The emperor looked at Yu Ya, the strength in his hands was unexpectedly large, but with a fluttering support, the second princess was lifted on horseback almost without reacting.

Princess Kejing in the distance saw this scene. She immediately snorted and pressed the corner of her mouth tightly, as if she was being patient. Then she felt uncomfortable and rebuked the four princesses behind her. What are you doing here? Didn't you see people borrowing the light of outsiders and riding horses with the emperor?!"

The fourth princess Zhao Ruosang is not very old, but she has learned the set of high praise in the palace, and she has learned the set of low steps. She usually doesn't pay much attention to her second sister, but when she sees Princess Kejing, she is like a mouse. Like a cat, I dare not say a word.

But no matter how she was, she was still a child. At this time, she was inexplicably set on fire. She was both scared and disgusted. She couldn't help saying, "Your Majesty didn't call me…"

"What if I didn't call you? Wouldn't I take the initiative to go?"

It sounds good, Zhao Ruosang secretly curled his lips-not to say whether he would be reprimanded for disturbing without permission, even if he hadn't been scolded, if he really took the initiative to talk to his father, this big sister might still be arrogant. It's angry.

Relying on her young age, she said with an innocent look: "Big sister, go."

Princess Kejing glanced at her impatiently: "I am pregnant, how can I ride a horse?"

The fourth princess said: "You don't need to ride a horse. It's good to accompany your Majesty to talk. The eldest sister is most loved by your Majesty. We may be invited back when we go. You will definitely save face when you go to your Majesty."

She was originally just trying to please Princess Kejing, using the emperor's favor to flatter her, but she didn't expect to be in the middle of someone's sore spot, she didn't know how to say it, she was given a stern look, which made the child look inexplicable. .

The second princess over there sat on horseback, her eyes rose suddenly, and she screamed in shock, reflexively wrapping around Shao Xun's waist tightly.

This was a bit of strength, but Shao Xun understood her tension, not only did not cry, but also comforted her face without changing her face: "Yes, that's it. If you are afraid, just hold me and don't worry."

Zhao Ruotong slowly calmed down, only to find that she was lying on Shao Xun's back, scratching her clothes.

She was ashamed and ashamed, her face turned red quietly when she let go, and she apologized in a low voice, "Xun'er, I'm sorry."

Shao Xungang wanted to say that it was not in the way, so the emperor frowned and asked the eunuch behind him: "Who is teaching the princess to ride and shoot? Is it not on duty today? Call him over!"

This is dissatisfied with her daughter's school work, and it means asking the teacher to question her.

The second princess shuddered a little, when she was sensed by Shao Xun in front of her.

I didn't care about it in the early days, and now I blame others when something goes wrong. The teacher is indeed at fault, but shouldn't it be the parents who have no children in the eyes of the most wrong?

Shao Xun was a little annoyed, but it was not easy for him to attack the emperor, so he said to Zhao Ruotong, "Don't worry, Ah Tong, the master who taught you how to ride and shoot before is not close to you, so you are afraid. Let's take your time. I will teach you well. You will be able to ride decently in less than an hour, and you will not be afraid of keeping it at that time."

Zhao Ruotong's eyes turned lightly, and he responded in a low voice: "Yeah."

Sure enough, Shao Xun did not let the day-to-day run too fast. He only drove a slightly faster pace than walking. Walking on the racecourse allowed Zhao Ruotong to adapt to the day-to-day height and movements.

Watching the two girls running away slowly day by day, Kang Li swallowed, and then respectfully asked: "Your Majesty, do you want to pass it over now?"

The emperor didn't speak at first, his thin lips pressed tightly, and he sighed after a while and said, "…no need."

Shao Xun took Zhao Ruotong for a few laps first, and after seeing that she was no longer afraid, he drove her to speed up day by day.

At first, Zhao Ruotong only dared to put her arms around Shao Xun's waist and closed her eyes, not daring to see the rapidly changing scenes around her, but after a while, after she started to adapt, she quietly opened her eyes, and slowly she really didn't. Scared again.

Once she was no longer afraid, she began to experience the excitement and fun of horse riding, and her face couldn't help but a thin layer of blushing from the excitement.

Shao Xun made her play happily for a while, and then gradually reduced her speed: "How about it, isn't it interesting?"

Zhao Ruotong nodded vigorously: "Hmm, I'm really not afraid of it anymore."

While Shao Xun was smiling, he ran slowly past the viewing platform day by day. Zhao Ruotong looked aside, and he caught the emperor who had already returned to the main seat.

She blinked, and gently pressed her mouth to Shao Xun's ear: "Xun'er, Your Majesty is looking at you…"

Shao Xun was startled, and subconsciously wanted to turn his head to look, but Zhao Ruotong fixed the back of his head with one hand: "Don't look back."

Shao Xun was confused: "What's wrong?"

"Xun'er is so good-looking," Zhao Ruotong's voice revealed the slyness of her cowardice in the depths of her character: "Let him take a look, Xun'er is not allowed to look back."

Shao Xun was dumbfounded by her: "Which one is this?"

Although she said this, she still did exactly what Zhao Ruotong said, and did not look back.

Zhao Ruotong stared at Shao Xun in a daze, then put her head on her shoulders: "Xun'er…I can't bear you, if only I could see you often."

Shao Xun said: "I always come to the palace. Besides, you are only one year younger than me. It will be easier to leave the cabinet in the future."

