Shao Xun followed the emperor to the horse, and the others dared to watch from a distance without permission.

In fact, by looking at Shao Xun's riding skills, she actually raises a lot of horses in her manor.

But first, the top horses are not so good. Second, in order to limit military resources, the court has strict regulations on the sale of war horses. Every time a private person buys a horse, it must be registered, and the sale of horses is restricted. The horses have been screened before they can get into private hands. Among the horses raised by Shao Xun, only a white mare can be obtained through the doorway of a Yingguo male.

Said it is Baoju, just in comparison with ordinary horses, that is, it is like the big prince, compared with this dark horse… To put it bluntly, it is really not worthy of shoes.

"His name is Zhuri." The emperor introduced: "You come."

As he said, he gave a little aside, firmly controlled the reins in his hand, and personally controlled the horse to guide Shao Xunlai to get closer to the horse.

Shao Xun has tamed horses. She knows that the more extraordinary the horse is, the more unruly and unruly, waiting to get close to people other than the owner, and even worse, it will violently hurt people, so she stretched out her hand boldly but with cautious.

She was ready to be dodged or even attacked, but unexpectedly, until her hand was really pressed against the side of the neck of the day, the other party did not make the slightest dodge movement, just opened a pair of gods. With big eyes quietly looking at the girl in front of her.

Shao Xun fell in love with this horse almost at this moment.

She relaxed her arms a bit, stroking it from the mane on the horse's head to the back, and finally stopped gently on the lower neck.

During this period, he watched Shao Xun day by day while shaking his head slightly, seeming to take the initiative to get her body into her hands.

Upon seeing this, the emperor said: "Although you can travel thousands of miles every day and have a strong physique, the character is very rare and gentle. Although others are not allowed to ride, there has never been a precedent for hurting people unless it is provoked.

Shao Xun stroked the horse's neck and nodded: "It can be seen that his good temper is really unusual… Is this raised in the Yulin Garden?"

"There is no such horse in the Yulinyuan," the emperor said, staring at the shiny mane: "The horse I used to fight on the battlefield was the famous horse "Treading Shadow", but the life span of the past few years has expired. This "Jiday" is the best one selected from its offspring-grandparents and fathers have thousands of choices, and the mares that bred are also famous breeds, and finally this one was chosen among the foals. I will be four years old this year, and I have already made my new mount."

Shao Xun thought that this was just a good breed selected from the Yulin Garden, but he did not expect it to be an imperial horse carefully selected by the emperor.

This… is actually more valuable than Shao Xun imagined.

Her hand stopped, pondered for a moment, and was about to speak, but at this moment, she suddenly took a step forward every day.

Shao Xun was taken aback, but she did not back down very restrained and stood firmly in place.

Sure enough, Jiji didn't mean to hurt her, but stretched his long neck and rubbed Shao Xun's shoulder heavily with his head.

It should be acting like a baby, but I don't know that Shao Xun's strength is not as good as that of a man, and he was almost staggered by it.

The emperor stretched out his other hand to hold her in time: "Be careful."

After Shao Xun stood still, he put his hand back calmly.

Shao Xun was not angry at the sudden collision. She stood up straight and immediately looked at Jiujii, and saw it blinking big eyes with long eyelashes, still looking at her quietly, as if she hadn't been in danger just now. of.

This temper…

A smile appeared in Shao Xun's eyes.

She stretched out her hand to embrace the neck of Jiujii, then turned her head and said, "Stable personality?"

The emperor also brought some doubts: "It rarely makes fun of people on weekdays."

This kind of people are calm and gentle, but they always poke you abruptly…

Shao Xun glanced at the emperor, his eyes curled with a smile.

But it's really…like a master.

The emperor felt inexplicable, "But what's wrong?"

Shao Xun bends his eyebrows and shook his head vigorously, but the intention of wanting to quit anyway in his heart has disappeared for the most part somehow.

Although the emperor didn't know what Shao Xun was thinking, but seeing her happy, he also felt comfortable after a long absence, so he lowered his head and watched her laugh.

Shao Xunlue looked a little uncomfortably away, then thought for a while, still said: "Your Majesty, this kind of horse may not get a horse out of tens of millions. It should be of use to him. I can't ride horses often, and There is no suitable racecourse to be worthy of him. If you give it to me, it will be a waste. If your Majesty wants a reward, it is better to allow me to visit him from time to time. This is enough."

The corner of the emperor's mouth moved slightly unchecked: "I'm afraid it will make people laugh. I'm stingy and stingy… Let's keep it here day by day. You are allowed to enter the Imperial Forest Garden without reporting. When I want to use it, I will keep it here as usual. It's still a royal horse, and it's your horse when you use it."

He paused without changing his face and said, "It's considered that I have used it with you."

It stands to reason that his treatment should be very appropriate, but Shao Xun unconsciously raised his eyebrows-how does it feel that something is wrong?

At this time, the emperor patted the head of the daily: "Dare to go up and try it?"

Shao Xun put aside that little hesitation in the eagerness to try, her eyes lit up: "What is there to dare to do?"

The emperor handed the reins to Shao Xun's hands: "Don't run too fast at the beginning, let's talk about it when you get used to it."

