Shao Xun is putting on clothes.

Today, she must be riding a horse. She pointed to a brown riding outfit and asked the maid to help her change it.

Yuhu smiled awkwardly: "Girl, the son just said…"

"Ah Xun, you take out the red riding outfit I gave you before and put it on."

Shao Kui's voice came through the window.

Shao Xun was about to roll his eyes, but in the end he endured it: "Don't you need to prepare, big brother? Don't bother for me in the early morning."

Shao Kui didn't speak for a while, and after a while, he said, "Yuhu, you can tidy up your girls. Don't be perfunctory as usual, and wear brightly colored clothes."

Yuhu glanced at Shao Xun, waved his hand helplessly, turned around and went back to get his clothes.

When Shao Xun really did what Shao Kui wanted, he dressed up carefully, and when he walked out of the room, even this brother who had watched her grow up was surprised by the appearance of her younger sister.

Shao Qie was stunned for a while, as if suddenly discovered that the appearance of his own girl was not mere "good appearance" to describe it.

Shao Kui originally wanted to take Shao Xun with him this time, but going to the Yulinyuan was to make a mistake. It was impossible to keep things like this from home for a few days, so Shao Qiong and Shao Ying naturally accompanied him.

Originally, Shao Kui was very worried, for fear of self-defeating, but now looking at Shao Xun's appearance, he vaguely feels that he has too much worry.

He is a man himself, and he naturally knows how much impact a man can bring to a man with his beauty to the limit. In this case, if he can see other people, it will be useless to do anything else-it must be heartfelt. He belongs to the kind of man who will never change his lover until death.

When the four brothers and sisters arrived, the Zheng family hadn't arrived yet. A few of them went to the vast racetrack in Yulinyuan to pick horses while waiting for others.

Over there, Zheng Yunqiao took his mother's cousin Gong Sun Nan to the gate of Yulinyuan.

Shao Kui had already been a guard in the ward before, but after the two of them proved their identities, they were searched carefully. Gong Sun Nan usually hangs on, even now it is no exception. He opens up. The arm was checked and the tree trunk was leaned against.

"This time I really took up your light. This in-law of your family really has a lot of face, and even the Yulin Garden can get in."

Zheng Yunqiao's expression was not as indifferent as before, his brows were always frowned, as if something was on his mind.

Gong Sunnan was annoyed by his indecision, "What is there to entangle with, isn't it just discovering your fiancée's sister…"

"Quiet!" Zheng Yunqiao was severely severe once, and immediately stopped him sharply.

It happened that the search was over, and the two were put in. Gong Sun Nan walked forward, avoiding others and whispered: "Marry whichever you like. It's not easy."

Zheng Yunqiao said: "This is not a question of like or not… Although this marriage has not been clearly decided, everyone has a tacit understanding, and there is no room for liking or dislike."

Gong Sun Nan also came from a family. How could he not know the twists and turns of the marriage of these big clans, but he didn't like the rules of binding dead people from birth, so he was very disapproving: "Then which one do you like?"

Zheng Yunqiao was a little dazed, but he told the truth to his close cousin: "Sister Ah Xun is very good, I…"

"Okay, needless to say, I understand." Gong Sun Nan: "Isn't this just right? You don't even have to change, what are you worried about?"

Zheng Yunqiao was silent for a moment: "The second cousin is young, and she is usually innocent. I think she may not understand what this means… If I tell the truth, I am afraid I will hurt her."

Gong Sunnan was taken aback, and then looked at Zheng Yunqiao with weird eyes: "Yes, cousin, my aunt always scolds me to see one loves one, but I didn't expect you to go to the next level—that's the daughter of a Yingguo Gongfu's main branch, you Do you still want to occupy the blessings of the people?"

Zheng Yunqiao didn't expect that these words would be misunderstood like this, and immediately flushed: "I don't! Don't talk nonsense!"

Gong Sun Nan laughed loudly: "Just kidding, I didn't see how good you are to make this top noble lady jealous for you… But we are all cousins, you My cousin is my cousin. I asked myself how the appearance of the family is not worse than that of you. At the time, you will be one of you and me. Let's be a brother-in-law, it's not a kiss."

Zheng Yunqiao is a decent person. Even if he had a good relationship with Gong Sun Nan since he was a child, he knew that he was just addicted to his mouth, and he didn't necessarily have malicious in his heart, but he was still very unhappy to hear him talk about Shao Xun Shaoqiong in such a frivolous tone.

When Gong Sunnan saw this, he laughed and said: "Don't be upset, to be honest, these high-ranking ladies are all carved out of a mold, and they are arrogant and contrived. Even if I really hire me, I don't want to. It was just a joke. That's it."

Zheng Yunqiao ignored him.

At this time, the two had just arrived at their destination, and a few boys and girls in front were in the same place, watching the horses being selected.

The two brothers walked over there.

Gong Sun Nan was originally not interested in riding and shooting, he swept over there casually, but his eyes were instinctively attracted by a red figure.

