Shao Xun entered the palace in the morning and first went to meet Shu fei, and only saw the second princess at noon. After that, there was one storm after another, and there was almost no time to breathe.

When I was taken to Ningshou Palace, the sun was gradually sinking to the west, and it was close to dusk.

Ningshou Palace is adjacent to the imperial garden in the east, Taiye Pond in the west, and green bamboo forest in the north. It is a rare and quiet place in the palace but not remote. At the beginning of its construction, it was called Yangyi Palace and was specially built by the first emperor for his self-cultivation. After his death, the empress dowager moved into the old land of her dead husband.

From then on, Emperor Ning Xi changed "Yang Yi" to "Ning Shou" as a place for all the empress dowagers to take care of their grandchildren.

When she walked to the entrance of the main hall of Ningshou Palace, she took a deep breath, calmed her heart, and walked in.

The hall was not quiet, and there were voices from time to time, mixed with the soft laughter of women.

Seeing that Shao Xun was coming, the gatekeeper hurried in and reported:

"Niang, Miss Shao is here."

The hall was quiet for a moment, only to hear the Empress Dowager's old and low voice slowly saying: "Let her come in."

Shao Xun didn't look up when he entered, but he saw that the emperor was not here, and Princess Kejing was sitting next to the Empress Dowager, clinging to her.

Walking all the way to the center of the room, Shao Xun knelt on his knees and saluted: "The courtier sees the empress dowager."

The Empress Dowager is about to be in her sixties and her eyes are already a bit dizzy. She squinted and couldn't see Shao Xun's appearance, and said: "Get up, come to Ai's house."

Shao Xun stood up, walked steadily to the mother's back, bent his knees and said, "Niangniang Jin'an."

Empress Dowager Tang looked at Shao Xun carefully, a little surprised.

The child looks more and more upright.

Shao Xun did not appear flustered in the eyes of the Empress Dowager. She was born with a little smile, but she did not smile. It only made people feel comfortable to look at, rather than flattering. She lowered her eyes, but the angle was just enough to make the Empress Dowager see her calm and waveless eyes.

Older women are different from when they were young. As long as they are not too jealous, they will find beautiful girls or boys particularly attractive.

And Shao Xun happened to be the most outstanding one among the pretty girls.

The Empress Dowager was originally dissatisfied with Shao Xun because of the wind in Princess Kejing's ears, but after only one glance at her, the desire to beat her was not so strong.

The old woman was stunned for a moment, and then slowly said, "Sit down."

After all, Shao Xun has been in and out of the court since she was a child. Even if she hasn't seen the Empress Dowager for a few days, she can't be too nervous. In addition, she thinks she has done nothing wrong, even if the Empress Dowager is eager to protect her grandson and insists on venting her anger for Princess Kejing It's too much, no matter how punished, she just suffers.

Therefore, she didn't panic, and sat on the stool that the palace had moved in a generous manner: "Thank you, Empress Dowager, for your seat."

Princess Kejing pulled the sleeves of the Empress Dowager, but the Empress Dowager did not speak directly, but kept observing Shao Xun's movements. Seeing that she is not cowardly, even less arrogant, she is said to be quite well-formed, in fact, it can be called nothing wrong. What is rare is that this kind of perfect manner does not make you feel hypocritical, but is like flowing water, as if she was born to be flawless. of.

There was a moment of silence in the hall, and the concubines did not speak either, as if they were waiting for the Empress Dowager to attack directly.

But she didn't. Instead, she said to them: "You have been sitting here for a long time. Go back to your palace first, and let these two little girls talk to Aijia."

The people here were Libing and the two low-ranking concubines in her palace, and they were a little anxious when they heard this.

It's not that they have such a big heart to watch Shao Xun's jokes, but they go to Ningshou Palace every day to ask for peace, and finally block the emperor, but they only meet each other before they can say a word, so they are sent away. Is it?

Several people were very unwilling, but looking at the Empress Dowager, they didn't dare to say anything more, so they could only step back and retreat three times.

Otherwise, these concubines were out of luck. As soon as they left on the front feet, the emperor on the back feet entered the hall while wiping his face with a wet kerchief.

It turned out that he went in and was called to change clothes by the Empress Dowager, and then he went to the side hall.

When the Empress Dowager saw the emperor, the corners of her tight mouth finally showed a smile: "How about it, is it suitable to wear? Weiniang's craftsmanship is still the past?"

The emperor really changed his clothes. It was no longer the indigo robe that Shao Xun saw at noon. Instead, he changed into a moon-white uniform. This color is very light, blue and elegant, even though the old lady has bad eyes. So, without embroidery, the original lines on the silk and satin just match this color. The emperor's dress is really a few years younger. If standing next to the third prince, no one would think that this is a father and son.

The Empress Dowager was very satisfied: "I just put it bluntly, don't be so old-fashioned, my son is young." She said that she held the two girls beside her: "Look at the emperor if he is much younger."

Princess Kejing didn't dare to make the emperor's joke, and replied: "All the imperial grandmother have high-sightedness… But when do you make one for your granddaughter, you can't favor one another."

"I only made one for you last month. The emperor is still behind you."

And Shao Xun knew that the empress dowager didn't really want to answer by herself, so he just looked at the emperor and lower her head in silence.

On the contrary, the emperor quietly glanced at her, and after sitting next to the Empress Dowager, he seemed to ask casually: "Why did this child get to you?"

The Empress Dowager was startled, and said in doubt: "The emperor recognizes her?"

Emperor Ning Xi leisurely put his hands on the armrests, his eyes lowered as if he was looking at the cuffs: "Why don't you know the girl from the Shao family?"

