Before, people often heard that the dragon gave birth to nine sons, each of which is different. Shao Xun still doesn't believe it, but now she has seen several of the emperor's sons and daughters one by one, and she has a lot of intersection with most of them. I really feel that the old saying does have the truth that it can be passed down.

These princes and princesses really have no similar temperaments.

The second princess had been outside for a long time, she wiped the sweat from her forehead, and her eyebrows curled up: "I'm relieved if you are okay."

Shao Xun's eyes suddenly condensed, holding her right hand and taking a closer look: "This is…"

There was an inconspicuous scar on the back of his hand, like an old burn.

The second princess retracted her hand: "It was accidentally burnt when I was a child… It's ugly, don't look at it, lest you be scared."

Shao Xun didn't hear what she said, she thought of a fragment in her mind.

It was in the "dream" that she and the eldest prince were jammed in bed, and then the scene became chaotic. In order to get rid of suspicion, Shu fei did not take care of Shao Xun at all. A room for punishment.

At that time, the eldest prince was the most important thing. There was a quarrel outside because of this incident. For a while, no one cared about Shao Xun. She was tired and painful. She was hungry for a day in the small room and almost passed out.

Someone still sneaked food and water from the window, which relieved the urgent need.

The Shao Xun in her dream never knew who this group of her people were. The man just reached in from the outside and passed the food. He hurriedly left without showing his face. Shao Xun only remembered that she had a burn on her hand. Scars.

The icing on the cake is easy, but it is even harder to give charcoal in the snow. Shao Xun once thought of finding her to repay the favor, but she has no clue.

The man's hands are fair, but they have scars and they are not delicate. The princesses in Shao Xun's impression are all pampered by Jin Zunyu, not to mention the scars on the hands. Maybe they only use cow's milk to clean their hands. The maid thought about it, but she never found someone similar.

did not expect……

Shao Xun shook Zhao Ruotong's hand for a while and was speechless.

The second princess was a little embarrassed: "Is it ugly?"

Shao Xun recovered himself and took a deep breath: "It's not ugly, it's not ugly at all."

She raised her head and looked at the princess who everyone felt weak and deceiving, and solemnly said: "Your Majesty, thank you very much."

The second princess was taken aback, and then tilted her head to be a little confused: "What's the matter, besides, I didn't help… I should thank you."

Shao Xun said: "That's nothing. You are the elder sister, and the sixth prince is the younger brother. Anyone who sees it will help."

The second princess froze for a moment, then lowered her eyes, her voice was very low and weak: "But, but in fact, only you helped me! And…for so many years, only you…"

Shao Xun's mouth moved, but at the end he didn't say what she wanted to say, just squeezed the opposite hand tightly.

This is the Zheng family who asked not far away: "Ah Xun, are you going to finish talking?"

Shao Xun turned around and said to the second princess: "Your Royal Highness, I am afraid I have to go. If you encounter anything later, just come to me. As long as you can help, I will never refuse."

The second princess looked at her for a long while, and suddenly smiled shyly: "Miss Shao…no, Xun'er, can I call you that?"

After Shao Xun nodded, she continued: "If you have a chance to enter the palace, you must, remember to come and see me often…I usually don't have much to talk about…"

Shao Xun responded very seriously, and then left the second princess amidst Zheng's urging.

As they walked farther and farther, they suddenly heard the second princess calling from behind:

"Xun'er!" Shao Xun turned her head and saw that she was still standing in the distance and repeatedly exhorted: "Don't forget, you have to come and see me often, don't forget…"


On the way back, Shao Xun never knew what it was like in his heart.

Every step in the palace is a trap. Ever since she dreamed of returning to her previous life, Shao Xun has always been worried, thinking about how to deal with Shu fei, and later added how to deal with the emperor.

At this time, she should have calmed down and carefully sorted out the memories and clues she had obtained in her dreams, but since learning about the second princess, she could not think of anything else, so she kept searching for information about her in her mind. Memory, but there is still no clue.

Her dream was incomplete and intermittent. Some felt like having experienced it personally, and some felt like watching a drama from the perspective of an onlooker, while the second princess did not have much impression of what would happen in the future. She only remembered that she was married to a noble family, and she didn't go out to socialize often, and there would be no other people around.

Of course, Shao Xun's heart hoped that she would have a good life, and it would be best if the marriage went smoothly and the children and grandchildren were full. But she also knows that if a person like the second princess has a good temperament, she might indeed have a good life, but if she is bullied and afraid of hardship and doesn't know good or bad, she might be deceived to be weak and will not take her identity as a princess.

And in this world, there are not as many people who know what is good or bad.

After returning home, Shao Xun temporarily removed her attention from the second princess.

The men in the family are all in the main hall.

Zheng had a good look and a vague sense of joy. She didn't talk about the big prince in public, but asked people to lay out the three pieces of cloth that the emperor had given him as soon as he entered the door.

At first, Shao Zhenyu didn't care, and asked if it was given by Shu fei, until Zheng said that it was something specially rewarded by the emperor, and Yingguo Duke turned his face, and his hand that had been carelessly touching the cloth immediately changed. You have to be cautious, for fear of touching the silk.

Zheng said: "Lord don't see that there are only three horses, it's much more decent than a normal reward. You men don't know, this is the best thing in the Jiangnan-made Jinxian Palace, as light as a cloud, as thin as a mist, never People have dared to intercept it, and it is less than ten horses a year. Sometimes even this number is not enough. Most of your majesty gave it to Cishou Palace. The empress dowager did not reward people very much, and only Princess Kejing could get it from her. Some, let's not go over for a birthday, and there are so many madams who are here to give a reward to our family… Isn't this decent?"

