Shao Xun hurried back to Yingguo Gongfu office before the curfew. The moment he got out of the car and saw the familiar corner gate, he finally felt that he had really only spent a day in the palace.

At the end of the day, what I experienced was like a few months.

She entered the mansion from the Jiaomen, and soon after entering the Suihuamen, she was Langgan Xiaozhu. She wanted to go back to the courtyard directly, and sent someone to the main courtyard to say it.

Unexpectedly, I saw Yuhu carrying a lantern at the gate of the courtyard, pacing back and forth, as if waiting for her.

"Sister Yuhu?"

Yuhu also saw Shao Xun: "My dear girl, why did you come back?"

Shao Xun took off his cloak and gave it to her as he walked in: "I said a few more words to the second princess, what's all the fuss about this."

Yuhu took the cloak, but reached out and stopped Shao Xun: "Girl, don't go back."

"How?" Shao Xun asked.

"The son of the world has sent someone here several times, saying that it is for you to come back. Be sure to go to his courtyard first."

Shao Xun frowned.

If before, no matter how tired she was, Shao Kui said that she would have to go there anyway, but this time she didn't know what happened. She didn't feel tired at first, but she felt she was going to see him. All the backlog of exhaustion surged up in an instant, almost making her dizzy for a moment.

Tired and boring.

Shao Xun didn't hesitate to take the lantern in Yuhu's hand, and walked straight into the house: "I've been in the palace for a day and I'm really tired. Sister Yuhu sent someone to apologize to my eldest brother. Well, just say I can't move."

"Hey, hey! Girl!"

Before Yuhu recovered from Shao Xun's refusal, she saw that she was going to go back if she didn't care about it. After persuading her twice to see that she was stubborn, she racked her brains helplessly. For a euphemistic reason, he explained that Shao Xun did not go to the point that it was not leaking, and was told to pass it on to Shao Kui.

Here, Shao Xuncao took a few bites to deal with dinner, and then he washed up and lay down on the bed.

It's not too late, and usually at this time, she is either practicing calligraphy or reading, or she just wants to be a female worker.

Shao Xun lay on the bed, that is, after a while, he was drowsy. He heard the last sentence in a daze, that is, Lizhu and Liucui pressed their voices and said: "The girl entered the palace these two times, how can I look tired than before? It's a lot, but when it's this time, I'm going to fall asleep."

She heard these words dimly, and did not forget to explain in her heart: Before entering the palace, she only needed to deal with Shu fei, but this time she didn't know which god she had collided with, and she didn't know what she might have encountered in the past few years. There are too many people to deal with troubles.

First please greet Shu fei, help the second princess to educate her servants, then Concubine Gong, Princess Kejing, and the Empress Dowager… and the emperor…

After this lap, even the iron-struck people couldn't hold it.

Shao Xun obviously didn't think about anything before going to bed, but after falling asleep, he had many strange dreams.

In the beginning, Princess Kejing sat in the arms of the Empress Dowager, and said in a contemptuous and faintly proud voice: "If you offend this palace, naturally you should be punished-come, open your mouth to this palace-until she smashes her face! !"

This was not the voice of Princess Kejing, but the voice of the eldest prince Qi, Shao Xun was so frightened that his heart stopped beating, and even his cheeks seemed to be pierced in pain.

Then the pain intensified, and she was about to roll all over the floor in pain, but the second princess came up and hugged her tightly and said softly: "Don't be afraid of Xun'er, you are perfect, you should have got everything."

Princess Kejing and the Empress Dowager disappeared, and the pain on Shao Xun's face gradually subsided in Zhao Ruotong's gentle comfort. She opened her eyes and stepped back to say something, but saw Zhao Ruotong originally holding her arms. The blood on both hands was dripping on the clothes of the two of them.

Zhao Ruotong noticed her gaze, hurriedly hid her hand behind her, opened her mouth but stopped talking, and finally just looked at her silently, and then disappeared in a flash.

Shao Xun stared down at his hands that were stained with Zhao Ruotong's blood, but suddenly found that his hands were small and tender, like those of a child.

By the way, she is just a four or five year old child.

The next moment, a pair of men's big hands hugged her under her armpits and hugged her in his arms. One hand gently patted her head, and his mouth coaxed softly: "Don't cry baby, girl don't Cried……"

This must be her father.

She put her arms around his neck, weeping loudly in his arms, crying as she should, without scruples.

"Father, daddy…"

"Good baby don't cry…"

She said in horror: "Daddy, Ah Tong…bleed…"

The palm of his head comforted her over and over again, and the man whispered: "Don't be afraid, it will be okay… Everything has me…"

Shao Xun opened his eyes in a daze. After a long time, he finally remembered what kind of absurd dream he had.

She wondered how her imagination could be so rich and weird. After thinking about it for a long time, it could only be attributed to the thinking of the day and the dream of the night.

On the way to greet his parents, Yuhu said, "It's really something urgent to protect the son of the world last night. After you fell asleep, he came over in person and said that he had something to say, but at that time you really fell asleep. , I can only block him."

