Inlaid with gold and jade, the extravagant furnishings flashed in front of his eyes. Shao Xun raised her head vigorously, as if she saw the beams of the house carved with delicate patterns, as if she saw the swaying sachet on the bed tent. It's like lying on someone's knee and crying.

"Ah Xun, no one can think of such a thing happening, but this is your life."

Whose voice is so soft and tactful, but it is full of unclear meaning.

"I have already said that I will teach you to be cautious in your words and deeds, but you always get into trouble. Now that you have finally broken into such a catastrophe, no one can save you!"

This voice is more familiar, even if she is at a loss, she can recognize how much she had hoped that the owner of this voice could talk to herself more, and be able to touch her head kindly.

"My child, how can you do such a thing! How do you let your brothers and sisters meet people? Tell me, how do you tell your mother?"

The gentle female voice sounded, and the meaning in the words cut her body like a knife.

Scenes of inexplicable horror flashed before my eyes.

In the end, the picture is finally clear, the figure is plump, and the gorgeous face of the woman is already distorted with ferocious expression, and her nails with bright red cardamom flashed in the air, falling like a thunderstorm, leaving her on her smooth face. A deep scratch:

"You shameless B*tch!"


Shao Xun screamed, opened her eyes and sat up on the bed, reflexively covering her cheeks that seemed to have been scratched, the tearing pain and fear still lingering in her chest.

She seemed to have forgotten where she was. She crawled to the foot of the bed almost on her knees, grabbed the bed net hard, and curled up into a ball behind her.

For a few breaths, Shao Xun didn't realize that she had just had a nightmare. After a while, she gradually calmed down.

Shao Xun shook her head vigorously, and everything in front of him became clear, as if memories that were as old as many years ago barely returned to her mind.

I, I seem to be drunk at Shu fei's birthday banquet, so I found a palace nearby to rest?

She thought about it, but everything in the nightmare just now was so real and profound. Every scene seemed to be personally experienced. Things like the washed birthday banquet were like old things that happened so many years ago, and there are some memories in the distant past. Can't get up.

Shao Xun gradually let go of her fingers holding the drapery, and collapsed on the bed with exhaustion.

Is it a dream? Is it just a dream?

People are always like this. When encountering unexplainable and extremely bad things, they can't help but comfort themselves, and desperately think for the good. Shao Xun is naturally no exception.

She is Shao Xun, the eldest lady of Yingguo Gongfu, not a concubine of the King Wu!

Shao Xun felt a surge of enthusiasm from the bottom of her heart, not knowing if she was anxious, and from the moment she woke up, she burst into her heart and face, causing her to breathe involuntarily.

Frightened, she raised her head to gasp, but her eyes froze.

The things in the palace are naturally exquisite, even this palace where no one walks around on weekdays. There is a light yellow sachet with a large palm hanging beside the bedside tent, and long ears hang down. If it's not for the wrong timing, someone must be willing to appreciate that extraordinary embroiderer.

Shao Xun stared hard at the sachet, then looked up to see the pattern on the top of the bed net and the high hanging beams in the room.

——Everything is exactly the same as the scene in the dream, which can never be imagined out of thin air in a dream.

Shao Xun was like falling into an ice cave in an instant.

She was cold in her heart, but her body was hot and numb. She couldn't turn her brain when she was burning, so she could only think hard.

Everything in the dream is inexplicable. It is not like a dream, but rather like a personal experience. Although it is incoherent and incomplete, Shao Xun can clearly remember and understand what happened in the dream. thing.

In a dream-or, in memory, she was lying on the same bed with the eldest prince Zhao Yanyi in this room, unconsciously, and she was thrown into a mess, and was touched by Shu fei and a group of internal and external wives. This is right now, next…

Shao Xun shivered when she recalled here.

What happened next was absurd and chaotic. She could recall the people's screams and unbelievable comments at that time. The embarrassment and embarrassment, as if exposed naked in a snowy day and trampled under broad daylight. She did not commit suicide on the spot. Already regarded as shameless, greedy and fearful of death.

Once Shao Xun understood that Cai's dream was not a real dream, she knew that she might not even have time to think. In her memory, she did not wake up halfway through drunkenness, but fell asleep for a long time. , Once again, with a vague consciousness, he was taken in the arms of the eldest prince in a frivolously and frivolous manner.

If you delay…

She shook her head vigorously, knowing that she would never stay longer in this room. The reason for her enthusiasm at the moment, now she can no longer be as ignorant and ignorant as before.

Shao Xun didn't have time to be afraid, and immediately climbed off the bed, but fell to the ground limply without thinking of landing.

Because it was summer, there was no blanket on the ground, and the heavy fall made her body a little more flexible and no longer so limp and…sensitive.

Shao Xun endured the shameful feeling coming from the bottom of her heart, stumbling and getting up, struggling to walk out of the door, passing by the censer in the middle of the room, she subconsciously held her breath.

She didn't know how those people arranged the matter at the beginning, whether there were guards outside the door, how many guards there were, who were the participants, who was willing to help her, and whether they would be found out as soon as they went out, and then fell into the hands of others. hand.

Shao Xun's head was stunned. At any rate, she knew he had to be more careful, so she turned a corner, didn't go to the door, but laboriously opened the window, lifted her skirt and got out of the window.

With a "plop", she fell from the window, but fortunately, there was no one outside the window. After all, it might not be a good thing to run into someone at this time.

Enduring the pain, she barely got up, and after a little effort to find the back door, she stumbled while holding her head and finally got out of this nightmare land.

