Shao Xun let Shao Kui in, but it doesn't mean she wants to hear another set of words about how she should try to marry Zheng Yunqiao.

So when he showed up, Shao Xun opened the door and said directly: "Big brother wants to tell me about my cousin, or about Ah Qiong, or about the two of them?"

Shao Kui stood there immediately.

Shao Xun knew that this sentence would stop him from finding Bei, but now that it is so.

Shao Kui's voice was blocked in his throat for the sake of his sister's good advice. He opened his mouth. He wanted to say that it had nothing to do with Ah Qiong, but he was a decent person. He could neither treat his sister as a blind fool, nor a fool. Pretend to be a blind fool.

He murmured for a long time before he suffocated one sentence: "She is still young, so she may not understand what this means."

Shao Xun thought, not to mention that Shao Qiong would be fifteen years old. Even if she took a step back, she was so stupid that she didn't know the meaning of marriage events. Does the Zheng family understand it, and the Gong Sun family understand it?

But these things don't really need to be told to Shao Kui, because he is an adult man who should know everything in his heart. Not mentioning it doesn't mean he doesn't know it, but he doesn't want to say it.

"Let's stop this matter," Shao Xun said a little annoyed: "I don't want to mention it anymore."

Seeing her unprecedented indifference, Shao Kui couldn't think of anything to say for a while.

"If you want me to marry my cousin, to be honest, I can do it, but I don't want to do it; but if you don't want Ah Qiong to marry this marriage, then tell me it's useless, you have to find your wife or Go find your aunt."

Shao Xun has always been a well-behaved and sensible image in front of him. Even if he is dignified and pays more attention to etiquette, the engraved desire and desire for his brothers can be seen clearly. Now facing such cold words, Shao Kui was a little bit hurt by her attitude, and his voice was a little low: "I am sincerely doing good for you."

Shao Xun's throat moved, and finally he calmly said, "Give me what I want, it's for me."

Shao Kui was shocked, completely speechless.

The two brothers and sisters were facing each other, and they didn't even know what to say to each other. It took a long time for Shao Kui to get up and say: "Don't mention this…Ah Xun, you know that Shu fei wants to beg for the third prince. What about marrying you?"

Shao Xun raised his head-which year's old calendar is this again. "Where did you hear about it?"

"…Father, he has been worrying about this, not knowing what to do or how to deal with it."

"Really," Shao Xun lowered his eyes: "Then he doesn't have to worry, because there is no such thing."

Shao Kui was surprised: "What?"

Then he immediately said: "Is it right that you don't know? Shu fei's mind is unpredictable. It is common for you to be a girl and not to see it. This is not a joke. Although the third prince are good people, you can say it from your heart. , I think he is too weak and not a good candidate to be a husband."

Shao Xun said: "You have said it, Shu fei is hard to guess, so how did you make you guess?"

Seeing that Shao Kui wanted to defend, Shao Xun went on to say: "No matter if this was from his father, mother, or someone else, he misunderstood the thoughts of Shu fei, and they didn't mean that."

"Why can't there be?" Shao Kui said: "I see that the third prince are not unintentional. Shu fei has always wanted to maintain the relationship with the family because of his father's non-commitment."

What he said by "expressing one's stance" refers to the team being in the position of prince.

"The third prince is not very useful, you know it very well." Shao Xun smiled: "As for Shu fei, eldest brother, in your opinion, even if I really become the third concubine, my father will do it for you. Do I support the Third Prince?"

Shao Kai was dazed.

"It seems that you know too." Shao Xun said calmly: "Fei Shu also knows, so she won't waste time on me."

Shao Xun is painting in front of the window.

The hottest days of summer have already passed, and now the weather has gradually become more pleasant, which means that it is a bit more autumnal.

She didn't sit upright, just lazily put her cheek in her left hand, looked out the window, and then drew a few strokes on the paper.

Her paintings are not as good as everyone's work, but they are considered excellent among the boudoirs.

The scene in the painting is in an inexpensive courtyard, where several girls are kicking the shuttlecock. Shao Xun is good at observing the behavior and demeanor of the characters, so the facial features of the characters in the painting are very real and vivid. I couldn't help but smile knowingly.

Zhao Ruotong kicked enough shuttlecock, and ran in, wiping his sweat, and stretched his head to look at Shao Xun's paintings.

"Oh! Why did you draw me in too."

Today, Shao Xun entered the palace. Nothing happened. Zhao Ruotong's life has always been a bit monotonous. Shao Xun wanted to adjust her to amusement. She was not allowed to carry anything in the palace, so she sent someone to the kitchen to get some cocks. The tail hair, made a shuttlecock with a copper plate, actually looks decent.

This craft was taught to her when Yuhu coaxed her to play when she was young.

"There is no scenery in your yard. Who will go if you don't paint? Why? Isn't it pretty?"

"Good-looking is good-looking," Zhao Ruotong covered his flushed cheeks: "It just doesn't look like this at all, am I so good-looking?"

She doesn't like to look in the mirror, because every time she sees the gloomy and cowardly face in the mirror, it will make her feel uncomfortable for a long time. Therefore, seeing Shao Xun's paintings are lively and bright, with a peachy face and smiling girls at the corners of her eyebrows and eyes. I just think this is beautified by a friend.

Shao Xun carefully said: "This is exactly the same as our Ah Tong Mingming, why is it not like it?"

The three or four little palace ladies in the yard also pushed me and I pushed you in, vying to see this unfinished painting first.

