Shao Xun held the reins firmly and controlled the horse to look back.

Ming Huang's Emperor Yujia is not far away.

Zheng Yunqiao looked at Shao Xun suspiciously: "…This is?"

Shao Xun dismounted his horse neatly: "It's Yujia, cousin, come with me to meet your majesty."

Zheng Yunqiao was taken aback by these words, and hurriedly jumped off his horse. As he rushed back, he asked nervously, "How come your Majesty will come here…what do you want to do in a while?"

Shao Xun said: "This is someone's garden. You only need to pay respects later. Your Majesty asks what to answer… But generally you won't ask us, so don't be nervous."

How could he not be nervous, Zheng Yunqiao smiled bitterly in his heart, this is the emperor, the ninety-five supreme, anyone who can be lucky enough to be summoned can't be treated as normal.

When he got close, Shao Xun saw that not only the emperor, but also several princes and princesses were actually beside the imperial driver.

The applause just now came from the eldest prince. Behind him is the sixth prince Zhao Yanjie, whom Shao Xun has seen. At this time, there is no mischief when he bullied his sister. He is standing in the corner honestly and dare not say anything.

The first one on the right side of the Yujia is Princess Kejing. Her hand is placed on the forearm of a young man, and she is firmly supported by that person. It seems that it should be her husband-in-law, Du Wei Yong Xing, son Lin Qun.

Behind her, the second princess Zhao Ruotong was looking over here with her toes. When she finally saw Shao Xun, her eyes suddenly brightened, and Shao Xun also smiled at her in surprise.

Then there is the fourth princess Zhao Ruosang, who is only eleven or twelve years old. Shao Xun doesn't see much of this child, except that her biological mother is Feng Zhaoyi.

In short, except for the second prince and the third prince, they all arrived.

Emperor Ning Xi had already stepped down from the imperial court, and it was no one else who accompanied him, but Shao Xun's father, Yingguo Duke Shao Zhenyu.

Shao Kui and the others stood respectfully beside the emperor.

The emperor was listening to what Shao Zhenyu was saying by turning his head to his side. Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Shao Xun's figure.

He raised his eyebrows lightly, turned his face and said to Shao Zhenyu: "The children of Aiqing's family all teach very well."

Shao Xun happened to be in front of him at this time, and his eyelids twitched when he heard these words.

Shao Zhenyu was very frightened. He lowered his head and said: "Your Majesty's prince and princess are the dragons and phoenix in the individual."

The emperor did not answer, but looked at Shao Xun said: "Is this your daughter too?"

Shao Kui had already introduced a few to the emperor just now, and Shao Zhenyu hurriedly said: "This is the eldest daughter of the minister…"

"It's Shao Xun, right?" The emperor continued without waiting for him to finish: "I remember."

Shao Zhenyu is a little confused-know what else you are asking.

"…Yes, your Majesty remembers well."

Shao Xun lowered his eyes and saluted together with Zheng Yunqiao: "I have seen your Majesty."

The emperor uttered an "um" in his nasal cavity, and then slowly said, "Which… which young talent is this?"

"The nephew of this minister, Zheng Yunqiao, the son of Zheng Yongming, the chief envoy of Shandong."

The emperor glanced at Zheng Yunqiao: "I remember that Zheng Yongming was the champion in the first year of the founding of the People's Republic of China. He was already in high school in the first year of the founding. You are the son of Zheng Qing, so do you have fame?"

Zheng Yunqiao couldn't help lowering his head even more fiercely: "Returning to your Majesty, the Caomin will participate in the rural examination in the autumn of this and this year…"

The emperor didn't make any comments, but said indifferently, "So that's it…"

He obviously didn't say anything, but Zheng Yunqiao's face still blushed involuntarily because of shame.

His father was already a high school champion at a young age, and he is not even a few years younger now, but he is not even a Juren. This is still in front of the emperor, and he naturally feels very shameless to see people.

But in fact, it is quite good for him to have such a reputation at his age. After all, it is very rare to have a prodigy in a family, and no one can stipulate that the son of the champion must also be the champion.

Shao Zhenyu asked the emperor to rest on the stage to watch the game, and the group of people followed along.

Shao Kue went to the end specially, pulling a young man who was following Yujia and asked: "What's the matter? Didn't you say that the third prince has something to do today and will never come over?"

