In fact, most of you here recognize Shao Xun. After all, she is the eldest daughter of a Yingguo Duke. If you are not the emperor's princess, some of the royal princesses and county owners who are a little bit more related may not be more noble than her, as long as you talk about the Zhou Dynasty. Dear lady, no one will fall behind this top one.

But even though they had seen it before, when these women looked at Shao Xun again, they were still amazed by her grand appearance. They were all jealous and envious in their hearts. They thought that the old saying goes that the eighteenth change of the women's congress, this Shao Da The appearance of the young lady became more and more beautiful every day.

Liu Xiuyi covered her mouth and smiled: "Look at what your mother loves like, dare we say a word?"

Yi Bi said: "My sister's words are biased, even if it is not the preference of the empress, Ms. Shao is still a beautiful country. She was a little younger before. See you today…" She chuckled and said, "Sister Libi too. Let the comparison go down, what can you do about it?"

Li Aisheng was very charming, with a spring-like face, a plump body, and a few years younger than the other concubines sitting there. She was indeed a unique beauty. She glanced at Shao Xun and snorted, as if Contempt, as if displeased.

"Sister Yibi is very interesting, she doesn't compare it by herself, but wants me to go. Why, don't you have confidence in your own appearance like this?"

Seeing Yibi's face changed, Shu fei continued to play the front line, and calmly pulled Shao Xun to continue talking, interrupting the topic.

Shao Xun is actually very reluctant to let them fight with themselves as a raft, but unfortunately, she doesn't count here, she can only make a dignified look, with a seemingly shy smile to praise or make fun of others.

At this moment, someone from the palace came to inform that the eldest prince, the second prince, and the third prince had arrived and wanted to celebrate Shu fei's birthday together.

Everyone looked in the same direction.

Now that the princes are all coming of age, the most important thing for Great Zhou in the next few years or even decades is the crown prince. It will determine the future of this promised empire. Of course, it is more fascinating than Shao Xun and even today's protagonist Shu fei Attention.

The third prince walked in side by side. They were within a few years of age, but the 18-year-old prince Zhao Yanyi was married, and looked sturdy and more like an adult man, while the third prince Zhao Yanbin was thin and tall, with beautiful eyes, and he was still a teenager. , The second prince with the lowest birth mother had a cold expression, and his appearance was not outstanding. Walking between the eldest prince and the third prince was even more unremarkable.

The three brothers all look like their biological mothers, so they don't look alike at first glance.

Shu fei said kindly to the prince who had given up the birthday gift: "It's hard for your majesty to bother, Ah Xun, please put your gifts away."

The prince had a pair of extremely piercing tiger eyes. When he looked at people, he could not help but be afraid. Before he spoke, he had already caught a glimpse of Shao Xun with his extra light. At this time, he saw her head down and walk over to pick him up. Shou Li moved his eyes slightly and stretched out his hand.

Shao Xun curled up his fingers for a moment, but immediately calmed down, took the box in his hand calmly, and returned to Shu fei's side.

The eldest prince smiled, knowingly asked: "Where did this girl come from? How can I look at my eyes? Is she the one who has just arrived next to the empress?"

This sounded like simple curiosity, but Qi-shi, who was sitting underneath, immediately clenched the veil in his hand. (T/N: Qi-shi is the eldest prince's wife)

It's not because of anything else, but Qi's heart knows that Shao Xun used to be with Shu fei even when she entered the palace, but she was not completely disjointed with other people. Besides, she still didn't know what her husband's temperament was, she had to say no. It's really possible to remember others, but pretty women, especially young girls who are so pretty as Miss Shao, are ghosts if the prince doesn't have an impression in his mind.

Shao Xun pursed his mouth and lowered his head, listening to Shu fei happily: "This is my niece, but the eldest prince can't recognize it? You used to play together when you were young."

As she said, she patted the hands of the third prince beside him, "Bin'er, don't say hello to your cousin, what are you doing here?"

The third prince and Shao Xun were born in the same year, and their birthdays are in the same month. They can't be said to be unfamiliar. His face flushed slightly, and he nodded embarrassedly: "Hello cousin."

His situation at this time was different from usual, and anyone with a discerning eye could tell at a glance that the women below were inevitably interested, covering their mouths and laughing teasingly.

Shao Xun felt that something was wrong at this time, but she could only bless her body, and her tone of voice inevitably brought a little hesitation: "…please Announce to the Third Highness."

The third prince raised his head and smiled at her. The youthful handsomeness was in it, which made the elderly ladies shine.

But it was this smile that made Shao Xun's heart chuckle. She opened her eyes sharply, and subconsciously looked at old Mrs. Zheng, the lady of the country, wanting to get hints and comfort from the elders.

Zheng was talking to others, as if she hadn't noticed this side.

Among the people's whispers, Shao Xun felt that her heart was beating more and more, but she couldn't have any response. She lowered her head subconsciously, avoided the eyes of the third prince, and hoped that this period would pass sooner in her heart.

The day was unfulfilled, and today I don't know what's going on. Shao Xun is always the focus of the topic. She only listens to the great prince Qi's words: "Look at Miss Shao's appearance. Staying in the big deal, it will be someone else's family in less than two years. Isn't this a loss?"

