The Empress Dowager looked at the emperor's back and couldn't help sighing deeply.

The Wu family next to her walked in. Seeing this, she knew what had happened, and she couldn't help but bury her grievances: "Manny, you said that the atmosphere is great, and you are also happy to see your Majesty. What do you mention about those things again? It's not a waste of fun."

The Empress Dowager was somewhat regretful in her heart, but she refused to admit it: "I am his mother. Even if he says a few things he doesn't like to listen to, he can still deny me."

Wu said helplessly: "It's impossible to recognize it, but didn't the empress notice it? The number of times your Majesty Ningshou Palace is getting lower and lower. Apart from asking for peace once every three days, there is no other chance to see him, even if It's mother and child, and there is also a close relationship. Isn't the close one better than the estranged one?"

"It's just that he is getting older and he is about to be a grandfather. It is impossible for me to be as close as a child anymore."

The Empress Dowager didn't care, and then she worried about her: "I only care about my heart… You said that I didn't force the emperor to spoil the Empress, but just let him be somewhat decent, so I just said that and left…"

"Niang!" The Wu family didn't even want to mention the Empress: "The princess is very good. With you watching, no one dares to bully her, so why bother to promote the Empress, if she really gets up, slave girl I don't believe you don't respond."

"The more Zheng'er is now, the more worried I am. Now I can support her, but once…so I thought that the Empress might be able to take care of her for a while…As for the Empress, I know how the emperor is, if he hates it There is no saying that a person will return after a few years, but he wants to use the name of the Empress as a middle palace to shelter Zhen'er for a few more years."

But there is no perfect good thing in the world, not only does it not make people come back, but also wants her to have the ability to support her daughter.

"To say that your majesty really doesn't rub the sand in your eyes. At the beginning, the Empress arranged Shenbi to go to your majesty's side. It was nothing more than a common trick in the harem; and although she planned to murder the emperor's heir, in the end, the concubine did not have any danger Did you give birth to the great prince? Your majesty really doesn't even think about knotting the hair, and he just dislikes it when he says it's disgusting. No matter how you look at it…"

Speaking of this, Wu was shocked. The doubts and anxiety that had been stuck in her throat over the years blurted out involuntarily: "Your Majesty…Could it be that you know something?"

The Empress Dowager was shocked by these words, her whole body moved violently, and then she calmed down and scolded: "What are you talking about! How is this possible?!"

"You also said that the emperor doesn't rub sand in his eyes. If he really knows something, can the palace be so calm for more than ten years? Don't be surprised."

Wu's heart was still uneasy. "That incident" was a bomb that the regiment might detonate at any time. Who knew when it hit a spark and killed everyone.

At this moment, Princess Kejing walked in with a stern face: "Is the emperor grandmother not finished speaking with the emperor father?"

When the Empress Dowager saw her granddaughter, she immediately turned her anger into joy and greeted her to sit next to her: "Your father has already left, what's the matter? How can you keep a straight face, who made you upset?"

Princess Kejing said coquettishly: "It's not the imperial grandmother, why didn't you punish that girl just now, so you can vent your anger for me."

The Empress Dowager was a little helpless, "You have to mention it again, I think she is pretty good, knowing to cover up for you."

"…What can I hide…"

Hearing the guilty conscience in Princess Kejing's words, the Empress Dowager stretched out her hand and nodded her forehead: "Wouldn't it be enough to say it to the family… However, you really should change your temperament. You did not have long eyes at the time." Yes, but now no one dares to provoke you, relax your heart, don't always lose your temper, you see Ruotong's child has such friends who come to protect her all the time, you are better than her in every way, why don't you know how to follow Do people get along well?"

Princess Kejing lowered her head and reluctantly responded.

"Stay at Ningshou Palace for dinner tonight. The Aijia ordered the kitchen to cook your favorite dishes." The Empress Dowager said.

Princess Kejing was a little embarrassed: "I, I want to see the mother Empress. She has been ill for some time this time and hasn't been out for a long time. I want to accompany her for a meal and relax her heart."

