Shao Xun returned to her residence, threw her head on the bed, and took a few breaths.

Several maids looked at each other, and Yuhu tentatively said: "Girl, are you tired? There is nothing wrong in the palace, right?"

Without taking off her clothes, Shao Xun turned over and lay on her back on the bed: "I'm very tired. I'll talk about it later. Go down first and let me rest by myself."

Lizhu looked at Shao Xun with something wrong, and cautiously said: "Let me put on the girl's bedclothes, it will be comfortable to fall asleep."

Shao Xun actually didn't feel like sleeping at all, but finally made time to sort out her thoughts, and shook her head: "You go out."

After a few people had no choice but to leave, Shao Xun lay on the bed and closed her eyes.

The information she can collect is not too much, because after becoming the concubine of King Wu, she has very few opportunities to go out, and she is almost locked in the backyard by Princess Wu, basically unable to move.

Occasionally, when he went out several times, it was Zhao Yanyi who took the initiative to bring her or Shu fei in the palace to summon him, and the Qi family could not find a reason to shirk.

But at that time, Shao Xunguo was muddled. She just wanted to be clean alone. She didn't want to see Zhao Yanyi or deal with Shu fei. If she could avoid the Qi family temporarily when she went out, she might not want to move.

But even so, Zhao Yanyi has heard a few words about the major events in the courtroom.

At that time, the third prince were popular among the princes for a long time, especially after the first prince had an accident, but the situation changed within a few years.

The reason is that Emperor Ning Xi never made a statement.

As a rule, if the emperor is really satisfied with a prince and wants to make him a crown prince, then there must be a hint anyway, either the Dafeng mother clan, the Pa Yaoqi teacher, or the seal of his mother. The last time I would praise it in public every three to five times, and say a few words like "this child is like me".

But when it comes to the third prince, there is nothing here.

There is no canonization, no promotion, even no compliments, and he usually treats any child as if he were a child.

As time passed, Shu fei became anxious and couldn't wait to choose a princess for her son. On the one hand, she declared that the third prince were married and established a business, and on the other hand, her mother, the Shao family, never showed too much in the reserve. Support may be a little biased secretly, but most of the time, she still does not favor a few princes. She should be the most loyal ally who is not very powerful, and will naturally seek out others.

She chose a few girls who were born in the family, who were able to come from many people in the family, and the grandfather or father was in a high position and held real power. She wanted to make the emperor give a marriage decree, but it was a pity that the blind would be seen by the blind. The hall didn't pay attention, but after the third prince turned eighteen years old, he quickly selected a girl with good looks and conduct and pointed it out to him. At the same time, he was named the King Chu and ordered him. The imperial decree of going out of the palace and building a mansion.

Princess Chu's family background is not bad, grandfather is the Deputy Capital Yushi of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, but unfortunately the official position of the third rank is really difficult to satisfy Shu fei, which is even lower than that of Princess Wu, Qi-shi.

No one is a fool. After a long time, everyone will understand that the emperor is either dissatisfied with the third prince, or he has no intention of canonizing the prince at all.

The third prince was held up in the air by the expectations and praise of the people before, and couldn't get down even after thinking about it, and the situation began to become embarrassing, not much better than the eldest prince.

Shao Xun's memory stayed four or five years later. At that time, she had a little dispute with Qi-shi. Qi-shi made another excuse, but this time she hit harder, and her face was almost scratched by those slaps. , Fell off the steps and passed out in pain.

… Maybe it wasn't because she passed out, but maybe even if she really died.

Shao Xun was a little confused at this time. Of course, she thanked God for letting her be in time-well, not completely in time… Thinking of these things, she really avoided a catastrophe, but then, what should she do?

Revenge on Qi's?

But Qi-shi hasn't done anything. According to the current situation, Shao Xun will never become the concubine of the eldest prince again. Being kind, not only will she not be embarrassed by Shao Xun, but she may also be able to express herself in order to make good friends with Yingguo Gongfu.

What's the point of revenge for such a person?

Revenge on Shu fei?

Not to mention whether she can reach into the palace, even if Shao Xun has the ability, the only way to avenge Shu fei is to attack the third prince, and it is best to let him lose the chance of becoming a crown prince forever.

But this cousin was actually very nice to Shao Xun. He was very kind and not difficult to serve. He blushed when he saw Shao Xun if he couldn't say a few words.

Shao Xun had something like that in the last life. He was not as contemptuous as other people, but rather pitiful. He even sneaked over to comfort her. After that, he pleaded hard for Shu fei and begged to marry Shao Xun. The eldest prince said that he wanted to marry her as his side princess in that situation. There was no half-hearted dislike in his words. Of course, this matter did not succeed, but it is really rare to have this heart.

Shu fei is indeed hateful, but hitting a mouse will definitely damage the jade bottle, which makes Shao Xun…how to get it done?

There is also the relative relationship between the family and Shu fei, the controversy that will inevitably reignite in the future, the delicate relationship between the princes and the Shao family, everything is intricately connected, and I want to cut the mess quickly and single out Shu. It is simply fantastic to have a concubine without affecting the others.

Shao Xun had more headaches after thinking about it, and then she didn't want to think about it. Anyway, this memory has allowed her to avoid the biggest ordeal. If she made money no matter what, she was just thinking about other things, but she was just asking for trouble.