That person was the guard of the imperial court and was also a son of a family. Although things in the palace should not be passed on in principle, this kind of irrelevant thing, coupled with a good relationship with Shao Kui, was used to sell his personal affection. Depressed: "The third prince did not come, now the Hanlin who taught him is sick, he went to visit today-haven't you seen the second prince?

But where is your majesty's mind? Let's guess where the dynasty is over today. He went to Ningshou Palace to greet the empress dowager. He saw a few princes and princesses there. Who knows how to say it would be interesting, and he would take them to the imperial court. Lin Yuan, by the way, you also called your father… I think I must have thought of the folder you handed. "

Shao Kui really felt that it was not going well. He obviously just wanted to find an opportunity to match his sister and cousin to make their marriage a little smoother. How could this be a sacred servant.

As soon as the emperor arrived, the atmosphere was seriously suppressed, and even Shao Zhenyu was trembling, let alone Shao Qiong, Shao Ying and others.

Seeing that no one was talking, the emperor sitting in the main seat smiled: "You don't have to be so cautious. Just do what you should do. Don't be distracted by me. Are you not racing horses just now? That's good, whatever you want. Who wins, I still have a lot of money here."

Naturally, the emperor's colored head was nothing ordinary. All the people present, including the accompanying guards, had bright eyes and were eager to try.

Princess Kejing touched her belly, and said with a slight dissatisfaction: "I'm inconvenient now, isn't he about to miss his father's reward?"

The eldest prince glanced at her: "Big sister don't need to regret it, don't I think the concubine is there? Let him run a few laps with his brother, maybe the lottery will be handed."

Princess Kejing clutched Lin Qun's hand tightly, her face difficult to look.

The prince's martial arts is very outstanding, and he has also been with the army in the past two years, and he has done a few errands, which are far from comparable to those of the husband and the horse.

Even if you lose to others, the Empress and De fei are always at odds. Princess Kejing and the eldest prince are about the same age, and their birthdays are only a few months away. What she hates most of these younger siblings is him. My husband was beaten by the eldest prince, so what kind of face is there.

Lin Qun people are very docile-otherwise they won't get along with the princess, and he is very self-aware, knowing that he will never go up for things that can't be done, and said: "Thank you, your majesty, but the princess just had a consultation. When she is pregnant, I'll accompany her underneath."

The eldest prince sneered unabashedly, making Princess Kejing's face even worse.

After the eldest prince made fun of Lin Qun, he couldn't help looking at Shao Xun.

Shao Xun and her brother were standing together at the most extreme position. It happened that the second princess was on the other side, very far away. From the moment she had been looking eagerly towards this side, Shao Xun could only be separated by a group of people including the emperor. Making eye contact with her, she didn't realize that she was also the gathering point of several people's eyes.

Just when several guards discussed in private to go forward, the eldest prince suddenly took the first step. He stepped out and stood directly in front of Shao Xun. He turned around and asked the emperor for instructions: "Your Majesty, the minister just saw Miss Shao. She is heroic and has a good riding skill. I would like to compare her with her. Please allow her your Majesty."

This sentence attracted everyone's attention.

Before Shao Xun said anything, Shao Kui frowned and said, "Your Royal Highness, how can a girl like her sister compete with you? Please find another opponent."

The eldest prince said: "So that's it, I'm a man, so what's the matter just now?"

Shao Kui and Zheng Yunqiao looked at each other, opened their mouths, and they were so speechless for a while.

After all, the relationship between cousins ​​is not convincing, and they are not considered as unmarried couples.

Shao Zhenyu was also quite displeased. He felt that the eldest prince was too frivolous: "Your Royal Highness, it is not a difference between men and women. It is just that the little girl, as a woman, is not as powerful as a man by nature, so it is naturally incomparable to compare with you."

"It doesn't matter what wins or loses," the eldest prince didn't care: "No matter who wins or loses, your majesty's prize belongs to the eldest lady."

As he said, he bowed and saluted the emperor: "Please allow your majesty."

The emperor's fingers tapped on the handrails indifferently, and only raised his head after a while. He didn't look at the eldest son or Shao Zhenyu, but looked straight at Shao Xun, "What's wrong with me? It's just to compare and not to compare, it's all about other girls, what are you fighting over here?"

The emperor's words told Shao Zhenyu and Shao Kui that they did not dare to refute, but the eldest prince looked at Shao Xun and asked again: "Miss Shao, what do you mean?"

Zhao Yanwei's eyebrows were rough and pressed extremely low, giving people a vicious and unruly feeling. In fact, the prince's temper was really not good.

