Concubine Gong was so distracted and cleaned up, fearing that she would have a nightmare when she slept at night, and she was not in the mood to care about her daughter anymore. She clutched her chest with lingering fears and took the person away.

The second princess looked exactly like her mother and concubine. When Concubine Gong left, she staggered and fell to the ground, but Shao Xun held her in her arms.

He helped the second princess onto Luohan's bed, and Shao Xun picked up the fan on the kang table to fan her: "Your Royal Highness, are you okay?"

Zhao Ruotong blushed and breathed hard for a long time before she managed to get over. She opened her eyes to see Shao Xun's concerned expression, and couldn't help but leaned in her arms and started crying: "I, I'm going to be scared to death. …"

Shao Xun saw that she seemed to be completely healed, but she was amused, and while wiping tears for her, he groaned: "I know that I am afraid at this time, so I dare to talk nonsense in front of your majesty."

The second princess sniffed: "I am not, am I afraid that your majesty will blame you when he listens to mother concubine."

Shao Xun was stunned, the princess's kindness to her without any extra effort always made her flattered and overwhelmed.

Her kerchief wiped the second princess's face carefully, and sighed: "If you have the courage when you are at a disadvantage, it will be fine."

The second princess smiled embarrassedly, and then said: "You don't want you to come here. Isn't it good to call my name? The eldest sister and the fourth sister are all princesses, and there are so many clan relatives. If you call outside With a cry, I am afraid that not many people can respond."

Shao Xun didn't bother, thinking for a while and said, "My family calls me Ah Xun, I call you Ah Tong, OK?"

Zhao Ruotong nodded quickly.

Shao Xun pulled her up and sat upright: "If you don't speak, you are already a blockbuster. If you don't say anything, you dare to lie to your majesty when you come up. I see that your majesty is not unconscious, and fortunately he doesn't care. …If you encounter this kind of thing in the future, if you are in front of your majesty, you can tell the truth. Looking at today's situation, he is still facing you."

Zhao Ruotong lowered his head and said dullly: "If he didn't pass by, who knew he would be facing me?"

Shao Xun was speechless, and couldn't help but complain in a low voice: "Parents are really…"

After the words were spoken, I remembered that I missed each other, and stopped talking, but in fact, Zhao Ruotong liked Shao Xun's way of complaining about herself. She was obviously happier when she heard this sentence, and she took Shao Xun to visit her with interest. House yard.

As I was talking about speculation, a waiter came in from outside and came in tremblingly to announce:

"Your Royal Highness, the grandmother from the Hall of Liangyi is here."

Shao Xun saw that this maid looked terrified, acted tightly, and was not as lazy as before. He knew that these people probably wouldn't dare to return to their old ways for a long time.

"Please come in."

This mother, whose surname is Qiu, was promised by the emperor to give it to her. She stood aside properly when she came in. She looked ordinary but looked quite peaceful. She didn't take Qiao arrogantly because she was sent from the Palace of Liangyi.

Zhao Ruotong has a physiological fear of all the mothers. She only dared to glance at her secretly, but would not take the initiative to speak to her. Shao Xun said, "Mother Qiu is working hard. Come, please sit down. "

The palace girl helped over the stool, and Mother Qiu thanked him, she only sat on one-third of the stool, and her manner was very decent.

"Where did Mother Qiu work as a errand before?"

"Ms. Hui's words, the servants guard the clothes and fabrics in the Piandian Hall of the Liangyi Hall, and have stayed since they were young until now."

Shao Xun nodded, similar to what she thought. Although this mother was working as a errand in the Hall of Two Instruments, she was doing a very marginal job. She was not taken seriously and had no oil and water. She was also calm and honest, so she was transferred to the second princess. The maternal housekeeper is just right, after all, Fengwei has been promoted as a chicken head.

If a truly clever and popular palace person is transferred to this cold stove, even if he doesn't say anything, he will inevitably have grievances in his heart, and Shao Xun can't rest assured.

"The princess will have to trouble the mother to take care of her a little bit more here in the future. She is shy and introverted, and some things are hard to say. I hope that the mother will pay more attention and don't let the villain offend the princess."

Madam Qiu didn't dare to leave the university, and hurriedly said, "Miss, please rest assured, the master still understands the principle of humiliation, and she will definitely protect her without any extra effort."

Shao Xun nodded.

Zhao Ruotong was very happy today, and she was a lot more lively than usual. Thinking that Shao Xun had finally entered the palace once, she didn't want to just walk around in the courtyard, but wanted to take her around the imperial garden.