Princess Kejing is arrogant, but her heart of filial piety is solid. Although the Empress is the main palace, she can't fight for her. On the contrary, she has to be the daughter of Princess Kejing. Jing never complained about anything, and served her mother with all her heart. The contradictions between her and her concubine were mostly settled for the purpose of fighting injustices for the Empress.

The Empress Dowager sighed secretly, and she nodded in agreement.

As soon as Princess Kejing left, Mr. Wu said with relief: "Don't be angry, mother, it's a good thing for princess to be filial."

"I'm not angry, I'm worrying for my Zhen'er," the Empress Dowager said: "The more the Empress is left out, the more likely she is to get into the horns and her temper becomes more and more paranoid. So is the emperor. For such a good daughter, each Yue took a day or two to sit in the Empress's Palace. How much would it cost him? He just didn't agree, so he just raised his leg and left."

The more she talked, the more sad she was, both distressed for her granddaughter, and dissatisfied with her son: "People in the dynasty praise him for his generosity and kindness… Is he the real generosity? He has been like a stone since he was a child, stubborn and hard, big However, I know that it will be softer, but unfortunately…"

The old lady "pooh" said: "——It's all pretends! What's the use of pretending to be decent, it's still so cold in the bones, and I can't even listen to my words."

"Empress dowager…" Wu's is really gone: "You can't just look at this matter. Your Majesty usually asks for warmth. There is no good thing that I will give to the concubine of the harem first. No matter how much it is, I will send it to you. , His maid is very filial, you haven't seen it…"

"That's why he doesn't like these women! Someday in the future, he will encounter something that he really likes. You can't be sure what it looks like when you look at it."

The Empress Dowager didn't really think that the emperor was so bad, but it was inevitable in her anger. After being persuaded by Wu for a long time, she finally calmed down.

"Filial piety, filial piety is not as good as obedience, I know he is filial, but I don't need anything else, so I am concerned about a Zhener, but he never pays attention to it. What is the use of other filial piety?"

Wu followed with a sigh: "You just gave your majesty the clothes, how happy he is, now it's all right, for the sake of a Empress, everyone will be disappointed."

The Empress Dowager was worried, but she didn't know that her son didn't go back to the Palace of Liangyi as she thought.

The sedan chair stopped there. At first, Shao Xun was still holding expectations that had nothing to do with her. But she knelt for a while and found that the sedan chair in front of her stayed still, and finally stood up and walked over by herself.

"Your Majesty……"

The sedan chair was five or six feet in length and width, and it was very spacious. There was a thick tent hanging down at the top, which could cover half of the people inside. The emperor sat in it, and Shao Xun could not see the whole picture of the other party.

"Are you going to see Ruotong, or go home?" The emperor's face was hidden behind the tent, but his tone was very calm, as if talking with someone he knew where he was going.

But Shao Xun didn't feel that there was anything wrong, she whispered: "Go to see Ah Tong…Princess first, and then go home."

The emperor was silent for a moment. Just when Shao Xun thought that the other party could not speak, the emperor's calm voice came from the sedan chair: "Come on, I will send you a ride."

Shao Xun's heart thumped so hard that she almost thought her heart had popped out of her mouth.

"The courtier dare not." She didn't know how she could keep her voice calm under such circumstances, but the fact is that every word she said now is clear, so that outsiders will think she is in her mood. No fluctuations.

"Please go ahead, your majesty, the courtiers know the way."

He Jinrong, who had been following the emperor on the side, was a little anxious, and kept winking at Shao Xun.

But it's useless for his eyes to go off his eyes. Shao Xun would never agree to ride in the same sedan chair with the emperor.

At this moment, the emperor reached out and knocked on the armrest, and He Jinrong said in a hurry, "Lost in the past–"

The sedan chair landed steadily on the ground. Before Shao Xun could react, the emperor waved He Jinrong's arm to support him, and got down on his own.

The emperor was very tall, standing in front of Shao Xun, the feeling of oppression and trembling instantly grabbed her heart and made her take a step back.

"Your Majesty…"

"I want to talk to you. Since you don't want to ride with you, I can only walk with you."