His unyielding look now reminds Shao Xun of Wang Wu who does not appear to be so energetic in his "dream".

Shao Xun can't say that he hates him. After all, although he ruined his innocence, he could only serve as his side room as the daughter of the country's father. But in fact, although Zhao Yanyi was a little angry at her because of that incident, he didn't do anything. Something that hurt her.

The relationship between the two in "Dream" is generally shown to Shao Xun in fragments. In a few fragments, it can be seen that the eldest prince did not treat her badly. On the contrary, he had time to sit with her. When she feels bored, she will also find opportunities to take her out. Even if it is only for beauty, it is considered considerate.

Regarding the way a husband treats the concubine's room, the only thing he can't do is that he didn't care when Qi-shi embarrassed Shao Xun. His silence also contributed to Qi-shi's arrogance to a certain extent.

But from another angle, Qi-shi is his wife, and the husband and wife are one. He couldn't have violated his wife for the sake of the concubine.

The disaster that ruined Shao Xun's life indeed originated from him, but he was not the perpetrator, but another victim.

Shao Xun raised his head and looked at Zhao Yanyi's very oppressive eyes: "Your Royal Highness is good at riding and shooting. The courtiers have long heard of them. They can compete with you. The courtiers can't ask for it."

She agreed very readily, Zhao Yanyi immediately eased her expression, and her eyes seemed to be appreciative, which downplayed the frivolousness before.

"But your Highness has to promise one thing."

"I will never break my promise. Whether you win or lose, the reward is yours."

Shao Xun shook his head and refused: "Whoever wins is the rule. The courtiers want to ask your Royal Highness not to be perfunctory, to compare, to be serious."

She knew that the original intention of the eldest prince might not be horse racing at all, but just wanted to tease her, and just like Shao Xun did before, in the face of an overly disparity opponent, it is not decent to always put some water on it.

But now Shao Xun wants both of them to show off their strengths, for a real match.

——The person in front of her was the husband of her previous life, and she wanted to do her best to break everything in that dream.

The eldest prince was a little surprised at Shao Xun's request, and this surprise was mixed with a little disapproval.

After all, judging from the level of her ability to compete with Zheng Yunqiao just now, she can indeed be regarded as the top among women, but if she wants to compare with him… not quite enough.

But even if he thinks this way, he readily agreed. After all, a little girl, she thinks she is invincible if she is so capable. This is also a customary thing. Miss Shao grows up like this, I'm afraid she grew up. Most of them have never suffered, and it is common to be so arrogant.

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking made him almost a disadvantage at the beginning of the race.

The two horses shot out like arrows from the string at the same time. This time the competition was exactly half the distance from the previous one. There were also many roadblocks on the way. Such a big racecourse will only win after 10 laps each. Loss, whoever reaches the finish line first is the winner.

The eldest prince felt that something was wrong within a few breaths after he set off.

The woman who should have been left behind by him at the very beginning went hand in hand with him, and the horse's head moved forward, with a faint posture of overtaking.

The moment the eldest prince discovered this fact, he heard the exclamation from the audience. It was like a chill, and his heart skipped a beat, but he was also a long-term battle, and he immediately reacted with a loud cry." Drive!" His legs were suddenly clamped, and he barely passed Shao Xun's horse head, pulling the disadvantage back.

Now he really didn't dare to be careless, focusing on the center, he didn't have time to think about little beauties.

Both of them used their full strength this time, and in a short period of time, they looked indifferent, which surprised the onlookers.

When I got to the barrier, it was only one or two feet high at first, and it looked okay. Later, the height gradually reached more than half a meter, which made people feel a little frightened to see it from a distance.

The eldest prince and Shao Xun reached the last barrier almost at the same time, and their horses raised their front legs together, and then jumped high.

Everyone watched attentively. The second princess stared at Shao Xun closely, and was so nervous that she almost screamed. She couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief when she saw her driving past smoothly. .

She had just exhausted her breath, but she inadvertently swept to the emperor who was sitting next to him, and saw that although he was sitting there as steady as a mountain, he did not seem to move, but his hand tightly grasped the armrest, and it was only now slowly. It's loose.

Zhao Ruotong blinked, before he had time to think, he was attracted by Shao Xun's fierce competition and did not continue thinking.

The two people over there competed for me. They ran faster and faster, and they ran several laps in the blink of an eye. When the speed was too fast, the people on the side could not tell who came first, and they were all watching.

