Zheng Yunqiao stayed here for a long time in Shao Xun, and the three of them could even talk about the sky without a match. It was too much until the sky was slightly dark, and Zheng Yunqiao left.

After sending the two out, Shao Xun put the small kitchen to dinner, ready to eat something to fill her stomach.

Shao Xun is far away from the large kitchen in the mansion, and the food brought from there is not fresh until it is imported.

In terms of material, she has not had a bit of hardship since she was a child, and naturally she did not want to wrong herself. It didn't take long for her to set up a small kitchen in her yard on the grounds that she wanted to practice cooking, and she ranked first from the big kitchen. The second chef turned over and asked for advice. At first, she only ate small kitchen meals every other time. After a long time, everyone was accustomed to Shao Xun's firing alone.

Shao Xun has fewer people here, and the rewards are more than a little bit more. There are no more chefs who are transferred here that are unwilling. Shao Xun eats dinner in her own courtyard, but from time to time she asks for some cakes and sweets from the large kitchen. Kind of, every time I go back, I'm allowed to bring money, so there is also a happy and free time, and no one can say what it is.

The dishes here are all Shao Xun likes to eat, but unfortunately she just ate two bites before Shao Kui went and returned.

Shao Xun put down his chopsticks and wiped the corners of his mouth with a kerchief: "Why did my elder brother come back, but sent my cousin away?"

Shao Kui nodded, and Shao Xun invited him to have a meal with him: "Big brother, why don't we eat some together? Tonight's jade tofu steamed just right, and your favorite lotus root ribs."

Shao Kui wanted to decline at first, but thought that it had been a long time since Shao Xun had a meal with Shao Xun, so he still sat down.

The two quietly finished dinner facing each other. Shao Kui held the tea bowl and took a sip. He thought about how to ask gently, but he didn't think about it yet. Shao Xun spoke first over there: "Big brother is Have something to tell me?"

Shao Gu thought about it and asked, "Where did Yun Qiao offend you recently?"

Shao Xun originally thought that something was going on with Shao Qiong that caused the elder brother to come to Xingshi to ask the guilt, but she didn't expect the other party to say this. She was confused: "Where did you see it? I just talked to him. Very Huan, why did he offend me?"

She has a good attitude, but Shao Kui, as Shao Xun's elder brother, was mostly present as a supervisor when his sister and cousin met in the past to prevent others from gossiping. Therefore, there is no one better than Shao Kui when they get along. I understand better.

Originally, they absolutely did not deviate, but because the two knew each other was the person who was about to enter into a marriage contract with them, they always talked with a vague shyness. It was not so natural, but it was just like this. Naturally, it can be explained that there is love between the two.

But today is obviously different. Although Shao Xun is still good to Zheng Yunqiao and talks and laughs, she is more polite, and the faint tension between men and women disappears without a trace.

No, it should be said that Zheng Yunqiao is still the same. Shao Xun unilaterally changed her attitude overnight.

These Shao Kui understood in his heart, but it was not easy to talk to his unmarried sister without reservation. He could only rack his brains to consider the words and sentences, which could be regarded as expressing the meaning he wanted to express.

To say that although Shao Kui is the eldest son of Yingguo Gongfu, he has nothing to do with what he wants, but he acts very restraint in private, and never set foot in the fireworks willow lane unless necessary. He is already in his early twenties this year, because of the engagement. The young lady is watching her filial piety, and he has waited until now that he hasn't gotten married, and there are only two elders in the room that are not favored.

Shao Xun really didn't expect that his elder brother, an unmarried young man, would be so keen on this matter. The change in her attitude was actually not obvious, but she was stunned to see it.

She was silent for a moment, and said calmly: "I just feel that they are not me after all…"

Shao Kui thought she had the care of a girl, and immediately couldn't laugh or cry: "What is this, this kind of inseparable thing, who would dare to chew the tongue?"

Shao Xun closed his eyes and said, "Who can say this is that even certain things may not be possible, let alone just thinking about it in my heart."

Shao Kui's meaning was not quite right. She only felt that she was worried that the marriage would change, so he persuaded: "Other things can be changed especially, this is absolutely impossible. Just rest assured."

Shao Xun said something unclearly: "…is it?"

"Naturally." Shao Kui said it for granted, and then looked at Shao Xun: "I am a man. I naturally know what kind of stuff the brothers in the capital are. It is either lacking in mind or being bad in virtue. Then wait for talent and virtue. The personality is really not good, and no matter how bad it is, the family relationship is not harmonious. When a woman marries, she will go all out just by intrigue.

There is only cousin Yun Qiao, and I have looked at him coldly these years. He is the only one who has five corners and no major flaws in every aspect. He is also a boy from his uncle's family. His grandmother loves you like that. You might just follow him after you got married. It's the same in my own family, Ah Xun, these are all things I have thought about carefully, there is really no better and more suitable person than him. "

He was the same as Shao Xun on weekdays. This time he finally opened the chattering box, and naturally couldn't help but say a few more words: "I still remember when my mother was in front of his uncle, pointing to the belly and joking with his little cousin and coaxing him to shout. The scene of the daughter-in-law…"

Shao Xun subconsciously thought that the word "mother" came out of his mouth as Zheng, but he finally realized that he said it was the biological mother of the two, Zheng Yongqing.

Shao Kui rarely mentioned her biological mother to Shao Xun, mainly because she was afraid that she could not hide her at a young age. If she said too much, she had a yearning for her mother. It would be easy to separate her stepmother, and it was not conducive to the harmony of the family, but this time she didn't know. It was a feeling that made him say such a thing.

As soon as the words were spoken, he guarded it and stopped mentioning the previous things. He just said: "This matter is handled by the elders. You don't have to worry about it. I should go back. You should rest earlier."

Shao Xun didn't follow him, nodded and watched him go out.

When Shao Kui left, Shao Xun sat on the couch thinking about the future.

What my brother said is actually very reasonable. Zheng Yunqiao is a perfect candidate for the husband. Shao Xun originally thought that he might have a better relationship with Shao Qiong, so he was very reluctant to intervene, but now it does not seem to be other people's fate. Tianding, but there was a plan to snatch this cousin back from his own hands, so Shao Xun seemed to have to hold this man firmly in his hands, and completely let Zheng's bamboo basket be completely empty. It is the best way to retaliate.

Shao Xun marrying Zheng Yunqiao is the best choice, whether it is for the comfort of the future or the attitude of never letting the enemy be proud.

But Shao Xun knew that was not the case.

She doesn't seem to want to marry now.

Whether it is Zheng Yunqiao or any man in this world, she doesn't want to serve him. It may be that the marriage in the dream gave her a psychological shadow, or it may be due to other reasons. The thought that she will have to join another family in the future, to run the business may be more complicated than the current one in her own family, and caring about her will be a headache.

Whether it is to keep the marriage that belongs to oneself, or to think of ways to cause trouble to the stepmother, it is not difficult. The difficult thing is how to do and how to choose afterwards.

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