Shao Xun woke up and found that she hadn't blushed when her clothes were disheveled, and when she remembered how flimsy the emperor had been, she hadn't blushed, but now she blushed and froze in place, embarrassed to move.

When the emperor saw that she suddenly stopped moving, he couldn't help but glanced twice, then followed the girl's line of sight.

I saw the light red band concealed and hung there, hidden cleverly, so that it is not easy to detect, but also vaguely exposed a little edge.

Emperor Ning Xi glanced at Shao Xun's empty waist subconsciously.

He paused, after all he reached out his hand to take off the belt, held it in his hand and handed it out.

It stands to reason that He Jinrong should have stepped forward to take the things from the master at this time, and then pass it on to Shao Xun. After all, there has never been Li'er who allows people to take things directly from the emperor, but he just subconsciously wanted to go over, just lifting his feet. When he got up, he glanced at the emperor suddenly, but stood still calmly, and didn't mean to move anymore.

Shao Xun hesitated, and finally saw that He Jinrong was blind, just as if he didn't see the emperor's hand still stretched there, she didn't move. She really couldn't help but moved to the emperor step by step, and took the emperor's hand by herself to get the belt.

The belt was not as wide as the palm of the hand. It was made of fine satin. It was lightly held in the hand as if holding a handful of red clouds. The girl took the other end and pulled it away, running across the emperor's palm like running water. , He subconsciously wanted to close his palms, but he was a step late.

Shao Xun took the belt in his hand, stepped back a few steps, and began to sum up what to do next.

At this time, He Jinrong is not blind again. He winks, and says with a smile, "Miss Shao, it would be better for a servant to take you to tidy up your clothes."

Shao Xun looked at the emperor subconsciously, only to see him nodded, and she dared to agree: "I'm sorry to bother you."

In the cubicle just now, Shao Xun carefully fastened her clothes. Fortunately, they hadn't developed to the point where the skirts were torn. They looked decent after a little tidying up. If you didn't look carefully, you wouldn't be able to see anything wrong. .


Shao Xun picked up the half-arm outer shirt that had fallen on the pillow, somewhat worried.

This dress was originally a round neck, with no belts or buttons. If you want to wear it, you have to go down from the head. If you want to take it off, it will naturally be more troublesome than a normal turn-on shirt.

When I was unconscious, I just wanted to relieve it and undress the clothes very…anxiously. Now Shao Xun couldn't tell which of the two tore the clothes to be able to take off and throw them there.

Shao Xun's female worker said not modestly that it was actually very good. If she was given time, she could make up exactly the same as before, but right now she doesn't have so much time…

Just when she couldn't think of a good way for a while, He Jinrong walked in out of nowhere, holding a coat in his hand, and the color looked very similar to the previous one.

"Miss Shao, do you think this is suitable?"

Shao Xun's eyes lit up, and finally couldn't help but smile: "Internal officer, thank you for your trouble."

Girls of this age are young and beautiful, and they look good when they smile. What's more, a girl like Shao Xun is so beautiful that she has her charming eyebrows slightly bent, and her beautiful eyes are sparkling. He Jinrong couldn't help but sigh when he said that he laughed and gave birth to flowers.

He turned his head and looked behind him unconsciously, and found that this side was blocked by the door frame, and people outside could not see in anyway.

He Jinrong couldn't help but regret that his master didn't see this beautiful scenery, but he was really smiling, and the sixth house had no color.

At this point where he sighed, Shao Xun had carefully checked the clothes he brought, and found that the colors were similar and the styles were not very different. Only the hem was slightly different, but this place can be put into the belt. Yes, I can't see it at all, and I don't know how he found it out in such a short time.

When she got dressed and arranged, she came out to thank He Jinrong again, but listened to him refuse to say: "How can a slave and maid be so careful? It was your majesty who realized that your clothes were not well prepared, so he sent the slave and maid to make up for it. ."

Shao Xun didn't believe it very much. After all, tYour Majesty is a clean person who can forget even Shu fei's birthday. If she really counts on him to remember the trivial matter of his clothes, it would be too self-respectful.

He Jinrong saw that Shao Xun was noncommittal and no longer explained. He only led her out and retire to the emperor again.

Shao Xun stepped back to the door of the library, turned around, but paused for a moment. As if she felt something in her heart, she couldn't help but glance back.

The bamboo curtain has fallen again, concealing the figure behind.


Shao Xun didn't send it away. She was quite familiar with the imperial palace, and went back to Yichun Pavilion smoothly along the way she came.

All the way, she thought about what she would encounter when she returned, what kind of expressions she should use when meeting Shu fei and others, how can she suppress her emotions, and most importantly, how to explain this to others. Whereabouts for a while. She thought that she would see a life of singing and dancing when she came back, but she didn't want to see a lot of palace people cleaning, and the original guests didn't know where to go.

I found a little palace lady and asked, only to hear that Shu fei was tired of watching the show, so she took a group of guests back to have a tea and chat.