The prince raised his eyebrows and glanced at his wife.

Shu fei smiled and nodded Qi-shi in the air: "You girl, you hurt my heart by saying this."

Qi's birth was slightly plump, his chest and arms trembled with a full smile, and the fan in his hand flipped gently: "Why, didn't the lady think of a way to ask her to stay with you for a long time?"

Shao Xun's eyelids twitched violently—this topic was too dangerous. She never expected that she would encounter such a situation just by going to the palace to celebrate her birthday.

She's young, but she's not a fool, the third prince…how could she get involved with herself so abruptly? Shu fei clearly didn't mean that before!

As a result, Shu fei's next words exploded in her ears like Chunlei: "How do you know that I didn't think of a way? I have all the good ways I have ready."

At this point, the meaning is actually very obvious. Qi-shi laughed together with the fateful woman, and finally ended the topic. Although there are many people who have made this abacus early, they are jealous, but at this time everyone is joking, as if they are happy to see it. The result was that Shao Xun was uneasy. After a while, she took the initiative to ask Shu fei to resign under the pretext of serving her mother.

Shu fei shook her head: "Your mother has Ah Qiong. I don't need you here. They will start toasting in a while. I feel dizzy and unwell these days. I have to trouble you to stop me." She raised her head and looked at Shao Xun's eyes: "…or, are you unwilling to help aunt?"

Shao Xun paused, and then said: "Where does Niangniang say, this is the blessing of the courtier."

Shu fei nodded in satisfaction, turned around and watched the show on stage with gusto.


Sure enough, soon someone was holding a wine glass to congratulate Shu fei's birthday. She only said that she was not good for the past few days. After only a few cups, she let the third prince and Shao Xun drink.

The wine for the banquets in this harem is mostly fruit wine with little strength. Drinking a few more glasses will not matter, but it will inevitably be useless after a long time. When the banquet was over, Shao Xun was a little dizzy.

She rubbed her forehead with her fingers, and her standing was no longer stable than before.

The eldest prince and the Qi-shi came up side by side, and took the initiative to touch the cup in Shao Xun's hand: "Since Niangniang is unwell, the cousin is the same."

Shao Xun's expression froze. She is drunk now, and the thoughts in her heart can't help but leave the cabinet. At this time, she is thinking: "Which is your cousin, stay away from me!"

But in fact, she bit her lip, and only the corners of her mouth moved: "Your Highness is polite, please."

Speaking and drank all the wine in the glass.

The eldest prince looked at her up and down, his eyes narrowed slightly, and smiled: "Since the cousin is a substitute, why not drink more?"

Shao Xun took a deep breath. Before she could say anything, Qi- shi spoke in a low voice: "Your Royal Highness is too reckless. Miss Shao, a weak beauty like Liu Fufeng, can't stand steady at Jiao Didi's stand. You still persuade you to What wine?."

The third prince saw that Shao Xun's cheeks were flushed, and he couldn't help feeling pity, so he stepped forward and helped him: "The cousin is already drunk, so it's better to go to rest. I'm here."

Shao Xun finally waited for this to say after so long. At the moment, she even put aside her evasive words and opened her mouth to respond, but when the words reached her mouth, she swallowed and looked at Shu fei again.

Shu fei was watching the show with her cheeks on her cheeks, and when she heard the lawsuit, she tilted her head and said: "Look at this little blush, isn't she drunk?"

She casually invited a little girl who was waiting: "You take Ah Xun to Nuanxiang Pavilion to rest, so you'll be waiting for you."

Shao Xun was relieved when he heard this quasi-word, and bowed to Shu fei.

The third prince is not at ease: "Do you want me to take you there?"

Shao Xun hurriedly shook head and refused, and Shu fei couldn't help teasing after hearing this: "Tsk tsk, your mother has a lot of things here, where do you want to go?"

The third prince could only give up after hearing this.

On the contrary, it was the eldest prince. Seeing Shao Xun hurried away, most of them were female family members. He felt quite boring. After drinking a few more cups with the third prince, he left Qi-shi and left by himself.

Shao Xun was originally accompanied by a little maid next to Shu fei, who has become more useful in recent days and acted appropriately, leading the dizzy Shao Xun all the way to the palace Nuanxiang Pavilion where the nobles entered the palace.

Shao Xun was uncomfortable. The wine had some stamina, and she didn't feel much at first. After a while, she began to lose sight of things. She could only stagger to the gate of the palace with the help of the palace lady.

She had instincts even if she was uncomfortable. She raised her head strongly, and saw that the huge door plaque actually had the words Nuanxiangge written on it. Then she let out a sigh of relief and followed the maid to find a house to settle.

The maid took care of Shao Xun, took off her shoes and socks and lay down on the bed, and said softly: "Miss Shao, you rest here first, and the slave servants will go and report to the lady. If you feel uncomfortable, just go back. Call people, there are people on duty in this palace."

Shao Xun was a little bit unable to open her eyes. She nodded half-consciously and watched the palace maid closing the concierge before leaving. She rolled her eyes unconsciously, and glanced across the palace, which was different from the folks. The luxurious furnishings in the room swept over the censer with smoke rising in the middle of the room, and he couldn't hold back and closed his eyes.

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