Shao Xun nodded, grabbed the saddle and climbed onto the horse's back neatly, bowed his head and rubbed the hair behind the horse's ears: "Every day, let's try it together."

Daily may be really humane. Hearing this, he actually screamed, raised his leg and kicked it twice.

Shao Xun tensed the reins, did not use the whip, pinched the belly of the horse, and ran steadily day by day.

As soon as it ran, Shao Xun felt the benefit, because the speed was obviously faster, but she didn't feel too bumpy when lying on the horseback, which was much more stable than usual.

The owner who runs day by day on horseback seems to be very safe and comfortable, but in the eyes of others, it is very scary. The tall horses, strong limbs and the unstoppable momentum make others ride on the horse field. People involuntarily avoided one after another. No one or horse dared to fight with it. After the lap, there was only one who was still running.

Shao Kui stood behind his father. The father and son looked at the galloping horses in the distance. Shao Zhenyu was a little worried and said, "Your sister… is too popular today, a girl…"

Shao Kui's only luck now is that the third prince is not there today. As for the eldest prince…

He whispered: "I look at the prince, and I seem to have a little thought."

Shao Zhenyu sneered: "People with wives also want to come and provoke my daughter. It's a clam… Well, let alone his concubine is still there, even the eldest concubine will disappear immediately, and Ah Xun is impossible. Go and be his successor, unless…"

Shao Kui understands his father's unfinished words-unless the eldest prince gets the position of prince, or else it is nothing to think about.

Thinking about this, Shao Kui listened to Shao Zhenyu's question abruptly: "Did the third prince not come today?"

Shao Kui snorted in his heart, but he didn't show anything strange on his face: "I heard that he went out of the palace with the second prince."

Shao Zhenyu just nodded when he heard it, and didn't say much, but his expression was obviously thoughtful. Then he looked at Zheng Yunqiao, who was watching Shao Xun riding a horse from a short distance, but was entangled by Shao Qiong to talk. Some hesitation said: "You said if…"

"What if?" Shao Kui's heart raised.

"No, nothing." Shao Zhenyu didn't even tell his son in his mind, but he finally sighed: "Let's talk about it."

Shao Zhenyu sighed in his heart that his children were all in debt, and when nothing was worrying, Shao Xun had already run three laps here.

She is good at riding and has a lot of experience. Although there is no comparison, she knows the speed of the day.

Before she could refuse, she felt a lot of reluctance in her heart after riding, so she acquiesced to the emperor's proposal.

She rode a horse with her vision at a high place, sweeping away from a distance, suddenly stopped, and drove to the emperor's side day by day.

She was about to dismount, but was stopped by the emperor: "I just got used to it. Run for a while."

Shao Xun nodded. This was the first time she looked down at the emperor. It was unavoidable, but she still asked in a low voice, "Your Majesty, I would like to invite someone to ride with me. I wonder if you can accept it."

The emperor was startled, and then his sight was a little erratic, and after a while, until Shao Xun was a little confused, he said: "…if you want to… of course, you are already your horse by the day."

Shao Xun was able to speak correctly, and waved in the direction of the second princess, and said loudly, "Your Highness, Ah Tong!"

Zhao Ruotong was originally looking at her intently, and the voice was heard right away. She immediately got up and ran over quickly. First, she glanced at the emperor and saw that there was no expression on his face, so she bowed a little tremblingly. Then he bypassed him and walked to the horse: "Xun'er?"

Shao Xun bent down and tried to look at Zhao Ruotong as much as possible: "Ah Tong, will you come and ride a horse with me?"

Zhao Ruotong's eyes lit up immediately, but he immediately remembered something and said embarrassedly: "Forget it…I, I don't know how to ride a horse…"

In fact, the children in the palace all want to learn to ride and shoot, but Zhao Ruotong was timid when she was a child and didn't dare to get on horses. The master saw that she was a girl and didn't want to pet her, and didn't bother to persuade her, so she let her stand and watch others ride. Later, when she was a little older and finally got a little interested, even her younger sister was already riding very smoothly, and she was even more embarrassed to say that she was going to learn again.

She is naturally very happy to ride a horse with Shao Xun now, but she is worried that she will do nothing, and she has to let Shao Xun waste time, so she shrinks a little.

Shao Xun said: "What are you afraid of, Ah Tong, you come up, and I will take you with you, steadily and tightly day by day. No matter what, what about me?"

Zhao Ruotong glanced at the dark horse with a higher horseback than her with some fear, and saw her sight day by day, and immediately let out a sigh of discomfort, making Zhao Ruotong take a step back in fright.

"Sunday!" Shao Xun scratched its mane a little bit irritably, and this allowed the "gentle-tempered" Jidai reluctantly to allow Zhao Ruotong to approach.

Riding a horse, or riding with Shao Xun, this temptation is too great, Zhao Ruotong hesitated for a long time and finally agreed.

But she hadn't touched a horse in some days, and she didn't even remember how to get on the horse. In addition, it was much taller than a normal horse every day. Zhao Ruotong tried for a long time and couldn't even climb up.

The emperor hadn't spoken since just now. He watched Zhao Ruotong crawled awkwardly for a long time and was still unsuccessful. Finally, when Shao Xun was about to dismount her horse to help her, he finally stepped forward to support her daughter's back and put her on horseback.

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