Shao Xun's reputation was ruined at the beginning, and she had to choose to marry the eldest prince, and the marriage that had already been secured by the Zheng family naturally fell through.

Not long after she was carried into Prince Wu's Mansion, news came from her home saying that Zheng Yunqiao had already married her younger sister Shao Qiong and married two years later.

How did Shao Xun feel when she heard the news, but she thought she felt a little regretful after all.

After all, she and Zheng Yunqiao grew up in the same place and knew each other. He is nothing to fault with. The most important thing is that if she marries into the Zheng family, she can get along with her loving grandmother day and night, better than marrying a completely stranger. People are much more lucky.

But regrets are regrets. It doesn't have to be said how painful it is. After all, her love for Zheng Yunqiao is mostly brother and sister, and there is love between men and women, but it is very limited, not so much to the point that she is angry about this matter.

At least it's not as bad as when she felt Shao Qiong took her brother away when she was a child.

In addition, she had to deal with Qi-shi and Zhao Yanyi at that time, and she didn't have much time to think about love. After hearing the news, she almost forgot after less than two days of sadness.

Now when she heard Zheng Yunqiao's name, her first reaction was her brother-in-law, not her cousin.

Yuhu was full of doubts. I don't know what Shao Xun's reaction was for. After all, nowadays it is very rare for a girl to get along with her fiance before marriage. Shao Xun was also happy at this time. Why today…

Shao Xun didn't explain, mainly because it was really hard to explain. She just continued to practice her own handwriting as if he hadn't seen the tangled expression of Yuhu.

To say that as the eldest lady of Yingguo Gongfu, her good handwriting did not humiliate her identity. After more than ten years of diligent practice, she has achieved small successes, not only good in shape, but even faintly possessed of herself. Outsiders are amazed when they see the style. More than that, her piano, chess, calligraphy, calligraphy and knitting women are actually very good at them, and no one is embarrassing to the family.

After all, it is unclear whether she will be praised if she is done, but if she has any shortcomings compared to her younger siblings, she can chew at the root of her tongue.

In addition to the lack of closeness with her parents and family, she has to be impeccable in all aspects. If she really likes these things, only God knows.

The little girl who spread the word should come back soon, who knows it took a while before she ran back panting.

Yuhu frowned: "Where did you go to play? How did you delay it until now?"

The little girl yelled injustice: "Sister Yuhu, I am not lazy, but I have gone to the world. I don't want him to show that the young master was called to the main courtyard by Furen, saying that he will be back soon, but I have not waited for a while. When I waited for the people, I could only chase to Rong'antang, but then they said that Furen had ordered the two of them to take the three young masters out to buy books, which made me run away again…"

Shao Kui's courtyard is the furthest away from Langgan Xiaozhu. It would take a lot of effort to go to Rong'an Hall again.

After hearing that, Yuhu nodded and told the little girl to go down, but Shao Xun frowned slightly.

Although she is not the most clever and sensitive, but she can't just be dull to this level.

How many times is this already?

It seems to have been like this recently. In fact, the Shao and Zheng family have good relations with each other, and the relationship between Zheng Yunqiao and Shao Kui is very good, so he will visit Yingguo Gongfu office every three to five, and the family knows that his eight achievements are Shao Xun's future husband-in-law, so when he arrives, nine out of ten times, he will notify Shao Xun to meet him.

But how long have they not seen each other?

Shao Xun thought that there was no delay when she rushed to Rong'antang not long ago, but Zheng Yunqiao had already left by accident.

And there have been two similar things before. At that time, she never thought about it, but she didn't know if she knew this time. Besides herself, Shao Qiong might also marry Zheng Yunqiao. She experienced this kind of "unfortunate" again. I couldn't help thinking of something else.

Shao Xun placed the pen in his hand on the pen holder, leaning back against the back of the chair, and her expression became somewhat intriguing.

———The marriage of Shao Qiong and Zheng Yunqiao, Zheng would not have planned it long ago, right?

In other words, had people made up their minds to break up the marriage long before Shao Xun's accident?

In fact, Zheng's treatment of Shao Xun is not bad. She has everything that should be there, and she has never been embarrassed. She cares about Shao Xun most of the time. It stands to reason that Shao Xun should not speculate about her stepmother with such thoughts.

However, these kindnesses were created without touching Shao Qiong's interests. If Zheng wanted to say that he was cruel and really made this idea, Shao Xun was not surprised at all to be honest.

The women who stayed in the backyard all the year round were different from men. They could enter the body with imperial examinations, write books, and even trade and farm to obtain money and seek a way out. Women cannot. The glory of their lives rests with their fathers, husbands and sons. After he became a monk, he said that before marrying, there is only one way to live comfortably, and that is to win the love of his parents and brothers.