Someone said lively: "Did the lady draw us up?"

They used to be lifeless in this yard, and the wet nurse Zou clan is here to dominate the blessings, and the people naturally think of being lazy and behaving, but once the leader is gone, the maternal bestowed by the emperor is very much rectified. The older ones only ask them to be honest, but these young girls are not bad in nature, and after a little training, they look very good.

Shao Xun said: "Everything I saw is painted."

Zhao Ruotong pouted, feeling a little unhappy, but he was afraid that Shao Xun would feel that she was stingy, so he could only hold back in his stomach.

The little palace ladies were very happy and urged Shao Xun to finish painting.

Shao Xun said helplessly: "It's not so fast, at least a few days."

She couldn't enter the palace every day, and toss about it. It would take another month to finish the painting.

Zhao Ruotong also had to be happy. She leaned forward and said, "Why don't you stay tonight? Doesn't that sign allow you to come in and out? Send someone to the gate of the palace and talk to your servants, stay and accompany you. Stay with me, let's talk together."

Shao Xun was a little embarrassed.

Zhao Ruotong said: "Is there something in the family that can't let go, then, then forget it, your relatives are more important…"

Seeing her hanging her head, let alone Shao Xun's family has nothing to worry about. Even if there is, you have to hold this end first.

She can only agree.

It is not the first time that Shao Xun stayed overnight in the palace. When she was a little younger, she looked really Yuxue and cute. She was beautiful and non-aggressive regardless of gender. No adult would hate it. Shu fei No exception.

It was rare for her to see a cute child like Shao Xun at that time. She would not let go of her hands when she hugged him, so she often stayed in the palace.

In recent years, such things have gradually decreased.

In the evening, Mother Qiu personally laid the bedding, waited on the second princess and Shao Xun to wash them, and put them down properly, then put down the bed tents and returned them.

Zhao Ruotong buried her face on the pillow next to Shao Xun, and said with a chuckle: "This mother is in charge of the big and small affairs in the courtyard on weekdays. She is not used for such trivial matters as making the bed."

Shao Xun turned his head to look at her: "What happened to her just now…?"

"Who knows," Zhao Ruotong didn't say much, just said: "If you don't keep the balance, there are people with discerning eyes."

Taking advantage of Shao Xun's unresponsiveness, she went on to say, "I have never slept with others like this since I was a kid. How about you, Xun'er, have you ever slept in the same bed with someone else?"

"Yes, the maid who served me when I was young was afraid that I would be scared at night and would sometimes stay with me."

She grew up in her grandmother's yard when she was a child, but Mrs. Shao is a dignified to a little old-fashioned lady, her sons are all given to the nanny to hold her, let alone the granddaughter, so Shao Xun was surrounded by the nanny when she was a child, but I never slept in the grandmother's bed even once at night.

"…Even the maid is not allowed to be with me." Zhao Ruotong was a little confused, but then his tone sank: "My mother likes to watch me cry. She always says that if a child cries enough, no one will care about it, but I If she doesn't cry, she will be unhappy instead."

Shao Xunjin frowned: "Why is this?"

"I don't know, but I think… Maybe it's because I'm not a prince."

Shao Xun quietly listened to Zhao Ruotong's voice without any tone: "The empress is actually very jealous of Shu fei, she is an old man in the hidden residence, and Shu fei entered the palace only after Your Majesty ascended the throne. At the beginning, two people were in the same concubine. On, the time to get pregnant is within a few months, but Mr. Shu, the third elder brother, was promoted to Zhaoyi, the first of the three grades by her concubine. After the empress gave birth to me, she was Xiuyi, even though she was of the same grade. In fact, the priority has already been set.

One step is too late, now Shu fei is in the first grade, and the third brother may be the prince, but she… said she is the second-graDe fei, in fact, even Liyi can ridicule a few words, she always blames me Not as good as the third brother. If I were a prince, she might be the one sitting in the seat of Shu fei… Are you ridiculous? "

It is indeed ridiculous that Shu fei's current position may have something to do with having given birth, but the third prince is definitely not the only reason.

Because she is the niece of an old Yingguo Duke, she is not low in the palace position. Lun's family is based on appearance and temperament, and all of them can't throw off the eight streets of Concubine Gong. It is not good to say that if Shao Xun is the emperor, she will also praise Shu. Concubine, not Concubine Gong, this is Concubine Gong's own unwillingness, and it really has nothing to do with whether the second princess is a man or a woman, because this is not ridiculous, but hateful and hateful. "

Shao Xun felt sorry for the second princess. In comparison, the affairs of her own family were really not worth mentioning. She lived at least a hundred times more comfortable than Zhao Ruotong.

Feeling Shao Xun's sadness, Zhao Ruotong didn't want to go on, "I don't want to talk about it anymore. It's not easy to chat with you at night and say something happy, isn't it?"


"Have you been to Yulin Garden in the past few days?" the second princess asked.

Shao Xun was still immersed in the topic just now, and his voice was a little heavy: "It's not time yet."

Zhao Ruotong quickly broke away from her emotions just now. She leaned closer and lowered her voice as if she was about to tell a secret: "I have specifically asked. It has only been ten days since the last time, Your Majesty these days. I have to go there every other day, and the military attaches who provoke the foreign courts think that this is beating them, and they are required to practice martial arts diligently and not let go."

"…Oh." Shao Xun paused: "Maybe your Majesty meant that."

Zhao Ruotong blinked thoughtfully: "Xun'er…"

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