Shao Xun took a deep breath, then looked at him and said, "Your Majesty, please speak."

The emperor shook his head and motioned to Shao Xun to go with him.

Shao Xun hesitated for a moment, but he didn't dare to disobey his order despite He Jinrong's desperate hints, but he followed.

The people who can follow the emperor are carefully selected. Several servants looked at each other and only selected a few far behind them. The rest ordered the bearers to lift their feet and return together. The Hall of Two Instruments.

The emperor over there said he wanted to talk to Shao Xun, but he didn't actually speak. If Shao Xun hadn't noticed that the other party was accommodating her pace, he would walk a little slower, almost thinking that he had forgotten that someone would follow him.

The road went further and further, neither to the Ningshou Palace nor to the Princess Palace, but Shao Xun still gradually felt a touch of familiarity.

It wasn't until I stood in front of a small building that I was completely sure

Fenglin Pavilion, it turned out to be here.

There was no guard here, and the emperor pushed it slightly and the gate opened.

"This library is the place I used to come to when I was a child." Emperor Ning Xi took Shao Xun into one of the largest study rooms. "Later, many of the books here were moved to the library and gradually fell into disuse, so I didn't come often. Up."

The stacks of ebony bookcases lined up one after another, but they were not cleaned diligently, and now they have accumulated a lot of dust, floating quietly in the air under the gleam of light.

Shao Xun couldn't help reaching out her fingers to touch the spine of the time-marked book, and when he retracted her hand, there were already obvious gray marks on her fingertips.

"It's really deserted here…"

Other places are pretty clean, but it is too much trouble to organize the books. The people who clean up can be lazy if they want to, and ignore this place.

The emperor watched her movements and said, "That day was the first time I set foot here in recent years."

Shao Xun's fingers paused slightly, and he changed the subject casually: "Since your majesty is so nostalgic, why didn't you send someone to repair it? It's not a lot of trouble for you, right?"

The emperor didn't entangle, and followed her words: "Why waste manpower to be arrogant in places that I don't often remember. It's meaningless except to show nostalgia."

"Since I don't remember often, why do you bring the courtiers again today?"

"I just think you may be more familiar with this place."

Is this topic unavoidable anyway?

Shao Xun pursed her lips tightly: "It was the minister who offended your majesty!"

When the emperor saw that she was finally not standing still, he couldn't help but laughed: "Since you know that you offended me in the first place, how come you get angry now."

Shao Xunxin said that even if she took the initiative to offend, it is still uncertain who took advantage.

But thinking about it again, if you change yourself and want to read the book, you will suddenly come up with someone who will love and touch yourself… That is indeed a big loss.

Thinking of this, Shao Xun was a little bit unreasonable. He opened her mouth and swallowed what he wanted to say: "Your Majesty is in a bad mood, I don't dare to contradict him."

The emperor asked: "How do you know that I am in a bad mood?"

She was not blind. Naturally, she could see that the emperor was in good mood in Ningshou Palace, but after coming out of Ningshou Palace, she was a little dull. It was the Empress Dowager who said something unpleasant, which made him unhappy.

Seeing that Shao Xun didn't say anything, the emperor sighed with emotion: "Say whatever you want. Even if I am in a bad mood, I may not be angry with others."

Shao Xun knew that the emperor had always had a good temper-at least in the few faces they had seen. She couldn't help but say, "Your Majesty is the Ninth Five-Year Supreme. Is there anything difficult that can't be solved?"

The emperor laughed and said: "This is called'Every family has a scripture that is difficult to recite.' As the daughter of the country's father, according to others, you must be carefree, but is this true? "

Naturally not, there are too many things worthy of Shao Xun's worries, and every one of them is impossible to solve.

The emperor saw that Shao Xun's words were blocked, so he turned around and sat on the couch, pointed to the chair next to Shao Xun, and asked, "What is the conflict between you and Ke Jing? ."

Shao Xun was vague in front of the Empress Dowager, but because he was expected that the other party would favor the princess, but at this time, knowing that the emperor was also her father, he was not afraid to tell him the truth.

She finished talking about the story of the matter.

The emperor listened quietly, without interrupting her speech until she finished speaking.