Shao Qiong also said: "Daddy, you don't know, they all said congratulations at the time, but their enviable eyes were red."

Shao Zhenyu was also happy after a long absence. He stroking his beard for a long time, and then said: "Since it is said that it is for the female family, you can divide the three. Your Majesty doesn't mean to let us confess."

Zheng nodded and smiled and said to the Shao Kui brothers: "This time you really don't have your share."

Shao Ying said: "What satin and silk are things that you women only like. Don't give it to me for nothing."

It made everyone laugh.

Zheng left the dark cyan horse: "This color doesn't match you little girls. I left it by myself. The remaining two reds are dyed well. The color is bright. You wear it at your age. Ah Xun, you pick first, and leave one for your sister."

"Yes, elder sister," Shao Qiong glanced at the fabric eagerly: "You pick first, and give me the rest."

Shao Xun knew the expressions of everyone sitting there without looking. She chuckled and raised Shao Qiong's hand: "Sister, come with me, let's discuss it… What kind of light red do you prefer? Is it still pink?"

The expression on Shao Kui's face was obviously loose.

Shao Qiong compares with Shao Xun enthusiastically.

In fact, the two colors are very beautiful, the pink is more refreshing, the light red is more dignified, Shao Qiong has been comparing it for a long time and didn't decide which one to get.

The corner of Shao Xun's mouth bends, and his fingers traversed the scarcely felt lines on the satin, as if inadvertently lightly falling on the pink horse.

Shao Qiong's gaze condensed, and she subconsciously said: "I think the pink one is just fine…"

Shao Xun was taken aback, without speaking, Shao Qiong said, "Which one does my sister like? If I also like pink, I will…"

"Ah Xun take the light red one." Shao Kui said: "Ah Qiong is younger, and the pink one is more suitable…Ah Xun, you are a big girl…"

Said Shao Xun made a color.

Always this way, it can make Shao Xun amused, she couldn't help being amused, and covered her mouth: "That's fine."

Shao Qiong happily hugged the piece of fabric, and kept thanking Shao Kui. He couldn't see that he was in a dilemma and didn't know which one to choose. "

Shao Zhenyu gazed at these children with satisfaction, as if he was happy to see such a scene of brothers, friends and sisters.


Yuhu was originally in the main room waiting for Shao Xun to leave the palace, now holding the emperor's reward in both hands, he followed Shao Xun back to Langgan Xiaozhu together.

When the two of them walked some distance away from the main courtyard, Yuhu asked in a low voice, "Does the girl love this cloth so much? Why today…"

Sure enough, she was the girl who grew up with Shao Xun, and she knew her own lady's habits very well.

Shao Xun twitched his mouth: "Why do you care about her again?"

Yes, it's not because of the love of sisters that just happened, but Shao Xun used some means to achieve this result.

Shao Xun's mind has been divided into several stages from childhood to large for this kind of situation where things are divided at home.

When I was young, I didn't know anything. I only knew what I liked. But at that time, the little girl didn't know why the adults told her to pick first, but she really chose what she liked. The feedback received was very negative. Everyone taught her to love her younger siblings and not to steal their things.

On the one hand, her parents asked her to take whatever she wanted, and on the other hand, she was criticized by others after she took it. When he was a child, Shao Xun was so disheartened and confused as to what to do. He was reluctant to hand over his favorite clothes and toys. He could only hold things and sit on the ground and cry until the old lady came out crying. Coax her, no one will teach her anymore, and then let it go.

Then one day, when she was about six or seven years old, it might be because she grew up. She suddenly got the hang of it without warning. She understood all these things that she didn't understand in the past. She understood how many things she had at home. The child's mother is not the same, and he also knows what kind of daughter the father likes, what kind of sister the older brother likes, and even what kind of sister the younger siblings like.

She grew up overnight from a child who wanted nothing but instinct.

At that time, my sister was at the age to be able to do things on her own, without having to endorse the Zheng family all the time. Shao Xun observed that this child liked others—in particular, Shao Xun—the things he liked, originally swayed from side to side, as long as the sister If she shows a bias, she will subconsciously say that she likes it too.

This may not be a deliberate wickedness, it is more appropriate to say that it is instinct or nature.

So Shao Xun learned to be humble, to give in, and further, she learned to conceal her preferences to mislead others in order to get what she wanted.

Just like Shao Qiong has instincts, Shao Xun may also have talent in this area. He can cover up his emotions just right. At first, it was a bit jerky, but after a few times, there would be no flaws. Others would only think she was sensible and was The teaching is good and docile.

After a few years, with the expansion of his mother's inheritance, Shao Xun was able to manage more and more financial money, and gradually became tired of this kind of trick. She began to be truly humbly, no matter which Shao Qiong liked, she was able to give in.

It may also be because her mind has matured to discover the fact that what she actively strives for is no longer wanted, and what she really needs is not obtained anyway.

And just now, she just played the same trick again.

Yuhu wondered: "This material…is it really so expensive? You didn't just like light red before…"

Shao Xun actually couldn't say why, she just thought of the torn half-arm outer shirt scattered beside the pillow, and then imagined Shao Qiong wearing this color dress, and she felt…

"Somewhat awkward…"

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