He Jinrong personally delivered the reward to the Zheng family, and after everyone thanked him for his gratitude, he retired.

The rest of the ladies and wives gathered around to congratulate them.

"My Majesty really has her eyes on her, and she is still thinking about sending this pair of Ruyi during her busy schedule."

"Yes, these are all decent empresses, which is really enviable."

"Yingguo Duke, your family is really good, no one can compare it."

After hearing these compliments, Shao Xun couldn't laugh or cry or cry. She also didn't know where the emperor was going to visit Fenglin Xuan when he was busy, and there was still a few quarters of hours before someone to remind him. I think of Shu fei's birthday today, but now it becomes a moment in my heart…

But did Shu fei know her niece's abdomen, she could no longer hold her face, her smile was more real than ever, and the corners of her mouth could not close together. It took a long time to remember that De fei was here. She turned around with a smile and said to her:

"Sister, I made you laugh."

De fei was helped by Qi-shi to stand up: "How can I laugh, your majesty is thinking of you, it's your ability, we envy it too late… Okay, Ah Yi was sent to Yongning Palace, and he hasn't woken up yet. , I'm going back to the palace first."

De fei said that she was going to walk and raised her leg. The rest of the people looked at each other, thinking that the time was indeed late, so they also resigned.

Shu fei was also exhausted today, and did not stay too much, so she asked someone to send them out, and took the Zheng mother and daughter back to Yanjia Palace alone.

When she finally returned to her place, Shu fei let out a long sigh of relief on Luohan's bed: "This day is really… how could such a thing happen…"

Zheng comforted him: "Niangniang, relax, everyone knows that it doesn't matter what your business is, even if you want to chew your tongue… Besides saying that you are not strict, you can't say anything else."

Why was Shu fei not happy that only she herself knew, but after hearing what Zheng said, she could only put on an air of peace of mind, then cheered up and pulled Shao Xun over, seemingly concerned and asked: "Ah Xun, have you been frightened today? Yes? I was really taken aback, I shouldn't have let you go to Nuanxiangge to rest…"

Shao Xun shook his head: "I have never been frightened. I went out after a while without meeting with His Highness."

"That's good, that's good." After nodding, Shu fei seemed to ask inadvertently: "I'm also afraid that you are too close to him, what will happen to you… By the way, you still remember where you were in the first place. Did you rest? It's next to the place where they… just now?"

Shao Xun had expected that she would ask such a question early. He didn't panic, and just smiled: "I was drunk and confused. I couldn't tell the difference between the north and south, but there were not many rooms in the pavilion. I don't know…"

Shu fei's eyes softened visibly, and she patted Shao Xun's hand: "It's also fortunate that you went out and walked like this. Otherwise, there will be trouble over there and your ears will be dirty."

Shao Xun said it should be that Shu fei could not know how to think in her mind.


Shu fei is actually out of spirits. Pulling them back to talk is just to test Shao Xun. She didn't remember that she slept in the same room as Zhao Yanyi. After getting the answer she wanted, she couldn't say a few words, so she just pressed her head and said no. Comforted let them go back.

On the way out of the palace, Zheng was in front, and Shao Qiong whispered to Shao Xun: "The lady seems to treat her sister really kindly, she didn't say a few words to me, she just cared about you."

Shao Xun saw that she was able to tie the rope with her mouth pouting, and wanted to reply to her, "Do you want this blessing?", but after thinking about it carefully, although this sister is spoiled, she is not very good at thinking about others, and has a vague sense of herself. She thought carefully, but she didn't necessarily have the wickedness of the treacherous evil, so she smiled at this and ignored her.

Instead, Zheng turned his head and blamed: "Your sister is smarter than you, smarter than you and more sensible than you, if I'm a mother, I won't pay attention to you… I don't have a door to talk in the palace, and I will tell your father when I go home. Let him teach you."

Shao Qiong shrank her neck after being trained. Although she was still not convinced, she didn't dare to say sour words anymore.

As she was talking, a not-so-loud voice came not far away: "Miss Shao…Miss Shao!"

When the three heard the sound, they saw a young girl standing under a banyan tree not far away, with three or five palace people by her side. Seeing Shao Xun noticed her, she couldn't help but smile and walked towards them. come.

"Miss Shao, wait a moment, I want to say a few words to you."

This person is exactly Zhao Ruotong, the second princess of Emperor Ning Xi.

Shao Xun was a little surprised, and walked along with Zheng, "I have seen her Royal Highness."

Zhao Ruotong was a little shy, and whispered: "You don't need to be polite…Miss Shao, are you free now, I want to say a few words to you."

This second princess is very small, not tall, and a little thin. She has a small nose, a small mouth, and round eyes. She lacks the confidence to speak. If she takes off her palace costume, let alone a country. Your Royal Highness, not even the ladies, she looks like Xiaojiabiyu from some squire's house.

Shao Xun naturally said that when she was free, she would follow the second princess a few steps to speak alone after she got Zheng's answer.

Shao Qiong was curious, and tentatively followed a few steps: "Your Royal Highness, what do you want to say to your sister? Can I listen to it?"