But after all, the prince has more experience and skills. In addition, he uses his usual horses. He is obviously more stamina and more tacit. In the end, he surpassed Shao Xun a bit. After the last ten laps, he still beat Shao. Follow along.

The two horses ran happily, and they rushed to the finish line for a long time before pulling their horses froze, and then they rode back to the viewing platform.

Shao Xun got off his horse and saluted the eldest prince in front of him: "Thank you for your enlightenment, Shao Xun is convinced."

The eldest prince looked at her in a daze, and did not speak for a long time. After a long time, he whispered: "You are also very good…"

Obviously won, but it is not as arrogant as the aggressive dignitaries competed with him before.

The two came to the stage together, and bowed down in front of the throne.

At this time, all the talents came back to their senses. Gong Sun Nan hadn't been in Beijing for a long time, and he was not so cautious about the rules of the palace. He felt wonderful. Regardless of whether there was an emperor, he applauded on the spot.

This event was really exciting. Many people were overwhelmed by Gong Sun Nan and followed by applauding subconsciously. When they realized that they were rude in front of the emperor, when they stopped busy, they saw the emperor gently slap his palm and smiled: "Exciting game, you guys should be flat."

This race was very fierce, and riding a horse was not as easy as ordinary people thought. Shao Xun and the eldest prince had actually lost a lot of physical strength, especially Shao Xun. Her breathing was still unstable at this time, and her face was slightly red. , The forehead is with obvious sweat, which may be the gift of a beauty. Not only does it not seem to be embarrassing, but it is more brilliant and eye-catching.

Anyway, Zheng Yunqiao clearly heard the voice of a group of people gulping.

The two stood in front and listened to the emperor's words: "You are both very skilled. There seems to be no reason not to give my color head."

He asked someone to hold up a tray: "This is my newly acquired horn bow. It took a few months for the best craftsmen to get one. It has never been used before. Now I will give it to you."

The emperor's royal bow is naturally the finest item. For men who practice martial arts, getting a good weapon is like marrying a beautiful wife, and this bow is equivalent to a peerless beauty like Shao Xun. There is no one who is not greedy.

Zhao Yanyi was a little silent from the beginning. At this time, looking at the red faintly shiny bow in front of him, he stretched out his hand and touched it lovingly, then raised his head and clasped his fist: "This bow minister is ashamed, please send it to Miss Shao. "

The emperor glanced at him: "Why, take my things as a favor?"

Zhao Yanyi was taken aback, and hurriedly explained: "The minister did not mean this…"

At this moment, Shao Xun turned his head and said, "Your Royal Highness, the one who is able to bow can get it. Do you think I can't afford to lose?"

Zhao Yanyi paused, and under the attack of the two sides, he finally accepted it honestly.

The emperor said: "Everyone else go horse riding, relax and relax today, don't have to be on duty."

Except for the guards who personally protected the emperor, the others were also young and playful lads who came here with ceremonies. After listening to the emperor's words, they were eager to play for joy.

Shao Kui took Zheng Yunqiao to one side, not knowing what he was talking about, but Gong Sun Nan followed from a distance. Shao Qiong and Shao Ying's brother and sister met this kind of occasion for the first time. They looked at each other and didn't know what to do. Finally, they honestly found a corner not far from their father and stood there.

Princess Kejing was tired from standing. She was helped by her horse to find a seat in the distance and sat down. When she moved, the other two princesses had to move.

Zhao Ruotong glanced at Shao Xun reluctantly, and could only sit down with the third sister, leaning on Princess Kejing.

Kejing fanned the kerchief, looked at the prince who was head down not far away, and did not shy away from the other two younger sisters. He sneered at Lin Qun and said, "You look like Zhao Yanyi, like the eggplant that Shuang beats. Yes, just now, he looked up to the sky, as if he was the number one in the world. Now it's good, almost losing to a girl, and procrastinating with a woman who wins a test. Seeing that he will have a face to say about you in the future."

She hates Shao Xun, but she has an old resentment with the eldest prince.

Lin Qun was honest, and said the truth: "It's not that the prince is incapable. That girl Shao is really amazing in riding. The previous match with Zheng Jiazi obviously saved her hands. It is unrealistic to race with her to win simply and neatly. , I'm on it, and I'm probably going to lose in five laps."

Princess Kejing immediately raised her eyebrows, and the humiliating Lin Qun was busy to coax.

Zhao Ruotong sat there neatly, after listening to Shao Xun's praise, it took a lot of effort to pull the corners of his mouth down.

