"Get up."

Shao Xun got up with the second princess and stepped aside.

Concubine Gong's appearance is relatively ordinary, she can't even be called the posture of a person in a sentence, the outer corners of her eyes and the brows are slightly drooping, naturally with a sorrowful smell, and there are not too shallow wrinkles on the brows, it looks like She looked like an ordinary middle-aged woman, not a concubine in the palace.

Shao Xun didn't pay much attention to the second-level concubine in the past. Now she has a good relationship with Zhao Ruotong, only to realize that although the facial features on the face of the second princess are mostly similar to those of her mother, there are other unremarkable places, such as eyebrows, face-shaped sideburns, etc. Wait, these are actually more like the emperor, or maybe these places make her more attractive than Concubine Gong, and it won't look too ordinary.

Although Concubine Gong was invited, because of the sudden arrival of the emperor, none of the people present took the initiative to speak, and Concubine Gong closed her mouth tightly.

The emperor glanced at the man who knelt at the door and asked: "What's wrong with this?"

The answer should have been answered by the second princess, the master, but Shao Xun waited a while and saw the emperor's question left there. The second princess lowered her head next to her, her teeth trembled, and she didn't say a word at all. come out.

Shao Xun reluctantly stepped forward and said: "Return to your Majesty, today it is the courtiers who came to visit Her Royal Highness, who knows that she ran into the nanny, regardless of respect and inferiority, and even neglected her."

The emperor frowned subconsciously.

Concubine Gong raised her head in astonishment: "No, impossible!" Then she turned her head to look at the emperor: "Your Majesty, Ruotong's nanny by his concubine was personally selected by his concubine. It has always been the rule…"

The emperor glanced at her without comment: "Let her finish."

Shao Xun lowered his eyes and said calmly: "Not only did she verbally insult her, but she even dared to do something to her Highness… It's really hateful. The courtier thought that Concubine Gong must be blinded by such slaves, so she sent someone to ask for it. The empress personally handles her, and is the master of her Royal Highness."

Concubine Gong opened her mouth for a long time before she said, "Miss Shao, that must be a misunderstanding. Mother Zou is a little harsher, but she never has the courage…"

If the emperor usually doesn't believe that anyone dared to neglect his daughter, but looking at Zhao Ruotong, who was trembling behind Shao Xun, he was very different from Ke Jing. Suddenly he felt that if he had this temperament, it might be true. may.

Shao Xun knew that if the emperor was not present, Concubine Gong would be afraid of Shao Xun, Shu fei, and Yingguo Gongfu behind her. Maybe she would really be able to deal with the Zou clan according to her wishes, but now in front of the emperor, if she really recognizes it. Either she indulged the people around her to treat the princess harshly, or she, as a mother, did not take good care of the princess, so it was not surprising to hear Gong Fei blindly speaking for the Zou family.

"When the nurse abused the princess, she even said that if she was the princess's parents…"

The emperor raised his eyebrows—this kind of words are good among the folks, but when they were brought to the palace, there was a suspicion of disrespect. After all, the princess was of royal blood. What kind of identity was the nurse, and he dared to speak bigger than Jin Zhi Yuye's parents. This is called arrogance.

Concubine Gong was a little anxious, she couldn't let the emperor really think that everyone around her was like this:

"… Girl Shao must have heard it wrong… Ruotong, come on! Mother Zou has beaten and scolded you, did she say this?"

Zhao Ruotong raised his eyes in horror, and quickly lowered his head the moment he touched Concubine Gong's sight.

Shao Xun frowned, and did not dare to let the second princess face Concubine Gong directly. After all, she was her biological mother. It would be no good if she really hurt her feelings.

Seeing the second princess trembling and not daring to speak, Concubine Gong subconsciously took advantage of the victory and pursued: "Miss Shao, I am afraid that this maid offends you, and then I am going to talk about it, but the maidservant's main palace knows a little bit about it, maybe It's because princesses are used to educating them. Some rely on the old to sell the old, but there are still some measures…"

This is not just to say that Shao Xun heard it wrong, but to suggest that she exaggerated the truth and deliberately framed it.

