Shao Xun had already guessed that it was not far from ten, and when the woman who had been happy with Zhao Yanyi was dragged up by the Qi family, she became more sure of the guess in his heart.

——This maid is the one who helped Shao Xun to place in the Nuanxiang Pavilion.

Shao Xun covered the corners of his mouth with a veil, and hesitated, "This woman…how does she seem familiar?"

Qi-shi raised his head and looked directly at Shu fei's eyes as if stabbed in his eyes: "Miss Shao is right. This is the palace of Yanjia Palace. Just now she was waiting on Niangniang to have a banquet at the table. I don't know how. Yes, the effort of one wrong eye is gone, and another wrong eye…heh, I ran to the bed of the Great Highness."

Shu fei raised her eyebrows: "Grand prince concubine, in front of the ladies, what are you talking about?"

As she said, she cast a color underneath: "If you don't take people down yet, staying here will stain people's eyes."

"Wait!" Qi-shi stopped loudly: "This girl appeared in Nuanxiang Pavilion in a silly way, and made his highness lose face. Is that what it is?"

Qi-shi meant to make a big noise.

Also, if this matter is not clearly stated in person, once these women go back, they still don't know what it will be like. Anyway, I have already seen what I should see, and now it is covered up before I really can't say it.

Everyone sitting here saw this. The concubines and princesses in the harem had already gone home after listening to the play in Yichun Pavilion. The people who were left behind were all maternal wives. They had different thoughts in their hearts. The matter immediately pricked up his ears, wishing to know the ins and outs immediately, but the more cautious people were fidgeting and didn't want to get involved in the affairs of the royal underworld, just want to leave soon.

Shu fei narrowed her eyes slightly: "This is naturally going to be investigated, but it's about your majesty. You should have closed the door for investigation. What does the concubine of the prince clamor like in front of everyone? Is this how De fei teaches her daughter-in-law?"

"How do I teach my daughter-in-law, you don't need to worry about my sister."

The sound from the door attracted everyone's attention.

Shu fei's face stiffened slightly, and finally got up: "My sister is very busy, why come here in time?"

The visitor was the De fei, who shared the same beauty with Shu fei in the palace.

She was wearing a lake-blue palace costume, a towering flying bun, a red golden five phoenix hairpin, and no less than a dozen court ladies and eunuchs stood at the door. She heard the voice of Shu fei, and she smiled and drove straight in. Straight past Shu fei and took the main seat.

De fei was older than the emperor, and her maintenance was not as meticulous as Shu fei, and she was not as young as her. She could no longer dress as a youthful girl. She was unexpectedly not sharp, with thick eyebrows and big eyes. When people see him, they will think of who her son is. When you look carefully, you should have a charming look when you were young. Although the age is no longer, you can still see the beautiful shadow of the past.

But a woman with such a face opened her mouth, but she was not charming at all: "Sister, I heard you talking a long way from here, why, just after worrying about the things in Ah Yi's room, she came to help me again. Did you discipline your daughter-in-law?"

Originally, Shao Xun looked at him coldly, but he was surprised when he heard his name. Then he realized that the "Ah Yi" in De fei's mouth refers to the eldest prince.

The Zhengyi product has four titles of "noble", "moral", "xian" and "shu". Although the grade is the same, they all regard the imperial concubine as the respect by default. Now the seat of the imperial concubine is vacant. De fei had served Emperor Ning Xi in the hidden residence. Her qualifications were far longer than Shu fei's, and her son was older than Shu fei's son. Therefore, although De fei's identity is vaguely higher than that of Shu fei.

Shu fei did not get angry when she heard her remarks with a gun and a stick, but she explained kindly: "My sister said that, but she really misunderstood me. What is the identity of this girl? How can she be honored to serve the prince? ?"

De fei said: "Really? Then she approached Ah Yi in a good manner. Isn't it possible that no one has instructed her?"

Shao Xun looked at this development direction that was completely different from his dream, and she was not without emotion.

This is why Shu fei chose Shao Xun.

In the dream… Let's call it the last life for the time being. After the matter was smashed, De fei was not so confident. She tried to suppress the matter at that time, but instead asked Shu fei not to make the matter worse.

At that time, everyone was talking about the eldest prince's misbehaving and greedy women. Even the young lady of the government office and his future younger siblings could get involved.

For Shao Xun, everyone despised it. After all, a woman's loss of virginity is the original sin, but there is no shortage of sympathizers, because no one would think that this noble girl would take the initiative to seduce the eldest prince.

In her capacity, not to mention that the eldest prince is not yet a prince, even if he has been appointed as a prince, and he is hired as a prince's concubine, it is reasonable to have the emperor personally go out and seek marriage from the government, but it is not Shao's right. How big it is, but this is the courtesy that the royal family should have to the first emperor's right-hand man and the family of the Great Zhou dynasty.

Such a girl with noble status, good character, and a charming appearance, would risk cheating with the eldest prince and picking up a De fei? If this is the case, then she must be extremely devoted to the eldest prince, longing for the bones.

But everyone has eyes. If the Shao girl really loves the eldest prince to cheat, there will be no rumors?

In fact, it did not. On the contrary, the eldest prince occasionally showed a coveted look of other people's beauty and fell in the eyes of the caring people.

Therefore, although Shao Xun was completely destroyed throughout his life, everyone knew in their hearts that the main fault was the eldest prince.

