heart, but seeing Zheng Yunling blinking with a smirk, she knew that the more serious she behaved, the more serious this cousin's jokes would end, and she asked as if she were normal: "You Who do you think you are talking about?"

Zheng Yunling stared at her for a long time, and didn't read the shyness that she liked or liked from her expression. She couldn't help lying back on the Luohan bed: "Oh, it's really boring."

Shao Xun lay down side by side with her: "I don't know if Big Brother is playing high or not."

"Riding a horse, of course it's interesting, but it didn't take me."

"Don't worry." Shao Xun turned his head to comfort her: "After a while the weather will cool down, I will go to the suburban Zhuangzi to check the harvest. By the way, I will stay for a while. You will come to me and want to play. Anything will do, let's not take them."

"Really?!" Zheng Yunling came to the spirit, she was also suffocated for a while, so she could stand up for a while: "You are not allowed to coax me."

Shao Xun smiled: "Whoever coaxes you to become a puppy."

Zheng Yunling jumped up and hugged Shao Xun: "Good sister, you are so kind!"

Shao Xun smiled and shaved her nose.

After saying this for a long time, until the two of them were a little tired when lying down, they fell asleep with their heads against their heads unknowingly.


"Cousin? Cousin!"

Shao Xun was awakened in a daze, looking at Zheng Yunling in front of him, with a little dazed: "What's the matter?"

Zheng Yunling said: "Do you know if you have a nightmare? When you fell asleep, you were shivering while gritting your teeth."

Shao Xun pressed his forehead with his veil, and straightened up indifferently: "Maybe it's getting hotter and hotter these days, and I can't sleep well every night. I'm used to dreaming and dreaming. Anyway, I can remember very few… …It's just that it's true that you don't sleep well."

She sees everything okay now, but the appearance of struggling in the dream just now makes Zheng Yunling a little worried. She just wanted to say something, but she heard the sound of outside voices, and soon there was a maid to announce: "Big girl, cousin, madam uncle I'm telling you to go out."

It turned out that the Gong Sun had had enough chat with the Zheng clan, and she was ready to go back.

"Yun Qiao and the others don't know when it will arrive. There is still a mess at home. I don't want to wait for someone with old arms and legs. Let him go to his own house."

Gong Sun pulled Zheng Yunling and bid farewell to the Zheng clan again.

Zheng couldn't keep it, so he got up and took Shao Xun to send them out.

All the way to the Chuihuamen, Gong Sun asked Zheng not to send it again, and asked as if thinking of something: "I just saw Ah Qiong's ruddy complexion and good looks, but she couldn't see any shortcomings on her body."

Zheng smiled and said: "This has been for many years, and she has been raised a long time ago. The doctor said that she is healthier than ordinary girls, but her father and brother love her, so he is extra careful."

Gong Sun nodded, wondering if she had been with the little sister of Zheng for a long time, and the smile on her face was exactly the same: "That can't be better, but the appearance is second. Good health and temperament are more important than anything else."

Zheng said: "Don't brag about it. She was taken too much by her father and the eldest son. She is still innocent and innocent like a child, with no heart at all. I'm about to die of sorrow."

Shao Xun and Zheng Yunling hand in hand to say goodbye, and stood together listening to Gong Sun's saying: "What's wrong with this, what else should people like us worry about with her?"

Zheng Yun moved the corners of his mouth wisely, and stepped forward to support his mother: "Mother, it's getting late."

Gong Sun nodded and looked at Shao Xun when she left. She stood there with a graceful pavilion and a long and white neck. Her eyes were slightly curved upwards at the corners of her eyes. They were extremely soft and delicate, as beautiful as a picture. The picture album with excellent meticulous brushwork, in this summer, makes people feel that there is a kind of refreshing beauty at a glance.

She is indeed an incomparable beauty, who looks a bit like her dead mother, but is much better than her mother.

She told Shao Xun: "Your grandmother misses you very tightly, don't forget to check it out often."

Shao Xun then watched his aunt and little cousin leave, and then helped Zheng back to the main room.

"Mother," she looked around, somewhat puzzled: "Why didn't you see my sister?"

Zheng sat down and greeted her to drink tea together: "That girl hasn't been able to sit still for a while, maybe she ran to play in which yard, let's ignore her."

Then she remembered something. She took a few purses from the needle and dustpan on the small kang table and handed them over: "I have made some gadgets in my spare time, and you can play with them."

Shao Xun hurriedly declined: "Such a delicate purse, my mother has spent a lot of time trying to come here, so it's better to leave it to my sister."

"What to do for her, this is specially made for you." Zheng caressed her cheek lovingly: "The needles and threads in your yard are all good at craftsmanship, and the clothes are more comfortable than mine. This is only a few things. A purse, nothing can be done, but it's just a matter of mind."

She said that she picked one and hung it on her waist with her own hands, side by side with the belt she had originally carried, and then looked at it: "It looks good, do you like it?"

Shao Xun looked at the purse that she had worked hard on, and nodded earnestly after a long while.


In addition to the hereditary duchy of the kingdom, Shao Zhenyu, Yingguo Duke, also carried the errands of the Great Zhou military governor's governor, and was one of the chiefs in charge of the governor's world.

That night he went back to the government office, and it was not early when he had finished dealing with the tedious official duties.

Zheng didn't eat dinner either, so he waited for her husband to come back, and the couple had a full meal together.

She changed the clothes for Shao Zhenyu, and asked casually: "Master, are things so busy on the yamen? See when this is all up."