Shao Xun picked a reddish-brown horse and was gently stroking the horse's neck to build up feelings with it. Hearing Shao Kui saying that Zheng Yunqiao had arrived, he raised his eyes and looked over there, just looking dumb with a stranger. The young man smashed his eyes.

She was the closest, so she walked forward naturally.

Shao Xun's facial features are not particularly sharp and distinct, but there are soft spots and bright spots. Every point is combined in the right way. Her eyebrows are not drawn but black, and her lips are not painted but vermilion, even if they are plain. Her face has the ability to make people unable to move her eyes. Now she has put on the makeup carefully at the request of Shao Kui, and even more vividly portrays all the advantages of the perfect facial features, so that people will have to see her. Think of the words "all the country and the city".

Coupled with this very well-fitting red riding attire, gorgeous clothes, snow-white neck and cheeks, not too tall, but you can see the slender waist and long legs, there is just right plumpness in the place where there should be a bit of flesh, at this time Step by step, they approached them, saying that they were shining brightly.

Zheng Yunqiao blushed when he saw Shao Xun like this, but he still introduced to her as naturally as possible: "This is Gong Sun Nan, the cousin of the Gong Sun family."

Shao Xun nodded: "Big Brother Gong Sun."

Gong Sunnan opened his mouth and said nothing.

Zheng Yunqiao's attention was also on Shao Xun, and he didn't notice anything wrong, and then said: "This is my aunt's cousin."

Gong Sunnan's face was unknowingly redder than Zheng Yunqiao, almost bleeding, he had no brains at all, and subconsciously followed: "Good cousin…"

The atmosphere was abrupt, and all of them fell silent. Then Gong Sun Nan reacted and stammered and changed his words: "No, no, it's Ms. Shao, okay Ms. Shao."

Shao Xun was not in a good mood at first, but at this time he couldn't help it and almost laughed.

Her expression of supportive smile didn't hide much, Zheng Yunqiao and Gong Sun Nan felt embarrassed and couldn't lift their heads.

Fortunately, the arrival of the other three of the Shao family temporarily resolved their embarrassment.

Shao Qiong led a little white horse and followed her brother and brother, and she saw Zheng Yunqiao at a glance: "Cousin, you can count on it. I picked a little mare and waited for you to teach me."

Zheng Yunqiao glanced at Shao Xun, and didn't know how to answer, Shao Kui said: "Isn't your mother forbidden to touch these?"

"Isn't it because I was not in good health before, but now that I am fine, my mother has agreed with me to learn.

Speaking, letting go of his younger brother Shao Ying's hand, he ran to Zheng Yunqiao to show him his horse.

Shao Kui's lips moved, but he couldn't say anything, so he tugged Shao Xun: "If you don't understand anything, then go and ask Yun Qiao."

Shao Xun glanced at him, not commenting on such stupid things.

The Shao family is a noble family of military merits. Both Shao Zhenyu and Shao Kui served in the military. Not to mention how Shao Xun's riding skills are, even if she really doesn't understand it, it's better to ask your brother Zheng Yunqiao than a literati. Strong?

Is there no sense of disobedience when anyone can act like Shao Qiong?

While Gong Sun Nan watched the eyebrow lawsuit in its entirety, he didn't know what was wrong, and didn't want to remind Zheng Yunqiao at all. Instead, he searched his mind about the rather poor riding and shooting skills, and wanted to come forward and talk.

At this time, Shao Xun was already impatient with Shao Kui's urging over and over again.

In fact, since dreaming of the "previous life" in the palace, Shao Xun's patience with these things at home has been unknowingly low, including Shao Kui is no exception.

Once again, I was urged by my brother to ask Zheng Yunqiao for advice. Shao Xun took a deep breath and led the horse to Zheng Yunqiao's side. Without waiting for him or Shao Qiong to say anything, he said: "Cousin, I want to go riding a horse, do you want to try it out? ?"

One of the great pleasures of riding horses is horse racing. Zheng Yunqiao knew that Shao Xun had the habit of learning horsemanship when he was a child, and his riding skills were also very good, so he readily agreed.

Immediately, Zheng Yunqiao also chose a horse. The two were at the starting point. Shao Kui was the referee, and it was stipulated that they would finish after five laps.

Following Shao Kui's order, the two drove out quickly at the same time.

When Shao Xun ran the first lap, he felt that Zheng Yunqiao's riding skills were still in the past, but it's not necessarily so good, at least one hundred and eight thousand miles worse than Shao Kui. She would lose even with such riding skills. It's difficult, just be careful not to win too much, so as not to hurt your feelings, it's quite boring to talk about it in detail.

But this test was originally proposed by her to perfuse her brother, and she didn't expect to have more fun, so she couldn't talk about disappointment.

She squeezed the reins tighter and controlled her speed. Sure enough, she was only half a horse's distance faster than Zheng Yunqiao in the end, and she looked like evenly matched.

The two stopped the horse not far from the finish line. Zheng Yunqiao seemed to want to say something. At this time, there was a loud applause, which shocked all the people present.

It turned out that it was the concentration of the two people who watched the game attentively, so they paid attention to the group of people behind them and watched the game.

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