Although the emperor looked very handsome, it was a pity that Shao Xun had no intention of appreciating it at this time. After a brief stupor, she immediately came back to her senses and quickly lowered her eyes.

The two did not speak for a while, and the emperor was silent for a while before repeating: "Do you know what you did?"

Shao Xun was ashamed and ashamed in her heart, but there was nowhere to go, so she had to bite the bullet and kowtow: "…The minister has offended and offended Your Majesty, please punish."

She only asked for guilt, but did not mention the reason. The emperor continued to ask: "Why is this so?"

Shao Xun paused, pursing her lips, and after a while reluctantly replied: "The courtiers…have lost virtue after drunk, and you should be guilty of death…"

"Did you lose your morals after drinking?" Emperor Ning Xi thought these words were quite interesting, so he sipped it in his mouth for a while, and then said: "Little girl, is it just because of drinking? If it is so, then you will be afraid later. It's a good idea to stop drinking."

What else can it be if it's not drunk?

Shao Xun felt helpless, could she directly say that this was planned by her good aunt Shu fei?

The emperor is thirty-five this year. Except for the two sons and one daughter who died, there are still four princes and three princesses alive. The first few children are already over fifteen years old and are married or are about to be married. , Can't be regarded as a child.

There is only one princess in the middle palace, and all your majesty's children are from concubine. At this time, the position of the crown prince is still vacant, and the ministers are not talking about it. Some are greedy for power, and speculators who want to earn the merit of the dragon have gradually begun to take this. The muddy water in the pool became more mixed, and as the eldest prince got married, the third prince gradually matured, and the battle for the crown prince has become more and more fierce.

The fourth and fifth princes died, and the surviving princes were the oldest, the second, the third, and the sixth prince.

The second prince Zhao Yanhang himself was not a holy favorite. His birth mother was just an ordinary court lady beside the Empress. Many years after her early death, she was chased by the name of a Shen man. It was really indecent.

It's okay if the Empress is in power. The second prince was raised by the middle palace for some time when he was a child, and it can be considered competitive. But now the Empress has fallen out of favor and can hardly protect herself. Her face is supported by Princess Kejing, and she has no strength and qualifications. She became even more uninterested in the turmoil of crown prince.

The remaining six prince are only six years old this year, and the three-character classics are still at an unsatisfactory age. They really can't see the qualifications. Therefore, the most popular are the eldest prince Zhao Yanyi and the third prince Zhao Yanbin.

The two princes belonged to De fei and Shu fei respectively. Their mothers were equal in rank, and their age difference were less than two years old, and their qualifications were even more equal. Therefore, there are people who support anyone in the court, which is considered equal.

Seeing that there are more and more voices asking the emperor to establish a crown prince to consolidate the country's foundation, and the originally stable harem has gradually become impetuous. Shu fei and De fei are in charge of palace affairs, which is only one step away from the most noble position among women in the world. In the distance, no one could not be tempted, and although the third prince was progressive in study, but in the end he was too weak to have the advantage of being the eldest son, and Shu fei moved her head in a hurry.

The eldest prince was born with a tall man and a very brave man, but there are also some small hobbies that can't be on the table in private.

For example, excellent female S*x.

Most foreign ministers don't know this, and a few people who know the truth don't take it seriously even if they have a little remark in their hearts. After all, men love beauty by nature, but the prince is a little bit too much, so he won't think about whether he can become a prince. To the decisive role.

Shu fei's idea was to magnify the flaws in this personal morality, so that everyone knows it, and it is even irreparable. When people mention Zhao Yanyi, the first thing they think of is not the identity of the emperor's eldest son, but how his stain couldn't be washed away.

Ordinary court ladies or folk girls are definitely not good. No one will take it seriously even if things happen when the time comes. This woman must have a noble status. Even if Zhao Yanyi is married, no one will say that the woman is high. Kind.

Shu fei in her dream chose her Shao Xun. As the eldest daughter of Yingguo Duke, Shu fei had no more suitable noble woman than her in the Zhou Dynasty. Appointing Shao Xun as the concubine for the third prince is to put a hat on the eldest prince that insults future younger brothers and sisters, and most people would not expect that Shu fei would be so cruel that she would sacrifice her niece and give her son a cuckold.

After the incident, the eldest prince was indeed discredited as Shu fei wanted. After being sealed as Prince Wu, he hurried out of the palace to build the mansion. The whole court was shocked by the incident. He has not been in the shadows brought about by this incident for a long time. After breaking free, the third prince also temporarily crushed the eldest brother in the battle for crown prince.

And Shao Xun, no matter whether others spurned or pitied, her reputation was ruined. There was no second choice except to marry the eldest prince, but there was a princess long ago, and she could only be forced into a small sedan chair to carry it into the palace of Prince Wu to become his side concubine princess.

Shao's eldest daughter became the concubine of others. Even if this person is a prince, it would be ridiculous.

The entire Yingguo Gongfu office was scandalized, and even the outsider Zheng could not lift his head. Shao Zhenyu was so furious that he almost broke off relations with Shao Xun. It was only because of her dead mother that he gave up. The relationship with his family has also plummeted, and the relationship that was not very close is even more distant, and there are few contacts after he leaves the cabinet.