Concubine Gong felt regretful after saying this sentence. After all, she didn't really want to offend Shao Xun, but she had already said what she said, so she could only make up: "Of course, I think Miss Shao must have not listened…"


A faint voice interrupted Concubine Gong's words.

Concubine Gong stopped in a daze and looked at her daughter who had always been submissive. She closed her eyes tightly, her fingers tightly grasped Shao Xun's cuffs, and she gritted her teeth and whispered but firmly said: "Mao does often insult her. Chen, I also said, "I breasted you, and you are your second-born parents."

He said that he raised his wrist and rolled up his cuffs, revealing the place where he had accidentally touched the bruise: "Sometimes… and deliberately beating."

While she was talking, she was guilty of the old stuttering problem again, knelt down and kowtowed: "Please, please, your Majesty will be the master…"

Concubine Gong was so shocked that she couldn't speak, and Shao Xun was no calmer than her—only Shao Xun knew that she was telling the truth, not a bit of exaggeration, but the words of the second princess were indeed exaggerated. Several times!

Facing Concubine Gong's question at the beginning, she didn't dare to speak, how dare she dare to add fuel to the emperor with the courage of a few words.

But this is not when Shao Xun's face showed the slightest doubt when thinking about this, but as if the second princess was telling the truth.

The emperor narrowed his eyes to look at the second princess until he swung his whole body to see her. Then he looked away, and he raised his hand at He Jinrong beside him.

He Jinrong bends down calmly, and then walks out of the door.

Concubine Gong hadn't reacted yet, and watched He Jinrong walk out, until there was a short exclamation outside, and then she seemed to be gagged, and there was no more sound. Then she came back to her senses and said in panic:

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty, these are just their children's words…How can they be taken seriously? Somehow, somehow bring people up and ask them clearly!"

The emperor's voice is not heavy, but the meaning in the words seems to be faintly indifferent: "A slave and maid, is also worthy to confront my daughter?"

Concubine Gong was trembling, and was stared at by the emperor's seemingly calm gaze: "Besides, even if the princess's words are not true…"

The cold sweat of the second princess also shed.

"Then she, as a slave, did what she did to make the master lie because she didn't want to keep her by her side. Isn't it… she deserves to die?"

Concubine Gong was immediately frightened. She knelt down and said in horror: "Your Majesty taught that the concubine has been taught, so I must choose the best one for Ruotong in the future!"

The mother and daughter both knelt on the ground and did not dare to move. The emperor paused for a while, and then said warmly: "Get up, and be careful in the future. You don't need to pick people yourself. It's just that you have been dealt with as a palace man. I will look back. Just make up for you… The princess is your biological daughter, so be more careful."

The second princess was helped by Shao Xun, but Concubine Gong had no one to help. She was so terrified that she was beaten by the emperor's words without any stern anger. It took her a long time to stand up in embarrassment, and everyone in the room was watching. Looking at it, no one dared to step forward to help.

The emperor didn't say a word, and waited for her to stand firm before saying: "I'm too tired, He Jinrong, go back to the Hall of Two Instruments."

He Jinrong, who had dealt with the Zou family, bowed his head deeply: "Yes."

Shao Xun helped the second princess stand aside and bowed his head to make way for the emperor.

"——Send your majesty respectfully."

The emperor's boots passed by, but suddenly stopped in front of the two.

The second princess was not afraid in her heart. She raised her head and saw the emperor looking over here, and immediately took a step back in a hurry.

Shao Xun felt the fear of the second princess, and subconsciously stepped forward to block her in front of her, opening his eyes wide to meet the emperor's sight.

This is a kind of guardian and defensive action.

Shao Xun looked at the emperor in a daze, until he understood the smile in the other's eyes, and then he realized that she was very rude, and immediately lowered his head, but didn't take a step back, and blocked the second princess strictly. Just wait for the other person to speak.

But the emperor didn't mention the matter just now, he just whispered: "Little girl, this daughter of mine… I will trouble you to take care of it."

This was something that Shao Xun didn't expect. She couldn't help but raise her eyes, and when she saw Emperor Ning Xi's gentle brows, he seemed to smile at her.

The emperor didn't say anything more, turned around and took a group of people back to the Liangyi Hall.

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