Princess Kejing is not completely brainless, her last sentence is very low, and only the nearest few people can hear it.

Both Zhao Ruotong and Shao Xun heard it, and Shao Xun couldn't help frowning at the strong malice and humiliation in these words.

Zhao Ruotong lowered her head deeply, and Shao Xun could clearly feel her trembling in the palm of her hand.

Princess Kejing looked at Zhao Ruotong a few times: "Why don't you reply? Do you think I'm wrong?"

This is too much, you have humiliated people, and you want people to agree?

Zhao Ruotong is just a soft temper, but she is not the one who is completely shameless, she bit her lip with trembling, but did not speak.

If she was forced to this level in the past, she would be satisfied with Princess Kejing's eighth achievement, but today's situation is special. She sneered and took a step back: "It seems that the second sister doesn't want to listen to me as a elder sister. Come here, Bring the second princess here."

She brought a few grandma and palace people with her, and after hearing the instructions, she approached the two without saying a word.

Shao Xun was startled, and immediately pulled Zhao Ruotong away.

"Your Royal Highness, what are you doing?"

Kejing didn't expect them to dodge: "What are you afraid of, what can I do with her? It's just to teach her the rules and how to talk to the eldest sister."

What kind of rules are this.

Shao Xun knew that Princess Kejing must have heard that Emperor Ning Xi personally helped the second princess, so he randomly found reasons to pick things up.

In the past, Zhao Ruotong could accept without saying a word, but now that Shao Xun is here, it is impossible for her to watch Princess Kejing rub Zhao Ruotong.

"Your Royal Highness," Shao Xun stopped swallowing her anger. She looked directly into Princess Kejing's eyes: "The second princess is just shy and does not mean to be disrespectful to you. As for the'teaching' you said, we are forgiven. ."

Princess Kejing had no idea that someone in the palace would dare to talk to her like this. She was shocked, and then offended angrily poured over her head: "Shao Xun, I think it's for Yingguo public to be nice to you. Language, you are too ignorant to praise."

She took a deep breath, thinking of hearing that the emperor was going to take care of Zhao Ruotong's mess today, and then looking at Shao Xun's beautiful and awe-inspiring eyes, she felt more and more that she wanted to teach them a lesson, otherwise everyone in the palace would have it in the future. I have to keep her in my eyes.

"Come on, give me a hand!"

Zhao Ruotong raised her head, both frightened and vaguely angry: "Big sister, how can you…"

"With the second princess, I want to see if there are any rules in this palace."

In fact, Princess Kejing is usually domineering, but there are not a few words to the point where she has to do it. Shao Xun did not expect that she just sent a mother to make her sensitive and irritable to this point, like a piece of cake. Burst charcoal.

But Shao Xun was not afraid of this. She pulled Zhao Ruotong back and took her back a few steps. Sure enough, Mother Zou brought people forward and stopped the palace man who was about to do it.

Princess Kejing is the emperor's eldest daughter, and she is also loved by the Empress Dowager. There is Princess Kejing in Ningshou Palace, and even the third prince have no place to stand. Therefore, since childhood, people have only obedient to her. This time someone in the palace disobeyed her order, which made her feel astonished and embarrassed:

"On the contrary! You still dare to disobey this palace if you still don't let go?!"

Not to mention that Mother Qiu's purpose from the Hall of Two Instruments was to protect the second princess by the emperor's order. Even others had just been beaten by Shao Xun. At this time, she did not dare to leave the master alone, so she bit her head. Stop in front of Shao Xun.

Even if Princess Kejing is spoiled again, she is already married, and now she can only take two or three offenders in the palace because of the love of the Empress Dowager. It is far inferior to Shao Xun who is so crowded and powerful, so naturally there is no way to do it anymore. .

Seeing that the princess Kejing's face was flushed, Shao Xun frowned and said, "I don't know what mistakes the courtier has made that made Your Royal Highness so angry."

When Princess Kejing saw that she had put on a puzzled look, she immediately laughed angrily: "One of you is disrespectful to the palace, and the other dared to talk back in front of you, shouldn't you be punished?"

