Shao Xun felt that the second princess might have noticed something. What's more terrifying is that she felt that she had noticed it too.

Although Zhao Ruotong didn't know if it was because of being considerate of Shao Xun and didn't want to embarrass her, he didn't continue to ask, but Shao Xun felt that this topic evoked some strange feelings in his heart. It was not that he could not sleep all night. It's just dreaming, dreaming of a bunch of weird things, and forgetting everything the next morning.

Not long after the genius came to light in the morning, Shao Xun was awakened by Mother Qiu's voice.

The other party was calling the second princess to get up. Seeing that Shao Xun was also awake, he said, "The father-in-law went to Ningshou Palace to please the empress dowager. It's okay for the girl to sleep a little longer."

Zhonggong is ill, otherwise the prince and daughter should first go to greet the aunt, and then the Empress will take them to Ningshou Palace.

Now although Shu fei is acting as an agent of the harem, it looks very beautiful, but in fact, she is not treated like a Empress by the concubine's children.

Shao Xun didn't sleep well. Now that he was awake, he simply changed and washed with Zhao Ruotong.

Mother Qiu said: "Yesterday the old lady came to court with great painstaking effort to entertain the concubine in the palace and the princesses outside the palace. The princess may not be able to get away if she goes today. Maybe she will be left behind, Ke Jing The princess is also here, but you have to be more careful."

Zhao Ruotong slept exceptionally sweetly, and now he nodded his head while dressing up, appearing particularly energetic.

"It's strange to say that I used to tremble when I heard my big sister's name, but now I don't feel scared anymore."

Shao Xun said: "This is normal. You two are sisters. You don't need to get along day and night. What if the empress dowager prefers a little bit? Are you not her granddaughter?"

Shao Xun compares this with his own. For example, Yingguo Duke obviously loves Shao Qiong a little bit more, but it is not unreasonable. If the two daughters have a conflict, he would really hope that Shao Xun as his sister can make a step, but In the end, although Shao Xun will definitely feel uncomfortable in his heart, but the actual loss is not too much. Zhao Ruotong said: "This is different. You don't know how much the imperial grandmother loves the big sister, then I was holding it in my hand for fear of falling, and holding it in my mouth for fear of melting. What is the purpose of this banquet? Isn't it for Sister He's pregnancy."

"It won't be." Shao Xun laughed: "Princess Kejing has been diagnosed with pregnancy or not for half a month."

Zhao Ruotong said: "Do you think this is the first time? No, it's been two or three times since the banquet in the past half month. On the face of it, it is the imperial grandmother who wants to have fun, but every time the protagonist is the big sister. She must be exaggerated. For the sake of her stomach, even the Empress dragged the sick body to show up twice, shocking a group of people."

Mother Qiu also said: "But before only a few people were invited, and the right to be the family banquet, this time there are more people, so it seems extra solemn."

Of course Shao Xun would not join in this meaningless excitement, so Zhao Ruotong took only two court ladies and went out.

Sure enough, Zhao Ruotong still didn't come back after the point of peace, it seemed that he was indeed left behind.

Although it seemed that Zhao Ruotong would not be able to return for a while, Shao Xun felt that it was not interesting to go home, so she decided to wait until it was over. She sat quietly at the table and painted the painting yesterday.

As a result, before noon, someone from Ningshou Palace came to invite.

Shao Xun felt very surprised, because this time she entered the palace was not on the road of Shu fei, the second princess would never pretend to herself before the mother, besides, she had a little holiday with Princess Kejing, and the Empress Dowager did not need to invite herself to go. .

The people and respect from Ningshou Palace didn't look like they were malicious. The most important thing was that even if they came in bad faith, Shao Xun couldn't refuse.

The last time I visited Ningshou Palace, Shao Xun felt pretty good. She didn't think the Empress Dowager was such an unreasonable old lady, so when I was summoned this time, I didn't get too panicked. I sorted out my appearance and just followed. People are here and there.