"You did a good job, but you shouldn't take a risk in the end. If you really do something with respect, you won't suffer."

When Shao Xun heard that he was the same as the second princess, he was worried that he was hurt. He couldn't tell what it was like. He just lowered her head, and her voice was a little dull: "Princess Kejing is not the one in the same class… A slap is nothing…"

The emperor shook his head and said, "But what I said is good. The palace is not unreasonable. Even the princess has no lawless power. Ke Jing has indeed become more impetuous recently, and someone should come to treat her."

After the previous preparations, Shao Xun has gradually relaxed in front of him, no longer being so cautious. After hearing this, she couldn't help saying: "Since your Majesty knows that the princess has acted wrongly, why didn't you say something to teach? The princess admires you. , She may not refuse to listen to your words."

The emperor didn't expect that she would ask herself, and at this time she couldn't stand looking at her for a long time, until Shao Xun became a little uncomfortable, and then said: "She was raised by the Empress Dowager since she was a child. Every sentence will be displeased, and now, the more difficult it is to get past her old man to intervene."

The emperor never told anyone this kind of explanation, but even if Shao Xun knew that the other party was willing to find a decent reason to explain to her, it was not easy, but he still couldn't help but slander him.

Why not intervene? If you really care, the Empress Dowager can still stop the emperor from letting him get close to her daughter. After all, she still doesn't really want to control. Besides, the princess can say that there is a Empress Dowager who stopped her, and the two princesses did not grow up so old. I've seen him take care of it a few times.

Shao Xun was able to conceal her emotions since she was a child. At this time, her thoughts did not show up on her face, but somehow, the emperor could guess what she was thinking as soon as she saw her eyes, so he sighed slightly: "I have never Not a good father, you are right."

Shao Xun's courage has gradually grown, she whispered: "You just know what's the use, and you won't change it."

She didn't know what she thought of, and her mood was obviously lowered: "Being a parent shouldn't be like this."

Her sadness reminded the emperor of the death of his wife, Shao Zhenyu, who was the son of Yingguo Duke many years ago. This child is the eldest daughter of Yingguo Duke, and should be the girl left behind by his wife who died in dystocia.

At that time, the emperor had just ascended the throne not long, and his father and elder brother died in his own family, and there was no sorrow that would accompany others, so he just gave Shao Zhenyu a few words of comfort, and he didn't remember it anymore.

Who could have imagined that the baby who lost her mother in the infancy many years ago had grown into such a girl, sitting in front of him with unknown melancholy at this moment, but only a few feet away.

He thought there was a misunderstanding between Shao Xun and her father, so he said: "When your mother died, Shao Qing was in grief and refused to let go, saying that you were the child left behind by your dead wife. I also vowed to personally take care of you when you grow up anyway, and be the happiest girl in the world. This is what I heard."

Shao Xun was originally only sentimental, but was caught off guard when he heard the emperor's words, her eyes suddenly became sore, and she almost shed tears. She rolled her eyes quickly, trying to put her tears back, but she was suddenly sad and wronged. I couldn't stop it, I had to turn my head too far, and took a few deep breaths, which made it better.

The emperor looked at her: "I remember that Shao Qing was worried that you could not stand up because you were a young man. He didn't give you a name. He was always a baby. He was screaming. I even laughed at his sons and daughters and their heroic shortness…"

"Stop talking…" Shao Xun couldn't help closing her eyes, her voice was hard to detect: "Your Majesty, please stop talking."

Shao Xun knew that the emperor was telling her how much her father loved her. She was once the treasure in her palm and the sharp heart.

The emperor was kind, but he didn't know that people's feelings would not stay the same. Even if parents love their children, it may not last forever.

Shao Xun tried to adjust her mood as much as possible. She didn't want the person in front of her to know that she was not the little girl who was in her father's arms and beloved in his mind, and she didn't want him to know how unflattering she was and exhausted. My father and brother were not favored by any means.

So embarrassed and so humble.

"At that time you didn't have a name. Now I know that you have a single name with the word "Xun", right?"