Shao Zhenyu finally breathed a sigh of relief while sitting on the couch: "The major and minor wars since the founding of the country have gradually subsided. The generals of the army have inevitably slackened. In recent days, they have been impeached. Your Majesty is quite uneasy. There was no announcement, but we shouldn't take it as ignorance. We have recently stepped up to practice, and we should deal with it earlier, so that we can make up for one or two."

"Then your Majesty didn't say anything? The master is like this, and he is not afraid of ruining his body."

Shao Zhenyu closed his eyes and calmed his mind: "It's really a woman's opinion! The man in the Liangyi Hall has been on the throne for more than ten or twenty years, and now he is becoming more and more unpredictable. When he is not moving, he learns more about himself, and it will be too late when there is any movement."

Zheng groaned: "I'm just afraid that you are exhausted. It's better to have a degree in everything, and it doesn't have to be dripping."

"Who doesn't know this, but the sage has been following the first emperor's Southern Expeditions and the Northern War to lay down this Great Zhou mountain since he was a child. When he first went to the battlefield, he was not high on horseback. The military affairs are far clearer than I know. If you want It's not easy to fool the past… But the main thing here is not the Great Zhou Army's business. Bo Wen Yuan was so scared that he didn't dare to return home. I was just planning ahead."

The Zheng laughed: "That is to say, I don't believe that there is anyone in the Manchu dynasty civil and military who is more decent than ours. Not to mention the face of the husband, there are still women in the palace."

Shao Zhenyu hummed from his nasal cavity: "Shu fei is just the icing on the cake. The matter of Li Chu has been getting upset this time. She and the one in Yongning Palace are smashing each other. Your Majesty has not expressed his attitude, so please don't make trouble. ."

Speaking of Shu fei, he suddenly remembered something, stood up and opened his eyes and asked, "Does Ah Xun go to the palace often these days?"

"What do you ask this for?" Zheng said: "A little bit more diligent than before, but it was all summoned by Shu fei. To say that their aunt and niece are really congenial."

Shao Zhenyu lowered his head and tapped his fingers on the table, but he heard Zheng say again: "Speaking of Ah Xun, she is sixteen years old this year, and she should be married. Although I think she is more important than Ah Qiong. Some, but it's not my mother. I'm afraid that she's going to think about it and create a barrier, so she didn't dare to say anything. Why don't you say a word about your father? Outsiders saw me and thought it was because of me."

These days, when the male lead outside and the female lead the inside, Shao Zhenyu is already busy with the outside affairs. Why is there time to take care of his daughter's marriage? He has long been out of the sky, always thinking that Zheng will take care of it, but now listen to her This injustice seems to be justified.

Shao Zhenyu didn't answer the conversation: "She didn't make any mistakes when she entered the palace, did she? Your Highness…what's your attitude? Are you bored?"

Zheng's expression on his face was puzzled: "Ah Xun is smart, he has always thought more than others, what can be wrong? As for your Highness, a little cousin who has such a good appearance is standing in front of your daughter. Are you willing to show your face?"

Shao Zhenyu was thoughtful, and it took him a long time to ask again: "Have you ever been here today?"

Zheng nodded: "Yeah, after staying for a long time, her person loves politeness again, praised Ah Qiong for the whole afternoon, saying that she is good here or there, I am ashamed of her, you say She is a little girl who doesn't understand anything, she's heartless and silly all day long, far worse than her sister, and the uncle's wife always praises."

Shao Zhenyu said "Well" and vaguely said: "Ah Qiong has his own benefits."

The two were speechless for a while, and Shao Zhenyu went back to the front yard study because he had something to do.

Zheng watched Shao Zhenyu's back go away, then relaxed and leaned on the front pillow, fiddled with the glazed screen on the Kang table.

Mother Liu, who was next to her, opened the curtain and came in from the outside, saying, "Is there any meaning to Niangniang?"

Zheng said: "She made this kind of joke in front of several palace concubines… They are all people who have been in the palace for more than ten years, and the jokes on her lips must be meaningful. It's kind of shadowy."

As she said, a smile appeared on her mouth: "The third prince is of good character, and he is also a nobleman of Tianhuang. Such a character can no longer be chosen. If it is really made, I am worthy of the dead sister."

Mother Liu curled her lips: "If you want me to say, the life of the eldest girl can't be better. What you didn't tell her was that she was wronged to marry her as a continuation when she entered the door. Her stepmother. Now our second girl must have her share of everything she has. She was born as the eldest daughter of the Guogong Mansion. She is the only mother and sister in the world, and she has the eye of Shu fei. It will be uncertain. ……Tsk, it's a fate."

The more she talked, the more she felt unwilling. She couldn't help but tentatively said: "Our girl is no worse than her, and more likable. If we have more contact, will the lady and the third majesty…"

Zheng was originally laughing, but she frowned when she heard this, "Don't mention it again! What is the palace? Is it waiting for idlers to enter? Our home is now, and again There is no lack of further glory and wealth, not to mention the future of the princes is still unknown. When the prince was still pregnant, who would have thought that he would succeed today?"

Mother Liu was stunned when she listened. She looked at her wife in a daze, and didn't speak for a long time.

As Zheng said, he calmed down, and slowly said: "I'm giving birth to Ah Qiong in the palace, so I naturally know that she can't handle it in a place where the sun doesn't see the sun. I'm a mother who doesn't ask her to live. Rich, just hope she can be happy for a lifetime."

Mother Liu paused and said hesitantly: "… Madams have a motherly heart, which is really touching."

She hesitated for a moment and asked, "Who should our girl find?"

Zheng squinted his eyes, and the corners of his lips curled unconsciously: "Naturally, the family can't be too bad. It's the best in the right and knowledgeable family… The family has a simple population, and the elders can really like her, it would be better."

Mother Liu took a deep breath and lowered her head: "Madam said…"

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