The burning sensation spread across the body, every inch of skin longed for relief, and Shao Xun finally touched something cold at the extreme painful pass.

She almost cried with joy, clinging to her instinctively like a vine in the dimness, wanting to absorb more things that would make her feel relieved.

However, the next moment she was torn apart strongly, she was already unsteady, and she was about to fall off when she swayed, but she immediately fell into someone's arms.

Shao Xun panted and opened her eyes laboriously, but she could only see the blurred figure in front of him.

She stretched out her hands impatiently, held the person's face, and subconsciously fumbled and described his facial features, only a whisper that was unstructured could be leaked from her mouth:

"Who…? Help me…you help…"

Shao Xun clung to his body and barely stood up, wrapped her arms along the way, and pressed her hot cheeks to the man's neck, feeling the cold touch, she felt the enthusiasm relieved, but she was still not satisfied. He raised his head vigorously and pressed his lips together, acting indiscriminately.

The arm behind him was motionless at first, but when Shao Xun finally exhausted his strength and leaned back involuntarily, he finally tightened slowly.


Shao Xun was awakened by the heat.

It is not the loss of the lust with desire before, but the "hot" in the true sense.

When she opened her eyes, her consciousness was still hazy. The first thing was to instinctively wave the fabric on her body, which made her feel a lot more comfortable.

"I am…"

Shao Xun rubbed her head and sat up, and when she looked down subconsciously, her heartbeat was immediately frightened.

The waist seal she was wearing was missing, and the round neck and half of her arms were torn and scattered around the pillow. The short skirt inside was slanted and hung loosely on her body, revealing a water-red tube top. The chest is slightly plump, and the soft snow white is looming on the inside of the placket, which looks very charming.

As long as people see this scene, they will think of something fragrant.

Shao Xun's face turned pale with fright, she quickly closed his collar, and before she could fasten his belt, she lifted the blanket scattered on her lap to one side.

Fortunately… Although the skirt has a lot of folds, it is worn on the body anyway.

Her headache was about to split, and the residual feeling on her body was not obvious but still there. I just remember that I finally hid in the closet, and then things…

Before she could think about it, a cough that seemed to be deliberate broke the silence, and immediately frightened Shao Xun and almost rolled down to bed.

She closed her eyes and did enough mental development, making sure that she could bear the embarrassment or humiliation in the dream again, and then slowly opened her eyes.

She struggled to enter Fenglinxuan before she was actually not sober, but she still retained a little consciousness, so she recognized that she was still in the room where she hid before. This is a room for people to rest after reading. There is no one besides her in the cubicle, and the outside is one of several study rooms in Fenglinxuan.

She looked towards the place where there was a sound, and at a glance, she thought that there was no one, but when she took a closer look, she saw a middle-aged man leaking half of her body not far from the door of the compartment.

The man was probably wearing the royal blue costume of the eunuch in the palace. He was not very tall and looked like a very high-level internal official, but he did not wear a hat that represented the specific level of the internal official. The reminding cough before. It is from him.

The waiter raised his head to look at Shao Xun, did not speak, just stretched out a hand and made a slight move to signal Shao Xun to pass.

Shao Xun bit her lip. She hasn't recalled what happened before, but she has a clear understanding of what the worst consequences of this event will be. She knows that the worst is nothing but something like a dream. , And the situation right now is far from that situation-at least, at least everyone who hasn't made trouble this time is well known…

She didn't hesitate for too long, put on the shoes before the couch, and walked to the waiter, regardless of her soft body.

As the distance drew closer, her vague premonition became stronger and stronger. Although the eunuch tilted her head slightly and couldn't see the whole picture, the small part of her face that leaked out gave Shao Xun a feeling of deja vu. Saw it there.

When she approached, she endured the anxiety in her heart and watched the invisible servant move her finger in front of her, then stepped back and gave way.

This room is also a study room. It is not much larger than other places. It still looks a little rudimentary. Most of the place is occupied by a heavy bookshelf. The windows are large, but the sun is very strong at this time, and it is shining straight in. The bamboo curtain blocks, and also blocks the people behind the bamboo curtain.

The looming figure is sitting behind the bamboo curtain, making people unable to see the whole picture. All that is known is that he is sitting on the couch, half leaning against the kang table, as if reading a book.

But it is indeed a man.

The waiter next to him lowered his voice and reminded: "I'm not hurrying to salute!"

Shao Xun's reaction was quite slow at this time. Before she could react, the people inside the bamboo curtain keenly heard the movement first, and the book in his hand dropped slightly, raising his head to look here.

Shao Xun was nervous, more confused, and could only be stunned in place, stunned through the curtain, feeling a gaze slowly falling on him.

The man just raised his wrist slightly.

Upon seeing this, the servant took a step forward and rolled up the bamboo curtain from his head, revealing the person hiding behind.

