Coincidentally, that night Shao Xun and Shao Kui were talking about marriage. At night, Yingguo Duke's wife, Zheng, was also talking about it.

Although Zheng is not too old as the wife of the main house, he has been married to Shao Zhenyu for 14 or five years, and the two are already old and old. Therefore, if Shao Zhenyu wants to get married, he usually goes back to the concubine's room. Although most of them are in the main room, they almost always sleep honestly.

It was summer, and the two of them covered only the thinnest fabric and lay side by side on the bed. They couldn't sleep for a while. Zheng asked: "Have you heard about the eldest prince?"

Shao Zhenyu said: "Vaguely, there are not many people who talk about it. Most of them are just a funny story. The front is different from the backyard. These are the details."

"That's it? It scared us so much."

"This kind of love affairs can only be heard. We don't take it seriously, and your Majesty doesn't take it seriously."

Zheng sighed: "It doesn't matter what it is? Then what is important?"

"Wencheng martial ethics, ingenuity, tactics and even errands, etc., etc., the more important things go, in short it is not the idea of ​​the bed."

Zheng turned over lightly: "Doesn't this scare us in vain? Seeing that Ah Qiong is sick… But fortunately, the girl is fine, she is much better than our Ah Qiong. She is not afraid of danger and nothing, see. It's pretty good to get used to it in the palace."

It's okay not to mention this. When she mentioned this, Shao Zhenyu remembered the snack he had moved a few days ago. He frowned, "Although I said that, it's not a good place to go there. Look at the prince… or As for the Heavenly Emperor, he acts so absurdly."

At this time, he felt that the matter of the eldest prince was just a trivial matter, and that it was a completely different rhetoric.

Zheng paused and made a look like he didn't understand the ins and outs of his words: "There are good people and bad people everywhere. The eldest prince can't be better than the third prince. We should be empresses. Happiness is."

"The third prince?" Shao Zhenyu thought of the weakly written young man, and was instinctively picky: "Shu fei is a woman's opinion. She held the third prince so tightly. In my opinion, they just raised too finely. These, apart from the personal morals, which are fair enough, they are not as good as the prince in other respects."

As a military commander who has not been on the battlefield less, Shao Zhenyu naturally prefers boys who are more valiant and stronger. He and Shu fei are not close to each other. Although they are faintly looking forward to them, they did not plan to stand in line so early to fight for that. The risk is extremely high from the dragon's power, so there is no hesitation in saying this.

Zheng opened her mouth. She really couldn't take it anymore. She thought about the future, so she didn't have to rush for a while, so she let it go and went to sleep with her husband.


Shao Xun said that she was going to visit Zhao Ruotong, not casually perfunctory Zheng Yunqiao, but she did have this intention.

In order to show her importance to Shao Xun a while ago, Shu fei made others believe that she intends to let her niece be her own daughter-in-law. She even passed the Zheng directly and gave Shao Xun a token. Although she could not enter the palace directly, You can pass the sign at the gate of the palace, and as long as Shu fei agrees, you can enter the palace.

Shao Xun went to the gate of the palace early in the morning and handed in the sign, saying that he wanted to enter the palace to greet the empress.

Shu fei gave face, and immediately agreed.

Shao Xun stepped into Yanjia Palace once again, the layout and furnishings inside were still the same, and even Shu fei's sitting posture was the same as before, as if time had frozen in this palace.

Shao Xun bowed and was called by Shu fei to sit down and talk.

"Which wind has brought our eldest daughter here?" Shu fei said: "It is not easy to ask you to take the initiative to enter the palace."

Since Shao Xun took the brand, she has never used it once. Shu fei also knows that she is cautious and reluctant to show the limelight, so she didn't say anything, but this time she took the initiative to ask for peace. It was indeed abnormal.

"Don't worry, mother," Shao Xun said without concealing anything, with an embarrassed face: "In fact, I ran into the second princess at the birthday banquet. Before leaving, the princess asked me to come to the palace to visit her another day. I borrowed your name cheeky."

"What's wrong with this." Shu fei said: "I just didn't expect you to join her. You don't know. The child second princess is like a small gourd, and the three sticks can't make a sound. The most boring one."

Shao Xun paused, and then said: "The princess is actually very good-tempered, just a little bit shy, but she is actually warm-hearted."

"The truth of your last half sentence is not known, the first half is true…" Shu fei raised her eyebrows: "These phoenix sons and grandchildren, including the one I gave birth, are a bit arrogant in the dark, but With this second princess, I don't know how Concubine Gong had taught her, and she is nothing like your majesty's princess."