There were not many family members who entered the palace this time, and the gathering was only held in the Flower Hall of Ningshou Palace.

When Shao Xun arrived, it was a little noisy. When she entered, everyone gathered in twos and threes to drink tea and laugh, which made her arrival seem not so abrupt.

The palace people led her to walk past the side of the flower hall and came to the front of the mother.

There are several high-ranking concubines sitting next to the Empress Dowager, De fei and Shu fei are all there, and Yibi, the second princess and the third princess, who are holding the sixth prince, are not surprisingly sitting on the same bed with the Empress Dowager. Respect the princess.

Shu fei saw Shao Xun with sharp eyes. She was surprised: "Ah Xun?"

Zhao Ruotong frowned on one side, and saw Shao Xun's gaze turn, and shook her head slightly at her, indicating that this was not what she did…

The Empress Dowager heard it, and turned her head to see Shao Xunqiao standing there, but she also smiled: "Shao girl, come here."

Princess Kejing curled her lips, but she didn't say anything bad in front of the Empress Dowager.

Shao Xun was really flattered when she stood next to the Empress Dowager, and then she was dragged to Princess Kejing's side by the Empress Dowager: "This child looks really good, and I have lived more than half of my life. There are so few handsome ones."

Shu fei just saw that the people next to the Empress Dowager had whispered to her, but she didn't expect to call Shao Xun. Until now, she was a little surprised: "The empress has raised her too much, and the little girl can't bear this. "

The Empress Dowager touched Shao Xun's hand and smiled: "These children are young and playful. They entered the palace and plunged into Ruotong palace without showing a face."

Shu fei has suppressed the surprise, deliberately groaning: "Isn't it, let alone you, even the concubines have not seen anyone."

Shao Xun explained: "The empress dowager and Shu fei are busy with their affairs, and the ministers are humble, so how dare to do more interruptions."

Shu fei smiled and said, "Look at this mouth, you are so playful, but you have become better for us?"

Shao Xun could only make an embarrassed expression, and many people laughed.

Only then did the Empress Dowager reveal the reason, she went to pull the princess with the other hand: "Zhen'er, do you see if the Shao family girl has a good look?"

Princess Kejing twitched her mouth, and reluctantly said: "It's a good time…"

The Empress Dowager patted her: "What's going on? Look at people. I heard people say that if you have a body, if you always look at people who look good, you will surely give birth to a good-looking child in the future."

Shao Xun can be regarded as knowing why the Empress Dowager is so enthusiastic today.

Now it was her turn to feel speechless.

Princess Kejing was forced to sit next to Shao Xun and couldn't help but said: "Why do you want to see others? The grandmother thinks her granddaughter is not good-looking or does her husband look ugly?"

The Empress Dowager paused, then slowly persuaded: "Isn't this like icing on the cake?"

Princess Kejing was full of reluctance, but she looked at Shao Xun from the corner of her eyes, and then touched her belly, but she couldn't deny that she was indeed okay.

At this time, Deng, who had been seen by Shao Xun before, came over with a tea cup, replaced it for the Empress Dowager, and said softly: "Mother, you worry about Zhen'er like this, and see that other children and grandchildren will be jealous."

When Deng married the prince Huaimin, the first emperor hadn't even been called emperor. She always called her parents-in-law directly. After so many years, even the emperor called her mother-in-law or empress dowager. She was the only one who seemed to still be Live before the establishment of the Great Zhou Dynasty, while the husband was still alive.

The Empress Dowager was kind to Deng. She took her eldest daughter-in-law to sit on the other side of her, and joked to Concubine Yibi Gong and others: "Don't eat too much. When you are going to be grandmothers or grandmothers, I will This girl is lent to your daughter-in-law to watch every day."

In the laughter of the people, it appeared that De fei's expression was a little stiff—the Empress Dowager said it sounds nice, but the concubine Qi, the eldest prince, was pregnant earlier than Princess Kejing. Listening to the tone of the old lady, I'm afraid I've forgotten it. It's all done.

