Shao Xun's face suddenly became cold.

I just listened to continue cursing and swearing in it: "Such a big girl, it's not a big deal at all. I can't blame even your majesty for looking down on you, and she has no ability. Even the parents are tired of it, and there is no oil and water to bring us. I have a daughter like you, so I can't…"

Shao Xun's anger was pushed to the top, and she couldn't listen anymore, so she pushed the door directly in.

"How about it?"

There were only two people in the house, and they were all taken aback. The woman dressed up as a palace woman looked like she was in her thirties. She was either a nurse or a nanny. He looked very uncomfortable, and was looking at Shao Xun in surprise at this time.

Although the second princess was sitting on the couch, her whole body was leaning to the side. The tea cup on the table was squeezed by her arm and fell to the ground and shattered. She was originally looking down and couldn't see her expression. She heard the door open. The movement suddenly raised his head.

She had a dull look at first, but she looked up and saw Shao Xun's face flushed at that moment, and she stood up all at once, barely standing firm.


The woman hesitated: "Miss Shao…"

It turned out that this was the person who claimed to follow Zhao Ruotong on the birthday banquet. Shao Xun had forgotten what she looked like, but this person remembered Shao Xun clearly and did not forget.

She dared to be disrespectful to the second princess just because she watched her father do not love her mother or her mother, and would not say anything about bullying, but she was a little afraid of the noble ladies like Shao Xun who didn't take them seriously at any time.

The woman squeezed over with a smile on her face, trying to hold Shao Xun: "How come the lady is free…"

Shao Xun brushed his sleeves and directly waved her away: "Diao slaves are hateful!"

The woman's face changed, and she forced a smile and said, "Why does the young lady speak like this? The slave and maid suckled the princess…"

Shao Xun even ignored her, and went straight to the second princess: "Your Royal Highness, are you injured?"

Zhao Ruotong was accustomed to these slanders, but she was just like a piece of wood. But when Shao Xun said something, the tears in her eyes seemed to come alive, and she kept spinning in her eyes, she pumped. She sniffed, shook her head and said, "I'm fine…"

Shao Xun opened her sleeves directly, and she saw a bruise on her forearm. She was pushed onto the couch just now and hit the edge of the Kang table.

Shao Xun hadn't been so angry for a long time. She pressed her lips and took a few deep breaths before reluctantly calming down. Turning around, she attacked the Diao slave violently.

"You are so courageous, you dare to take the initiative to your father!"

Although she felt that these slaves were too wide-minded and disrespectful to the second princess, once they used the name of disciplining Concubine Gong's daughter, and what they did was barely within the power of parenting the maid. At that time, Shao Xun was not familiar with the second princess, so it was hard to say more on behalf of Pa.

In the end, I was afraid that if she really yelled at them and completely offended them, she would be fine at the time. If she left, the second princess might not be able to cope with these people's intensified negligence.

Therefore, Shao Xun just tapped a few sentences softly and clicked.

But when I saw it today, I realized that these people were not only too strict when educating the princess, but they didn't take the master seriously. Those words were really ridiculous, and they didn't put the princess in the eyes. What's more, they actually paid back. Dare to do it.

This made Shao Xun frightened and furious, and understood that if this person was not thoroughly treated, the second princess might not be able to be rubbed into something.

What if I am completely offended? This kind of slavish slaves, don't you have to deal with them quickly and still keep them for the New Year?

She will never forget how the princess gave charcoal in the snow and helped when she was most embarrassed. In addition to her very weak temperament, she could not help but feel pity. Seeing this scene today, I think of the second princess who did not know good or bad in her last life. In the end, there is a kind of self-blame in my heart.

The nurse hated and feared, and said stiffly: "We are just afraid that she would have heat stroke when she went out on a hot day. This is just a few words…"

"Said a few words?" Shao Xun had never seen such a person since he was a child, and his chest was violently ups and downs: "You look at me as a deaf man. Didn't you hear anything?"

"Miss, you're boring like this." Seeing that Shao Xun didn't eat her, the nurse would not please her, she said with a sting: "The palace is not a Yingguo Gongfu, and there are women who want to inquire about crimes, you You can't stretch out this long hand."

"Really?" Shao Xun sneered: "Let's see if I can stretch it so long."

As she said, she opened the door and said loudly: "Are all the people in this courtyard dead? Come out soon?!"

Her voice at this time was two-point deterrent. She was all lazy and didn't see anyone. People pushed me and I pushed you and stood in front of the door.

Shao Xun lowered his throat: "It turns out that I'm still alive, so I will bother you to invite Concubine Gong to come."

These people looked at each other, looked at the iron-green face of the nurse, and hesitated that no one dared to move.

Shao Xun sneered: "Today's matter was originally not on your heads, but if you don't invite Concubine Gong, it's fine, I will invite Shu fei personally. Then it won't be a matter that can be resolved."

These people were startled by Shao Xun's words. Originally, no one in the harem was in charge of the princess house. First, most of them didn't know that these slaves bullied the Lord to such a degree, and second, no one was going to complain. There is less lawsuit for the happy one, anyway, the daughters were not born to them.