Therefore, to contemplate the eldest prince, you must have innate conditions to be convinced.

But this time there is an obvious difference. The one who was caught with the eldest prince was only a little palace lady, and she had no rank in the palace, and she was not outstanding in appearance. Although the eldest prince was greedy and lustful, he was discerning. At any rate, a woman who has Shao Xun's one or two looks can be seen. She looks like this palace lady. Even if she falls in his arms, she will probably be pushed away, let alone her concubine's birthday banquet. Go to bed.

This was obviously calculated, either it was the palace lady trying to climb the dragon and the phoenix, or… it was someone instigated it.

"Naturally not," Shu fei has calmed down since she broke through this scandal. She said in no hurry, "Sister, don't blame me, a lowly court lady. Even if she is fancy, the eldest prince can How is it? I took the house or raised her, and even I can only give in. What good is it to make this bad?"

De fei stared at her carefully, as if thinking about the truth or not.

Shu fei let her look, and then lowered her voice: "Sister thinks about it, so that it hurts and humiliates the majesty once. I don't have any benefit to say nothing. On the contrary, it caused a lot of harassment. It is only for you and me. Disadvantage… Sister, don't be too angry, but let the fisherman benefit."

De fei squinted her eyes and didn't say anything, but ordered someone to take out the stuff that was stuffed in the palace lady's mouth.

The maid described her as embarrassed, her exposed neck and shoulders all had obvious bruises, and even her face was full of dirty tears. She had been shivering since just now, and she was scared to speak.

Shu fei calmly said: "Hongtao, if you do this kind of thing, you can't be regarded as a person in my palace. You can answer whatever Empress De fei asks, and you don't have to think that I am your master."

De fei glanced at her, did not find anything wrong in her words, and asked in a cold voice: "Say! Who instructed you to approach the eldest prince?"

The maid shed tears on her face and choked for a long time before she uttered: "Slaves, slaves are worth a thousand deaths…"

"Don't talk nonsense!" Qi's interrupted: "If you don't tell the truth, I will tear your mouth to death with a few sticks!"

De fei frowned, but didn't say anything.

Hongtao sobbed and said: "His maidservant was drunk, and the servant led him to take a rest in the Nuanchun Pavilion, only to see that he was drunk and unconscious… Then, this was the reason… The servant did not expect to be Shu fei. Niangniang bumped into…"

Shu fei did not speak, but went to see De fei, and whispered: "Can you continue to investigate?"

De fei concubine pursed her lips: "This is a vain attempt to climb the dragon and attach the phoenix. It is really hateful. Play a few boards and throw it into the clothing bureau."

It's not that she doesn't want to continue the investigation, but that Shu fei looks too confident and has a clear conscience. If she can't find anything else, she digs up some details about the prince's drunkenness, chaos and hunger. The gain is not worth the loss. As for how to go into it in private, it will be the next thing.

Qi gritted his teeth and was not satisfied with the treatment.

"But I said, sister, people in your palace should really be good at teaching. This kind of disposition of posting up when you see a man…you dare to use it if you lose it."

Shu fei's brows jumped, but she explained in a nice voice: "This girl was only responsible for sweeping in the courtyard before, but she was promoted to the front because of her diligence, who knows…"

De fei glanced at her and said nothing.


This birthday banquet happened this kind of thing, although in the end it was still reluctant to go on, but in fact everyone was not thinking about drinking tea. After watching this big show, it is really more satisfying than eating a ten-table banquet.

At the end, when everyone was about to quit the palace, a notice suddenly came from outside.

"Niangniang, Father He from the Hall of Two Instruments is here."

Shu fei felt that this birthday banquet was a stone and hit her in the foot. It took a long time to plan things and didn't do it well. She almost made her fishy. In addition, De fei didn't leave when she sat down, which made her even more frustrated. Response, so although the face is still the same, but my heart is very unhappy.

At this moment, when He Jinrong came over, he snorted in his heart, for fear that this matter would reach the Hall of Liangyi so soon.

De fei was also taken aback. Although it was finally proved that this matter could not be counted on Zhao Yanyi's head, it was not honorable in the end. If the emperor sent someone to reprimand him at this time, it would be really shameless.

"Hurry up!"

After seeing that all the people the chief eunuch was carrying were holding the tray in their hands, Shu fei sighed with relief, her face finally exuding joy from the bottom of her heart.

While De fei relaxed her heart, she was not very happy in her heart.

"Isn't Grandpa He already sent rewards before, are these?"

He Jinrong raised his head and swept his eyes in the crowd calmly. He happened to meet Shao Xun's gaze, and then smiled and said to Shu fei: "Your Majesty remembers Niangniang. A pair of good jade ruyi, this is called a slave and maid to send it."

Shu fei is truly unexpected. She was surprised that she didn't know what to say. She just listened to He Jinrong and said: "I also thought that the family of Yingguo Duke also entered the palace. Master Shao has been doing errands recently. Diligence, I told the servants to bring something along the way, specially for Yingguo madam…and the two young ladies."

Zheng was also very pleasantly surprised, and even with Shao Qiong, he was excited, only Shao Xun silently lowered his eyes.

"It's mainly the satin pieces that Jiangnan weaves and are dedicated to Beijing. They are dark cyan, pink…light red. This is a good thing that a thousand dollars can hardly find. Look at it as a slave and bring it…" he said again After taking a look at Shao Xun, he continued: "It is most suitable to cut two pieces of clothes…"

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