If there is no problem with the spices in that room, the best place to go now is to go back to Yichun Pavilion, where Lai said nothing. In the crowd, no one can do anything to her.

However, she has accumulated a lot of medicinal properties in her body, and the unspeakable desire flows through the blood all over the body. Now she just barely maintains her sanity, according to the situation in the dream, just in case a while. She has lost her reason and will definitely make a fool of herself in Yichun Pavilion, and the consequences will not be much better then.

Shao Xun closed her eyes tightly, her chest undulating violently, and finally, with her blurred vision, she reluctantly chose a path that was usually seldom walked by.


Fenglinxuan is one of the two bookstores in the palace, which is different from the collection of thousands of books in the Cangshu Pavilion, and it is not far from the Liangyi Hall. The location here is remote, and there was a mistake when it was built. It was cold in winter and hot in summer, and there were not many books in it. Most of them were moved here because the library was disgusted with shabby or the books themselves were not elegant. Therefore, although it occupies the title of a library, it is actually considered a semi-abandoned place.

A little eunuch, who is only twelve or thirteen years old, is boringly leaning against the threshold and taking a nap. There were a lot of people here to clean up, but in recent years, most of them have gone out of their way to find another way out, leaving only one old and one young. An eunuch was watching the door, and the old eunuch was getting older, and he was a little unreliable on such a hot day, and only his apprentice was left here to watch the house.

Lin Ling was honest, even if he was bored, he didn't dare to go away. He was sleepy, and He suddenly saw a figure coming from a distance, and she immediately became energetic.


Lin Ling stood up and shouted, the person he suddenly saw was a pretty girl.

The girl wore a dress like fairy yarn. She walked in a slender way, with a slender waist that seemed to be broken at any time. When she approached, she saw her face crimson, her eyes blurred, and she looked like she was looking at people. With the glow of water, Lin Ling, the rootless hairy boy, felt his heart pounding.

At this time, the weather was very hot, and just after noon, the sun was so strong that it could tan people, and the cicadas screamed so sharply that made people irritable. Lin Ling squinted at the girl under the sun, almost thinking that he had met a spirit, but he was still In a dream.

"you you……"

Just as Lin Ling wanted to step forward, but was a little inexplicably afraid, the "female spirit" held her forehead and staggered, and she was about to fall.

Lin Ling didn't have time to think about it, rushing to hold him back.

This girl is naturally Shao Xun. Her whole body is hot at this time, and the vision in front of her is all distorted into a weird curve, and she can hardly recognize anyone. The desire full of her body makes her want to roll on the ground.

She looked at the person who seemed to be a little eunuch or a court lady with her gaze as normal as possible. She could vaguely feel that the child was young, swallowed the moan that came to her mouth, coughed softly, and said softly: "This…I , I came to the palace to go to the birthday banquet of Shu fei. Just now I thought about taking a two-step walk in the imperial garden to relax with wine, but…"

Shao Xun herself couldn't see it, but Lin Ling could clearly see that her eyes were full of tears, her cheeks were red as if bleeding were dripping, and her white neck was lined up. It made people dreamy and frightened: "Girl, What's wrong with you?"

Shao Xun survived for a while, and continued: "But I didn't expect this sun to be so poisonous, I'm afraid, I'm afraid I'm caught a little bit of heat… You can let me go in to enjoy the cold, relieve… relieve the heat."

Feng Linxuan was originally in the harem, and the masters could enter, but they were not allowed to entrain them at will. Besides, Lin Ling had been working here for a year or two, and no one had come here rarely, so he said: "You just go in, it's just… you don't look good, but you want to invite someone to come and have a look?"

Shao Xun helped Lin Ling's hand and couldn't wait to walk inside, and said with a strong smile: "It doesn't get in the way, it's better to be cool. If it's going to be a joke, it won't be a joke…"

Lin Ling was still young, and was easily fooled by these rhetoric. He supported Shao Xun until she was placed on a small couch at the end of the book pavilion on the second floor, and then he withdrew and continued to guard the gate.

Shao Xun reluctantly lifted her eyelids to make sure that there was no one else in the room, she immediately put her finger in her mouth and bit her mouth, and then she couldn't help but roll over on the couch…

The thirst that spread from the bottom of my heart to every inch of hair surged unceremoniously, Shao Xun almost cried out in sadness, biting fingers and finally managed to get through that burst. She hasn't relaxed for a while, but suddenly Hearing the faint sounds coming from outside the door, like footsteps and voices, she was so frightened that she was like a bird with a bow, and her whole body was suddenly excited.

Shao Xun's brain was in a mess, no matter whether she heard it wrong or not, she was struggling to fall off the couch with disheveled clothes, and stumbled across a piece of wood, like a cabinet, and she couldn't choose his way without even thinking about it. Got in.


Fire, raging fire everywhere.

I don't know how long it took, Shao Xun was breathing hard in the airtight cabinet, her body was burned by flames, her eyes were pitch black, her ears were also rumbling, and the tormented by the pain had completely lost her mind.

She closed her eyes tightly, almost biting her fingers to bleed, all the information in her mind was still erased inch by inch, leaving only resistance to pain, she almost forgot everything, her bloody fingers slipped from her mouth, unconsciously Bumped her head on the cabinet door.


She breathed inaudibly for several times, and suddenly the door of the cabinet was suddenly opened from the outside.

Shao Xun had lost consciousness and fell straight forward following the inertia of leaning forward…

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