She swallowed her tears and nodded: "It's 'Xun' from 'to follow the rules'."

That was the name she made with her younger siblings when she was five years old

The emperor shook his head and said: "In my opinion, it should be "Xun" from "to follow elegance".

His tone was always gentle but firm, and people would think it was the truth when they heard it. Shao Xun was moved by this sentence and couldn't help but look at him, facing the emperor's calm eyes.

Shao Xun's skin is very white, as if shining brightly, every part of his facial features is exquisite, especially the eyes, especially the eyes. His eyes are very beautiful, usually calm and self-sufficient, and they are already very good without any emotions. It is eye-catching. Now the beautiful eyes are reddish, like a thin layer of rouge, gorgeous and soft, and their eyes are like the lush autumn waters of two bays. No one will be willing to look away even if they look at it.

Looking at such a pair of eyes, Emperor Ning Xi's heart moved: "You are here."

Shao Xun's expression was shaken for a moment, and she could only stand up and walk in front of him.

The emperor actually meant that she should sit next to him, but Shao Xun knelt down directly in front of him with his eyes down.

The emperor did not force it. This posture can look down at her and detect every change in her emotions. He is not very sensual, neither stern nor tough, but looks straight down at Shao Xun in this way. But she firmly controlled all of her mind.

"Tell me," the emperor's voice was low and powerful, "what are you thinking at the moment?"

Shao Xun raised his eyes and looked at the emperor—what was she thinking, to be honest, she was just full of things at home, but now she was stared firmly at the emperor, she didn't even know herself. What she was thinking about, she felt that way, she just told the truth like this, even forgot to claim: "I…I don't know…"

The emperor looked at her for a long while, then slowly raised his hand.

Shao Xun immediately tightened. She wanted to hide, but she seemed to be frozen. She couldn't help closing her eyes tightly when the emperor's warm and powerful palm fell to her ears.

But the cheek was not touched, she was slightly startled, feeling a warmth on the side of her head.

Shao Xun opened his eyes blankly, and the emperor gently stroked her hair like this, with pity and comfort.

She looked at the emperor in a daze, and listened to him softly say: "You are still a little girl…"

Shao Xun still looked at her. Her heart was messed up, and her thoughts were all mixed up, but her mouth seemed to have her own consciousness. She heard her slow voice: "…In the eyes of your majesty, I…still a child Huh?"

The emperor's hand paused, and finally he gently trimmed the broken hair on her forehead, and when he withdrew his hand, his fingertips inadvertently slid over the delicate tail of his eyes, causing Shao Xun to tremble subconsciously.

The emperor withdrew his hand, his voice calm, without any ups and downs: "I…nor is not a saint."

These words seemed to have nothing to do with before and after. Shao Xun was a little slow at the moment and paused for a while before realizing that the emperor had already answered her question.

Fenglin Pavilion walked to the atrium. The courtyard where Zhao Ruotong lived was in the same line as the Liangyi Hall. The emperor and Shao Xun walked back together, without taking a ride, but walking slowly back step by step like a walk.

There was no one to speak, and the servants who were surrounded by the two of them walked lightly like cats, making the world as if the emperor and Shao Xun existed afterwards.

The Princess Palace was getting closer. Shao Xun stopped at the door and turned around to look at the emperor: "…Thank you, Your Majesty…send me back today."

What he said just now seems to have changed something dimly. Although he tried his best to restrain himself, being close means being close. Shao Xun's attitude towards him is no longer the same as before, full of familiarity and respect.

The emperor's hand seemed to move, but in the end he hung firmly on his side. He didn't say much, but said: "You go in. If it's too late, stay here with the princess."

Shao Xun nodded.

She was waiting for the emperor to turn around, but the emperor wanted to watch her enter the door. The two of them froze a little, and finally Shao Xun said said, "Your Majesty, go ahead."

The emperor looked at her, turned and left.

Just when he walked a few steps, Shao Xun suddenly remembered something: "Your Majesty stay!"

The emperor turned around and watched Shao Xun walk up to him a few steps: "Your Majesty, I still have something to say."

The emperor thought of various possibilities for a moment, but nothing changed on his face: "What's the matter?"