After thinking about it, she fell asleep with her clothes after a while.

The girls came in and took a look. They thought she was very tired and didn't dare to be alarmed, so they slightly covered her with a quilt and went out.


The nightmare that had plagued Shao Xun for a long time was finally over. She was frightened for a whole day, and under the effect of the medicine, she did…some things, which exhausted her stamina.

Shao Xun slept drowsily all night, and did not wake up the next morning. As soon as Yuhu was about to go to the main courtyard to take a leave of absence for her, she sent someone to spread the word.

It turned out that Shao Qiong also received some shocks yesterday, and the enthusiasm started in the middle of the night. The troubled Shao Zhenyu and Zheng did not sleep all night, so this morning, everyone was relieved from asking for peace.

Upon hearing this, Yuhu thought about Shao Xun, who was still sleeping on the bed and was not half-conscious. She immediately invited someone to wait. She personally took the key and opened the warehouse at Langgan Xiaozhu, choosing some valuable nourishment that could not eat bad people. The herbs came out and handed over to the people in the main hospital.

"As soon as our girl heard that the second girl was sick, she was anxious, so she immediately got up and went to visit, but she was not doing well after she came back from the palace. I persuaded her to slow down a little bit and not go to glory with her illness. An Tang, if you get sick, wouldn't it make the second girl get sicker? That's why she persuaded her, but he still asked me to take a few packs of medicinal materials and send it to the second girl. See what I can use, so I lie down again."

She said that she handed the man a handful of money, and then she sent her away.

Shao Xun was about to sleep until midday, and when she woke up, she was sore and almost unable to get out of bed, so she ordered Lizhu to call for hot water to take a shower, and by the way, she changed the clothes she had worn for a long time.

A half-person tall wooden barrel was filled with steaming water, and a thick layer of petals floated on it. The glass beads dropped two drops of amber-colored sesame oil into it, and took a deep breath: "This oil is mainly for comfort. The meridian is active. Although it tastes fragrant, it is still not as good as the natural taste on your body. I would not use it unless you are uncomfortable."

Talking about holding Shao Xun's clothes and taking them out to tidy up.

Shao Xun was sitting in the water with her eyes closed and rested. Suddenly she heard Lizhu yell from behind the screen: "Why is this dress not right?"

Shao Xun opened his eyes and turned around while holding the edge of the barrel: "What!?"

"The style of this half-arm…" Lizhu was a little confused, "How do I remember that it's different from before?"

Shao Xun snorted in her heart, thinking of what she had overlooked.

Her original coat was torn, and she had asked Ouchi Chief He Jinrong to help deal with it, and the one she wore back…is from the palace!

She felt a little panicked, but she still kept her voice as calm as possible: "It was originally like this, I think you remembered it wrong."

Lizhu thought blankly for a long time, and finally didn't remember what it was like, so she could only give up.

And Shao Xun thought in her heart that she must hide this dress later, at least not to let Lucui, who specializes in fabrics and clothes, see her. The strands she wears are not made by Lucui himself, or She carefully selected them by her hands, but they would not be as easy to pass as Lizhu.

After this, Shao Xun was not in the mood to take a bath, got up and walked out of the tub after washing.

Lizhu hurriedly came to wipe her, not wanting to wipe the towel and stayed on her shoulders. Shao Xun waited a while, but did not see Lizhu continue to wipe it off. She was about to ask, she gently used her fingertips. Touched the breast side.

This place is quite sensitive. Shao Xun laughed out loud when she was almost touched. She subconsciously dodged and said with a smile: "What are you doing?"

Lizhu curled her eyebrows and asked, "Girl, why do you have a few red marks here… and one of them is blue."

Then she turned Shao Xun around and looked at it carefully, and found that not only this, but there were also several deep and shallow marks on the shoulders and waist.

"Where is this?"

Shao Xun was originally at a loss as Lizhu was, but when her own hand brushed her waist, she suddenly remembered a fragment.

Shao Xun's face turned red unknowingly. I don't know if it was caused by hot water or something else. She was extremely embarrassed. She could only think of something else to cover the memory that was unbearable. Normal perfunctory glass beads:

"I fell in the Yuhuayuan and hit the rockery. Maybe I stayed at that time."

Pure Lizhu didn't know that her girl was embarrassed and couldn't look up, so she believed this explanation easily.


After another two days, Shao Xun finally sorted out her mood, and decided to live as he should, let go, let go, be vigilant, and forget… as if it had never happened before, and then she felt completely happy in her heart. Up.

This day she was practicing calligraphy, and the little girl outside happily announced: "Girl, Master Biao has come to the mansion, and he is in the courtyard of the son. The son is sending someone to ask the girl to talk.

Shao Xun was taken aback and found that she had forgotten this unresolved matter so easily.

She stopped, and said in a hurry, "I'm not doing well today. If you go back to the eldest brother, you can say another day."

Yuhu was also happy to be beside her, but at this time she looked at Shao Xun incomprehensibly: "Girl…"

"Okay, sister Yuhu." Shao Xun shook his head: "I know it in my heart."

In fact, she doesn't know anything in her heart now.

——After all, she almost became her fiancé, and later became her brother-in-law. Now time has turned back and everything is back to the original, but what can she do? Continue to talk about love with her brother-in-law?

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