On the other end, Shao Xun wanted to retreat with this accomplishment, and he didn't want the emperor to beckon her at the next moment.

She had no choice but to walk a few steps forward to the throne: "Your Majesty…"

Shao Zhenyu stood beside the emperor, his face was not good-looking, he whispered and rebuked: "After learning a little bit of a three-legged cat, he will swear, and he does not apologize to your majesty."

Shao Zhenyu doesn't really hate his daughter learning to ride and shoot, but his idea is still very old-fashioned. He thinks it's more useful for girls to read a few books and learn some knitting women. Now they are competitive in front of so many people—especially. Among them is her future husband-in-law Zheng Yunqiao, who is too ostentatious and not stable enough.

If Shao Xun had gained face in the past, and had not been praised when she turned her head, she would be scolded, even if she could confess her mistakes respectfully, she must have been wronged in her heart, but this time it was very strange, and now she is standing by the emperor. Facing him in front of him, Shao Zhenyu's reprimand was like a breeze, and it did not leave any trace on her heart.

She did not plead the emperor as her father said, but tilted her head slightly, testing his reaction like a cat stretching its paw.

The emperor smiled at her softly. As expected, he did not reprimand him like Shao Zhenyu did. He also treated her as if he hadn't heard the words just now. Instead, he asked softly, "Is there any injury?"

Shao Xun shook his head. After the exercise, his exceptionally beautiful eyes were as clear as the sky, so he looked at him quietly and intently, and whispered, "I'm a little tired, thank you for your concern."

She is really beautiful. What's rare is that not only static is beautiful, but when she moves, her words and deeds, and her smiles are equally as beautiful as she is. Just now, she was racing on the horse, facing the wind but her eyes were shining, which made people unable to remove her eyes. .

Such a child, such a girl, such…


The emperor's smile gradually disappeared. He looked at the girl in front of him with the same or even more serious eyes, from her sweaty forehead to eyebrows, to the bright red lips, and finally to the strand that was blown away by the wind. Hair near the ear.

His hand moved uncontrollably, but in the end he clenched his fist and folded it to his side.

The two of them were silent for some reason, but Shao Zhenyu thought it was the emperor who was dissatisfied, so he pleaded guilty: "The little girl is young and ignorant. I didn't mean to offend the majesty. Please forgive me…"

Shao Xun lowered his head quickly.

The emperor returned to his senses and listened to Shao Zhenyu speaking in his ears, not knowing why he felt irritable from the bottom of his heart.

But he endured it, and smiled and interrupted: "Aiqing doesn't have to worry too much. Lingyuan is not only incapable of faults, but she has a lot of skills, both civil and military. This is our son and daughter of Great Zhou. I originally wanted to reward. How can you blame it."

Shao Zhenyu was relieved and did not dare to say more.

The emperor didn't leave Shao Xun's sight, summoned the servant around him, and whispered, "I will bring it here day by day."

The servant was not He Jinrong, but Kang Li, another great eunuch of the Liangyi Hall. He glanced at the emperor in surprise, and then took the order.

After a while, Kang Li returned with a tall and strong black horse with the horse servant.

The horse attracted everyone's attention as soon as it arrived.

It looks very beautiful, its legs are long and tall, and its body is black. Only a white forehead, its strong muscles rise and fall with breathing, kicking its legs and squeezing the great prince's mount aside. The lining is like an underage pony.

This horse is very rare at first glance, and even people like Shao Zhenyu who have been in the army for a long time can't help but exclaim in admiration, let alone other people. The crowd who had just dispersed couldn't help but gathered back to watch this rare horse.

Shao Xun looked at the emperor questioningly.

The emperor looked at her with a smile: "Go and see if you like it or not."

Only then did Shao Xun know what he meant, and his eyes widened in surprise: "Your Majesty?"

The emperor said in a normal voice that everyone could hear: "I have already rewarded the great prince. It is not easy to have such a riding skill at your age. This is what I gave you."

If the bow obtained by the prince is enviable, then this horse attracts a steady stream of jealous and regretful eyes.

Especially those guards who were taken the lead by the eldest prince, always felt that if they were one step earlier, this horse might be in the bag. At this moment, I really want to go back in time and get ahead of the race.

Shao Xun felt a little uneasy: "This is too expensive, and the ministers dare not accept it."

The emperor shook his head, ignored her push, got up and said, "Let me go and see it."

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