Shao Xun couldn't think of anything urgent for Shao Kui… By the way, she went to the palace herself yesterday, but Shao Kui and Zheng Yunqiao agreed to go out together. So, the matter was probably related to Zheng Yunqiao.

Then there is nothing worth paying attention to.

To be honest, even if Shao Kui wants to tell her that Zheng Yunqiao will marry Shao Qiong tomorrow, Shao Xun might not be surprised, saying that Cao Cao and Cao Cao arrived, entered the courtyard of Rong'an Hall, and just walked to the front. At the door of the room, Shao Xun and Shao Kui met directly.

The moment Shao Kui saw Shao Xun, his eyes widened and he wanted to say something. Before he didn't want to say anything, Zheng heard something inside: "Is it Acu Ah Xun? Come in."

Shao Kui's words were stuck in his mouth, and he could only glance at Shao Xun, then lifted the curtain and went in.

In the room, Shao Ying was already there, and the two brothers and sisters greeted Shao Zhenyu and his wife as usual, and sat in the chairs one after the other.

Shao Kui asked: "Where is Ah Qiong? But are you lazy again?"

Zheng sighed: "She has always been tired and lazy, plus she was a little unbearable when she went shopping with you yesterday. It's strange that she can get up. When I look back, I will see what I say to her."

Shao Zhenyu took a sip of the tea and said after hearing these words: "She is still a child. It is normal for her to save time in the morning and twilight. Besides, she still feels unwell. Just say a few words. Don't be frightened. she was."

Zheng seemed to be dissatisfied: "I said, it was the master who spoiled her, and she was not like a girl day by day."

He said and glanced at Shao Xun again: "I said that the old lady can train people, look at Ah Xun, what a rule, you are used to Ah Qiong all day, let her sister think."

"The two of her are not the same." Shao Zhenyu said casually: "Ah Xun is born like this, let alone compare to this, right, Ah Xun?"

The last words were asked to Shao Xun, and Shao Xun smiled and said, "Father is right."

Seeing Shao Zhenyu nodding in satisfaction, Shao Xun smiled, but he was a little confused.

She remembered what the emperor said yesterday:

Your father vowed to take care of you personally anyway, and be the happiest girl in the world.

Isn't the father who held his new-born daughter swearing in front of the emperor the same person in front of him?

They are clearly alone.

"By the way, Ah Xun, you entered the palace yesterday and heard that you didn't come back early. What happened?" Zheng asked.

Shao Xun didn't mention anything that happened in the palace, and said in a simple and concise way: "Everything is going well, mother is worried."

Zheng rolled his eyes inadvertently: "Niang… and the third prince are okay?"

Shao Zhenyu raised his head slightly when he heard this.

Shao Xun said: "Everything is fine for Niangniang. As for the third prince, I heard that he went to please the Niangniang, because we are different from each other and we did not meet each other."

Zheng listened for a moment, and then his slender eyebrows wrinkled lightly, as if thinking about something incomprehensible.

Shao Zhenyu lowered his head again and drank a cup of tea.

At this moment, Shao Qiong finally came in with a yawn. Her room was in the East Wing of Rong'an Hall. It took only ten steps to get to the main room after going out of the room. In this situation, she really only just woke up.

She saluted in a daze: "Daddy, my daughter greets you."

Zheng pulled her by his side, and at this time he didn't mention anything to teach him. Instead, he touched her head: "Look, have you gotten fever again?"

Shao Ying joked on the side: "Where is it so easy to get fever, she was alive and kicking last night. This is just to be tired of playing, just write two more words."

Shao Qiong spit out his tongue at him, and at the same time became sober, and said to Shao Kui: "Big brother, I had a great time playing yesterday. Next time you go out and take me with you."

Shao Kui said: "Wait for a chance… You run around with us, and you are not afraid of your mother's worry."

Shao Qiong didn't care, "What's not to worry about. I went riding a horse the other day. I almost fell. You didn't protect me like that."

Zheng also laughed and said: "You kid can't be the most stable, and Yun Qiao is also with you. I have nothing to worry about, but if Ah Xun entered the palace yesterday, I should go shopping together, you guys. It's always good for young people to gather together."

Shao Kui nodded and pressed his forehead with his hand: "Speaking of which, father, mother, and grandmother, we haven't visited for a long time. I want to take Ah Xun to see her old man."

Shao Zhenyu nodded: "That's right, my mother-in-law is getting older and loves you grandchildren the most, so I should go and see it often, and also make filial piety for me and your mother."

After hearing this, Shao Qiong immediately said positively: "I want to go too! I haven't seen my grandmother for a long time!"

"Why are you so clingy?" Zheng nodded her forehead, as if to blame again: "Brother and sister follow wherever they go."

She said to Shao Kui: "Then look at her more and don't ask her to annoy the old lady."

Shao Xun was about to take a nap in boredom, but suddenly saw Shao Kui's expression. There was something not obvious and unnatural in his words: "Isn't Ah Qiong not doing well? Why don't you rest at home for two days, wait until your complexion improves… …Otherwise, it won't be good for my grandmother to be concerned."

Others didn't notice the difference, but Shao Xun's own doze was gone.

She blinked, her eyes swept across Shao Kui's body, and quickly moved away.

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