And these loves are all limited. Give you more and I will naturally have less, especially for two girls who are quite different from mothers, whoever is closer to their father and brother will get more. Real benefits, this is a fact that no one can deny.

Shao Xun is the eldest daughter of the original wife, and Shao Qiong is the second daughter of the next family. Naturally, she is at a disadvantage. Zheng wants to win more for her daughter.

But Shao Xun did not expect that others would make this idea before.

This is not how conscientious she thinks Zheng is, but that they are too congenital in this matter.

Regardless of all the differences in appearance and identity, Zheng Yunqiao's own minds are not to be mentioned, but the Zheng family's pass is not easy.

Zheng said that she was a sister with Shao Xun's mother, Zheng Yongqing, but she was actually just the daughter of a concubine. Now the old lady of the Zheng Mansion, Mrs. Xing, is Shao Xun's real grandmother, and his family, Zheng Yongming, is Shao Xun's uncle, the Zheng family. What can I do to get past Shao Xun to fight for this marriage for her daughter?

It's impossible for Yingguo Duke. He may be more partial to the younger daughter, but he can definitely handle this kind of thing, and it is impossible to agree without a sound reason.

Then why does Zheng have such self-confidence, she acts cautiously and has an extremely deep mind, unlike such a self-reliant person…


Shao Xun originally thought that after Zheng Yunqiao sent Shao Ying back to Rong'antang today, he would be sent away. Unexpectedly, he heard an outside announcement in the evening:

"Girl, it's the son and the young master who is here."

They came personally, but Shao Xun was gone.

She raised her eyebrows and put down the book in her hand: "Please come in."

After a few breaths, the two young men walked in side by side.

One is naturally Shao Xun's elder brother, Shao Kui, but the other young man is only slightly shorter than Shao Kui. He wears a sapphire crown on his head, wears a sapphire shirt, and has handsome long eyebrows, a straight nose and a narrow waist. The straight back is not uglier than Shao Kui, and it can be seen that he is also a heroic talent.

Zheng Yunqiao smiled and said: "It took a few days to cool off outside. Sister Ah Xun will not go out for a walk, nor will she be bored in the house."

The tone is full of familiarity and unnoticeable intimacy.

Shao Xun ordered Lizhu to pour the tea while inviting them to sit down: "I can't compare your energy. Qianer went to the palace and was too tired to rest for several days."

Naturally, they already knew what happened at the birthday banquet. Zheng Yunqiao cared about whether Shao Xun was scared, but he couldn't speak, so he could only watch her with concerned eyes.

Shao Kui said, "Ah Qiong got sick because of that. I went to see it. Now it's all right. Are you frightened?"

Shao Xun's eyes twitched slightly, and said, "Frightening is the second thing, just for fear of saying something wrong and doing something wrong, and I feel very tired."

Shao Kui didn't think she was promising. Instead, he nodded in agreement: "The gate of the palace is as deep as the sea. Even though Shu fei is our aunt, she may not be very close, so she won't have to be very close in the future. Go, lest you fidget, and don't have to suffer that grievance."

This is like what a brother should say. Shao Xun felt a little relaxed and listened to Zheng Yunqiao saying: "We have an appointment to go to the nearby suburbs the day after tomorrow, can my cousin go with us?"

Shao Xun refused: "Unfortunately, I will go into the palace the day after tomorrow."

Shao Kui frowned and said, "I just said that it is not good to enter the palace often…"

"Big brother doesn't know." Shao Xun explained: "I didn't enter the palace to serve the empress, but agreed to the second princess to see her, so I went there with the excuse of asking the empress for peace."

"Second princess?" Shao Kui thought for a long time and didn't feel impressed, but he had met Princess Kejing, who really made people reluctant to deal with: "Don't provoke these expensive masters, they are not. Good-natured, maybe anytime…"

Shao Xun did not want others to talk about Zhao Ruotong like this: "She is not that kind of person, and my brother shouldn't talk about her like this."

Shao Kui was stunned for a moment, because he couldn't remember the last time Shao Xun used such a harsh tone to refute herself. She has always been a model girl and model sister since she grew up and sensible, and she hardly starts with others. Disputes, especially to Shao Kui, are even more respectful to the point of politeness, and being said so abruptly makes him a little bit guilty.

Seeing the atmosphere froze, Zheng Yunqiao hurriedly finished the game: "It seems that what the second cousin said is really good. You and the second princess are really getting along well."

Shao Xun nodded, and then asked: "Did my cousin go to see my sister?"

Zheng Yunqiao was not at all precautionary: "Mother heard that my second cousin was sick, and told me to visit her for her." He said with a helpless smile: "Mother loves to worry about it. It's better for me to tell me what's the use for me to go." It's fun and delicious and affordable."

Shao Xunqu casually tapped a slender index finger on her chin-she thought she understood the problem.

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