Shao Qiong is a cute child. Generally, even if she crosses the border, she will not be taken seriously, and she will even appear innocent and ignorant.

The second princess is completely different from her eldest sister Kejing. As an emperor, she would not refuse the request of the daughter of her servants. She apparently did not want to agree, but if she opposed it, she would be shivering and unable to open it. Mouth, let alone reprimand.

Seeing her embarrassed, Shao Xun couldn't say anything, but he was motionless and refused to move forward. She didn't want to be troubled by others. Just when she wanted to talk to her to persuade her sister to go back, she saw that the second princess had hesitated for such a long time. With enough courage, she whispered but firmly said to Shao Qiong: "Ben, this palace want to speak to Miss Shao alone, you retreat, retreat."

Shao Qiong didn't expect to be rejected. She was stunned for a while, but she couldn't follow along, otherwise she looked a little bit stubborn, so she could only retreat to Zheng's side.

Then the second princess said to the people around her again: "You can step back."

A maid dressed as a maidservant was very mean, and she refused without even thinking about it: "Your Royal Highness, Concubine Gong tells her slave and maidservant to stay with you. If you have anything to say, just say it."

"Yes, but only a few steps away, I will not leave your sight…"

"No! Princess, everything can't be told to people, what can't be said in front of people?"

The second princess was so directly rejected by her subordinates in front of Shao Xun, but she was so embarrassed and anxious to talk about things with her mother's life, and her eyes were red.

After hearing this, Shao Xun frowned. She thought about it, and when the second princess was at a loss, she said softly: "Actually, I have something to ask your Royal Highness. This is what you see. Tight, are you afraid that I will harm Your Highness?"

Without waiting for the other party to speak, Shao Xun smiled and said, "Don't worry about that. My father is a super-class national Duke, and he is also a person with a noble surname. You won't be embarrassed by your Highness."

The mother paused, glanced at the second princess, and silently led the people back.

When Shao Xun saw that the other party was dismissed by a few words of her own, her brows became tighter. These people were afraid of her, but they were frustrated with the second princess and had no scruples. This is really…

When the second princess saw that her palace servant needed Shao Xun to help, she couldn't help but feel a little ashamed: "Miss Shao, thank you very much."

Shao Xun was worried for her in her heart, but it was most forbidden to talk shallowly when interacting with others. Some things were hard to say, so she asked, "Is there something urgent for your Highness to say?"

The second princess shook her head: "I'm here to see if you have any accidents… I haven't had time to thank you for what happened before. I quietly followed Shu fei and the others. I wanted to wait for you to rest before looking for you, but it didn't work. I thought something went wrong inside, I thought you were there too, I was afraid that something happened to you, that's why…"

Shao Xun was surprised: "Your Royal Highness has been waiting for so long?"

It's been more than an hour since Yichun Pavilion ended, right?

The second princess smiled shyly: "It didn't take long… By the way, are you scared?"

Shao Xun didn't know what to say. After all, she didn't have much interaction with the second princess in her heart. She really didn't expect that the other party could wait so long under the big sun just to ask this sentence.

"…I have nothing, princess, thank you for thinking of me, I didn't expect…"

The second princess smiled, and then she showed a little girly look: "Don't say that, you helped me last time, but I have nothing to reciprocate…"

After hearing this, Shao Xun was a little confused. After all, she had just half a memory in her mind, and she couldn't remember the previous events clearly. After a while, she remembered what the second princess was talking about.

"The sixth brother is small and naughty, always teasing me. If it wasn't for you to clear the siege last time, I didn't know what crime I would suffer."

She was talking about what happened not long ago.

At that time, the sixth prince born in Yibi were playing in the garden. Seeing that the second princess came and bullied her honestly and weakly, he began to show joy on the spot, picking up small stones on the gravel road and throwing them on her. Although the sixth prince was young, he was very flexible, but the princess is not easy to avoid wearing palace costumes. The eunuchs and palace ladies around are all from Yimen Palace. She only dared to persuade the sixth prince kindly and did not dare to disobey. The second princess was known to be inseparable palace people. But no one was seen.

This scene caused Shao Xun to face up. She usually talks very well, and can not cause trouble without causing trouble, but it is just too troublesome and not like taking the initiative to cause trouble, but it does not mean that she is afraid of trouble, and immediately stretched out her hand to stop the sixth prince. He was only a six-year-old child, and he was a little bit bullied and afraid of hardship, so a few words of effort were dismissed.

Shao Xun didn't take this matter seriously, so she turned his head and forgot. As expected, Yi Bi was a wise woman, and she only treated that there was no such thing, and she didn't dare to create a gap with Guo Gongfu for this matter.

On the contrary, it was the second princess. After receiving this little favor, she would never forget the dreams in the night. Those who did not go out of the house would go to Yanjia Palace to ask for peace, just to thank Shao Xun again.

Shao Xun was moved in his heart, but she was actually a little puzzled.

Zhao Ruotong was born by Concubine Gong. If she didn't dare to offend the princess, or the third prince could barely have a reason, but the sixth prince was her younger brother, only six years old, and his birth mother was two times lower than Concubine Gong. Level, just like this, you can accept the bullying, and outsiders seem to be too timid.

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