At this time, someone reported: "Niangniang, please come down with the Third Highness."

Shao Xun's eyebrows jumped, which is also one of the purposes of her coming today. She raised her head and carefully observed the reaction of Shu fei.

Seeing that Shu fei raised her delicate brows slightly, as if she was thinking, then she said: "I have a female guest here. It is not convenient. You can ask him to wait in the side hall first."

The heart that Shao Xun mentioned fell back with a thud. She felt relaxed, but she also faintly felt disappointed.

Shu fei probably gave up that plan.

Yes, that incident was originally better than unexpected, but it has been stunned before, and people will no longer be unprepared. Moreover, the first time the prince had an accident was with the court lady next to Shu fei, if the second time with her niece With something, she couldn't get out of her body anyway.

Now Shao Xun is at least safe here with Shu fei, no one will take advantage of themselves anymore. They are a pair of harmonious nephews again.

There is only a thousand days to be a thief. There is no thousand days to guard against a thief. Shu fei's abandonment is undisputed good news for Shao Xun, but…

Actually, it really ended like this. The things that once made her deprived of people and ghosts just disappeared like this, and no one would know that it happened…or almost happened.

Even if Shao Xun persuaded herself for various reasons not to proactively provoke Shu fei unless necessary, it is undeniable that until now she realized that she actually hoped Shu fei would do it again in her heart.

Shao Xun knew in her heart that when Shu fei was no longer targeting her, it would be very unwise to take the initiative to be an enemy of her. Not only would she not get the support of the family, but she would also be easily bitten by a tiger. If Shu fei still wants to use herself, the situation will be completely different.

At that time, if she wanted to calm down, what she would wait for would be the disaster of extinction, so her counterattack was inevitable. At that time, together with the humiliation received in the previous life, there will be grievances and revenge, depending on her and Shu fei's. Who knows better?

Just now…

Shao Xun closed his eyes and opened them quickly again-there is no need to watch out day and night, and even to confront a Zhengyipin concubine face-to-face, which is actually a good thing, so why bother looking for trouble.

not to mention……

She stared at Shu fei's well-maintained profile-even if she didn't make a move, how long could she be proud of in this whirlpool?

At least four or five years later, as far as she knows, her situation is not much better than that of De fei, and she hasn't been proud of all kinds of plans for long.

Not surprisingly, this Shu fei still has decades of dark battles to fight, and even the eldest prince still has a second prince, and in a few years, even the sixth prince will grow up.

Emperor Ning Xi was in the prosperous spring and autumn, and he was still far from being old. When the third prince also married and had children, maybe all the seventh, eighth, ninth princes came out one by one, framed? Did she come here framed?

Thinking of this, Shao Xun swallowed the unwilling energy in her heart.


Shu fei asked Shao Xun about the situation of Yingguo Gongfu, and after all concerned about Shao Zhenyu and Shao Ying, she let Shao Xun leave.

There are rules in the palace. The prince and princess must move out of the birth mother's palace when they are six years old. The prince lives in Anrenyuan, and the place where the princess lives is generally called the princess. These two places are not separate palaces, but Refers to two small palace groups at different locations.

The princes can each be assigned a small yard in Anrenyuan, preparing them to marry a wife and have children before they are divided. The place where the princesses live is slightly smaller. Although each room is a little bigger, the number of rooms is reduced. This is because in the future the princesses will marry directly outside the palace, and there is no need to prepare a place for the husband and children to live. .

The emperor has only three daughters alive. It stands to reason that there should be a lot of room for selection. However, when Shao Xun was sent to the princess courtyard, she discovered that the second princess lived in the most remote small courtyard inside, and the location was also In the position of Kun, according to Feng Shui, it is also very general.

Since Shu fei's person led her to the Princess Palace, she didn't need to communicate with her, and she was put in directly.

She walked to the door of the main house alone. Just as she was about to make a pre-announcement, she heard a "pop" inside, the sound of the porcelain falling heavily to the ground and breaking.

The woman's mean and sharp voice came from inside: "I said your Royal Highness, girls should not go out of the door, and stay at home honestly to be safe. How did Concubine Gong teach you? Have you forgotten it? I want to go out every other time…what can I do? Is there gold in the Shu fei Palace for you to pick up!?"

There was silence inside, and no one answered, and the woman became more and more energetic: "Who doesn't want to cool off in ts hot day, you are willing to go out and hang out, but we have to follow together, Your highness, you can't think about other people and do nothing?!"

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