The bamboo curtain was slowly rolled up, revealing the bright yellow corners embroidered with two dragons grabbing beads.

Shao Xun felt like a thunderbolt from the blue sky for a moment, and almost thought she was still dreaming. At the same time, she understood why the waiter had to remind herself to salute—not just because of this person's identity, but also because she was so frightened that her legs were so weak that she knelt earlier You don't need to feel the feeling of being unsteady at this station.

She closed her eyes and simply bowed down on her knees.

The atmosphere was very quiet. Shao Xun dared not speak or raised her head. She could only hear the sound of his fingers tapping the tabletop.

No one spoke, Shao Xun finally couldn't help but lifted his head a little, and then carefully glanced at the golden dragon embroidered on the corner of his clothes.

One, two, three, four, five…

She thought desperately, it turned out to be five claws.

The person above seemed to smile, but it made people unable to hear the specific emotions: "…Whose girl is this girl?"

Seeing that Shao Xun didn't reply for a while, the waiter coughed again.

Shao Xun finally adjusted his almost collapsed mood, barely regained his composure, took a deep breath, and proclaimed: "The courtier Shao, please call on your Majesty Sheng'an."

That's right, this man who was only three feet away from her was the second emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty, the master of the world for nearly twenty years.

"Well, Shao…" Emperor Ning Xi raised his eyebrows-this surname is not common: "Hold your head up."

Shao Xun's throat moved, and she still raised his head halfway according to Yan, but his eyes were still hanging down and he did not dare to look directly into the emperor's eyes.

Shao Xun is undoubtedly a beautiful girl, and no man in the world who is used to seeing Fengyue will deny this.

The emperor had seen her. After all, she was the eldest daughter of a Yingguo Gongfu's main branch. She grew up in the palace since she was a child, and she did not spend much time in the palace. But once Shao Xun was considered a junior in his mind, and she was young, and in recent years, he has gradually faded away from female sexuality. Even if he sees anyone, he won't think about it. Even if he meets by chance, he can't just glance at it. I didn't look at it in my heart, so I didn't really have any impression of her.

But today is different. Once there is some kind of contact between men and women—even if nothing actually happens, it is impossible for him to look at her from the eyes of a child purely.

He Jinrong, the chief internal officer, stood by. Seeing Emperor Ning Xi's eyes condensed slightly, he leaned forward and explained in a low voice: "The slave and maid remembered that this may be a girl from a Yingguo Gongfu's main branch…maybe the older one."

Shao Xun was about to kneel with pain, and then she heard the humanity from the head: "Remember what you did before?"

There was no anger in this tone, and the emotions beside him were not necessarily there, but Shao Xun's anxiety did not alleviate at all, but it became more serious.

——She really didn't have any memory when she first woke up, but she just saw the emperor's moment, and the memory in her mind seemed to be touched by the person's identity, like spring water, gurgling out, making people want to forget. difficult.

At that time, she was tortured by the emotional turmoil and lost her senses, and fell directly into the arms of the emperor. What she did… Naturally you can imagine.

Since she had that weird dream, she has not been completely ignorant about love affairs as before. She has understood everything that should be understood, and naturally knows what she did at that time, and she also knew that although she did not do it. Finally, but in fact, apart from…what you should and should not do…

Embarrassment, shame, and fear rushed back and forth in her chest. Shao Xun could not tell which emotion was more dominant, but smiled bitterly in her heart: Now this situation is not as good as the prince…

The emperor looked at Shao Xun without saying a word, her face didn't turn red from shyness, but became paler and paler, almost bloodless, and she almost understood what was going on.

He set aside the book in his hand and said simply, "Come here."

Shao Xun bit her lip, didn't dare to get up, walked a few steps on her knees, and knelt in front of the emperor.

"look up."

His voice was not loud, but he naturally carried a kind of prestige, as if the moment he said it would come true, Shao Xun subconsciously raised her head, and then caught the emperor's quiet eyes unexpectedly.

Just like the emperor hadn't paid attention to Shao Xun before, Shao Xun's palace was exhausted just by dealing with Shu fei. Even if she occasionally met this nine-five-year-old supreme, she just bowed her head and bowed her head. She didn't really pay attention to his appearance. The impression in her heart was only But I feel that the third prince and his father do not look very alike.

Now that the two of them touched their faces, Shao Xun realized that the emperor who had grown up with children turned out to be a very handsome man. He did not look as mighty as the eldest prince, nor was he as weak as the third prince. Between the two, the handsome is just right, and the temperament is calm.

He is like the sun in the summer morning. You know that his essence is brilliant and sharp. People who can burn are burnt and even broken to pieces. But when you actually look at it, the light is blocked by layers of morning fog. , Not dazzling, on the contrary there is a kind of mild illusion.

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