Zhao Ruotong did not feel embarrassed about the topic of "going out of the pavilion". She shook her head, regardless of whether Shao Xun could see it or not: "The royal girls always get married late, and the etiquette is limited. The princesses of the previous dynasty did not get married until they reached the double tenth. The eldest sister is an exception because she has the imperial grandmother always taking care of her. It's too early for me to leave the palace."

Shao Xun did not speak, because in her memory, before she was 20 years old, the second princess seemed to be married, and it seemed that she did not. She really can't remember at all.

"Furthermore, the princess mansion is usually built adjacent to the Tai Chi Palace. At that time, your husband's house was definitely farther away than Yingguo Gongfu mansion. Besides, there were constraints from your husband's family, so you can come and go twice, maybe it's more inconvenient than it is now."

She was thinking too long. After four or five years, Shao Xun said helplessly: "That's not afraid, I will see you wherever I go."

Zhao Ruotong has been saddened by her own flying imagination, "No, we are too far away, and there is no other thing to maintain, the relationship will slowly fade, and you will worry about other things, so you forget me and said You don't know what I have wronged you…"

When she said this, she stopped suddenly: "Other things…maintain?"

"What's the matter?" Shao Xun said: "If you are really wronged in the future, it is more convenient for you to come to the palace to find your mother or your majesty than me… Ah Tong, you are the emperor, as long as your majesty is there, no one can let you Aggrieved."

Zhao Ruotong didn't know what she was thinking, she muttered blankly: "Is it convenient in the palace?"

"Right," Shao Xun stretched out a hand with a smile, and patted Zhao Ruotong on the shoulder: "As you are, you can solve everything when you return to your mother's house. Don't be the same as before. I hold everything in my heart. I see your Majesty…Although he is not too concerned, if the complaint comes before you, he will definitely be the master."

Zhao Ruotong didn't listen to what she said later, but she thought about it repeatedly in front of her.

Shao Xun felt that it was almost done, and when he was about to pull it off day by day, Zhao Ruotong suddenly straightened up, raised his head, and solemnly said: "Xun'er, I have something to say to you."

Shao Xun seemed to be very serious when she heard her words, as if she had to think about it for a long time before she said it out, so she also said seriously: "Say it, I'll listen."

Zhao Ruotong exhaled and said, "You turn your head."


Zhao Ruotong raised his finger and pointed to the viewing platform not far away: "Look at there."

Shao Xun turned his head blankly, but saw that the emperor also looked to this side unblinkingly. At this time, Shao Xun's eyes collided with him.

The emperor noticed Shao Xun's line of sight, he hesitated a little, got up and walked towards this side.

Shao Xun opened his mouth: "…what do you want me to see?"

Zhao Ruotong was silent and did not answer, until the emperor was about to walk to the two of them, he reluctantly said: "Look at the person who has been watching you."

Before Shao Xun could figure out the flavor of these words, the emperor was already in front of the horse.

He paused, and first stretched out his hand in front of Zhao Ruotong.

Zhao Ruotong tremblingly supported the emperor's hand and got off the horse smoothly: "Thank you, thank you, Your Majesty…"

Shao Xun originally didn't need help, but when she was surprised by the emperor's rare care for her daughter, her hands were already stretched out in front of her.

Her throat was so tight somehow, she hesitated for a while before putting her hand on it.

Shao Xun's dismounting movement was very experienced, coupled with his light posture, the hand was only lightly placed in his palm, and the emperor hardly noticed the weight, and it was over.

Shao Xun lowered his head and said, "Thank you, Your Majesty…"

On the contrary, the emperor had nothing to do with it: "Are you finished riding?"

Shao Xun replied: "…I want to choose a smaller one and let the princess try it on her own, so that she will be able to understand human nature day by day, and the size will be there. I don't worry that she will ride it alone."

Kang Li walked over from behind Shao Xun at this time, holding a white horse in his hand, not tall: "Your Majesty, this is the horse that Your Majesty has just ordered the servants to choose. The temperament is the most docile, and it is specially selected for you. "

Zhao Ruotong's eyes widened.

Shao Xun couldn't help but go to see the emperor.

He noticed Shao Xun's gaze, and chuckled at her: "Let Ruotong try it."

Shao Xun hesitated for a moment, then turned to talk to Zhao Ruotong, and taught her how to mount a horse, how to control the horse, how to use the reins and stirrups, and finally put her on the back of the white horse: "Like I was with me just now. The same, are you afraid?"

Zhao Ruotong nodded and shook his head again.

Shao Xun could see that she was trying to overcome the habitual timidity and fear. She smiled and said, "I will ride with you day by day, OK?"

Zhao Ruotong felt very moved, but after looking at his father's kind eyes, after thinking about it, he still said: "I can do it by myself, you might be nervous following me, let me try."

Shao Xun was very uneasy. She frowned. She wanted to say something. Kang Li looked at her words and said diligently: "Why don't you let the servant lead the horse for Your Royal Highness?"

The emperor had just watched for a while, and then slowly interjected: "Kang Li has been with the army, and he has run through the army without hurting himself."

Seeing Kang Li with a smile on his face now, I really can't tell that he has ever had such a great feat. Shao Xun is in awe, and immediately pleads earnestly: "Internal officer, please take care of the second princess. She is timid. , Easy to be frightened, even if this horse is docile, it can't be taken lightly…"

Seeing that Shao Xunyue said more, Kang Li hurriedly promised: "Miss, don't worry, the maidservant must have good eyes, and promise not to hurt the princess."

Zhao Ruotong pouted her lips in her heart, but still wanted to say something wrong: "Daddy Kang is following me, don't worry."

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