"Really?" The Empress Dowager asked back, and then she remembered the conflict between Shao Xun and Princess Kejing.

But now she admires Shao Xun's every move, and because she sees her son, she feels very good, and her tone of voice is not as harsh as she thought at the beginning:

"Girl Shao, I heard that you are disrespectful to Princess Kejing, is there such a thing?"

Princess Kejing frowned-this was not the response of the Empress Dowager she expected.

Shao Xun had expected it long ago, and said without delay: "Returning to Bing Niang, the ministers must not dare to be disrespectful, I am afraid that Your Royal Highness has misunderstood."

"Misunderstanding?" How could Princess Kejing let her get confused so easily: "Why didn't you say that it was a misunderstanding when you confronted me face to face?"

The Empress Dowager lowered her face, "What is going on? Tell the truth."

Shao Xun raised his eyes and looked at Princess Kejing, "Your Royal Highness said a few words to the second princess today, because the second princess was not good at speech and did not answer in time, which caused her highness to misunderstand. The minister was afraid that the two princesses would be separated. This is what prevented it."

She finished talking in a few words, but didn't say a word in the details, mainly because she knew the Empress Dowager's love to the princess, even if she told the truth about her evil words at the time, not to say whether the Empress Dowager would believe it, even if she did, In order to protect her granddaughter, Shao Xun would definitely insist that it was Shao Xun who lied, so it would be better not to mention this at the beginning.

The Empress Dowager looked back at Ke Jing and saw that she looked away uncomfortably, she knew there were other things in it, but as Shao Xun thought, she didn't want to know how Ke Jing was domineering, she just needed to know. Shao Xun didn't take the initiative to provoke her.

The Empress Dowager nodded: "I still have to be more respectful to the princess in the future. She has a straight temper, but her heart is not bad."

Shao Xun held back the corners of her mouth that he wanted to twitch, and bowed her head.

Princess Kejing opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she really didn't take any reason for this matter. She dared to file a complaint directly because the Empress Dowager had never been like this to those who offended her. Instead, she came up and asked her guilty sternly. The people below are either too scared to say anything, or they are eager to argue to make the Empress dowager even more disgusting, and who is right and who is wrong is never the point.

But this time, the Empress Dowager first reduced Shao Xun's ill feeling towards Shao Xun a lot. Later, when the emperor came in, the anger went out and then extinguished. She rarely listened to Shao Xun's explanation with patience, and her answer was also very good. With skill, the Empress Dowager lifted up high and put it down gently.

The Empress Dowager felt that the matter had been resolved, and turned to look at the emperor: "Your daughter was almost aggrieved. It was my old lady who became the master for her. Why don't you say a word."

The emperor originally listened to Shao Xun without saying a word. After hearing the words of the Empress Dowager, he thought for a while: "Which daughter is my mother talking about?"

The Empress Dowager was taken aback for a moment, and then her face changed a little-this time it was the second princess who was really wronged instead of the princess Kejing.

She didn't know what to say for a while, after all, Zhao Ruotong was also her granddaughter, she naturally felt distressed too, but…

When the emperor saw it, he smiled: "What the Empress said is that there are still a few kilos of good Longjing on my side, let Ke Jing take it back."

The empress dowager looked a little dark, and touched Princess Kejing's head: "We Zhener don't lack your tea leaves."

The emperor smiled and didn't seem to care.

Shao Xun thought of Zhao Ruotong's evaluation just now. After careful consideration, it seems that there is some truth to it, but I don't know if this method of expressing love through rewards is the unique style of their royal family, and it is so…unique.

Shao Xun saw that things had come to fruition, and he was very eye-catching not to disturb the family reunion, and offered to retire.

In fact, the Empress Dowager likes to see beautiful and unassuming girls. Shao Xun really liked her, but now she wanted to talk to the emperor alone, so she approved Shao Xun's request. After she left, she found a reason. Princess Kejing was also sent to the side hall.

At this time, there were only the Empress Dowager and her son in the main hall.

The emperor put down the jade pendant he was playing with, and smiled when he saw this scene: "The son knows that the mother's Empress's clothes are not easy to handle, but what are the important things to say?"

Seeing that the emperor seemed to be in a good mood, the Empress Dowager somewhat relieved her heart. If he was not in a good mood, she would not dare to mention it directly:

"It's still a matter of Kejing…"

The emperor nodded and motioned to the Empress Dowager to continue.

"She is now a wife, and there are more people walking outside than in the palace. The Ai family can't take care of her from time to time. This woman's decentness is in her maternal family. As a princess, she must be respected by people outside, mainly…"

The empress dowager looked at the emperor's face, and the words below were a bit awkward: "The main thing is that her mother is decent…"


After bidding farewell to Ningshou Palace, Shao Xun looked at the sun that was about to completely set, thinking about going back to the princess courtyard first, and being alone with the second princess, it was time to leave the palace.

She walked all the way through the avenue in the middle of the imperial garden and walked back. Before she left the garden, she heard regular clapping and footsteps coming from behind.

This is the sound of a sedan chair passing by.

Shao Xun looked back subconsciously and saw that the bright yellow emperor had arrived not far away.

She was a little surprised-the Empress Dowager obviously had something to tell the emperor, how come people came out in such a short time.

Shao Xun didn't have any time to think about it, and stepped aside according to the rules, kneeling on the ground and waiting for people to pass by.

The sedan chair was carried past Shao Xun's side, and before she could breathe a sigh of relief, she suddenly stopped just a few steps ahead.

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