Shao Xun snorted in his heart and asked: "Go back? Back to Yanjia Palace?"

"No," the little maid replied obediently: "I heard that I was going to Nuanxiang Pavilion… By the way, the empress also said that she would drop by to see Miss Shao. They walked with you and came back. "

Shao Xun understood it all at once in her heart.

She evoked a mocking smile, and then converged again, gently handing the little palace lady a dime of silver, thanking her, and immediately got up and left Yichun Pavilion.

Stop by and take a look? I'm afraid it's going to catch the rape specially.

Shao Xun actually didn't stay in Nuanxiang Pavilion for long. As soon as she fell asleep, she was awakened by the dream. She stumbled and stumbled to Fenglin Xuan. It was the longest way she could hold on at that time, but it was no more than a cup of tea.

In other words, this period of time seems to have been a lifetime in Shao Xun's eyes, but in fact it has not been a long time since she was taken out of Yichun Pavilion.

Coincidentally, this might be hitting the time that Shu fei had planned.

Shao Xun was not in a hurry, and arrived at Nuanxiang Pavilion without hurries.

At this time in the Nuanxiang Pavilion, the other people who entered the palace for a banquet were not as calm as Shao Xun. They stood at the door of a room, covering their mouths in surprise, and almost screamed. The discussion came from the crowd.

Yingguo madam Zheng covered her daughter's eyes and berated her without peeking. Then she entered the room and went to Shu fei's side and said, "Manny, look at this…what should I do?"

He looked up but was shocked.

Zheng knew that such a thing happened at the birthday banquet, Shu fei must feel ashamed, but she didn't expect her face to be so hard to see.

I saw Shu fei's face pale, her teeth clenched tightly, and the corners of her stretched mouth were shaking. After taking a few deep breaths, she solemnly told the palace nearby: "Send someone to stop the concubine and bring him over for the concubine. The prince cleaned up, you ask the guests to rest somewhere else…what are you doing here?!"

On the bed not far from them, the eldest prince was sleeping with a woman who was not a piece of her arm around, and the bed tents simply covered it a little, so that the scene did not make the scene too unsightly.

"This, what's wrong with this?"

A familiar voice came from the crowd. Shu fei froze and turned around to take a look. Shao Xun walked over from the gap that separated her from the crowd, stepped into the door of the room, and looked here with some curiosity.

Zheng hurried up to catch Shao Xun, and said in a low voice: "Quickly go out with your sister, this is not where you are staying."

I didn't want Shu fei but suddenly asked sharply: "Ah Xun, where did you go?!"

After finishing speaking, I am afraid that I feel that my voice is too serious, and then slowed down his tone, as if he was caring and confused: "I wonder if your mother and I are worried?"

Shao Xun seemed to have never expected to be reprimanded. After a while, she apologized: "I'm so drunk, and feel dizzy in the aroma of the person in this room, so went out for a walk and wanted to sober up, but didn't expect to leave. I couldn't hold it any farther, I found a pavilion and slept for a while…"

Shu fei was looking for a reason to be angry, but she suddenly calmed down when she heard the word "fragrance", she turned her anger into joy on her face, and took Shao Xun's hand and led her to exit the door in an intimate groan. "You child, I'm afraid you are drunk and confused, and there is no incense in this room. Where does the fragrance come from?"

Shao Xun glanced at the center of the room with his left light, and the gold-encrusted censer that had been placed here was indeed gone.

She smiled embarrassedly on her face: "It may also be smoked by alcohol…I will not dare to drink anymore…"

As soon as she finished saying this sentence, she immediately remembered that she had said the same thing to Emperor Ning Xi before. Such an association made her subconsciously pause. Fortunately, Shu fei was not calm and didn't notice it.

Everyone was a little surprised when this happened, but most of the people who could enter the palace were human beings. After a while, they recovered calmly. Sitting in the main hall casually chatted with Shu fei, as if nothing had happened before. I didn't see it.

Yes, it's just a court lady. What's the point? It's just for people to talk about it for a while, and it's impossible to look at it as a serious matter.

Shu fei was obviously absent-minded, but she couldn't leave the woman in this room. She had to perfuse her without a word. She found a space to ask Shao Xun: "Ah Xun, you went out for a while, but did you… Encounter your Highness?"

Shao Xun still smiled and said, "I was drunk and confused at that time, I just remember that I hadn't spoken to anyone else. As for your Highness… it seems that I have never seen it before."

Shu fei was thoughtful.

At this time, Qi-shi, the eldest prince, had finished taking care of the affair on the side of the eldest prince, and finally appeared.

In front of everyone, Qi's complexion was still red, and her brows were raised, and there was obviously still an angry face, but her voice was exceptionally soft. She knelt in front of Shu fei to plead guilty: "The prince drank a few sips of wine and was drunk. It's so rude, and offends the people in front of the mother, and asks the mother to punish…"

Shao Xun raised his eyebrows lightly, and finally understood why a person like Shu fei could not restrain it so much today, revealing an obvious gaffe.

——Her own people were involved.

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