Shao Xun deliberated her words: "If you can, please take care of the second princess…"

The corner of the emperor's mouth hooked: "Before I asked you to look after her, but now, you have asked me instead."

Shao Xun lowered her head: "Didn't I offend Princess Kejing? It would be no good if the second princess was hurt."

"You don't need to worry about this. The newly transferred mother in her palace will naturally help me take care of her."

Shao Xun relaxed and thanked the emperor, and the two of them were silent for a few breaths of time.

This time it was the emperor who took the initiative to say: "I'm going back, so you can rest earlier."

This time he really left. Shao Xun stood there for a while, then turned and walked into the courtyard.

When Shao Xun saw the second princess again, the sky was already dark.

Zhao Ruotong was already anxiously restless, for fear that she would be embarrassed by the Empress Dowager, so when Shao Xun came in, he immediately grabbed her hand happily and said, "Xun'er, are you okay, did the grandmother embarrass you?"

Shao Xun shook his head: "It happened to be in a good mood to catch up with the Empress Dowager, and he didn't even have to blame."

Zhao Ruotong relaxed, and then gave a very happy smile: "It seems that even the imperial grandmother likes you, Xun'er, I know you must be likable."

Shao Xun couldn't laugh or cry. When it comes to being liked, she asks herself that she has nothing to do.

"That's right," Zhao Ruotong asked: "Since I didn't embarrass you, why are you only coming back now… Could it be that the imperial grandmother left a meal?"

This is really a good question. The Shao Xun who asked me didn't know where to start. She opened her mouth and didn't know how to make the time with the emperor more reasonable.

Then she found that no matter what she said, it seemed very unreasonable.

Zhao Ruotong watched Shao Xun frowning and wondering what to say, and suddenly asked, "Did Your Majesty summon you?"

Shao Xun's eyes widened: "How did you know?"

Zhao Ruotong gently shook his head: "It's not that I know, but I guessed it. I said, Your Majesty likes you very much. If you have nothing to do, it would be normal to talk to you."

Is this really normal? So why does Shao Xun still feel unreliable.

——She was not sure what the emperor wanted, and she didn't dare to think about more outrageous places. She could only feel anxious on her own.

Zhao Ruotong said: "You just treat it as nothing like this."

She looked at Zhao Ruotong and couldn't help but want to say something, but she gently covered her mouth: "Don't be afraid of Xun'er, you are so good, everyone should like you, if you don't like it, there is a problem, but you are Okay, not everyone else, so you only need to do what you want to do."

Zhao Ruotong put down her hand, and Shao Xun looked at her blankly: "Do only what you like?"

Zhao Ruotong nodded: "Others are not worthy of your attention…Xun'er, I am a useless person, neither likable nor courageous, but you are my only friend and the most important person to me."

She pressed Shao Xun on her cheek, and said softly: "You are perfect, you shouldn't have any regrets or troubles."

Shao Xun didn't expect Zhao Ruotong to say this. For a while, he even forgot the entanglement of the talent, and couldn't help but smile: "Ah Tong, am I not a fairy in your eyes? Who is perfect in the world, and who Is there really no regrets and troubles?"

Zhao Ruotong blinked: "At least this is true for me."

Shao Xun still didn't stay overnight in the palace.

She bid farewell to the second princess, walked all the way out of the palace gate, and was about to get in the carriage when she saw another carriage stopped next to her.

Seeing that there is a curfew, entering the palace at this time is unusual.

I saw a girl getting off the car, and then reached out and carefully helped a woman in her thirties. She was dressed very dull and didn't wear any jewelry on her head, but she brought a lot of people, even more than Princess Kejing. more.

Shao Xun recognized the person, and after she saw herself, she stood aside, did not rush into the car, and saluted when she passed by: "Deng Niangniang An."

The face of Madam Deng was haggard, and she knew that she was not very good, but she still responded politely and softly when she saw Shao Xunshi: "Ms. Shao walk slowly, I'm going to greet my mother."

Shao Xun saw that she was like a paper vase, as if it was about to fall in one breath, and he did not dare to say anything more: "Be careful, mother."