But if Shu fei was really disturbed by Shao Xun, then she would definitely give a heavier sentence in order to show that she did not neglect the emperor's princess, and then no one in the yard would be able to get away.

Right now, some people didn't care about the murderous look of the nursing mother, and rushed to ask Concubine Gong to go.

The second princess is the one who was bullied, but now she doesn't look at anyone, just to appease Shao Xun said: "Xun'er, you calm down."

Shao Xun shook his head, and took the second princess back to the room to sit down: "Your Royal Highness, I am angry for you."

When she said that she was afraid that the two princesses would be soft-hearted, thinking that the other party was her nanny, she was reluctant to punish her, and persuaded: "Your highness, this nanny commits crimes, it is really hateful, even if I served you as a child, then he has been a masterpiece these years. Fu is almost there. Today, I must take care of her thoroughly, otherwise I may cause trouble if I keep her by your side… Please don't intercede for her after a while."

The second princess still had tears in her eyes. At this time she couldn't stand her tears and smiled: "Xun'er, who do you think of me? You are for my good. Can I still not know what is good or bad?"

Shao Xun felt a little comforted in his heart, "Your Royal Highness, these people are just deceiving you with a good temper. If you stand up on your own, you will not dare or arrogantly do so with the courage of a few of them."

The second princess lowered her head: "I know it myself… but I have been used to it for a long time. The mother concubine always tells me to be obedient, saying that if I do well, no one will teach me. Now this way, I must be at fault… It's been so many years, and I, I don't know what's right anymore."

Shao Xun sighed. From this we can see what kind of role parents can play for their children.

She herself is not close to her stepmother, but this concubine is a relative mother, how… to be honest, she is not as close as the stepmother of the Zheng family.

And the emperor, Shao Xun thought, even if you don't spoil this daughter, you should care about it anyway. Send someone to support your daughter or punish Diao slaves for her—this doesn't even have to be done by him, just a command. , How much can it cost?

After this encounter, the two people became even closer. The second princess couldn't help but confide some thoughts. She has always been bored in her heart, not only because of her character, but also because there is no confidant to say, if she is true I told my sister that I'm afraid it's not sympathy, but also gloating.

At this moment, the restless whispers outside the door by a window suddenly disappeared without a trace. Shao Xun keenly stopped talking, thinking that Concubine Gong should be here.

According to the rules of the palace, when the servants and maids meet the master outdoors, they are not allowed to say anything when they bow down, so as not to startle the nobles.

Shao Xun took the second princess to her feet, and vaguely saw a group of people walking on the steps from behind the window.

She opened her eyes a little: the person in the lead…how could she not look like a woman…

As soon as this sentence flashed through her mind, two eunuchs opened the door, and one stepped in first.

The person here is not Concubine Gong. He is wearing indigo blue casual clothes with only a few pierced rings. He does not use a crown for his hair. He just ties the upper part loosely and looks very homely, but he is tall, handsome and heroic. Calm, it turned out to be Emperor Ning Xi who didn't wear a dragon robe.

Shao Xun's mind went blank for a moment, and he knelt down with the second princess only by instinct.

The emperor did not expect that Shao Xun would be here.

In recent years, he has rarely stayed overnight in the harem, but when he is free, he occasionally sits in the palace of the concubines who have given birth to children, which is considered to be a little decent for them.

Today, he went to Xihe Palace to look at Concubine Gong, and after sitting for a cup of tea, when he was about to leave, someone came and said that someone invited Concubine Gong to the courtyard of the second princess.

The nurse knows Shao Xun. These low-level subordinates don't know each other. She only knows that she should be a lady with a good status. When she told Concubine Gong, she couldn't tell her that something happened to the second princess, and a lady asked them to invite them. Concubine Gong, when she asked what was the matter, she was afraid of implicating herself, so she said she didn't know.

Shao Xun has dealt with Concubine Gong. Although she doesn't know how she usually treats her daughter, she knows that she has a very conscientious temperament and is not easy to sin. Someone who has been offended by a major event will definitely be visited.

It turned out that the emperor was just in time. He was very curious when he heard this. At the same time, the second princess was his daughter, so he wanted to stop by.

When I walked in, I saw the girl Shao Xun standing there with her eyebrows curled.

The emperor walked ahead and sat straight on the main seat. A long string of servants Gong'e behind him instantly stood in such a small room in an extremely cramped manner, while Concubine Gong behind him could only stand aside.

Shao Xun lowered her head and recovered her calm very quickly.

This is no big deal. The emperor came just in time. Originally, Concubine Gong might calm down or protect her servants, but now she is not afraid at all.

As for…

Nothing as for!

That incident had never happened before, as was said at the beginning. Since nothing happened, then Emperor Ning Xi is only the father of the second princess today, and nothing else.

The emperor glanced at Shao Xun, his voice was as calm as ever, and no one could get a glimpse of his thoughts:

"Get up."

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