Shao Kui always loved his younger sister, and his reasons were reasonable. No one, even Zheng, noticed the difference—except for Shao Xun.

After please'an, he left the main courtyard. Without waiting for Shao Xun to say anything, Shao Kui said, "You come with me, I have something to say."

Shao Xun can only keep up with unavoidable avoidance.

Shao Kui's courtyard is far away from Langgan Xiaozhu. Shao Xun has not been here for a long time. Since Shao Kui's return this time, he has never set foot.

"Ah Xun, how are you getting along with Yun Qiao recently?"

Shao Xun was dumbfounded by these words: "How do you say this? Didn't we see it the day before yesterday? Isn't the eldest brother here?"

Shao Kui opened his mouth, "You… alas!"

At this time, Shao Xun had vaguely understood what he wanted to say or hint at.

She tilted her head and made the act of listening, wanting to see Shao Kui's reaction.

Shao Kui thought for a while and asked, "What did the aunt say when she came here last time?"

When Shao Xun heard this, she understood it 80% well, and she had a kind of interest in vain…or a kind of curiosity.

She was very curious about what kind of attitude and reaction her elder brother would have after he had insight into some things.

So this time Shao Xun finally didn't perfuse him anymore, but said the truth: "She didn't talk to me much, but took her mother to chat for a long time, Ah Qiong."

Shao Kui obviously held his breath for a moment. He closed his eyes, then stood up and paced back and forth: "I didn't really say a word to you?"

"Just tell me to visit my grandmother often."

Shao Kui took a deep breath, sat down again, and looked straight into his sister's eyes: "Ah Xun, this won't work."

Shao Xun looked at him quietly for a while, then asked softly, "Why not?"

Shao Kui paused: "You have to get along with your aunt…I said before that Yun Qiao is a good husband-in-law candidate."

"Then what do you want me to do? Ah Qiong has been loved by her aunt since she was a child, can I still fight for it?" There were no ups and downs in Shao Xun's words.

Shao Kui thought that Shao Xun didn't understand, and was already a little anxious: "It's not for you to fight, but you have to take the initiative, be more lively like Ah Qiong, sweeter, talk to your aunt and Yunqiao more…"

After hearing this, Shao Xun suddenly asked, "Did something happen yesterday?"

Shao Kui paused, and then said: "Nothing happened, but I think that since I want to marry in the future, I should take the initiative…"

Before Shao Kui could finish speaking, Shao Xun suddenly stood up: "But why should I take the initiative?"

Shao Kui was taken aback for a while, and then said with a little impatient: "Didn't I say that? Yun Qiao is very rare…"

"Isn't it rare for me?"


Shao Xun is usually much shorter than her brother, but now she is standing while Shao Kui is sitting upside down, giving people an unquestionable sense of oppression.

"On identity," Shao Xun said: "I am the eldest daughter of Yingguo Gongfu; on appearance, huh… it's not bad to ask yourself; in terms of talents and learning, at least the girl who says the name is not much better than me… I am What's the difference? It makes you feel that I am inferior to others in every way, and I have to humbly to please others in order to get a marriage?"

Shao Kui was dumbfounded by Shao Xun's sudden remarks, and was asked by her: "Why can't I do it badly?"

This sentence is actually not just for this matter, there are many different hidden meanings hidden in it, but Shao Kui can't resist even a sentence about this matter now, let alone other.

His voice was obviously lowered: "I didn't say you are not good, it's just…"

"I understand." Shao Xun sighed lightly: "…Forget it, it's meaningless to say this."

The two fell silent together. After a long time, Shao Xun said softly: "But I know that you are really good for me at least this time."

"Brother, no matter what, I should thank you for the words you just told me, but…"

Shao Kui raised his head and looked at his sister's exceptionally beautiful face in the morning light.

"But there is only this, I really don't need it."

Shao Kui opened his eyes wide, and listened to Shao Xun's calm voice and continued: "Big Brother I have troubled me."

Shao Xun didn't sit long before he got up and left.

She walked out of Shao Kui's yard, her expression that was originally calm was slightly distorted, she couldn't help but looked back, then quickly turned around, took a deep breath, and walked away without looking back.

Here, Shao Kai also sat on the spot in a daze. The cold and clear voice of his younger sister always echoed in his ears. After a long time, the palms on the table slowly gathered: "Everything else is fine… but this time…"

On the second day, Shao Kui took Shao Xun to the Zheng Mansion-without Shao Qiong and Shao Ying.

He actually had an errand on him, but he had been on a foreign mission for more than half a year, and he had a one-month rest after he came back.

The Zheng Mansion and Yingguo Mansion are relatives by marriage, but Shao Kui still gave the Zheng Mansion a greeting one day in advance according to the rules, lest his siblings go there and become uninvited guests.

Mrs. Zheng knew they were coming, but she really didn't go anywhere. She sat in the main room and waited for her grandson to come.

As soon as Shao Xun came to Arhat's bed, he was hugged tightly by his grandmother: "My heartless dear, you have forgotten my old lady."

Shao Xun's body tightened, then slowly relaxed: "Grandma…"

Mrs. Zheng held Shao Xun's face with her hands that had been engraved with fine lines, looking at it inch by inch, rubbing it inch by inch, without missing anything. After a long time, she said with emotion, "It's just a month's effort. I actually lost weight better."

Shao Xun's gaze met the old man's loving eyes, which were filled with undisguised love and joy, and people couldn't help but warm their hearts when they saw him.

Every piece of her love and cherishment is real, and there is no falsehood.

Shao Xun lay on the shoulders of Mrs. Zheng: "Grandma…"

"I miss me." Mrs. Zheng lovingly touched Shao Xun's shoulder: "Then come and see my grandmother…"

Shao Xun closed his eyes slightly, enjoying this unique moment, a embrace that no one could share for the time being.