Hall of Two Instruments.

He Jinrong watched Kang Li talking sneakily to a palace man, and couldn't help coughing.

Kang Li dismissed the person and turned around.

"You are not on duty by your Majesty's side. What are you sneaking around here? Don't blame me for not reminding you, the Hall of Two Instruments is strictly forbidden to give or receive privately."

"What do you know." Kang Li sneered: "This is from Ningshou Palace."

"Connecting with people outside is even more sinful." He Jinrong joked.

"Go and go." Kang Li didn't explain much, turning around and squeezing He Jinrong into the hall, leaving the old partner with an inexplicable look.

Today, in the absence of early court, Emperor Ning Xi called people in batches in his palace to question and meet his courtiers.

Kang Li saw that a group of courtiers had finished seeing him, and when the emperor was just beside him, he walked in with a teacup.

"Your Majesty has been busy all morning. Why don't you go for a walk and relax. Didn't the empress dowager yesterday also said that she would entertain her clan family today? Would you please go down and sit down?"

The emperor waved his hand and motioned for him to retreat.

Kang Li gritted his teeth, pretended not to see it boldly, and said to himself: "Ningshou Palace is lively now, and the ladies from all the palaces are here…"

The emperor was already very impatient. He was about to scold him when he heard the second half of Kang Li's sentence: "…Even the young lady who you admired the day by day was in the Yulin Garden last time."

The emperor's movements paused, then turned to look at him.

Kang Li lowered his eyes: "Your Majesty's going down is also going into filial piety with the empress dowager."

The emperor did not express his position at the beginning, he looked away and continued to criticize, the hall was silent.

After a while, when Kang Li thought he was doing useless work, the emperor suddenly threw the Zhubi aside, laughed a little helplessly, then raised his head and pointed at the startled Kang Li with a smile and cursed: "I'm old and slick. "

Seeing the emperor's figure leaving, Kang Li reacted in a spirited manner, waved the whisk, and said in a loud voice, "Go and drive."

The waiter outside the door moved at the fastest speed, preparing for the emperor's trip, and then came to ask: "Where are you going?"

"Nonsense, naturally it is Ningshou Palace!"

He Jinrong stood at the door and asked in confusion, "Which is this trouble?"

Kang Li passed by him and said softly: "It's useless at all. What's the use of longing eyes and longing hearts? If you don't have long hands, you still can't share the worries for the master."

He Jinrong is just like Kang Li said, although he doesn't like actions, but he has eyes full of mind. He understands that when he hears this, he is stunned. Thinking of the reaction of the emperor just now, he can't help regretting being too cautious. , Missed the opportunity unexpectedly.

Ningshou Palace has already set up a luncheon here, and everyone is divided into two sides according to their relatives. Only Princess Kejing and Deng are left beside the Empress Dowager, and Shao Xun is arranged next to Deng. It is said that it is convenient for Princess Kejing to raise her head. Can see her.

In front of the Empress, no one dared to play the front line, and they all made a cheerful look.

That is, after taking a bite, the announcement from outside came: "My Majesty, your majesty is here."

Shao Xun's chopsticks clicked on the edge of the bowl and stopped. She raised her head and looked at the second princess. Seeing that the other party was also looking here, she seemed to have something to say.

She lowered her head again, put down her chopsticks, and prepared to pick up.

The Empress Dowager did not expect her son to give face like this. Although she was a little late, she actually came here obediently. She was overjoyed immediately: "Please come in!"

The concubines happier than the Empress Dowager, they responded quickly. As soon as the emperor came in, he quickly left the table and saluted and picked him up.

"Have seen your Majesty–"

So what greeted the emperor was the voice of Yingyan, which was more than twice as cute as usual, and it was dazzling.

He walked towards the Empress Dowager while moving his gaze calmly, and finally found the person he wanted to see.

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