Deng nodded slightly and continued to walk forward.

Shao Xun exhaled and heard that the palace man who sent her out afterwards did the same thing. The palace man saw that Shao Xun was looking at herself, and said a little embarrassed: "Miss, don't be surprised, this lady is too weak. The slaves and maids were all embarrassed when they saw it."

Shao Xun smiled and expressed her understanding. After all, she was just as worried: "Why did Deng Niangniang enter the palace at this time?"

The palace man replied: "The empress dowager misses her compassion for the prince, and she has to call Deng Niangniang into the palace to talk about her heart from time to time. It is also a way to send her grief to her son's widow. No matter when, the empress dowager often summons her When it's late, most of them just stay overnight in Ningshou Palace. It is also convenient for Deng Niangniang to serve the Empress Dowager and show her filial piety to her elderly.

"It's just that the empress's body is really bad, so she can't bear to enter the palace from time to time. Your Majesty gave grace to allow her to take a sedan chair in the palace."

With the special care of the emperor, this "Emperor Deng" has an extraordinary status. She is the former prince's main room, that is, the princess is compassionate.

The eldest son of Taizu and Empress Dowager Tang, the prince cherishment is the elder brother of a compatriot of the first mother of the saint. The two brothers are only three or four years old.

At the beginning, Taizu was dissatisfied with the tyranny of the previous dynasty, and in the near future, he kicked off the uprising. He got a son very late. At that time, the prince of compassion was ten years old, but now he is just a child. The prince was taken to the barracks by his father by accident.

It is said that he was originally suffering from a deficiency, and he had been in the army for half a year, frightened and suffering. When he was reunited with his mother and brother, he was already thin and inhuman.

At that time, the army of the uprising was in full swing. Taizu was the leader, but the heir was so weak that he could not help shaking the military spirit. So when he went to the battlefield again, he left his eldest son in his hometown, and now he is now with him, participating in all battles, big and small. A little older, he has been the commander-in-chief several times, and he has been alone. This is the fact that although the emperor was young, he has made great achievements in battle.

After the founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty, Taizu also hesitated when establishing the crown prince. After all, the eldest son was the natural heir, and he was also the prince son of the King of Qin. There was no fault in his conduct, but the eldest son was too weak, and the second son was outstanding. No one is right.

In the end, the first emperor still sealed the eldest son as the prince amidst his unbearable pity for the prince and the current push.

However, the hidden dangers of doing so were revealed in the end. Later, Emperor Xian became seriously ill and cherished the prince's filial piety. He did not dare to leave his side by day and night. As a result, Emperor Xian was exhausted and died just a few quarters of an hour before he died. The compassionate prince who came and was enthroned was overworked and sorrowful. He vomited blood on the spot. In the end, the treatment was ineffective and he died in the arms of the Empress Dowager.

Then Prince Deng heard the news and was full of shock and pain. After more than seven months of pregnancy, the boy was born prematurely, and only cried for a few times before he died.

This series of tragedies of the royal family was caught off guard and saw one after another happen. There was no time to breathe. The whole ruling and opposition parties were turbulent. It is not an exaggeration to say that it was precarious. The remaining forces in the southern front dynasty were still watching, and Mobei was also extremely disturbed. Ning Xi, who was less than 18 years old, turned the tide and stabilized the situation. This did not allow Great Zhou, a country that had been newly born for a few years, to fall apart.

Now so many years have passed, the pain that should be healed has passed, the emperor is in power, the political situation is stable, and the Empress Dowager has gradually recovered from the sadness, and it is not bad for the mother to play with the grandson.

Only Deng lost her husband and son at the same time before ascending to the throne of the Empress. Her loss is completely irreparable. It is impossible for her to come out of this tragedy and start a new life anyway. Eighteen years have passed after such a life, and this has become so dispirited and haggard.

Shao Xun felt a little sympathetic to the former princess. After all, this kind of shock is not something that everyone can bear. After Shao Xun is replaced, whether she can survive it or not, so she never dared to feel Deng's fragile, because she could Surviving, it is really strong enough.

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