In fact, Shao Xun has been in the palace many times since she was a child. Maybe there are more people strolling in the imperial garden than Zhao Ruotong, a princess who can't go out. But she sees her as if she is so interested in offering treasures, and wants to get the most out of her family. I showed myself what I had shot, so I didn't want to be disappointed, and went out according to the princess's will.

At this time, the flowers in the Yuhuan Garden are not much to see, but the beauty of the green leaves is not lost to the flowers to a certain extent. Although Shao Xun usually sees a lot, Zhao Ruotong is completely different from the excitement of the past, and he also feels that he will come here. It is indeed worth it.

At this moment, a group of people from far away came from the front. Zhao Ruotong squinted his eyes and changed his face immediately, pulling the unknown Shao Xun and about to step back.

"Let's go, it's…"

"Didn't the second sister see my palace? Why turn around and leave?"

When Shao Xun heard this arrogant voice that was hard to ignore, he knew who the person was.

At this time, pretending not to hear it can only irritate others, Shao Xun took Zhao Ruotong's hand and turned around.

The only child of the Empress of the Palace, Princess Kejing, the eldest daughter of her Majesty, was holding her arm by the palace man, and walked towards them unhurriedly.

Zhao Ruotong froze there, until Princess Kejing walked in and saluted with Shao Xun.

"I have seen my big sister."

"I have seen Princess Kejing."

Princess Kejing raised her hand: "What did the sister just now run?"

"No, I didn't run." Zhao Ruotong was obviously a little nervous: "I didn't see or saw Big Sister."

Princess Kejing snorted. Most of the facial features on her face have no edges and corners, and she looks very gentle, but she has a pair of extremely sharp eyes, and the brows almost fly into the temples. These eyebrows are the rest of her face. The overly soft facial features are not left at all, and you can tell that this woman is very uncomfortable by looking at her eyes.

"Really?" Princess Kejing said: "I know that the second sister has always sharp eyes and quick hands, and she can still handle those trivial things for you by holding the father."

Shao Xun sighed inwardly.

Sure enough, what happened in this palace, if the person concerned did not work hard to hide it, even the princess who lived outside the palace would know it in less than a few hours.

Zhao Ruotong lowered her head and did not dare to say a word. Princess Kejing looked at her up and down for a while, and then looked at Shao Xun beside her: "Oh, isn't this Miss Shao? Don't catch up with the heat of Yanjia Palace. Zao, what do you do with Zhao Ruotong?"

This princess is very difficult to get along with, and is loved by the Empress and the Empress Dowager. Since she was a child, she has asked the stars not to give the moon, not to mention Shao Xun, even Shu fei and De fei will be embarrassed when she sees her. Few people in the palace dare to provoke her. .

Shao Xun said: "The princess and the courtier are very close, so they talked together."

"Just talking? I'm afraid it might not be the case?" Princess Kejing said with a sarcasm: "I can help her to please my father together… but she is indeed the niece of Yanjia Palace, just as smart and clever."

That's it. Others obviously didn't provoke her, but as long as they were related to the harem concubine, as long as they had conflicts of interest with the Empress, she would sneer and ridicule as soon as she saw each other, and gave up if they were uncomfortable with each other.

But this person who can walk in the palace, except the palace lady and eunuch who can't see her, let alone mention, how many have nothing to do with the concubine? It wasn't their relatives, or the prince and princess they gave birth to. When this princess Kejing met these people, she would think of her mother who has fallen out of favor and powerless now. It is strange to have a good mood.

In fact, Princess Kejing's reputation among women outside the palace was not bad, but as soon as she entered the palace, she was able to make complaints, and no one wanted to get along with her except for the Empress Dowager and those in the Empress's palace.

To be honest, from the very beginning, as far as the princess Kejing was always worried about her mother, Shao Xun vaguely sympathized with her, but every time she was embarrassed, she was not muddled. After a long time, she felt that the princess Kejing would just meet people. Biting is very unreasonable.

When the princess Kejing spoke, she saw the face behind the two of them, and saw that she was dressed very decently, and guessed that this might be the nanny the emperor gave to the second princess.

"Tsk, the second sister has such a big face, I don't have such a decent, this shows the goodness of Miss Shao-at least it can help you earn the favor of the father."

Shao Xun's forehead jumped fiercely—the speaker was unintentional, and she was uncomfortable listening to Princess Kejing's words about "smuggling" or "smuggling".

Shao Xun and Zhao Ruotong both played more than less. The idea of ​​sending the plague god away earlier, but Princess Kejing said a lot, and finally did not forget to add: "It's just a shame."

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