Shao Xun said: "The courtiers didn't mean to be disrespectful to you at all. The retort was just because you wanted to punish the second princess for no reason. Your Royal Highness is honorable, but we are not unknown. If we want to punish you, we must be justified. It's good if you have evidence."

Princess Kejing thought she was ridiculous, and she laughed "Oh", and then sarcastically said: "This is the Taiji Palace, why, Miss Shao is arguing with this palace?"

Shao Xun said calmly: "Why, according to His Highness, isn't the palace a reasonable place?"

The sneer on Princess Kejing's face froze, and immediately looked at her blankly: "Very well, Shao Xun, you are very courageous, but I am a princess and you are a courtier. This is the truth. I want to beat you. Do you dare to fight back?"

There is no ups and downs in Shao Xun's words: "If this is true, then in this world, except for your Majesty the Empress Dowager and a few empresses, I'm afraid that everyone will have to punish and punish in front of the princess… But since this is from His Highness's mouth. The truth is that the courtiers are willing to follow their orders."

Saying that she waved her hand to make everyone retreat, I don't know if her indifferent and calm attitude put a lot of pressure on the others, even the palace people sent by Princess Kejing couldn't help but retreat to the side. .

Shao Xun walked up to Princess Kejing step by step, and while staring at her, calmly said: "Since this is only the truth of your Highness, please do it yourself."

As she said, she raised her head and raised her face slightly, as if waiting for the precious princess to personally slap the face of the important minister's daughter.

Princess Kejing was stunned first, and then immediately reflected what Shao Xun had said: "You, you are so bold!"

Even if her previous punishment was just unreasonable harassment on the basis of unwarranted charges, it seemed to be a high reward, with justified arrogance and careless contempt.

But now it's different. Ordering someone to do it will be blocked. Shao Xun stands in front of her and asks her to do it himself. On the face of it, he is "obeying the princess's principles", but in fact he is belittling her.

Not to mention that Princess Kejing has been pampered since she was a child, and she can't wait for someone to pass the meal to her mouth before she is willing to swallow it. How much strength can she have, and more importantly, now that Shao Xun is against the guest, if she really beats people by herself as she wants, then it's not. The princess punishes her servants, but instead follows Shao Xun's orders. Even if she really beats her, she respects herself in the eyes of others as humiliation.

Princess Kejing smiled in anger and said: "Okay, Shao Xun, Ping Chong has a cautious and silent appearance, but the truth is revealed in front of the palace."

Shao Xun sighed with relief when she saw her anger concentrated on herself, but ignored Zhao Ruotong.

"You are fine," Princess Kejing said: "I want to see if you can always be so good, so that people can't make mistakes anymore."

After that, she stared at Shao Xun deeply, and she completely forgot the second princess, gave a cold snort, and took the person away.

Seeing Princess Kejing gone, Zhao Ruotong hurriedly took Shao Xun's hand and said with fear: "How can you run to her? What if she doesn't care about it and really fights?"

"It's really better if you hit it," Shao Xun didn't suffer any loss in the case just now, but his eyebrows were still tightly locked, and there was no relaxed expression: "She can have any strength, and she can't hurt people even if she hits. I endure it now, and there must be something to follow."

"Blame me," Zhao Ruotong said in a low voice: "If you have to go out and stroll around some garden, you are also tired of offending Princess Kejing."

Shao Xun came back and comforted her: "It's not your fault. People are in trouble. She can find it directly even if she hides in the princess house. Don't be afraid, it is the one I offended. She will get revenge for a while. I can't take care of others."

"Is this what I'm afraid of?" Zhao Ruotong was anxiously crying: "She didn't look down on me at all. If she doesn't look pleasing to the eye, she can teach it twice if she finds it out. What about revenge? I won't be able to beat me to death, but you were okay because of…"

Shao Xun was not worried at this time. She smiled and said, "I'm annoyed by this. According to you, I recruited your Majesty to go to the princess today. If it wasn't me, she wouldn't embarrass you… …It's endless talking about it."


Originally, Shao Xun was really afraid that Princess Kejing would hold a grudge, but he was not worried about herself, but that she would anger the second princess. After returning to the princess, he found that Zhao Ruotong had been frowning and worried about Princess Kejing. Looking for Shao Xun's troubles, he was so worried that he was restless.