In the "dream", there are not too many pictures of the Zheng family. She only knows that after her accident, Mrs. Zheng was indeed both distressed and angry. She angered the eldest prince at home for a long time, and later posted many ladders. Making up for Shao Xun's dowry, she was reluctant to give up when she got married. Later, in King Wu's backyard, Shao Xun often received items from her trustees, all of which proved that Mrs. Zheng really loved Shao. Follow this only granddaughter.

But on the contrary, she never mentioned the tacit marriage contract between Shao Xun and Zheng Yunqiao, nor did she mention how much she had praised the marriage. Not to mention fighting for it, she really never even tried it. Soon after, he personally agreed to Shao Qiong's marriage to the Zheng family.

Of course, Shao Xun was sad. This sadness was far more than when he heard the marriage news of his cousin and sister, or that the two were lower every day, and there was no comparison at all.

But in the days that followed, I gradually figured it out.

Why be so harsh on others?

She thought that it is true that her grandmother loves herself, but it is true that she loves her cousin more. This is human nature.

If she can't even tolerate this, then she…what else is left?

Shao Xun endured the particularly uncomfortable tears at that moment, and said softly: "It was Shu fei's birthday a while ago. I was so busy, so I didn't see you."

In addition to Mrs. Zheng, there are also a few female relatives in the house, the eldest wife Gong Sun, the second wife He, Dafang's cousin Yun Ling, and Erfang's cousin Yun Jing.

Seeing this scene of deep affection between his grandparents and grandchildren, He couldn't help but joked: "It's rare to see a cousin girl so coquettish, how steady a person is usually, it's because of your closeness to the old lady."

Even if Mrs. Zheng knew that she was deliberately flattering, she couldn't help being pleased. She smiled and said, "My granddaughter, who else would you go with if you don't kiss me?"

"It's not that I said," He said again: "I watched the cousin and our aunt and grandmother grow more and more alike, the same good looks."

Mrs. Zheng always feels sad when she hears people mentioning her daughter, but Shao Kui and Shao Xun are in front of her at this time, and she is somewhat relieved of the sadness. She looked at Shao Xun said: "Don't think I am Yongqing's mother-in-law. To be fair, Ah Xun, the child who looked like her mother when she was young, is getting bigger and bigger now, but she is much more prettier than her mother. You don't have to flatter, no matter which one of your daughter or granddaughter gives birth to better. , Just follow me."

Several people laughed.

After joking for a while, Shao Kui said to the side: "Grandma, I don't know if Cousin Yunqiao is or not, I have something to discuss with him."

Mrs. Zheng also remembered: "That's right! Call Yun Qiao over. Really, there is a guest at home, and I didn't see him come out to accompany him."

The meaning of these words can't just listen to the surface, at least two girls secretly laughed while covering their mouths.

Zheng Yunqiao did not come. Gong Sun explained: "The old lady also knows that my maiden nephew arrived in Beijing yesterday, and Yunqiao has been with him all the time. I want to come out today with him."

Shao Kui was extremely sensitive at this time, and his face was already a little heavy-he had made a serious greeting yesterday, but it was no coincidence that Zheng Yunqiao went out today.

Mrs. Zheng was also a little displeased: "Why are you going out today? Don't you know there are guests coming from home?"

Gong Sun apologized: "My nephew has no one to control at home, the most unruly person. He takes Yun Qiao out, and I am not at ease. Besides, he sleeps in flowers and willows all day long. What if Yun Qiao also follow…"

Mrs. Zheng covered her ears with her arms around Shao Xun, and her voice was stern: "Okay! What kind of temper is Yun Qiao, you know in your heart that he is not that kind of person!"

Gong Sun was silent, and the others did not dare to speak. Only Shao Kui calmed down and said to Mrs. Zheng: "It doesn't matter if he is not there. I went with him to ride a horse in the suburbs a while ago, and saw my cousin's riding skills have improved a lot. I thought about picking a day in a few days, taking the children at home to relax, calling my cousin, and then practicing riding skills."

Gong Sun refused: "My nephew will stay in the capital recently. Where Yun Qiao goes, he must follow. It won't be good if he collides with a few nieces at that time."

"Don't worry about this," Shao Kui said: "I can trust the nurturing of my aunt's family. Even if the son is unruly, there is no big mistake. Moreover, we are going to the Yulinyuan behind the Taiji Palace, which is a royal place. People dare to be presumptuous."

Hearing the words "Yulin Garden", everyone present was taken aback.

It is a place where the royal horse farm and the garden are combined together. It is located to the north of the Taiji Palace, and it is next to it. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the back garden of the Zhao family. .

The place is just separated by a wall from the Taiji Palace, and even has a courtyard gate that can be passed directly through. Therefore, ordinary officials are really out of reach, and usually can't even reach the side.

Only the children of meritorious service who contributed to the establishment of the Great Zhou Dynasty can enter, and they must apply in advance and approve in person at the Liangyi Hall.

This noble is not suitable for anyone. The above stipulates that only marquis and above have this qualification.

Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, there have only been four males and eight princes on Monday, some of which are postponed, and one or two are extinct. The remaining people who are eligible to apply for the use of Yulin Garden are very few.

Yingguo Gongfu happened to be one of them. This is the case. Because the Zhezi needs the Imperial Assent of the Liangyi Palace, Shao Zhenyu and Shao Kui rarely go in, for fear of leaving the emperor with the impression of frivolous behavior.

This opportunity can be said to be extremely rare.

Not to mention Gong Sun, even the He clan's eyes lit up.

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