Shu fei may also feel guilty for this niece and try her best to help in all aspects, but what's the use?

Not to mention that Shao Xun had no partial favor with the eldest prince, and she was extremely reluctant to marry such a person. Step back ten thousand steps, even if she loves Zhao Yanwei in her heart, and her concubine is more than the heavens, Princess Wu, Qi-shi, is jealous, and she has no scruples when she is crazy. She is overwhelmed by her name, and she is full of tricks in the backyard. Just rub it as you rub it. If Shu fei feels guilty, can she stretch her hand into Prince Wu's backyard to arouse people's criticism?

She won't, so no one can save Shao Xun.

Shao Xun still had the fear of Qi-shi in her heart. Thinking back to the way she had just seen her smiling at the banquet, it was impossible to imagine that they were the same person.

Shao Xun later learned about these things. When it happened, she was beaten up by the Shu fei Niangniang. She did not leak water and could not find out anything. She was frightened and frightened, like thunder. , I really thought that I was drunk and was taken advantage of by the prince. How could I calm down and analyze the details?

These truths were later on after she overcame her gods, and felt that she had to be a ghost in death, so she tried to figure it out, but unfortunately it was too late at that time.

But now, knowing everything, can she tell the emperor of Shu fei's plot?

Not to mention that she has no evidence. She can't bear the charge of slandering Zheng Yipin. Even if there is evidence, Shu fei's surname is Shao. She has a prince with Shao's blood under her knees, although the family background of Yingguo Duke is not The mother and son are expected to add brilliance to the house, but no one can deny that Yingguo Gongfu is Shao's family.

Now, as Shao Xun, I want to move Shu fei, but if I have bad luck, I hit the stone with a pebbles. Even if I have good luck, I will burn the jade and the stone. I can take advantage of myself and the whole family's reputation to make Shu fei suffer a loss.

She recalled the days when life was better than death under the hands of Princess Wu, and she wanted to live happily once. In order to remove Shu fei, she had to pay such a big sacrifice. Is it worth it?

Shao Xun gritted his teeth, and slowly said under Emperor Ning Xi's gaze: "The minister will not drink anymore."

The emperor looked at her quietly for a long time, then nodded and said, "It's good if you can remember the lesson."

Shao Xun's shoulders tightened for a moment, and then slowly relaxed: "Please come down."

The emperor leaned back, found a more comfortable posture, and said gently: "Do I want to care about a little drunk and confused girl?"

I don't know what's wrong. There's nothing wrong with these words, but Shao Xun's nose was sour when she heard it, and she had an unspeakable taste. She turned her head to conceal the red eye sockets, and she showed a large amount of white. The emperor caught sight of the neck and shoulders abruptly, without knowing what he thought of, and immediately looked away.

Shao Xun sniffed and said in a dumb voice: "Your Majesty Xie is forgiving, this matter…The courtiers must be tight-lipped and will never reveal it to anyone."

The emperor was dumb—this incident was certainly Shao Xun's head, but he was not completely indifferent when he arrived as a man. In addition to stopping at the last moment, the two did have a lot of physical contact, he thought. If this girl minds not letting go, it's not an exaggeration to choose a position for her in the palace, but people come up to assume that nothing has happened…

Are children nowadays so free and easy about this kind of thing?

The emperor didn't say anything in the end, but just raised his hand to signal Shao Xun to get up: "Get up."

Shao Xun didn't expect the emperor to let this incident lightly. Compared with the tragic scene in the dream, it was unbelievable that it went smoothly. She couldn't help but look up and saw that the emperor was not looking at herself, as if she felt this. It's not worth mentioning, this is really relieved.

Yes, your Majesty's three thousand beauties in the harem have seen everyone, but they had some contact by accident. For him, it might be more normal than eating and drinking. It's common sense not to take it seriously.

After a few words of self-comfort, Shao Xun stood up.

The emperor asked: "You entered the palace this time…"

He Jinrong reminded: "Today is the birthday of Shu fei, Miss Shao is here to celebrate her birthday…"

Shao Xun heard that she was a little unbelievable: Shu fei was on the first rank, except for the Empress and De fei in the entire palace, she was the most noble. Moreover, at the beginning of the birthday banquet, Shu fei mentioned the emperor to everyone, saying that he was busy with government affairs. Maybe there is no time to show up, and there are also eunuchs from Liangyi Hall to give rewards to the emperor.

Now it seems that he does not remember…?

The emperor nodded, and when He Jinrong saw this, he said to Shao Xun: "Miss Shao, do you want the slave and maidservant to send you back to Yichun Pavilion?"

Shao Xun was taken aback, and shook her head hurriedly: "Don't bother, I remember the way."

Saying Fushen bent her knees: "The Rongchen daughter retires."

The emperor glanced at her, nodded and agreed.

Shao Xun was waiting to retreat, suddenly her eyes condensed, as if she saw a familiar color.

I saw the emperor sitting on the couch, the bright yellow belt on his side was decorated with a light red belt, winding along the waistline across the edge of the couch, and the last end fell on the ground, looming behind the dragon robe.

Shao Xun was taken aback, then her face flushed completely.


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