Shao Xun has been trying to comfort her, but there is not much time to worry about it.

"Your Royal Highness and Miss Shao don't have to worry." The newly arrived Mother Qiu also said: "Your Royal Highness Kejing can't bring many people into the palace. As long as our people are obedient and don't watch her send someone to do it, we won't It really makes a lot of trouble, as for being scolded by her verbally…it's not good to say, the master in this palace has not passed by, as long as he doesn't move his hands, he can say anything."

After hearing this, Zhao Ruotong felt much better, and urged Shao Xun to leave the palace and go home quickly, so as to avoid Princess Kejing.

But Shao Xun didn't dare to leave early. Now Princess Kejing's anger was concentrated on her. If she was really angry but turned her head to retaliate, and she couldn't find anyone anymore, wouldn't Zhao Ruotong be a punching bag.

The two rushed and the other didn't leave. They refused for a long time, but they looked at each other and laughed together instead.

so good.

Zhao Ruotong thought to himself, with a good friend by his side, that sister who would be afraid of meeting it seemed not worth mentioning.

The two put aside the matter of Princess Kejing, and moved out of the chessboard to play chess. The second princess was not good at this, but they were very interested in playing chess with Shao Xun. Shao Xun then walked and talked a little bit. Teach her.

The two played two games of chess slowly, but someone came outside.

The maid of Ningshou Palace stood in front of Shao Xun: "Miss Shao, the Empress Dowager, please go to Ningshou Palace."

The chess piece in Zhao Ruotong's hand fell on the chessboard, and his face was a little pale: "What? Why? Why did the imperial grandmother summon Xun'er?"

"This servant is not clear about it," the person who came to tell the truth: "This is something in the temple, we can't hear it outside."

Shao Xun thought for a while and wanted to ask, "Can Princess Kejing be in front of the Empress Dowager now?"

"In response to the girl, Princess Kejing is indeed in Ningshou Palace and has been talking to the empress dowager for a while."

Shao Xun sighed: This is to file a complaint.

Zhao Ruotong came back to his senses and just grabbed Shao Xun's hand: "I'll go with you."

The palace lady said: "The empress dowager only called Miss Shao…"

Shao Xun refused: "Don't go where you stay here. I haven't been to Ningshou Palace. The empress dowager is very kind. At most two sentences will be blamed. I won't be embarrassed indiscriminately. Two words of scolding won't lose meat."

"That's because you don't know how much she regards her elder sister," Zhao Ruotong said anxiously, "It's okay to say that it's about the elder sister, the emperor grandmother has always been somewhat…even if she doesn't punish you, she will feel disgusted in her heart. Heart, words must be uncomfortable… I must follow, or you will be embarrassed, even a helper…"

When she said this, she seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly stopped and asked the lady of the court: "Is there anyone in Ningshou Palace?"

The maid of the court thought for a while: "A few empresses…When the servants left, Your Majesty just came in."

Zhao Ruotong paused, and then slightly let go of his extremely high heart: "That's okay, at least your Majesty is still there, how much can I persuade you."

Shao Xun wanted to tidy up his clothes, sent everyone else out, and joked to Zhao Ruotong: "You are not afraid that I will be scolded by your majesty after being trained by the Empress Dowager."

"I think your Majesty has a very good impression of you." Zhao Ruotong recalled for a moment and affirmed: "He should like you very much.

Shao Xun didn't know what he thought of, and after a pause, he pursed his lips and said, "Princess Kejing is your Majesty's love daughter and is deeply loved…"

"Really," Zhao Ruotong curled his lips slightly: "Do you think your Majesty loves me?"

"This…" Even if Shao Xun was afraid of her being sad, he couldn't open his eyes and talk nonsense.

"It is the imperial grandmother who loves my eldest sister. As for your majesty, except for the very precious rewards during the holidays, I don't see how much the'love' she receives is stronger than mine."

Shao Xun was really surprised at this: "But everyone says…"

Zhao Ruotong said seriously: "It may be the rewards. People in the palace think that the rewards are more natural and spoiled. I don't know if this statement is correct… However, I am very envious of the care that my eldest sister received from the imperial grandmother. Love, but I have never envied the reward Your Majesty gave her."

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